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How many of you have a GF? What does FA do for fun with their GFs from time to time?

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Harry is an absolute madman. Fucked Cara AND TayTay

How can one man be so based?

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except he fucked neither? lmao

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>Lol tfw her fit is more masculine than his
What a gaylord

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taylor admitted it was at the same time

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Look it up. He dated both

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and is still the only desire of my only crush.

*le sigh*

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literally a cuck lmao

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not literally, considering she is not my girlfriend. it's just i doubt she will date anyone until she gets over the childish fantasy of marrying the entire one direction group.

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How old is your crush?

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18, same as me. She's liked them since freshman year and hasn't dated anyone in her life. I only started liking her last year though.

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>18, same as me

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I've got 4 years of always having a girlfriend
to now that I don't fuck since august, I think
something inside me has broken

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Hey reddit! :)

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>saying this to an average comment
Genuine autism at this point

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You sound younger than 18.

When will Chinese moot purge the teenagers from this board?

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>Go shopping at rick and yohji stores
>Go to art galleries
>Go for walks in nature
>Go to candlelight dinners
>Watch films with
>Cook with
>Make passionate love
jk i'm single :/

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Oh yeah? Well - well, you sound... You sound 4! Yeah, that's right, you are four years old! get off my board ree?

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started dating seriously after college, (college and high school stuff was just playing around)

but sex gets boring, nights get hot, cooking for 2 sucks, and someone always there is annoying.

only a few were open to the idea of an open relationship, but having rules when you're fucking strangers isn't all that fun.

constantly guilt tripped, constantly doing shit i didn't want to do, and it's like an extra set of responsibilities because it turns out most women in heir mid 20's in 2016 can't handle being a responsible adult

plus women my age look very old, no idea why. I look the same as i looked at 21, perhaps a bit thinner

but women at 25 just....haggard

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Instead of blaming all the women you dated, you should look in the mirror instead, because you sound like a shitty human being. Go see a psychologist for your pessimism.

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this desu

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how am i a shitty person?

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all you ever do is whine. constantly. about your boring gross life, about people younger than you, women, anything really. not once have i ever seen you attempt to positively influence this board. suck it up you overgrown child. i suppose i shouldn't expect much from a man who still actively uses 4chan into his mid twenties anyway.

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will post some qt effay couples



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You just blamed every single relationship problem you've experienced not only on the female(s) themselves, but on women in general. Try and better yourself and to not view people in such a shallow way.

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this is most likely not a real couple but fuck is it qt

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Looking at that picture it's hard to believe it's these two people there.

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that's the average age on this board sadly. Explains a lot

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what the fuck is the baby okay

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>those sandals
2/10 would not bang

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good god cara is such an ugly slag

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cute af desu

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yeah they're really good parents, ninja and yolandi are personas they've embraced, not their real selves. their daughter actually started a band with flea's kid according to one of their recent interviews

also the pre die antwoord shit is really good, the ziggurat is a super effay album imo


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>calls cara an ugly slag
>posts woman who resembles a piece of cheese

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dated doesn't mean fucked

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Not really into fucking myself and suffering through something so that everyone else thinks I'm a "nice guy"

Seriously, at my age you have to learn to take shit you want rather than be "good" and have the "opportunity" to get it because it will never come nobody hands you shit

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if you live in a big city, having a girlfriend is a ton of fun


if sex gets boring then get drunk and fuck

its good

although never live with your girlfriend!!!! grave mistake!!! don't do it boys

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im like in the process of breaking up with my girlfriend of 3 years.
im only 22 and part of me wants to go out and party and be a degenerate and the other half just wants to stay and lot let something good go.

wat do

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use your dick big guy

you sound like a bit of a beta actually maybe you should just stay in and rot

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u right u right idk why i'm bein a fuckin dweeb smfh

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mah boy, constructus corp is boss

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ohh !! For a second i despised you but now we are cool ..

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why is dweeb with hot 10/10 gf

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Anons saying they're 18 on 4chan is the equivalent of clicking yes on "this website contains pornographic content, are you over 18?"

I consider every anon saying they're 18 underage b&, and more often than not it shows in their posts anyway.

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How do you get girlfriend?? I am 20 and never had a girlfriend..Maybe i am a foreign asian student who happens to live in Europe and think they dont find my race attractive due to cultural and language barrier...But i see lots of girls hanging out and dating with middle eastern Muslim and black people..so yeah i dont know why i am still single..Maybe because i am beta shy faggot...Btw I live in Antwerp,Belgium which itself is pretty effay city among Europe....

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>no gf

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I have a casual acquaintance I have sex with from time to time

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filthy casuals

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>mfw finally get a gf
>mfw it still does not fill the void
>mfw just numbness

is this the end?

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>me me, boring as fuck, 19
>never had a gf before
>multiple 15-16 year old qts show interest in me
>cant even tell me if they are being ironic at this point

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I have an anime pillow

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4real i get this, breaking up with a long term partner is really rough and painful as shit but it's always better in the long run, it sounds like you know what the right move is. Also talking openly with her about it will probably help her move on and not blame herself.

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damn this is me desu

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>me me

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>never had a gf
>only got laid because girls basically picked me up
>girls I wanted didnt want me or were in a relationship which I couldnt forgive myself for destroying

estrogen in the water desu

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>ex is a model
>does not abuse her status model status and is humble and also is fairly well known and has walked the best shows that take place in the capital.
>great taste in music, literature, movies, writes poetry

We used to go to random screamo/indie/postpunk gigs, underground poetry nights, drank lots of wine, fucked, then either loathe in an existential crysis and how everything gonna be alright, either talk about aliens and just goof around in town till late.

I miss her.

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Harry Styles looks fucking repulsive

Literally want to puke every time I see that disgusting, blotchy face with his struggling hairline and greasy long hair.

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wtf underage gtfo

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Sounds so incredibly pretentious/fake

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I had one but then I dumped her about a year ago. I had reasons.

In a good relationship, you can pretty much do anything and have fun with it. Checking out new restaurants, hitting up the gym, trying new sports, checking out museums, going on trips, renting random cabins and chilling out, etc. An ideal relationship is one where you can pretty much enjoy each others' company doing anything.

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>want gf so bad
>get gf
>get choked by anxiety from normal relationship stuff and expectations from other side
>realize I wanted gf just because everyone does
>break up

Yeah no. Not going in other relationship unless girl is total autismo like me.

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Lot of girls around 15-17 has thing for like 20~ yo since they seem adult and shit. Too bad they usually are so fucking annoyingly immature.

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what the fuck is wrong with you reddit retard kys dumb fag lol

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That's how it seems sometimes in my head too. But it's not fake in any way. It always sounds like a cheesy tumblr type of movie which 16 year old girls sap about but It was a really great relationship and what I value the most is the honesty of those activities we did.

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Never seen one

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yeah that was my first impression but i also kinda don't want to reject as this might be my only chance of the lifetime lmao

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R u 12?

>> No.11073439

If you can manage it. My head would burst after like one afternoon spent with some of them. Like their behavior is serious cringe lot of times and just maturity of average 20 yo person is on another level. I don't blame though I was cunt at their age too.

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>girl who friendzoned me a few years back comes out and says she likes me
>give it a shot
>dating for a couple of months
>become less and less interested in the general idea of having a gf, and even become ambivalent towards the idea of sex

The idea of having a gf is far more attractive than the reality for me. I honestly have no idea what characteristics would change my attitude towards this. I'm pretty sure that i'm gonna be alone most of my life

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this is exactly how i feel. but i guess she might grow out of it? worst thing I can imagine happening is me affecting her lifestyle or thinking too much. like, I don't want anyone to adjust themselves for me.

>> No.11073498

You can't really avoid having influence over your bf/gf. That's how relationships are. Even more if she's young at turbulent age when she's developing herself and even more if she's kind of girl who is looking for stronger older guy. So you're going to influent her a lot.

Anyway she will most likely grow up in few years but some people seem to be childish forever. In the end I don't know you so can't say if you would handle it but definitely don't force yourself into the relationship just so you have relationship. Sucks for both parties.

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>An ideal relationship is one where you can pretty much enjoy each others' company doing anything.

I've never been in a relationship before and cannot even conceive connecting so well with someone like that. It's completely mind boggling.

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thanks anon

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its ok friend
everything will be ok

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>mfw 20 y/o college athlete, in great shape, no gf, virgin.

>> No.11074346

seriously wasted get

and you don't look the same as you did at 21 you fucking autist you just see yourself that way, you're probably getting crows feet and shit already

>> No.11074472

lol eh

>> No.11074479

it is certainly not esay

>> No.11074491

Yes and I suck it's dick

>> No.11074510

literally just spend the entire day in our beds watching movies and tv

sometimes we go out for fancy dinners or shopping

but usually we just cuddle

>> No.11074534

ive been p. transparent with her about it and trying to get her to realize it isnt her fault honestly. i tried really hard to get her to fall out of love with me but that shit didnt work so i just went for the blatant method instead. we're uh... working on it, i guess.

>> No.11074764

>underground poetry nights,

>> No.11074787

I'm seriously considering hiring a prostitute to lose my virginity to. I'm 25 and haven't met a single woman who's interested me. I'm starting to get old and busted, and nobody likes an inexperienced hag.

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Sounds fucking dreadful

>> No.11075878

Nice to see another God fearing man on this degenerate board. Don't let them dull your sparkle

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just turned 21 last week finally have a gf , 2 weeks and everything looking great so far
2 weeks ago i was still a loser without ever having a gf and 0 hope
moving to asia was my salvation
plus side she's asian , cute and has so basic asian effay knowledge

theres still hope motherfuckers

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dude it's law of averages

If you don't try and meet as many girls as possible, how are you ever going to find the one that likes you enough to fuck you?

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>> No.11076246


lol, so you had to move to asia to get a gf?

confirmed for loser faggot, but that said i'm glad you found someone to love.

Just don't get a head of yourself dude, 2 weeks is nothing.

>> No.11076267

of course not but from virgin loser to nice girl caring for u , more then good enough for me , ye kind of lore faggot but i moved here to study art , and i was spending too much time back home drawing and painting in my fucking room

>> No.11077659

jeans and a t shirt is pretty general

>> No.11077694

Long distance. We go to the beach, hang out in decent cafes, all that good shit. I haven't seen her in 4 months.
Fucking kill me.

>> No.11077763

>when /v/ comes to /fa/

>> No.11077769


>> No.11077811


Sounds like nostalgia goggles but honestly i know the feel. I miss her.

>> No.11077816

omg this

And i just wanna fuck em but theyre so immature that i cant

>> No.11078567

Why is he standing parade rest?

>> No.11078576

Her taste in literature and movies is probably mediocre and laughable.

>> No.11078577

Do you really believe when celebs say that they don't have sex ?

>> No.11078582

Because girls are size queens

>> No.11078583

She's probably fucking the local dudes on the side and just attaching herself to you as a potential greencard

>> No.11078589

But how ? Girls are size queen, how is it possible to cheat with a guy that is inferior to you ?

>> No.11078604

Most Asians prefer being with Asians.

>> No.11078611

we like to go shopping and buy nice clothes and listen to music. She doesn't like films which sucks

>> No.11078615

can interracial couples be effay?

>> No.11078690

you're juxtaposing taking control of your life with being a decent person.
this is the mark of a true dickhead

>> No.11078694

nono, anon!
you'll get there. it takes getting used to not being depressed all the time. if you've found someone truly worth hanging on to, she'll understand and let you deal with that shit in your own tempo.
just thank your fukcing lucky stars your not alone with it anymore, istg, that gets tough, trust me.

>> No.11078804

Bro she sounds retarded for real

>> No.11078809

Poop in my mouth???

>> No.11078810

Bro she sounds like the kind of chick that goes to college and sleeps with every one

>> No.11078912

wtf how is cara 23 she looks 30 at least

>> No.11078917


>> No.11078920

it's less the fit and more the stance
cara is standing like an alpha and harry is standing like a little bitch

puked in my mouth a little from reading this

>> No.11079537

You're not 18.

>> No.11079656

ur so random
like pie

>> No.11079662

open relationship???
cuck confirmed

>> No.11079692

Just realised that my current relationship is other people's dream...damn senpai, feels profound.

>> No.11079814

About to turn 25 in June. I haven't had a girlfriend since the 10th grade. Every girl who was into me, I avoided them. I know have become afraid of commitment as well when girls are attracted to me.

>> No.11079850

People fuck before they hold hands, buddy.

>> No.11080475

Sounds like a boring, 'walking cliche' type of person.

>> No.11080553

have a gf of 2.5 years. we come from different backgrounds but have similar enough interests and personalities to get along. the areas that I'm weak in are areas that she's strong in and vice versa. she's my best friend. we just recently moved in together into this tiny efficiency apartment. we kinda just do what people normally do. but being together is what we like most.

>> No.11080574

Anyone got pics of Liz? I love her.

>> No.11080582

I agree with this son of a bitch. Don't ever move in with a broady. big fuckin mistake

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and Kendall

>> No.11080883

for u maybe

>> No.11081787

Should I be cheating on a girl like this or no?

>> No.11082977

kys if you do

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