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What the fuck is up with red lipstick? It always looks just awful. Like the girl's slut level goes from 1 to 10 instantly by applying red lipstick. It just screams "I am a whore and grossly unattractive without applying a shit ton of makeup on my face to mask my true self".

But man red lipstick has always been used for hot woman in movies and for those special occasions as the go to lipstick of choice. I don't understand it and I will never understand it.

Help me understand it.

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you don't know shit about makeup miley's about 3 times more heavily made up in the before photo plus red lips traditionally signify arousal and you don't need to make a post about this, you could literally just google it but you clearly want to have a nice misogynistic ramble

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You just described all of make up.

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>misogynistic ramble
calm tf down lol op obviously doesnt get it, nothing to cry about

the colour red signals seduction, danger, power, lust, passion and shock, all synonymous with the femme fatal archetype u describe in the 2nd paragraph. its a look women are into because of all that comes with it; it demands attention yet it's simple enough for everyday, if thats ur thing. also a slick of red lipstick can distract from the rest of the face so sometimes its all the makeup u need to make an impact. the versatility makes it a classic, but like any classic it can go wrong with carelessness.
main con i can think of is u cant get away with kisses cuz it gets messy. hope that answers ur question :^)

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Blame Taytay

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>misogynstic ramble

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Roastie getting toastie.

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Post red lipstick inspo

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eternal bae

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second daphne post but she suits it so well

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100% disgusting

this may or may not be the OP posting

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+1 pham

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>hepburn disgusting
>anime image
get out u underage faggot

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Beat me to it

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post an image of someone you deem beautiful, im intrigued

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I dislike red lipstick as well. It tends to make the wearer look like a clown or some shit.

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I think red lipstick has been around a little longer than that.

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Pink > Red

Objectively. Who could argue?

I wish I was exaggerating with this image, but I am not.

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>It always looks just awful.
Agreed. A lot of girls wear bright-ass red lipstick for dating profiles, and honestly it just makes them look awful.

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I think the clown effect comes from the wrong undertone and contrast level in the red.

The problem is a lot of women don't tend to go for lipstick outside the nude-pink-red zone, and know to match a nude to their skin tone but then think a red is just a red and any will do. Then they pick one that's far too high contrast for the colourings or has completely the wrong undertone and it makes it look like they have a red mouth floating above their face.

Buying a red blindly more often than not looks like shit.
But I think carefully considered reds can look nice.

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Hey I didn't realise it was 1987 and too pale frosted pink was not shit again.

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That is one ugly skank.

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i think he is referring to how the red lipstick still looks disgusting despite the new contexts, not that the people are disgusting

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also /fa/ know shit about make-up not-surprisingly.

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Rate lipstick/which is best one?

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Gee, is it the early 2000s again?

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OP is correct.
Deal with it.

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5 & 1 picked the most flattering.
3 looks alright too.
4 and 8 are terrible. 4 gets off lightly for trying to match to her outfit. 8 is full what were you thinking tier.

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Pink lipstick is cheap prostitute-tier.

Same is true for the other fluorescent colours.

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this post was good but when you said the word misogynistic a bunch of /fa/ggots got triggered. 9/10

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Jolie will be seen as the most beautiful woman in this era of Hollywood

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2&3 are objectively the only attractive people in this photo

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thanks brah 20 posts later an i think it sums up the attitude im a prophet

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you getting paid to post here?

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It's better than that pink glossy shit. Reminds me of the shit preteen girls wear

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err... 5?

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I also hate red lipstick.

Pink yummy lips on the other hand? Hnnng!

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>pink yummy lips
Please leave

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I like 10's the most, even though she's on the... doughy sides.

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She looks like something crusted her dry lips all up. Maybe something coming out of your body.

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it totally depends on the shade, that miley red is gross but i do like darker shades of it, its not a go-to color for sure but it just works sometimes

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why are there people posting on a fashion board who have never seen daphne groeneveld before? actually i'm sorry i dont know why im surprised by this considering the topic of this thread