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Why don't you dress like a grown ass man?

>pic related

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50% of them look like shit

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I'm not a grown ass man

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Which ones look like shit?

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just say 2 faggot

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>grown ass men
>legs thinner than a prepubescent girl

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>not using superior articulation

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>unnecessarily complicating things

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Isn't that what /Fa/ is all about? Thin people?

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bc /fa/ is a teenage board

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Not a single one of those guys look good in their pants. How could they ALL fuck it up?

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Are you serious? Those pants are tailored so well it's impressive

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im 20 why the fuck would i?

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This is good, but there is no need to post it on fa. Here is essence of fashion for faggots here.

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Why wouldn't you?

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Fits on the left and right are actually pretty good

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Because grown means RACIST to US, Are you silly Please call the cops, dumbass. Silly. Who you think we are? DUMMY

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Skinny jeans have been in and out for a while. Even a posted pattern or texture doesn't really do much or mean shit. The scene is fluctuating in the worst way rn... yall some dummies YALL LOOK LIKE SHIT......

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I just notice that everyone in the reflection is wearing coats and stuff so it must be winter. This guy is even more out of place than originally thought

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Wew lad

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Because I'm only 18.

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too expensive to be truly fashionable as a real man.

this board is 90% highschoolers so you should go to an actual fashion forum

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"actual" fashion forums are just full on #menswear or artisinal shit like sz or styleforum

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So am I, and I dress like OP pic.
It's about exerting social status. I like my clothes to say "Fuck you, poor person."

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and you most likely look like an enormous tryhard

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I'm 34 and a cardiologist, so I routinely wear a suit and tie, but this is just too much. Most my colleagues dress down, and unless you're a high-rent giggolo in Milan, this cannot and should not be done. If you're 28 and under, don't even consider this an option. Just ridiculous, especially the glasses.

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that's kind of the point

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Shut your cunt. Everyone laughs at you behind your back.

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im scared of growing bald

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I'm 19 not a British supervillain

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So tailored they bunch up like skinny jeans. Wool pants.
That's a sartorial fuck up in my book.

Menswear is supposed to be manly, those guys have a feminine air about them. It's probably the pants and the weak ass coats, oh and the waistcoats.
Clothes that are there for the fit, not because you need them.

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Because we're 18 to 25.

Fuck off to Reddit mfa dad.

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Except no one is fat since we make fatties gtfo to /fit/ so they aren't our problem.

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Because this is the outcome when /fa/ tries to dress like an adult

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dont see anything wrong here desu
just out of context

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This is quite true. I dress like op pic too, but I see a lot of people who dress the same with cheap clothing and can't really pull off the "fuck you, poor person" look because they're clearly not wealthy.

Menswear is supposed to be manly, indeed, but it is also supposed to be modern. Modern fits have had a slimmer fit to them for a long time now, why should these people wear baggy pants then?

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all of them...

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There's such a thing as a middle ground, you know?
They'd look better if their woolen pants could act like wool and drape, a slim fit maybe.

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speshul cloob leaf nao nurmal

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>this thread

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>wear a suit because you have to for work
>LOLOLOL tip your fedora

What a useless faggot you are.

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>wear a suit because you have to for work
yeah man, being doorman is effay af

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LOL what do you do for a living, a 'barista'?

top kek faggot

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>im literally a baby child millennial

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>if you don't wear le black jeggings and 6x designer okive hobo sweatshirt with le kanye jeans I think this dated archaic meme about you

holy shit, /fa/ is pathetically behind the times

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What do you expect from a bunch of insecure /fa/ggots?

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Extreme taper. Always looks like shit on proper trousers.

>tailored so well
>super-skinny taper
>wrinkled to fuck
>no clear break
>#3's ankles are showing
Come on, man.

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>this is the outcome when /fa/ tries to dress like an adult
Terrible haircuts?

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>striking a nerve this hard

are you upset, fedora kuns? have i dishonored your classy ways?

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>have i dishonored your classy ways?


Now hurry up and fetch me my coffee, barista.

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Just fetched behind your cheek, check it.

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My butt-cheek?

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you should have to be part of the 1% to wear a collar and tie like that

hi /fit/

there's a difference between wearing a work suit and dressing like you're in 1930s Italy

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post fit

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post fit

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>there's a difference between wearing a work suit and dressing like you're in 1930s Italy

Agreed. I'm not saying the people in OP's photo dress good, just that it's kind of stupid how the dadcore card comes out as soon as someone dresses in a suit.

Have at it.

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Or overrun by /fa/ trash like sufu.

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Would you say this counted?

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A. I'm not a fucking starbucks guzzling hipster cunt
B. The guy on the right-most side looks like a faggoty Morpheus

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post fit, little guy

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I fucking hate short pants. You should not the ankle standing up. It looks like an overgrown kid.

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But I am? Turning 24 on Tuesday

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>grown ass man
> skinny pants

> suits
> skinny pants

Stop killing menswear

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Most of /fa/'s denizens just spend mommy and daddy's money.

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fair enough.

Is this a joke?

>you should have to be part of the 1% to wear a collar and tie like that
But I am, so I guess I'm fine.

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Reading through the flame war was a good read at least
Keked more than once

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I'm not saying I wear nigger streetwear but people are more impressed by nigger clothes than mfa shit, at least at our age.

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>implying implications

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Nice nips

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>being czech
>being /fa/
pick one

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This thread is shit. "grown man fasion is not" but this fucking thread is.

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this thread is full of fedora dads.

here this is the biggest inspo folder dads: http://m.imgur.com/a/4MR6z

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My hate for asians grows

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What a fag

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>open monk straps

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tie up yer shoelaces lad jfc

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>look at the fit I made mum, don't I look pretty?!
honestly if you're not actually of higher class you'll always look like a tryhard if your dress solely in menswear

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Mr. no-shades churns my stomach. Boke.

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>that hair
>that face
>that watch
>that formal jacket worn in a casual way


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ur mum tries hard to get off my dick

cool drapes

>> No.11045820

>that camo overcoat
I reacted to the unstrapped monks as well, but frankly the coat's worse. In fact, I think the pocket handkerchief with the leopard print's douchier too.

>> No.11045888

The newspaper did it for me. Bet it's a week old too.

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post fit

>mentioning fedoras

i bet you love rage comics

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theyre dressed like fucking yuppies with this fake classic-with-a-modern-twist look.
that waistcoat is a travesty

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Why dadcores are so autistic /fa/m?

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I titled this: "In praise of the overcoat..." *tips fedora*
#classy #menswear #supreme gentilman

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"If you really know me, consider the magnitude of that statement".

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#success #class #menswear #not a failure #luxury

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Browses r/mfa once

>> No.11046173

>that thumb

What the fuck

>> No.11046175

Wouldn't be THAT bad if the blazer fit

>> No.11046208

How is it even possible to ruin GATs

>> No.11046210


>> No.11046214

Then contribute something better you fucking dipshit.

>> No.11046219

How is it even possible you're such a faggot?

>> No.11046243


I can tell practically none of you speak to real women in this thread.

Half of the girls I know (The ones who have looks, careers, etc and dont just bum of their parents whilst complaining about the world) dig a guy who tries to dress like this. It all depends on context though. Wearing something like this isn't tryhard unless you are doing it whilst going to a bowling alley, etc.

>> No.11046255

those girls dig a guy that dresses like
or like

>> No.11046274

when you dress like dads you ruin your GATs.

>> No.11046431

post fit

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>> No.11046600

you need to iron that shirt more son

>> No.11046615

At least those pants still have drape

>> No.11046636

Honestle very true, I've taken to wearing a proper blazer and tie more often this year and the difference in the quality of attention I get from everyone is staggering

>> No.11046802


This guy looks like that sociopathic kid from high school that tried too hard to look good, but ended up scaring everyone instead.

>> No.11046807

TRASH. Literally every one of them lol. You cant be serious bro

>> No.11046812

because most people here are under 25

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Did you know that travesty is literally the same word as transvestite?

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You're never too young to start dressing like a man. The pictures in the thread are a bit misleading as many of those guys wear very modern trend like skinny pants and the hottest douchebag haircuts. It's better if you find old photos of people in the 50s-60s.

Start throwing out your skinny pants and wear some men clothes. Do these guys look like they're in their 30s to you? Short white sleeve tucked into well fitted natural rise pants. For shoes wear leather loafers or some types of derby. You can buy these items literally anywhere with little cost. I'll post some more pics.

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Don't do this shit until you are well in your 40s.

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college men in their 20s.

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File: 55 KB, 750x564, Ozu-Three-Melodramas-Early-Spring-32406_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Young people nowadays think that wearing a button down shirt is considered "dressing up" let alone wearing slacks or properly tucking the shirt tail in like how they are mean to be worn.

>> No.11047821

nice masculinity complex buddy, go buy a refill for your beard oil

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File: 3.29 MB, 2000x1219, 1447267282036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11047833


because I'm still young and happy

sure one day part of my wardrobe will be nice and formal but until then I like looking like I'd fuck their younger hotter sister

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Oh well, you can keep dressing like a middle schooler I guess.

>> No.11047846

I don't find this appealing at all.
Anyone else?

>> No.11047861

no he doesnt lmao

where did that even come from? He actually looks good compared to some of the other pics posted

>> No.11047969

Don't ever wear a white dress shirt with short sleeves. Americans.

>> No.11047977

>I like looking like I'd fuck their younger hotter sister
If you dress like op pic you'll look like you'd fuck their younger hotter sister and their super milf mum

>> No.11047982

They're just normal fabric shirts, possibly Oxford. Most dress shirts don't come in short sleeve anyway so I don't know what you're trying to say. People wear them all the time back then.

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All these people are over 25 which is old. Liar, your argument is bullshit, you're a dad of dadcore. Go make some grill old man.

The only that is not over 25 and dresses "like a man" is that autistic fedora dadcore kid that some anon shitposted earlier with lines like "in praise of the overcoat". One must be over the top fucking autistic to dress like a dad at their earliest "adult" life. 18-25.

>> No.11048097

It's Pitti Uomo, the entire point of pitti street is sprezzatura and to that end, the chinaman has succeeded.

I definitively recommend going there if you enjoy mens fashion, the mix of conservative suits and more "fashion" and "street-oriented" fits are really cool.

>> No.11048103

>mens fashion

Of course i meant menswear.

>> No.11048104

post fit

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File: 931 KB, 1784x3264, zj89lGP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go cuck
isnt me

this is how to be fashionable grandpa

>> No.11048113


These are good. Rest are either 'meh' or just trash.

>> No.11048114


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File: 993 KB, 250x250, himZD0M.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being under 25

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File: 207 KB, 900x1349, DRI_0469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder that if you think overcoats and trousers are strictly menswear only pieces, then you will never be fashionable and you should remove yourself from this board

>> No.11048136
File: 556 KB, 1280x854, pitti-uomo-88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more pitti

>> No.11048138
File: 200 KB, 800x533, Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-2016-Day-3-29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11048142
File: 151 KB, 800x533, Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-2016-Day-3-38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no love?

>> No.11048148

he looks like he is pregnant

>> No.11048159
File: 173 KB, 940x664, 1456973508113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they dress to impress women
shallow women nonetheless, literally lmao

>> No.11048166 [DELETED] 

so tryhard, nobdy in italy dress like these faggots

>> No.11048179

I'm laughing irl at how dated this will look soon

>> No.11048207


its 2016

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A lot of the pictures you see from Pitti are extremely horrendous, though it's easy to understand why they go to such extremes - drawing attention to themselves and their brands is pretty much always good.

With that said, there is some great inspiration to be found there, especially during the colder Pitti when outfits are more muted and less peacocky.

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File: 91 KB, 980x652, Pitti 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11048222

Is it just me or that napkin looks like a dick?

Also tropical weather here. I wish I could rock some jackets.

>> No.11048229


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File: 135 KB, 530x561, Pitti 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that you say it, I suppose it does.

But that's one damn big tip, though.

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Gawker shills are mad as fuck about this thread.

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File: 71 KB, 900x600, md-into-the-blue-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> fedora core
> masculinity is a spook
> worship rick owens!

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File: 552 KB, 700x1066, joel-meacock-massimo-dutti-june-2015-lookbook-002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.11048293

Well well well, what do we have here? Uh uh, shitty memes from 2ch.hk, finally

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reminds me of mark from peep show

>> No.11048537

Kek'd hard

>> No.11048547

You can still rock the tucked in dress shirt with tailored trousers and loafers

>> No.11048550


>> No.11048565

I hate the closely tailored, overly structured, skinny bottom/heavy top silhouette menswear meme so much. Shit does not look elegant.

>> No.11048569
File: 147 KB, 687x1005, 1432146469887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ohoho but I do. rate my fit

>> No.11048707

because I'm not a grown ass man you faggot. I can't even get a beard. and most people here probably can't even grow pubes including you.

>> No.11048803

light blue with brown

being this clueless

There are some fits, that can look good on you in terms of shape and silhouette it gives you, but as soon as people look at your face it looks stupid. Trying to pull off suits and "class" under 30 you just look like a tryhard.

>> No.11048811

i think about this picture just abotu every day

>> No.11048998

I didn't mean just women, the difference in how you're treated by EVERYONE goes up several notches. It's so nice to actually be respected when I go into a store. You may not understand because you've never experienced respect in your life, but it's so much better this way.

>> No.11049004

you look homeless

ditch the baby hoodie already, it does you no favors

>> No.11049010


Suddenly no guards are following you around, thinking you'll steal shit or whatever, and people in general seem to smile a lot more when talking with you.

Don't even have to wear a suit or whatever, just some nice, fresh clothes and a nice coat and you're treated miles better than if you were dressed in some streetwear attire.

>> No.11049024

pitti trash - at least they're having fun

only bad one is the 3 piece checked suit and baby newsboy (don't fucking wear sunglasses with a hat), the rest are mostly fine

this outfit's pretty damn good but what the fuck is that bracelet

>> No.11049052


Honestly, these dudes don't look that bad. But I guarantee that everyone is gonna think you're weird as fuck if you show up to casual dates, parties, the movie theatre, etc. wearing a full three piece suit.

If these guys were heading to a business meeting or formal event? Yeah, they would look suave as fuck. But nothing screams 'try hard' like wearing a three piece suit everywhere. You might as well add a fedora.

>> No.11049067

This is pretty good.


And are you still a virgin? I go to a pretty good university and I see prep school faggots like you on my campus all the time. The kind of faggots that wear a three piece suit and cologne to a 8 am lecture on a Tuesday and have to take off their first three layers to put on a lab coat. I assure you, no one is impressed.

>> No.11049074

This is dumb but could fix up pretty nice. Burn the camo coat, tuck the scarf into the straps on the briefcase, and get a decent patterned pocket square. On a side note, I guarantee you that this faggot doesn't read the newspaper. The one he has is probably 10 years old, and 'vintage'.

Keked hard

>> No.11049083

For future reference, the term is a "pocket square"

>> No.11049099

honestly better than whats ITT for ppl ur age. you dont want to be that autist in a suit on a casual meeting/hang out.

everyone hates the autist in the suit.

>> No.11049125

>and to that end, the chinaman has succeeded
He did not. Being an American, you can't recognize sprezzatura from frat douchiness, but be sure that's not it.
Sprezz makes you look more reachable and down to earth when your role and place in society requires a more formal dress than those around you, not like a douche!

>> No.11049129

I've been to parties in 3 piece suits before, people loved it, especially the girls.

But those weren't modern skinny fit suits, those just look gay.

>> No.11049132


Honestly, the biggest mistake you can make is posting obnoxious fashion related shit or talking about it in real life with people who don't care. It instantly makes you a huge try hard.

>> No.11049145


if you are in a well put together suit, people will pay more attention to you in general - it's up to you to not be the autistic fuck that everyone hates. you have to live up to your image

>> No.11049219

lol @ the angry tranny on the right

>> No.11049230

W2C everything guy in the back

>> No.11049259

this desu senpai

>> No.11049264
File: 841 KB, 1368x1298, dadcore party.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah sorry I forgot I have to follow the infographics! Sorry boss!

>> No.11049284

w2c shirt on right?

>> No.11049344


'talk shit post fit' never fails to expose clueless shitposters

>> No.11049356


what the fuck is that waistcoat 2nd from the left

>> No.11049365

#4 here's fucking good t b h

>> No.11049378


>blue and brown okay
>jacket belt is kinda weird but alright
>wide checks on the trousers but I can live

>black shoes

>> No.11049388


>> No.11049439

try-hard faggot, probably a trust-fund kiddie whose daddy bought you your suit

>> No.11049619


>> No.11049628

Any one know better value for money than Charles Tyrrwhit shirts (for work wear)?

>> No.11049636


that's because you're an autistic manchild who breezed in here from /v/

look at that fucking blazer

just stare at it before you type

>> No.11049653


>neo-/fa/ hates on this fire fit

lmao how fucking retarded can a board get

post your lazy, uninspired, unoriginal fits and get back to me so I can laugh at your shit taste

>> No.11049688

dadcore is the most uninspired most infographic shit you can do.

>> No.11049916

what about that guy was dadcore

topkek, gtfo

>> No.11049926

They probably are dark brown. It's Pitti Uomo, if you don't stand out, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.11050208

Second left to right

>> No.11050612

nigga if you don't see anything wrong with this kys

>> No.11050902

Terrible combo. Boating shoes with jeans and a blazer is just awful looking

>> No.11051107

W2C briefcase or similar

>> No.11051171

>tfw involuntarily gravitating towards this
How do I stahp

>> No.11051213

>I'm a Gen X faggot who goes on younger aged oriented forums to cling on to my decade expired youth

I feel so bad for you that I won't even tell you to leave. You can stay here if it makes you happy and less suicidal.

>> No.11051270

I work in central London and wear a suit to work every day. When I have plans for the evening (dates, catch ups, etc) I'll go straight from work. This is really not unusual, and in fact many of the places I go will turn men away if they're not dressed well. It really depends where you live and what your status is.

>> No.11051342
File: 22 KB, 367x500, 1411445626335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the thing, I like such suits and would love a coat, but you either need to be 30+ or know how to properly pull off that style that style (I don't) or you'll look like a fedora sperglord.

>bic related :DDD

>> No.11051411

looks like I really struck a nerve, you're extremely upset about being from the numale generation

>> No.11052407

This guy is @dspiffy on instagram, posts the worst shit ever and interestingly has a black wife.

>> No.11052571

Just because a draftsman drew some people more skinny than he should have back in the day doesn't change how pants fit.

>> No.11052581

This is really bad.

>> No.11052624

who wears a tie and a button up for a party. wtf is wrong what you..

stop with the navy as well.

>> No.11052723

I fucking hate this nu-dandy horseshit, tossing a bunch of too tapered pieces of brown, blue and grey together does not make you a gentleman.

>> No.11052804
File: 1.00 MB, 1000x1500, Fit 13.2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is everyone talking like dadcore (dressing "nice") and streetwear (dressing "cool") are polar opposites and exclusive of each other? Fashion isn't a binary choice of either a three piece suit or full rick, it's a sliding scale. Just dress for the occasion, familia

>> No.11052835

says the man that tries to inflict mid to early xxth century styles upon us.

>> No.11052928

How do we bring back dandyism?

>> No.11053024


>> No.11053062

Well you're missing out a lot in your teenage

>> No.11053111

WW3 and complete extermination of liberals.

>> No.11053144

Honestly it's mostly his face that's bad, if he didn't look like a Polish rodent he could just fold those fucking trouser legs down and be p. much solid.

>> No.11053185
File: 205 KB, 600x964, tumblr_matiziXl411qzh3kmo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oxfords on the ground style war now

>> No.11053205

No, suit pants have pretty much always been skinny oriented. The baggy pants originated due to the poorer castes that needed a suit to look nice in, but not having the money to pay for buying more than one or two throughout their life. Therefor, their suits tended to be worn for a) a long time and b) by different people (brothers, sons, what have you). Thus, the suit pants were generally made wider than necessary.

Suit "fashion" has pretty much always favored the skinnier pants. Note that im saying skinnier, in my opinion, the pants in ops pic is almost too skinny for my taste.

>> No.11053214
File: 96 KB, 576x747, tumblr_lt1svp0kAS1qh48u5o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gas the plebs we must preserve a future for the well dressed race

>> No.11053232

In certain societies baggy suits have indicated high status since it showed that you are able to buy more fabric than is needed. Countries in Africa and India are two examples of this.

>> No.11053242
File: 74 KB, 500x727, tumblr_inline_n9y5gjEsgL1r5ed6h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shit skin countries that looted stuff from the white man or just imitate what they think is fashionable

>> No.11053254
File: 134 KB, 515x562, tumblr_mw10xxZoQF1qg4knho1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11053289
File: 247 KB, 1024x679, tumblr_nsyuotoGOq1r2qr2so1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11053368

that are still being worn today in a slightly different form

>> No.11053382
File: 222 KB, 1524x1024, 2d8ae7a3_2013-06-07T015249Z_1943072811_GM1E9670RC501_RTRMADP_3_JAPAN-FRANCE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Baggy pants balance out a larger torso or stronger/more padded shoulders. As styles shift towards a more constructed look versus a softer more natural look, the pants grow wider. As jackets draw closer to the body's natural lines (too close for comfort in the case of what's currently in fashion) so do the pants. Baggy pants aren't flattering for people with skinny torsos, and skinny pants aren't flattering for people with muscular or obese torsos.

>> No.11053623
File: 40 KB, 660x340, Men-Hot-Weather-Fashion-Trends-and-Style-in-Summer-Season-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My city is super hot

can`t use pants here

give me tips pls

>> No.11053653

Same. No way he actually reads that.

>> No.11053654

It's about balance, not just flailing toward one extreme.

>> No.11053795

You can. Just get light linen jackets.

>> No.11053805

Wear light trousers, cotton or linen.

>> No.11054374

I don't know! I do not know!

But how can you deny that vest?

>> No.11054396

I don't think you've caught up with normie fashion, this is quite normal and acceptable nowadays.
this is one of the problems /fa/ faces, nobody wants to accept things that are 'supposed to be' part of a certain style being used in a different and more casual manner. there's no progress, no attempts to modernize, it's all "let's dress like it's the 1920's" here. sure, while that's not bad in the least, you can't deny everything that's come after and everything they're trying to improvise out of what came before. how can you be /fa/ when you can't even be open-minded to fits? in the end you'll just be another follower of an established trend, which is ultimately not /fa/.

>> No.11054658

streetwear is mostly shitty dadcore with sneakers added

take that outfit with some redwings = DADCORE!!!

>> No.11054692


He had so much going for him, then I saw the shoes

>> No.11054993

See, this is what I'm talking about

If I'm going to a gallery opening, theatre play, work-related project meeting and the same outfit works better/more appropriate with white sneakers than with work boots, I'll wear them. Why should I care what meaningless label /fa/ would slap on my fit?

>> No.11055183

yeh except for the asian guy

>> No.11055196

which one

>> No.11055208

white shirt, stan smiths not camo overcoat man

>> No.11055239

desu it's not an overcoat, he's just carrying it for the colour. in my eyes it matches pretty well. Although camoflage is fedora tier imo

>> No.11055290

senpai im dead desu baka fr fr

>> No.11055383
File: 55 KB, 308x743, article-2388614-1B39B924000005DC-121_308x743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, it's more a matter of "most blazers and vests people pair with jeans are a godawful match for jeans so blazers probably shouldn't be paired with jeans". Super formal blazers or lightweight blazers shouldn't be paired with jeans, because you wind up with a super formal top half but a completely casual bottom half and it's jarring to the eye (especially if you're trying to wear sneakers as well). More workwear-ish blazers (like what RRL does) in light colours generally go with jeans, as does tweed. You shouldn't be pairing a conservative black suit jacket from your interview suit or a navy pinstripe jacket with distressed jeans. It just looks BAD and it looks like you don't have any other pants to wear with it. Jeans distress in a completely different way than jackets.

>> No.11055394
File: 158 KB, 580x885, cb50feb6ad788c1cc532cea75a1dada2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The "I ripped my pants and don't have a spare pair" look

>> No.11055474

of course there're things that don't work off the bat like jeans and legitimately formal outerwear. but more recently there's been major notice of the fact that people are doing it anyways, at least bothering to make sure the colors don't clash if nothing else, and more and more 'casual' formalwear has been made. but you're absolutely right about the whole jeans thing, that shit is r/mfa-tier 'smart-casual' garbage, like this shit >>11055394 and your pic related
there's also different pants entirely you can wear with blazers, such as cotton pants, or twill or something else entirely, for which there is no terrible clash of fabrics and the like. ultimately it's just that lock-out mentality, where if one attempt to try something new fails, everything isn't worth trying -- just because jeans don't work doesn't mean blazers can't be worn casually, which is what happens with this board a lot.

>> No.11055489

Enough workwear vibes to not look like a MENSWEAR tryhard. Nice.

>> No.11055495

Gaff from Bladerunner core

>> No.11055499

Why are all #menswear models 25-year olds who look like they've never worked with their hands?

>> No.11055503

I didn't mean to imply that jeans don't work with blazers, I meant that the majority of blazer choices for fits with jeans and/or the jeans chosen for fits with blazers are just poorly matched. In >>11055394 the jeans are dark and matched with the tie, which is a nice touch, but ultimately the jacket is too shiny and thin to look good despite the okay colour match. If the vest and tie were ditched and the jacket were more matte it would actually be an okay denim fit barring the jacket's shitty fit.

>> No.11055529

I wear business casual and sometimes business professional at work. When I'm off I dress like a bum, pretty much on purpose. The Juxtaposition of my two extremely different styles actually makes me pretty happy

>> No.11055563

haha i can relate and respect that, but do yourself a favor and stop using the word, "juxtaposition." shit's played out b. very hypebeast

>> No.11055575

They're not models, they run the atelier.

>> No.11055894

Who the fuck cares about Africa or India

>> No.11055906

Because "grown ass" is a shitty discourse to talk about what happens as your life gets more duration that steers you in bad directions and "man" is something you should be ambivalent at best about.

>> No.11055917
File: 3.49 MB, 502x435, aa_zpst342ownp.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

like this

>> No.11055936
File: 893 KB, 3024x3024, 1457860042440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11055944
File: 65 KB, 700x1051, 6078lekewebux3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11056078

were ur belt son?

>> No.11056117

it's an okay fit but darker shoes to mirror the darker jacket would be better imo

>> No.11056134

I don't, I'm just sayin'.

What crawled up your ass?

>> No.11056160


>see the sign on the door
>KURWA internally

>> No.11056669

Man that dude even looks disgusted with himself. He knows what he did was wrong. THis is like one of those dog shaming pics.

>> No.11056724

The two dumbest things with menswear that I see are men wearing the same colored pants as their blazer and also wearing something that is black and covers a large portion of their body like a jacket or shirt.

>> No.11056877

you mean same colored pants but not matching fabric? because matching fabric is a suit and suits are just fine

and did you just say black jackets are a bad idea

>> No.11056885
File: 212 KB, 712x1073, 1441842647181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no I mean same colored suit throughout

Yes, black jackets are a bad idea.

People need to learn how to use and contrast colors.

>> No.11056936

My dudes saman & dag

>> No.11056944

I'm waiting on a coat from them, it's been 5+ weeks since I ordered it and I'm getting impatient.


>> No.11056983

So I was about to ask why you're a cardiologist and still on 4chan but then I realized I'm a med Student and still on 4chan. Tell me you don"t come here often.

>> No.11057026

But starbucks is good you dickhead.
The most hipster thing you can do is not enjoy a good thing simply because other people enjoy it.

>> No.11057040

>But starbucks is good


>> No.11057096


Seriously hnnng

>> No.11057286

pants materiel ?

>> No.11057304

>not going full sapologie

>> No.11057314
File: 111 KB, 707x628, Idiot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any coffee chain

>> No.11058455

>Wearing denim at any time other than if you're working/doing things likely to get you dirty outdoors in hot weather.

>> No.11058460

Because all models look like 25 year olds who've never worked with their hands.

>> No.11058478

>Overpriced coffee and abysmal tea prepared by mongoloids who insist on going through a stupid procedure designed to give you an 'experience' and make you feel like you're a personal friend when in reality it feels intrusive and delays you being served smothered in pretension and cheap sugar syrup.

Best coffee place I went to was this Italian style place. You go own, pay for a cup of coffee (all the typical types of coffee present with very good beans), have it prepared properly and quickly They get it for you quickly, hand it to you and you're on your way in a fraction of the time, fraction of the cost and with both you and the staff's dignity intact. Much better.

>> No.11058553


>> No.11058583
File: 65 KB, 800x800, booty-blaster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because im a grown assman

>> No.11058622
File: 41 KB, 543x960, fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow this guy really reminds me of this one from my fb, which also I think might be a better fit if it wasn't for skin problems / weight

>> No.11058786

I want to know, too. That's the first time ever on /fa/.

>> No.11058837

Massimo Dutti

>> No.11058904
File: 266 KB, 1280x960, 1449393896477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like im not a grown ass man yet. Even though I'm 20, im still really not out of that skater/slacker style and mindset. Probably in a few years

>> No.11059410

Is some weeks I'm going to a interview in a multinational corp.
I need to look as sleek I can but I still want to have some personal touch.
What colors do you recommend to wear(suit, shirt and tie)?

>> No.11059445

What job and degree should one get to dress this way?

>> No.11060183
File: 10 KB, 422x406, 141426666384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the tie gets bigger and the shoes lose more polygons every time i see this

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