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Do chicks even dig metalfags?

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no metal, it's nice to listen to time to time but I have found that's it's something you keep to yourself or other cunts who enjoy metal. With girls wait till the bring it up first, unless they mention meme bands like Metallica, avenged sevenfold, iron maiden or something like that. People tend to get disgusted when you bring up metal for some reason.

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I dress pretty normally most of the time. Mostly plain tees paired with denim Jean jacket, bombers, leather jacket, plaid flannel, skinny jeans , etc

But every once in a while I throw on a satanic warmaster or Filosofem shirt, or Jean jacket with huge Taake patch on the back. My acquaintances never ask about it so I never mention metal. Is this acceptable?

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They think you're a huge faggot
That kind of silence speaks volumes

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Oh well that's OK I guess

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yeah its fine, people only care if you look like a neckbeard. But it has become a fashion statement at this point. People only really hate it when you only talk about metal, or belittle other genres because they're not as superior or some shit. Tldr, as long as you're not a neckbeard with 0 social awareness you're fine.

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They dig metalfags who only listen to real metal. You have to let them know that you only listen to real metal, though.

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2 in 1000 do
1 is a fat mongoloid and the other is a 10/10
black metal is objectively the most /fa/ metal

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what;s with all these pleb music threads on /fa/? we get it, yall too pleb by /mu/ standards so you need to talk about music on your board

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Middle aged manchildren with studded wristcuffs and jewelry are not definitely /fa/ nor do chicks like them.
Attractive young thrashfags are /fa/ and chicks dig them

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If you got them luscious locks like young James then you'll surely have no problem pulling in chicks.

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how can i improve my attractiveness without giving up any edginess?

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Metal chicks like metal guys

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The hairstyle. not cut it unless you want.

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oh oh and tighten the cuffs. The jacket's okay but try another black leather jacket. Ditch the facial hair. Work out

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cuffs, no prob.
facial hair and exercise i agree.
it is my fav jacket tho, its an older pic, i took out the liner and i feel it has a better fit now

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get decent shoes, change the belt and shave

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Problem is most metal chicks look hideous. I hate their style.

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he only use kanye's brand

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what shoes did you have in mind? i also have a pair of 1461 dr martens 3 eyelet shoe

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The boots are too clumsy. You could try combat boots as they have a slimmer shaft while still being chunky enough.
If you want that slp-esque metal look you'll have to get slimmer denim.
You could also swap out the tee for a white one, make sure it has deep enough collar. and jeans for light washed ones. And white basketball hi-tops.
pic semi-related. The dude on the right is super attractive

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i know some who are quite successful even with plbish grils but they have looks and personality
some girls dig alternative, even edgy stuff and some are part of the subculture

how big is the part of the population that is into metal in Norway, Sweden or Finland?

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dressing based on your musical tastes is the most retarded thing ever. a tshirt is acceptable but going full look is just gay as fuck.

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it's more than music.
it's culture; a way of life, a place to be, a philosophy
it would be retarded if it was only for the look of it

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>le metal brotherhood \m/ meme

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Some do im sure

But it's probably more "dudes with long hair" rather than "dudes who listen to metal"

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yeah let's dress like satanic thugs even if we're boring salesmen and our life isn't unholy at all. das gay as fuck

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sub cultural fashion is a way of recognizing each other in a sea of plebs and to be more of a special snowflake

it is also cool to wear sport clothing aside from doing sports or military stuff aside from fighting in a war

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If you're still in high school and need to find friends maybe. After that it's just clothing.

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I'm not a big fan of metal myself, since I have some borderline autistic friends, (they're actually quite cool, but when they start talking about metal and listening to this shit nonstop I just wanna shoot myself,) but I have had my fair share of ONS and a lot of them were metal cuties, but I gotta warn you, they almost exclusively listen to metalcore, so if you're really into metal you might want to compromise.
Other chicks I talked to that are into "real metal" were as borderline autistic as my metalhead friends and also kinda filthy.

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If done right, metalheads can be god tier

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Pretty much this.
I still pull the old metal head look similar to this. People know I enjoy metal and they still treat me well. Hell, most chicks I've been with the past few years weren't metal or goth.

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Then why does this board jerk off to Rick Owens?

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nah, but god tier people can be metalheads.
dude's just handsome, he'd look equally as good in everything else.

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if youre attractive enough you can pull of any style

the majority of "metalheads" cant pull a decent fit
on top of that they are usually genetic abominations

however regardless of trashy metal chicks there are attractive people mixed in
just strays too close to tryhard edgy core

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Work your legs you chicken-legged little faggot.

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