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Green pants

Yes or no?

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Yes, but not pastel green.

Go for darker greens, like these military green ones from Entre Amis.

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get out while you can
ppl are just going to call you "dadcore" and ask you to leave
This is sneaker and asian pajama central, son

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Depends entirely on the shade of green and the type of trousers.

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>pretending you can't see pic related

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If OP is asking about those specific trousers, I'd say it's a no.

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not those green pants, anyway.

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Yes, military green is great

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elfmode motherfucker. gtfo.

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I'd switch patterns for shirt and trous.

Solid pastel shirt (not green tho), plaid pants.

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Pastel green with a similar outfit as the one shown is a great fit op! But the occasion is crucial
1.sporting event or other event YES
2.date NO
3.work NO
4.bar or club YES if right crowd
Whats the occasion op?

Inb4 you cry yourself to death by tricky ricky fags and under age b8s

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What bad has Rick done to you for you to be so bitter to bring him up in a fucking green pants thread?

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that entire outfit is why

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I dont dislike rick. Great clothing , its the teens and manchildren that gravitate to his clothing, ALSO ive never seen someone who isnt a model look good in tricky ricky

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he has a lot of less RICK and more (rick) pieces that can look really good, like those combat boots

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and to answer Op's question. If you're in the sartorial type menswear game there's no reason you shouldn't have a pair in your rotation. they're real easy to pair with other garments too.

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>pants rotation
Is this a real thing? Why..?

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so that you don't get mad stank crotch from wearing the same pair of pants every day? are you serious?

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You... only wear one pair of pants? Ever?

Jesus H backflipping Christ.

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Isn't pants rotation when you have a set amount of pants that you "rotate" between using each day? If not, my bad.

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>not wearing you 20oz raws day and night for 2 years before taking them off and washing

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nigga that's how you wear clothes

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Got called dadcore once

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>Green pants
>Yes or no?
In this particular fit, the green pants are a cry for help from someone trying to tell you that he's either colorblind or Italian. So no. In general though, yes. Particularly dark but not drab greens, like >>11014006, are good shit for casual fits, so long as you pair them with the right jacket -- e.g. with this color a standard grey herringbone tweed would work great, or a mid-brown anything.

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Why not just wear the same ones a few days in a row instead of constantly changing, seems tedious. And you'll end up having semi-stinky pants lying around the room instead of just throwing them into the laundry when they've run their course for the week.

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nigga those are brown

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>why change clothes
what fucking board am I on
is this some weird sect of /r9k/?

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>Now with Refusing To Change Clothes Because It's BoringĀ® action

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I have an slim chino with the same color schame but darker

what to do? only works with white sneakers is that true?

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Nah, they're just a very dark green. In natural light you can clearly see they're green.

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You must look like a fucking cartoon character dude.

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No, why am I getting so misinterpreted...

If you wear three pair of pants for nine days (three days for each pair of pants), then wearing the same pants three days in a row is essentielly the same as rotating between the three every day for these nine days.

The difference being that the latter seems kinda dumb and tedious to me.

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No, it's not.

It's the same when you're not supposed to wear the same shoes everyday: you let them breathe out for a day or two so that they dry up and don't start to smell like shit from constantly being drenched in sweat.


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Also, going off what the other anon said. You don't wear the same shit every day not only for the reasons he said but also because you should try to mix it up. Wearing some jeans more than 2 days in a row is boring.

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If you're going for that type of look, yes.

I have a pair that I use every and now and then, you won't get that many positive replies here though, the style like in your pic is frowned upon on this board.

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I like blue greens. I don't like it with that top tho.

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perhaps with a dark red it would look good. I've seen that combination and it looked pretty good. Or a darker forest green with red.

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You seriously think the OP image looks good?

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Not a big fan of the shirt and the velvet sleepers.

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Yeah. The bright pants are attention-grabbing enough, but then he goes with the bright high-contrast plaid shirt

it is not a good look

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