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How do you manlets do it?
>nothing fucking fits

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There is no hope if you are that small, if you were 5'8 or higher then you could at least buy xs stuff, but with that height there you're basically fucked

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Either get everything tailored or buy from Japanese brands.

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just dress like a toddler like the nig on the right

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Can I get shit like hoodies tailored? I have no problems finding jeans my size but tshirts and hoodies are always too long/baggy

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>tfw 5'7"

Well I'm taller than most women at least

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What's worse...

Being a nig manlet?

<-- Or a spic manlet?

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Nigga just jacked dennis the menace

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Being short as a Mexican if fine if you go for Mexican girls. All of my Mexican friends except one is under 5' 7" and they always have Mexican gfs

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Check the boys section, if that fails you should be able to buy unisex tshirts and hoodies online, which size smaller

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Tfw 5'10 and still considered a manlet.

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Yeah, 5'7'' is average in Mexico so it is fine for mexican girls (most actually prefer tall guys but they won't reject a handsome manlet)

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nah. places like yucatan oaxaca and chiapas drop the average height. i'd say 5'6 is the norm

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5'9" asian l ma o

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I'm the same height and i wear L (asian XL). Feels good to be fat.

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center and south heights are a joke
the average mexico DF citizen height is around 5'5 and if you go south its probably 5'3.
in north mexico you get called manlet if you're unde 5'8

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I am so glad I did not end up short like my family in Mexico. I was born and grew up in the US. I am 6'1", so are my dad and brother who also grew up here.

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I'm 5'9 but have boyish looks and charm. Am I a manlet? :/

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5'9 is good is your have proportions. its a no no if you have short legs though

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>tfw 5'11
>tfw i was so close

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it depends my brother

5'9 too

If I were on Sweden I'll consider kms thank god in Bolivia everyone is under 5'4

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what's wrong with being 5'11? clothes are designed for people from 5'11-6'1

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just go to russia and get longer legs.pretty sure you can be 3 inches taller with 30k

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I don't think this is a good idea if I want to lead an active lifestyle desu

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You're not a professional athlete, you'll still be able to be active such as running . Anything under 2 and half inches is considered safe

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>tfw 6ft just pushing 6'1, feelsgoodmanlets

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that guy makes it work

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>tfw 5'9"
>find jacket of my dreams at the thrift shop
>doesnt fit...

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I'm 5'10 but I have the legs of a manlet. i'd say if I had asap rockys legs i'd be 6'-6'1

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>makes it work
>since when does looking like a nigger stump work

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define "short legs"

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i would love to be 5'11". u made it man. besides, shoes make you about an inch taller so consider yourself a sixy

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it could be worse. hes got style. even rocky isnt that tall

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just use shia as an example. he's about your size and he has the proportions to be /fa/. generally when you're short its hard to pull of boots/hi tops

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Nice try you dolt xs will not fit on anyone 5'8

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for reference, here is the only realistic height chart.

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i'm 5'7 and xs jackets are way too tight, even s

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5'3" here. I just wear small tees.For sweaters and shirts small is sometimes to tight and go for medium. 30×30 Pants or 30x29 depending. Mostly wear slim Dockers.

Never had a problem with finding fitting clothing.

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I really wanna get those boots, but I fear that I won't be able to pull em off and they'll just rot in my closet.

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>sitting height is that of a 6 footer
>huge rib box, shoulders, feet, hands, head
>no neck, no legs, no arms.

just kill me

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>Check the boys section
>the boys section
>boys section

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Time to save up money then!

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legit would rather wear some baggy shit than checking the boys section, I may be a manlet but I still have pride

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>manlets trying to make us believe they are bigger than we think


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I have average length legs according to my girlfriend. I have pretty strong thighs, which doesn't help with length.. What do?

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how old r u? big feet=height

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I'm like 5'6" and I wear XS/S and yet you're able to wear S/M? wtf

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no it doesn't
tfw manlet with size 10 feet

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Probably means you didn't attain your full height . Bad posture ,exercise and diet would affect this

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nice try manlet,
anything under 6'3 is laughable desu
6'4 is the manlet cutoff in 2016

6'7 is ideal male height

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just wear it baggy anon
that what i do and im the same height as you

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>really long legs
its something at least
r-right guys?

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Inches is retarded. Google converts 173cm to 6.8 but thats apparently really tall?

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That's stupid. Yes, there are more tall people in the north but you don't get called a manlet if you're under 5'7.

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Do it again correctly plz.

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Just did m8. On the threshold of red and yellow>>11024558
Thats alright, right?

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hey this is the first chart that i see that is fairly accurate

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173cm is 5'8

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Shit, i got 5'6 AND short legs no jeans wears well on me.

Any advice to me?

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I'm the same height so I'm gonna go with "it's perfectly alright mate don't worry about it" but I'm not sure. I'm 23y.o. didn't have any problems with it so far.

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Opposite for me.

5'7, but torso is that of somebody 5'10-11, just very very short legs.

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>tfw manlet with thick dick

I wear semi tight clothing. I dont wanna look like a thug. Sometimes my cock shows through my pants no lie

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Im 19, still growing, r-right?

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An hero, or just accept it.

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ugh, this is why "manlet" is still a thing... nobody cares about your penis you fucking retard. I'm guilty of it too, but you don't need to fucking saying "yeah, I'm short... but ___".

You don't need to apologize for being your height. Like what the fuck man. You might even live to see a day when being short is considered more beneficial than being tall... because it's literally just a cultural trend. Being tall serves absolutely no purpose in day to day life.

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Are these short legs?
I'm 5'7" and generally just wear XS-S clothes.

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Sure is /fit/ in here

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Oh, i guess not, but thank you.

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you have bowed legs
consider visiting a doctor

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>destroying your legs for 2 inches of height
that's the epitome of fuccboi

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i was 5'4" at 18 y/o, never stopped me from banging pussy or winning fights. put on some weight and buy XS shit at stores

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Anyone 5'8-5'10 would benefit doing this so fuck you

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are you wearing panties? do you even have a dick? grow some boobs and you'll pass for a girl m8

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>6'7 manlet
Anything less than 7'0 is just kys-tier

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>being this insecure
enjoy being a beta cuck

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>not reaching 10' and still speaking

stfu u fukin manlet

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do manlet really do this ?

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It was popular in a small tally city, postoperative is dangerous and for any centimeters not worth it.

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traditionally, these operations are for kids who have a leg that is bigger than the other. The guy from weezer had it done a little while ago. some fuccbois actually do this for cosmetic reasons tho. its insanely painful and requires several months of bedrest

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If you're in a wheelchair height doesn't matter

>> No.11025264

Temporary pain for permanent 3 inch gains

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Just find an asian tailor
Lucky one of my moms friends can tailor shit and do it almost for free

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No Yellow Chicks?

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lower your bf percentage lol

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>stay away from girls with heals
this is me.

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>choosing to look shit over looking short

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>tfw 5"9 but say im 5"10

>> No.11025386

>tfw 6'5
wew lad

>> No.11025389

I'm 52kg, though. My doctor already doesn't like my BMI

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>tfw 5'1"

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This forum is 18+

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>little rascals

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>6'2 is tall
Nigga this chart is trash if you're Dutch. I'm 6'2 and half the guys I see every day are as tall as- or taller than I am. And no, they generally aren't skeletons

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vanocuver is such a shitty city

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chart isnt made for scandinavian kucks

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what i'm 5'7 and xs is big on me
how fucking fat are you

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I feel you

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the Dutch aren't scandinavian

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I'm 5'9" and I usually wear smalls in everything but T-shirts and sweaters which are medium.

>> No.11025952

Could be a different country thing.
I'm like a large in asian sizes but an American XS is too big on me.

>> No.11026241

>buy xs
>shrink them on purpose
There you go you're all set. Just remember that the color might fade. If that's going to be a problem, get it tailored.

>> No.11026262

Just buy boys or get it altered.
My inseam is 25in, no way I'd find trousers unless I got them tailored

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How much do you weight?

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do you guys think that 5'11 is a tall-ish height or is it just average?

>> No.11026384

average. its still a great height though

>> No.11026398

>tfw ill never get taller
at least it seems to be average thanks

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its pretty much a universal fact women prefer tall guys to short guys tho. My point was I'm content with having a thick dick at my height and that i have no trouble finding clothes that me. If i was 6'2 id be a male model or a professional athlete.

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Legit manlet here. Just own being the manlet if you are one, literally no one gives a shit this much about specifics as much as raging autists like these.

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5'5 and I don't care if you guys like my outfit at all, but you can make your clothes fit however you want.
>pic related

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>dog dies
>family members die
>get depressed
>gain weight

why even live ;_;

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i'm 5'10 and my legs are almost your size lmao.

>> No.11026721

>having a soul

choose nada

>> No.11026723

Are you genetically a boy?

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>believing in souls
>current year

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5'10 manlet lord reporting in
>tfw 1 inch away from not being a manlet.
life is suffering

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just dress nice and you can get away with it. most people won't notice an inch difference

>> No.11026740

Thanks cuh im fellow 5 fiver, you look cuz of physique imma needa keep lifting consistently to help offset height. Lookin good btw kinda feel like you could benefit from a looser aesthetic, something to try.

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Your torso, neck, and head only comprise 5 inches of your height?

>> No.11026848

where the fuck do you get jeans that fit

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>> No.11026860

Literally 80% of my wardrobe is xs/s designer clothing and it fits me fine

>> No.11026879

>tfw standard trouser leg (32) is made for manlets
>tfw 80% of the shoes on grailed/ebay are manlet sized

So sick of manlet privilege


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I'm 5'9 and I hate my life. My life will be a hell till I die, manlets like me will never get a gf.
>feels bad mane

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i don't believe that for asecond. yes you're not tall, but you're not at the cutoff where women overlook you because you'renot tall. you're taller than 80% of women

>> No.11026946


Let's talk salads and about four racks of "big and tall" that either don't go up to 4XLT or cost 80 dollars a shirt cause we can play.

P.S. Any NFL scouts in the building?

>> No.11026964

Back to /r9k/ with you.

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I would kill to be 2 inches taller desu

5'9 is like out of "too manlet to get bitches regardless of attractiveness" territory

>> No.11027004


>best m8 5'8
>has probably slain more pussy in college than any frat boy with a 6 figure savings account

Stop giving into shit tier /fit/ memes. Hope you're attractive and have somewhat of a personality.

>> No.11027006

then get limb lengthening and stop crying manlet

>> No.11027012

How many is 182-183 cm in ft n inches?

>> No.11027016


It's 6 ft you tard

>> No.11027017

around 6 foot.

>> No.11027133

Yes you might grow until like 23 make sure you do enough exercise and eat healthy and have a healthy mind too for the hormones

>> No.11027146

How long does recovery take?

Seems extremely stupid if it's like 6-12 months. Just learn to live with it.

>> No.11027148

Probably because you weight < 100 pounds you fucking moron.

>> No.11027166

Lol the imperial system is so retarded, that's one of the many, many reasons why the world laughs at the US

>> No.11027170

Is this bait ?

Faggot, you clothes don't fit you

>> No.11027173

>tfw 176-177 cm
>go dancing
>half the people are taller than me

>> No.11027174

Did you get to eat the doggie, at least ?

>> No.11027179

those who are 5'6 want to be 5'8
those who are 5'8 want to be 5'10
those who are 5'10 want to be 6 feet
those who are 6 feet want to be 6'2
those who are 6'2 are just fucking faggots and should die

>> No.11027182


I'm 5'8 and even XS jeans are still too long.

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>have a high heels fetish

>> No.11027192


Stop taking hormones you tranny shit.

>> No.11028033

What you must do is take 250-500g of niacin flush version on an empty stomach every other day. This will send your growth hormones off the charts baby! Next is to take melatonin 3g every other night. This works to keep your growth plates open longer. To increase your growth hormone even more, 5 hours after you take niacin, do a 5 minute sprint.
Remember though, that the most important and beneficial thing you could do for your body is meditation.

>> No.11028112

are mexicans the least fashionable race?

I only know of one hispanic guy that's a pretty good dresser

>> No.11028135

brazilians actually.

>> No.11028157

>tfw 5'11 king of manlets

>> No.11028168

5'10 is king of manlets. you're pretty much average

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>Being tall serves absolutely no purpose in day to day life.
this is what manlets actually believe

>> No.11028346

How young?

>> No.11028457

Well there is a lot of factors. If you're still under 23 I would say give it a shot. Specially the melatonin which will help keep your growth plates open.

>> No.11028477

5''8 there, I just wear Japanese stuff. Beams Plus, White Mountaineering, Cav Empt all fit me perfectly in length.

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1.76m (5.9 stone elbows)

mfw model gf

mfw too afraid to check who's taller
mfw its probably her

>> No.11028567

>average height fits into xs
Nice logic you mong

>> No.11028571

>tfw under 23 and already taking melatonin every night

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A'ight circle jerk depression aside here's my 2 cents to all you short niggas out there on how to get your shitty fits in order.
>source: 5'7

1. Don't buy shit that won't fit your silhouette. This means don't go to this website http://www.norsestore.com/commodity/20470-norse-projects-ketel-logo
and buy a tight fitting sweater designed to fit snug on a 6'10 teenager with an eating disorder.
Check the cut on a piece of clothing before you spend way to much on it. Is it loose fitting? Long arms? Short torso? Does the waist want to end in a tight fit exactly around the hipbones but actually goes all the way to your ass? don't buy it, fuck it, it's not made for you.

2. Buy shit that fits your shoulders (or width measurements in general). I have huge shoulders. I fit a size M in shoulders and probably a XS in length. But when an item fits your shoulders, you can cuff or cut-off or what the fuck ever and it will look infinitely better than the other way around. Girls do this all the time, looks great, laid back and comfy.

3. Buy thrift. Buy very few designer items in general. Sizing on older items vary a lot more than modern stuff and you can allow yourself to experiment without spending 2000$ on items you won't wear. This applies especially to jeans/trousers and outerwear. I found a brand new Gloverall wool coat for 80 bucks. Check the original price yourself. You can't beat that.

4. Shoes. This is where you wanna spend the big money. Seriously, buy a pair of Levi's for next to nothing and put on a pair of dope ass designer sneaks. It just works.

5. Don't worry about things fitting oversize (unless of course it's a suit or something, you idiot).
Oversize is a nice aesthetic, sleeves can be a little too long on a comfy wool sweater, no problem. Everything doesn't have to fit like tailored.


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6. Buy a pair of tailored wool pants. This shit is expensive but it's a home run. Now you'll have at least one item that fits right on the fucking nose. You'll be amazed what it will do to your fits to just have that one item fit on point.

7. Go to this website. http://www.petermanningnyc.com/
It's dadcore, but it's good for some essentials. I can recommend the wool sweaters and corduroys. Their pants shrink one inch after a couple of washes.
Of course don't buy a shitty tablecloth print shirt

8. Don't always be afraid of kids clothes. I swear some of the coolest and most unique items I own are jackets for 16 y.o.'s.

9. Inspo from other short niggas:
Kanye, James Dean, Woody Allen(!), Shia Leboaeuueffh Hojer Oye, Kendrick (sometimes), Thisistheodore (I think he's like 5'10, but he uses a lot of these tricks)

10. Don't worry about it, yeez, you look fine. Just be nice and look people in the eye.

I'll maybe post some more inspo

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File: 1.02 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 14.37.56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somebody better fucking appreciate this.

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File: 1.23 MB, 2000x3000, 1402821031365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 76 KB, 960x819, Tony Williams.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 145 KB, 600x398, 2015-mtv-video-music-awards-fixed-show.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11028715

>look people in the eye
I can't anon, I'm only 5'3

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Lol, that got me

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File: 143 KB, 736x1094, 1454452264351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 202 KB, 1517x796, 1454581917863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Oh yeah, how could I forget.

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File: 119 KB, 600x450, kanye-west-1-600x450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11028761

Nig manlets can be cool

spic manlets group up with other spic manlets and are like cockroaches

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and that's about it.
i'm out

>> No.11028774

kill yourself

>> No.11028811

Are you kidding me?
There are always some cool shit on boys section i wish they would fit me.
You have a golden oppoturnity.

>> No.11028835


>> No.11028866


>> No.11028890

Haider ackermann I think, if not Yeezy.
Reeaaaaally fucking expensive that Ackermann shit,

>> No.11028895

Good post

>> No.11028915

Do you get your pants altered?

>> No.11028932

this is a good post

>> No.11028955

thank you manlet brother

>> No.11028979

it's yeezy

>> No.11029099

Probably up there. All my Mexican friends think that wearing black vans, levis, a Polo and a gucci belt is the epitome of fashion

>> No.11029128
File: 78 KB, 800x553, bf3763fce80d24ceb487e8cfe67684d156680b6a9aade11e13883b081aae7545_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11029351

I mostly wear medium shit.

>> No.11029353

>be 166cm
>live in Japan
>things fit no problem
Thank god

>> No.11029356

The internet has truly warped some peoples minds. Some people need to realize this shit isn't actually a thing.

No one in real life gives a shit how short you are unless you're like 5'2 or something. I'm a 5'8 manlet and I've had no issues pulling chicks. My first serious relationship my girlfriend was taller than me.

>> No.11029372

but i am trying

>> No.11030184

>unless you're like 5'2 or something

what if im 5'3"?

>> No.11030396

are size 10 feet big? im 18 5'9" and size 10 but dads 6'. praying

>> No.11030400

I'm 5'10 and size 10. sorry m8. your only option is to get hgh

>> No.11030415

I'm 18 and size 6, :'( I still try to be happy

>> No.11030426

maybe i'll hit 5'10". probably not. i've always been a bit short

>> No.11030445

50 yr old retired boxer vs ex ufc champ in mma rules


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u rn

>> No.11031562

>mfw 5'8"
>mfw average of my spic country is 5'7" but I still feel like a man let because there is a lot more people that are actually taller than me than shorter
Damn being my height in an European country must really suck desu

>> No.11031578

What country

>> No.11031587

>mostly wear medium / large
>perfect fit

>> No.11031588

El Salvador

>> No.11031595

>wearing large
Fat fuck

>> No.11031602

You're just fat, all my clothes are small or XS and I'm a manlet

>> No.11031631

If u want a more feminine appearance try waist binders but make sure to bind safely. I think its all u need left. there are lingerie types and discreet undershirt types. Small boobs are the cutest and also there are cute panties out there that almost 100% flatten the bulge. i love the shape of your legs and hips but def moisturize everything like 24/7 lol. Also u'll smell good all day <3 try not to lock your knees if youre posing for pics or someone, just makes em look bumpy and gross. But u seriously r super cute and im envious. Sorry if im giving u advice assuming youre going for the cutesy feminine look and youre not-- but if you are also try/get cute bras - <3 cgl

>> No.11032508

Wheelchairs can be pretty fashionable

>> No.11032541

That guy in the photo is actually attractive to me, bigger is not always better. Guy's about my height and that's not a problem

>> No.11032642

>tfw 5'6, ugly and overweight

Why even live?

>> No.11032819
File: 91 KB, 675x1200, ^140CFA6F9A323C2CF547A9562EFC9499ED27B6FE2249AFB263^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a shortfag, thoughts on pants?

>> No.11032823

5'6, not really that bad of a height. What are your proportions like? Never mind don't even worry about proportions since you're overweight. That can change too though. If you really wanted to change, you could. Lose all the weight and build a bit of muscle to make your proportions look good.

>> No.11032845

just get normal pants ffs

>> No.11032849

They're just sweats for around the house

>> No.11032865

Then why the fuck does it matter what we think

>> No.11032904


>> No.11034062

im not sure how tall i am (probably like 5'5 or 5'6) but ive never had a problem buying clothes
if your fit you will fill out most of the clothes that dont fit you
i wear large tees despite being a manlet (little baggy but i like it)

>> No.11034077

Being extremely tall is annoying with girls. I had a girl have to stand on their tip toes to play with my hair pr go in for a kiss. Im only 6"1.

>inb4 get a tall girlfriend

Ew gross

>> No.11034090

>probably don't even live in the same state as you but this so much.
lets not forget anything with the LA printed on it.

>> No.11034115

Sucks being fat cuz I love wearing stripes

>> No.11034209
File: 486 KB, 640x480, 1453083696709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>regular parka tail goes past knees
>""tapered"" chinos loose at the thighs and ankles
>""slim"" shirts have the ""slim"" part starting past the ribcage (box looking), 1.5 buttons too long, sleeves too long
>regular jackets look full goof

>[XS] Sold Out
>[XS] Unavailable

>> No.11034355

Replace Mexican with Latin-American and you basically describe the rest of the continent

>> No.11034359


Everything south of America is Mexico. You beaners are all the fucking same

>> No.11034413

>Room mate is 5'6
>hang out with him for the sake of juxtaposition

>> No.11034437

is this a joke?

>> No.11034681


>> No.11034714


>> No.11036451

pr accurate

>> No.11036828

Stop being such a total drama

>> No.11037419

I will never understand the whole manlet thing.

Anywho, you just gotta know where to look. The fact that you can't find anything that fits tells me you are shopping at target where generic clothing is sold.

Look around, shop online ( be careful). I'm 5'6", spic, and have a piss poor fashion sense. Yet i find clothing that fits ,isn't too baggy, not hugging my crotch, and looks decent

>> No.11037444

I was demoted to average as fuck :

>tfw no longer king

>> No.11037703

Fuck I really dig this, any source on jackets like that?

nice advice fampai

>> No.11037727

daily reminder anything shorter than 6'2 youre a manlet and will forever be treated as an inferior being

>> No.11037733
File: 80 KB, 766x960, 1457395751823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably pointless question to the guy saying it but does this shit actually work? can anyone vouch for this?

I've seen this melatonin niacin (M.E.N.S) method meme thing around the internet over the past 5 months or so and am genuinely on the verge of trying. I mean i dont feel like people would make up some very specific thing like this for no reason, I mean... who would just go in the internet, and lie!?

>> No.11037749

You'll lose nothing by trying but a couple dollars. For this to work your growth plates still have to be open obvs, which means you still have to be a bit young. This is were the debate comes in because the only people who can vouch for it are people who were young and could've just grown because of a growth spurt- late growth spurt. However, there is research to back up that niacin does increase hgh (if I remember correctly it triples it)

>> No.11037757

i like it when people are nice and actually give good advice here. thanks:)

>> No.11037788

That's the first sign of being a faggot

>> No.11037856

I'm 5'6" and my tailor is my Savior. I buy all my shirts in a small, jeans 28-30. They trim them down and its perfect. A brand that makes clothes that fit me well off the rack is jcrew.

Knowing your measurements is a must if you're short, it makes buying clothes online much easier.

>> No.11037944

I'm 5'3" and this helped alot. Thanks anon.

>> No.11038060

It'd be nice to afford jcrew
Any other brands you could recommend

>> No.11038072

Why don't you guys get fit? Muscles will easily bump you up a size or two.

I settled for the alternative which is getting fat it works just as well but I wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.11038339

Opinion from a tall Dutch/fa/g
Gotta hear both sides.

Dress mature as soon as it doesn't look like you are wearing your dad's clothes. When you are 20 you should start wearing sweaters with dress shirts, slim fitting pants (tailor them for fucks sake, baggy pants make you look 12 if you are short), and quality boots/dress shoes.

NEVER wear cropped pants
NEVER wear hoodies

Buy some cheaper stuff and spend money on tailoring TAILORING MATTERS ALOT. If you are short and something fits bad you instantly look three inches shorter.

Also a personal opinion: When you wear sweaters/T-shirts make sure you tuck them in or tailor them so they just reach your belt. This creates the illusion that you have long legs IF YOU TAILOR THE PANTS.


>> No.11038373

Well I'm pushing it but at least I don't need to consider suicide

>> No.11038403
File: 329 KB, 1160x1900, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11039048

I personally think it looks goofy when 5'1-5'7 are fit. They should aim for skinny-lean for max aesthetics

>> No.11039097
File: 94 KB, 1024x576, brad-pitt-snatch-2-2000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on your definitions.

I'd say mickey pitt > thelma and louise pit skinny

>> No.11039995
File: 54 KB, 709x765, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>12 year old nephew is already taller than you

>> No.11040134

Nigger I just gave you my opinion. Tailoring your clothes to fit better will make any fit better ESPECIALLY people who need every improvement they can get to hide the fact that they have the body of a 14 year old

>> No.11040206

This, have friends in north Beanland that make me feel turbomanlet even though im 5'9" which isnt short for your average mexican.

>> No.11040258

I'm moving to Mexico to fit in better in terms of height. But if you say you feel manlet at 5'9, maybe I'll have better hopes of being happy in a third world Asian country.

>> No.11040338

Mostly northern mexico near the border (Spaniards and white people like would-be texans lived there) . If you go to Mexico city or any of the more humid climates in mexico you find stereotypical mexicans.

>> No.11040350

I like the sound of that. All though I hear all the pretty girls are in northern Mexico? Like the blue eyed Mexican girls, please confirm this as false as all I've ever wanted in life is that

>> No.11040416

im like 5'6 and a half, maybe 5'7. i buy pants and take them in and up. learn to sew. I can make clothing fit me perfectly with a bit of sewing. good skill to have

>> No.11040478

quit your whining. im only 5'8"

>> No.11040490

5'7 and gf here


>> No.11040492

Sonora monterrey and some parts of sinaloa have good looking women

>> No.11040500

How do you feel knowing you wouldn't be able to protect her or you if a real man wanted to harm the both of you?

>> No.11040514

did BJJ for 13 years
next question

>> No.11040517

"real man"

>> No.11040529

great posts! any more shops like petermanning?

>> No.11040545

Kek someone could just grab you and throw you faggot. But next question; how big is your dong?

>> No.11040576


Don't knock down real men like myself. I'd sweep her off her feet with my dandy style all topped off with a fedora and treat her kindly and one day I'd take her to my home and show her my katana collection and long sword if you know what I mean

>> No.11040632

Sounds hot, you got a Kik we can role play in?

>> No.11041242

you need to stop squatting m8

skip leg days family

>> No.11041263

>falling for the European meme

>> No.11041267

>any amount of pain and thousands of dollars to remedy a socially constructed insecurity
you faggots

>> No.11041311

Mexicans are already a race of manlets so to be manlet among Mexicans is to basically be a midget.

>> No.11041403

damn ur hips are wide ur fucked just forget about fashion

>> No.11041413

>not being able to do extraneous work or exercise for 3 inches
>not being able to achieve your peak strength, speed, and agility, never knowing the limits of your own body
>fucking up your proportions

yeah no

>> No.11041503
File: 192 KB, 1280x960, shakas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11041635


>> No.11041653

Where do I get this in australia?

>> No.11041825

women's S
Im a 5'7 guy but I'm loving it

>> No.11041833

I don't know if you're implying bigger or smaller, but I'm 5'8 and xs generally fits me the best, xs/s depending on brand

>> No.11041877

Being shorter means you can be more aggressive but also get away with it like its funny.
I'd kick then lengthened legs just cos you made yourself taller then me.
And it would be funny

>> No.11041972

5"7 and I usually wear medium with tees and sweatshirts. Just go lift, if you're short gains are easy and clothes will fit alot better.

>> No.11041984

Have fun being a man in a little girl's body.

>> No.11041988

5'10 and skinny af, I can wear most mediums but sometimes I need a large for it to be comfortable

>> No.11041995

All of this talk about wearing fucking XS...

How petite and feminine are you guys? I haven't worn anything smaller than a medium since I was at the beginning of middle school (less than 13yo).
I'm 6' even and wear a large or xl in everything. 32x32 pants. 160lbs.

>> No.11042231

mexico is diverse in terms of its size bc of all of its racial mixing between europeans and natives, sometimes you get really tall beans, sometimes really short beans

>> No.11042439
File: 345 KB, 378x500, 1438214029455.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw im a spic manlet.

>> No.11042466

Have you tried Nudie jeans? They have some selections for shorter lengths

>> No.11042526

5'2 (female, not manlet) here.
It's really not difficult, I taper and hem all of my clothing to be tailored properly to my body.
You'll also have to accept that there's simply some pieces that you can't wear because of the cut/style.

>> No.11042831

Goddamn my guy im laughing my ass off here
I hope you don't look like a bowling pin jesus

>> No.11042888

>never wear hoodies
>tuck t shirts into pants
>wear dress shirts under sweaters

Look, I agree with not wearing anything too baggy but I refuse to dress like a faggot.

>> No.11042919
File: 1.33 MB, 1977x3255, IMG_8125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good rec for shorter guys - wear Japanese/Asian clothes. Japs are short too so Cav Empt fits me perfectly. Skinny jeans + baggy sweat are what I normally wear in colder days.
Oh yeahm sorry for faggot cap, wear it to piss off my roommate at university.

>> No.11042932

Too bad cav empt makes everybody look like little baby-cocked faggots

Especially you, balding manlet

>> No.11042935

Why balding? I just have buzzcut because I'm slav and I can't do more with my way too thick hair.

>> No.11043059

Those jeans Cav Empt? They look good

>> No.11043075

Nah, Cheap Monday Tight. Spare on jeans saving for Acne Thin.

>> No.11043129

Thanks senpai. Any recommendation on sizing?

>> No.11043139

Well, I wear 28 in APC PS (they just got blown at the crotch, so much about mah ebin raw denim). Went with 29 (tts since my waist is around 76 cm). Where a bit tigh at the beginning, but stretched out. But I have pretty slim legs, not sure how they will fit you. Quality isn't superb but enough for budget jeans. Fit was more important for me anyway saince tapering jeans is hit and miss for me in the first place.

>> No.11043148

I'm so confused

>> No.11043253

Thanks for the detailed answer. Love you, bb

>> No.11043772

typical curlbro

>> No.11043796

same, but fuck it, as long as you like it just rock that shit

>> No.11043814

can you guys recommend japanese brands? 5'3" mexican manlet here and nothing ever fits :/

>> No.11043953

last weigh in from four months ago was 132lbs. I have 12-14% bf, but being just under 5'4 can be a pain.

Literally buying that heavy duty Singer table and YT tutorials years back saved me from falling into thugcore and goofleisure.

>> No.11043969


>> No.11044038

There's no way you weight that much with a 25in inseam

>> No.11044572

daaaang, more power to you brother

>> No.11044595

is this cav empt a medium or small?

>> No.11044616

pls be london

>> No.11044618

if you squat, stop. Your thighs are too big. Then just wear normal fucking pants.

>> No.11044620

>extremely tall
good 1 m8

>> No.11044623

Brad Pitt isn't a manlet though

>> No.11044722

Small, due to height and being skeleton I go tts with Japanese brands. Works perfect for me.

>> No.11045037

so if im 5'4 110lbs im fucked right? cuz theres no XS

>> No.11045230

No you'll be fine because the sizing is different

>> No.11045261

Well, 5''4 is another thing. I think I should be thankful that I'm at least 5''8 which is borderline, but still not that bad. I mean I can even wear XS in Nordic brands for tall Aryans like Acne or Our Legacy without huge problems.
Just try some brands until you find at least one that fits you. In your case I would say tailoring indeed would be easier.

>> No.11045484

BOC Hojer Oye?

>> No.11046153


Lmao I'm 6'3" with an 8"x6" cock. I eat babycocked manlets like you for breakfast

>> No.11046159

is that rocky in the jean jacket? damn i didnt know he started dressing like that. looks good

>> No.11046166

you people are too obsessed with height. stop gloating your insecurities/your narcissism, you've all invented a world in which height matters as much as you think it does. the only people who actually care if you're too short or too tall are the type of scum i wouldn't waste time talking to

>> No.11046265

please share pussy slaying strats for vertically challenged.

>> No.11046632

i'm 5'5''
just barely missed the cutoff for mediocrity

>> No.11046709

Is there really nothing to do about height? I'm tired of the memes. They're starting to get to me.

>> No.11046760

Yes there are many things you could do. But 80% of it is because genetics. And once your bone plates fuse, the only thing left is stretching and fixing your posture to appear taller. That or limb leghtning surgery.
How old are you?

>> No.11046815

19 is it too late?

>> No.11046830

Assuming you are developing at the normal rate, you have just a bit. Some people really finish at that age but tell me about yourself; are you a late bloomer? How do you feel you are developing? Born premature by any chance? How were you raised nutrition and excersise wise?
Short answer: no it's not too late. You could still grow as late as your mid 20's. I think you will grow a bit more. I'd have to know a bit more though.

>> No.11046842

Wtf is appear taller? grow to your real height or just look less stupid with a better posture

>> No.11046848

Appear taller just means looking taller. Sort of like how vertical striped shirt is supposed to make you seem taller. Haircut to look taller. Standing straight instead of slouching, that kind of stuff.

>> No.11046857

What if you have a horrible slouched posture with a curved back. can you gain any height by aligning it?

>> No.11046866
File: 32 KB, 480x454, 1411803902574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>are you a late bloomer
I don't think I am. I only started feeling short back in High School when everyone suddenly started getting taller than me. It's been the same ever since.

>How do you feel you are developing

I feel like I'm growing, but not enough to matter in the end. I'l still be shorter than everyone else.

>Born premature by any chance?

Yeah, I was born premature, I'm pretty sure.

>nutrition and excercise
I lift a lot but /fit/ says cardio ruins gains, so I do it less than I should. I don't think I've touched a vegetable in months. I didn't have much vegetables growing up either. Do they really make that much of a difference? I thought that was just a meme your parents told you to get you to be healthy.

>> No.11046881

Well you can't gain any height, think about it this way if you are 5'6 but slouch you'll be 5'4, stand straight and you'll be 5'6. This is why it can make you appear taller but doesn't necessarily increase your actual height.

>> No.11046898

Interesting. You only started to feel short in high school which probably means you developed fine and are just short. You're probably not done fully developing which means you do have a chance of growth.
The premature thing sure is a bummer. Lots of research says that premature babies will be shorter and skinnier. They can possibly catch up to their peers but will not reach their full potential.
Watch out with the lifting. I've done research on that and find hard evidence on both sides on the stunting height vs no effect debate. Same with cardio.
I do know that high intensity for short period of time workouts produce the most human growth hormone.
The veggies thing is definetly not a meme. They are very important for growth. I would say it's the second most important with protein being the first.

>> No.11046909
File: 55 KB, 852x1256, 1439985528257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've done research on that and find hard evidence on both sides on the stunting height vs no effect debate. Same with cardio.

aw fuck

>> No.11046915

Lazy cunt here
What sort of exercise regiments give off high growth hormones??

>> No.11046929

It's been a while. I'll see if I can dig up the research papers I'm talking about.
The one that is suggested the most is a five minute sprint.

>> No.11046936

Ahhh!! I've heard of that one
Anything else?

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