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Are the meme shoes a decent alternative to GATs?

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those look like something cholos/mexicans would wear

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Ugly. Just get Sambas.

Alternatively, Mexico 66's, though they have a different sole.

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Those aren't made by southpole/easily bought at a JcPenneys/Kmart tho.

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Why not just buy gats? They're timeless and none of the shoes influenced by them really come close

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They've been discontinued

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because they're ugly as shit

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probably just because Nike is going to release Killshot 3 with a higher price.

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Let me guess, you think tricky Ricky converse knockoffs with a 5" sole so you can look less like a manlet are "good" looking.

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>this is what redditors believe

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Everyone thinks tricky shoes are fugly except for oreo geos

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Nice try, I hate both killshots and ramones.

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>you're making fun of my ugly shoes so im gonna assume you like ugly shoes as well

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I see tons of kids on my campus with these. its like a walking j crew catalogue

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I say I hate the shoes and the best response you can come up with is accusing me of liking the shoes that I've already admitted to hating.

Good job, genius.

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the killshot 2s were my go-to, they're just ruined now. All of my friends and girlfriends think they're dope and look good. they pretty much work with any non-autistic outfit. these frat cleats are tight as fuck if you're into that shit

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Just fyi they just restock these on j crew and manage to cop a pair even though I have a pair of stan smith gum soles. I can either wear them or resell them since they are discontinued.

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on the flip side, what do you guys think about the original killshots?

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Those are hideous

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look too chunky.

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hey /fa/

I need a pair sneakers and cant decide. Stan smiths have crossed my mind and also vans...should I get them white? i actually like the aesthetic but maybe 2meme4me

is there something i cant go wrong with right now?

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Just get all white stans, vans fall apart fast

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I copped these after a long time looking for some cool all-white meme shoes. Pretty happy with them so far, waiting for them to yellow. Don't like gum soles on most shoes, anyway.

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? no they dont

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Lol if you actually wear them they do

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maybe the slip ons. i own a pair of vans for 2 years and wear them regularly and they are fine.

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Why are you looking for alternatives instead of just getting the "real deal". Never ever understood this. Tilted