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post your girlguys!

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not androgynous

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Martin Cohn. He wasn't that good imo, he also went a little bald lol so he dropped it, he didn't really had the perfect genes for it.

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naah that's totally a female. Not even Bill Kaulitz androgyny god was that cute looking.

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High school girl wearing American Eagle-core

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Why the OP is a female? You fucked up OP.

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oh god..

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oioi with wig

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3 of them are females. I posted 2 one male, one female.

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id love them all

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is that bill?

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kek i know her

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good. all the ones I have posted are naturals, not hrt or anything of the sort (I don't think anyone has posted trans either). Make up at most...

Bill (was) the most naturally androgynous person I have seen. He was born with that godly pointy chin, his genes are the holy grail.

Yep. The best imo with his hair down especially.

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David Bowie because even through he wasn't that good at it he is probably one of the first pioneers of androgyny in fashion.

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Wow this might be the most cucked as fuck, beta board on the internet

feel bad for ya niggas

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>unironically using cuck, beta, & niggas
christ.. & conforming boring normies are not interesting. how can you believe in gender norms in 2016? i'd take free spirited people who feel comfortable in their appearance/sexuality to experiment with their look

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Said the cuck, domesticated man that sucks the dick of norms, morals & society everyday all day.

The live example of the üntermensch, he who doesn't is & doesn't lets. Mediocre in everyday.

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this thread needs some preop andrej

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this isnt a cringe thread

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half these fags are just femboys, that is not androgyny at all u fucking morons

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Its really difficult to be andro. you need great beautiful genes.

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Andrej went to my highschool, i was only a year 7 when he was a year 12. but weirdest bloke I've ever met, worked in the cafetira wearing a skirt with a wolf t-shirt.
I know this sounds completely bs but I have pics to prove she went to my HS.

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but if they literally look like a specific gender are they really androgynous even if they are the opposite gender. I thought it meant they look like they could be either, but Bill doesn' look male in any way

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How's high school

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pls pls pleeeaaaas post!1

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shamir my nig

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If I was naturally andro. I'd never transition to female.

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yeah, the point of androginy is not about being a female lol.

im trying to maximize my andro traits lately and see if i can pull it off when i have longer hair, but having your dick cutted off is not cool.

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my boy lauren

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My point is I'm transitioning to female because I won't be able to stay androgynous my whole life, eventually I'm going to look like a rugged man if I let myself stay male, from aging.

I wish I could be androgynous for life. I don't want to cut my dick off.

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You need therapy.

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this. enjoy androginy when you are young but cmon, you will grown eventually. also you will get bored of it.

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Also, you fell for the trans meme.

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How did kids end up getting so fucked up, anon?

You do realize you're going to end up killing yourself once you regret your "transformation". You weren't born female, you will never be female. Get therapy and learn to live with yourself instead of turning into a walking, talking fetish that's one trigger away from ending yourself.

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That's cool yo.

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Awesome. Can't wait.

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basically this. kids dont cut your dick.

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>tfw girl
>most people thought i was a guy
>not even trying to be androgynous
>hell not even a cute enough to be androgynous
It hurts

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W2C sweater?

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I mean it'd compromise people i know just a photo of her outside my old highschool but now transitioned.

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long hair and over sized sweaters apparently does the trick

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Muh sista. And even if I let my hair grow out or wear make-up, I am still not looking like a chick.

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>not reading Nietzsche
you're a slave to society's values and morals you little cuck. do whatever you want and think for yourself

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christ you are broken. go get an education and move out of your backwoods hick hometown:)

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really good thread oioi

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>I'm so edgy and cosmopolitan. I saw a b&w photo of a cafe in Paris and now I know that I'm a woman
>GOD you sound just like my dad! *flounces off*

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Nietzche's is objectively the most /fa/ philosophy.

they do but that redhead doesn't cuts it imo. His bone structure doesn't works, he isn't ugly tho and the hair is nice af.

This is meeh. But as a budget cheap guide I guess its fine... Lots of designer clothing is already andro and should be tried out: Rick, Yohji & slp come to mind.

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Haha, that redhead is me, m8. Yeah, I get that a lot. People say I have feminine features, but really manly bone structure.

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perspectivism is pretty cool. I have been reading Foucault and enjoying him more than Nietzsche

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Yup, square jaws are the worst for androgyny v-shape is ideal. But thats not bad, no beard-long hair has always been /fa/ & always used by models. Just let your beautiful red hair grow. Red, blonde & Caucasian Albino (White) are the best natural hair colors.

Hmm but that's a term coined by Nietzsche. Nietzsche's DIY philosophy is a great base for a lot of philosophies..
Ohh just read a short bio. He started as a typical idiot but learned A LOT on his way up thanks to Nietzsche's encouragement. That's nice.

Looks like a Bill Kaulitz, but it was probably Bill who got inspired by the style of Pete.

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There's more than one guy in this picture.

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The one next to him to the right. Am I right?

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they are the ultimate style icons for me
listening to some enjoy rn as well

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are they twins?

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i believe it's profoundco.com

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yeah, they fuck each other

they are really cool in person like they have alot of presence when theyre moving through an area, very tall and lanky

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I also know this feel.
>have a really square dudeface
>but not flat or tiny enough to pull off the boyish look
>post on face rate threads and people ask if I'm a tranny

Are there even /fa/ styles for less-feminine girls?

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you're going to have to learn to deal with it or surgery.

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Yeah. I think it's that is confusing, a perfect middle.

i guess bill is just a natural born trap (no hrt). Still his genes are a holy grail, suuuuuuuuuper rare to be trap mode with genes alone. He was like one of those animes.

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>you're going to have to learn to deal with it
Which is why I asked about styling tips.

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She's so fucking hot

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all 3 need to post face

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Well this is

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Not a big deal holy shit. I thought you said manly, you're not ugly either wuld threesome with.

Again nah, you just got a not a so-good bone structure. Keep your hair that length or go for longer, what you want is to cover your square jaw, losing more weight will help, no doubt about it & try eye liner like Bill Kaulitz. Drawing attention to your eyes distracting from the jaw is good since you got pretty eyes always focus on drawing attention to your good features.

This is me, webcam quality is shit: http://imgur.com/a/oEqnG

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what is this meme angle? i feel like it's meant to look condescending

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To be fair I picked a good angle but thanks for the advice.
no it's being tired and posting in face threads at 4 am

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>this thread
>not posting king/queen of /fa/

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Fucking disgusting kys

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>being this new

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He has shitty hair, an ugly nose but dope ass fits.

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Post these "dope ass fits" please

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shitty hair? i'd kill for curls.
>tfw you realize you've saved a stranger's selfies for 6 years
i need to get off this site, i miss the banter of 2011. rip /fa/

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>taking Nietzsche out of context
How's being 12? I miss those days

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please leave
no one likes you and your mental problems won't help with that

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i'll post some of my faves..

this one has been posted as inspiration for 5 years straight, probably the most iconic waywt posted on this shithole. keep in mind /fa/ was nothing but peacoats and clarks DBs back then.

>> No.11015154

say the biggest difference between /fa/ then and /fa/ now is that before ~12-13, there were quite a few really consistently well dressed and interesting personalities posting regularly to semi-regularly, while the general population all argued over beeswax DBS or wether epaulets should burn in hell, these few made this place worthwile. even the shitposting was fun, do you remember "cooking with (naked) Knochensack?"

then /fa/ had a sort of renaissance around 12-13, where we lost some of the original "good posters", while some of the younger people actually learned a lot from aformentioned posters and in turn becoming "good posters" themselves. I think was when life started going really downhill for some of the even earlier trips (from 2010 and earlier) which started getting really selfdestructive and suicidal. famous example being Blah (rip, seriously. she's fucking dead and you people still wank to her nudes.)

Sometime over this period of time, Baizilla's "safe-but-cool-enough" fits become incredibly popular and suddenly every single teenager on this place tried to emulate that for at least a year or two, leading to two things: /fa/ got boring BUT the consistent quality of almost every single regular poster jumped up a notch. The general population all started dressing pretty okay, the REALLY badly dressed people started being a minority the same way the best dressed were.

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but thats the main context you moron. exactly what I said.

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I think the bob cut looks cool on you. Better than if you'd let it grow. Maybe style the eyebrows a bit?


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G Dragon?

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forgot pic

Example: Alex. That dude went from "pretty embarassing" to impeccable style icon. I remember him mentioning how posters like Mamma Dod, Knochensack and the rest really had an influence on him and the way his style evolved.

After the era of "almost everyone is at a point where they now dress good enough to experiment and figure out their own personal style (like Alex did, for example. something happened. I assume it was a mix of "normcore" being the next trend following the "everyone is Baizilla" and, of course, a new generation of children flooding in, which happens every year.

This new generation takes cues from the one before but also brings their own shit (in this case normcore). So for one year everyone emulated Baizilla, the next year people either kept doing the Baizilla-minimalism, pure normcore or the whole "baizilla-minimalism but with pale colors". It really started getting shitty when the generation of children AFTER the normcore ones started coming in, because they've gone full circle and are back to looking really fucking bad but without even going for some kind of individualism. Safe as safe can be, which is way worse than someone looking odd but with a "vision". I'd rather look at weirdos that like their own style than "I'm 15, todays wawyt are pale blue jeans and an ugly sweater, paired with white sneakers."

Not to mention the deterioration of not only /fa/ but 4chan as a hole. /fa/ used to feel pretty secluded from the /b/s and likes, with it's own pretty unique, pretty funny and playful board culture. Now every single board is basically /r9kfitpol/.

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Yeah, I like the bob. Thinking about growing my bangs out though.

Has anyone told you that your face looks kinda like Charlotte Gainsbourg's?
Because that's the first thing I thought of. You should give her a look.

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Another Gainsbourg pic.

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She's really pretty, guess the jaw is similarish.
Also, you could keep your bang, same asymetrical shape, it gives your face a certain shape? rather than if you didn't have it.

bang bang bang

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I'll post a few since I've got time and A LOT of pictures.

But seriously, if /fit/ left or atleast aimed for the emotional maturity of AT LEAST a late teenager, rather than being buff insecure man babies, the quality of this board goes up.

Discussing clothing in relation to bodies is absolutely fine, just remember you're not on /fit/ and posting pictures of Arnold or Zyzz is just plain shitposting on a fucking fashion board.

/pol/ needs to leave. Not only /fa/, not only 4chan, but the internet as a whole. You people should spend some time with different people instead of sticking to your little hug box of angry teenage nazis. I don't know, befriend a gay, a woman, a black dude or whatever and realize your hate is fabricated You'll stop hating yourself if your groups of friends are pretty diverse, plus you're evolve as people. Personal growth, baby.

(I say this as a former violent nazi, for context. I bottled a gay guy in the head because I thought he was a fucking faggot. When he got out from the hospital, I approached him to apologize and said that if he wanted to, he could beat me up with no resistence.

He said he doesn't do violence (that he wouldn't hop on the chance for revenge over gotten bottled and stomped up by a couple of angry nazis fucked me up, I literally couldn't understand why he didn't), but if I was sincere in my apology I should buy him a beer and describe myself, what lead to my actions and where all my hate came from.
This became a regular thing for a couple of months and since it was the first time ever where I did some introspection, I literally changed as a person. I didn't hate blacks, gays, etc, I hated myself and never got over some childhood trauma involving my alcoholic and abusive father and for some reason I just got angrier and angrier over the years, in the end I would hurt anyone I could,

Life is full of hate already, you don't need this and it'll make you depressed and fucked up unless you get out of it.)

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>> No.11015340

>Now every single board is basically /r9kfitpol/.
So fucking this. Great posts my friend. I remember when Poet was a thing, dude was like a mentor to many of us. Shame the shitposting and childish attitude of the board drove him away.

>> No.11015344

I love your look, u look awesome don't listen to anyone about ur jaw

Ur jaw is nice girl

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I'd say you guys have similarly big brows and proportional nose sizes, too, if not exact shapes.

But that undercut isn't doing you any favors.

>> No.11015357

No the board is a contaiment board. I used to browse it when it was new.

It's ok to have it, it made me a Libertarian instead of an indoctrinated with memes anon like most newfags. Let newfags be newfags. pol is b 2.0.

Also I understand some holohoaxes, and some things that lead to WW2 that school was never going to show me. It's a good place to question history, ideologies & politics. Which I don't use anymore since it's almost 100% about USA this days, I always found Amerifats to be the most stupid in pol but at least 80% of them are contained there.

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File: 31 KB, 250x333, tumblr_nhkafc2wDO1ry35g6o1_250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, started rambling about my youth, I just get the feels when I see young people acting like I used to do. I'm considering starting some sore of support group for the nazi crowd.

9 years ago i would have shanked this dude in the back, after chatting with him on his tumblr a couple of times and realizing just how incredibly kind and emphatetic this person is, I now can genuinly claim that this person is actually beautiful inside out. Asked his girldfriend to describe him as a person, and she said she's never met a person as genuine and lovable, how he will put himself in dangerous positions and often get hurt doing so, just to help a stranger. Apparently he once saved a screaming young woman from being dragged into car, got beat up himself and ended up breaking the man's nose.

I'm not even hopping on his dick, I just seriosly look up to this man because he's the exact opposite of who I was, but back then I would have tried to hurt him, he would have tried to help me.

I'f you're reading this, I'd like to chat with you again sometime, I feel like a whole new person now.

>> No.11015368

what are their stats? recently read an interview with them and they didnt even know what saint laurent was when they got the email. it's agood interview if anyone is interested in them/their music: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/meet-hedi-slimanes-latest-crush-twin-brothers-the-garden

>> No.11015376

You just seem like a loser

Who operates on pure validation

You're not your own man and you will change your core beliefs at a whim in search of validation

>> No.11015391

The ones with that attitude are most of the time American Conservatives not European Nazi, but could be whatever really. Just saying. In my experience Americlaps are the ones that meme the most, especially this days because they're having elections & they're going to vote their meme president for their meme "democracy".

Now for 4chan It takes some time but there will be a synthesis eventually, thesis & anti-thesis need to eliminate each other out to learn.

Probably end up discarding the stupid things about /pol/ & keeping the good: Aware of SJWs bs double-standard arguments, that the NSA isn't your friend, not eating the media lies, judging history (there is /his/ for that now tho, MUCH better than /pol/, less filled with newfags), being more skeptical, etc.

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Pol? Or /r9k/?

I actually went to /r9k/ when it was new, the first version that is, where it was all about OC and was.. a pretty fucking funny board. Revisted it years later and it's not even remotely the same, I got genuinly sad going there now. It's just a bunch of very misguided, lonely young men driving themselves deeper and deeper into the abyss of hatred and sadness. Had no idea something that started out as a fun but weird board would be _the_ biggest shithole on this site.

I never visited /pol/ and while I agree that discussiong politics on a deeper level is not only necessary for a democracy to work properly, /pop/ does that, but it's pretty much only internet guerilla warfare to further the return of fascism.

Oh well, fuck that, post some androgynous people or cool fits. If people here just tried to be nicer and funnier, this board could maybe once again be a good board.

>> No.11015412

Who the fuck cares if he moved away from that lifestyle for the most shallow reasons possible? He became a less vipent and angry person which is all that matters in the end. Are you seriously going to sit there and say he is fake because he stopped being a Nazi for reasons that weren't as lofty as you like? Fuck that

Lets say someome who is suicidal and begins to sublimate their depression into art but still can't find happiness, only after people begin to notice this person's work and tell him/her how good it is this person begins to come out this their depressed state. Would you really say that person is a loser or no better off than when they were depressed because they found this more ideal state through something like valdiation? If so than you seriously need to reevaluate some things

>> No.11015421

He changed his moral core to appease others.

Youbdefend him because his core values are now skewed towards a liberal bias.

Deep down inside this kid is lost and can be manipulated by a peer group.

He isn't a man. He is the definition of a cuckold.

Everything he does is a thinly veiled attempt to appease others

>> No.11015428
File: 406 KB, 1000x1500, politik revamped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're not your own man and you will change your core beliefs at a whim in search of validation

Thats what he did when he accepted /pol/ memes as "beliefs". Now sure if his new ones were self-made or just took them from someone else TL;DR all that just the /pol/ part because I saw a board there.

You derailled the thead. Keep that in mind.

ok, I'm talking about /pol/ back when Ron Paul was the favorite of the Americans, back then /pol/ was more decent.

See image: They were stupid (ofc) but not meme brains. It's hilarous how they put 2 opposing super contrasting politic ideologies one as "good" & the other as "god".

A police state should be shit-tier to a Libertarian, but whatever AT LEAST they understood pretty well that Republicans & Democrats are fucking DUMB. Which is big, normies in the America's streets still think there are only 2 options, forever & always.Recently /pol/ (due to the elections newfags) became a more Republican board.

>> No.11015430
File: 11 KB, 500x333, bw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love androgyny.

>> No.11015448

this image is absolute trash. over simplifying & misinterpreting is putting it too nicely

>> No.11015449
File: 461 KB, 798x1200, alaska.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I didn't revisit the gay I hurt because I wanted his validation, I almost killed a person and I coudn't sleep for weeks. I just kept thinking back about it and me and my friends almost killed someone who didn't even see it coming. I blasted a bottle in the back of his head, my boys kicked the shit out of him when he was down and one of them robbed him. Every single person taking part thought this was justified, that the young boy getting fucked up without even being concious even DESERVED it. He hadn't even looked at us.

I didn't go for valitadation, I brought a bottle, apologized and told him to smash it over my head in revenge. He, however, saw someone with a shitload og sadnes, anger and fear and offered nothing but love back, even though I took part in something that nearly left him dead. He nearly died because I and my equalliy fucked up friends "thought he looked like a faggot".

Would you accept the forgiveness of a man who did that to you? Would you see his suffering and offer help in the simple form of listening and being emphatetic? Showing love and kindess to someone who wanted you dead?

His "validation" didn't move me, his kindness did. Opened up a whole new world and especially - I started prodding in places inside of my head I've been trying to ignore for years. THAT changed my life.

I don't care for validation, I care about trying to help someone like me get out of hell, the same way I got out. That simple tool is just plain and simple KINDNESS.

>> No.11015456

It's not a matter of oversimplification, because at its core politics aims to simplify opposing viewpoints.

It's that the values are not at odds with one another

And that their god tier belief core is in turn a subset of conservatism which is a subset of democracy

>> No.11015465

Why are you separating Anarchism and Communism?... Many anarchists are communists. The only difference between anarchist communists and Marxist communists are the journey towards it. They have the same end goal.

>> No.11015468

Obviously. But at least back then they understood that the elephant was as dumb as the donkey.

I never understood American Politicians on why the ones with the liberal mentality have the most strict economic control or why the ones with the closed minded, religious servant mentality have a more free (but not free enough just as long as it benefits the businesses they run) economical mentality.

Seig in the thread you made I asked you why you don't wear Yohji head2toe instead of keep dressing in an uncomfortable dead trend. If you're working is understandable but outside of work... Just give up the dadcore, it's useless you have tons of alternatives.

I didn't made the image also Totalitarian Communism is the most common Communism. It's total shit, even Fascism or National Socialism are better & these 2 suck as well.

>> No.11015473

All this nonsense is an appeal to emotion so that others feel pity on you.

Think about what you're trying to accomplish you're trying to get others to pat you on the back and tell you good job for abandoning your belief/value system

You want validation.

You will get it at all costs.

You want validation from your peers so you hit a kid with a bottle, you want validation from liberals on Reddit /Facebook so you love all fags now.

And you want validation from the kid you hit.

See how you don't have anything. You just go fro. Camp to camp seeking validation and you'll give up everything to get it.

You are a cuckold

Cuckolds seek validation from their wives and allow them to sleep with whomever whenever and/or walk all over them

The term applies perfectly to you

>> No.11015481

Do you read Nietzsche too Sieg? Not him but I understand perfectly where you want to get at.

>> No.11015489

Because wearing yohji head to toe brings connotations that I don't want to be associated with.

And at my age I need to dress in a manner that reafffirms the notion that it is safe to give me their money.

Also America is cuckolded by women, and women exclude people as an evelotionary means of survival there are enough cuckolds in this world that will listen to any woman ever that you have to at least appeal to some of the. To carve out a living

>> No.11015499

I read a lot of Nietzsche as an undergrad i read a lot of Leo Strauss and fukuyama now

>> No.11015504

i have the same sweater :^)

>> No.11015506

seriously why is emma all over /fa/ all of the sudden? was it because of her tweet she made like last week?

>> No.11015511
File: 752 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nkc47s3bjN1ry35g6o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm 30 this year, so officially a grown adult. When I was young I didn't believe in compassion, kindness, whatever I did not believe there was a single good person. No one who would help a stranger for no reason but being kind to them.

And there I was sitting, uncomfortable as shit, face to face with someone I nearly took the life of, and this young man asks "how are you? No, how are you really? Are you happy?.

and then once a week for 6 months, I'd sit down, drink a beer or coffee with this person I hurt to the brink of his life, and he shows no form of aggression to me, no animosty - he just kept asking questions about my childhool, moments in my life where shit happened and what that did to me, etc. I learned a lot of myself, felt even more shame for all the other's I've hurt and broke down in tears in public for the first time ever. Dude ordered two shots of whisky, gave me a loving, long hug and said:

"it's okay, apologize to the ones you can but most importantly, take care of your peers from now on. Make up for your past by helping others and being kind., but don't ever forget where you come from."

(this is my facorite fit pic of his. he's out on an adventure with a fucking cat.)

>> No.11015512

what the fuck are you doing in this thread?? seriously take a step back. it's an androgyny thread and look at these personal emotional essays you're posting...

>> No.11015522

Not all women, not all. Femnazis a minority actually but oh boy they got money & money moves anything in USA.

>and women exclude people as an evelotionary means of survival there are enough cuckolds in this world that will listen to any woman ever that you have to at least appeal to some of the. To carve out a living
That there is stupid af lmao.

Don't worry Sieg you will find a girl, or maybe not Nietzsche couldn't get married since the dork fell in love with married women.

Didn't you live in Japan for sometime? Why you don't go back? These is no economical, cultural, or anything really in America anymore. Republicunts & Democrats sucked it dry. Try moving back to Japan, marry there, live happily.

>> No.11015551

HRT is a blessing

once you have a man-skull, it's bye bye to androgeny forever

the sooner you start HRT, the better

>> No.11015566

>lose weight
>cut your hair short, fauxhawk short
>and do some sports for broader shoulders

Then you could pull off the andro look, right now you look like a 30yo woman

current haircut is horrible btw. Bobs only for V-shaped jaws

>> No.11015576


That's true, sorry. Mamma is truly andro and I just wanted to please the poster asking for his fits.

Should I stop posting his fits and go back to posting androgyne people?

Also a bit annoyed sieg heil there implyied i'm weak for leaving a group of people who literally longed for genocide. Being a woman, being leftist or "looking gay anough" was all acceptable and justifiable reason to possible deserve murder in their eyes (and sadly, my eyes). Do you know how dangerous it is to leave a group like this? Other's who've left has gotten stabbed for betraying the group. I just got lucky, but they might as well have burned my house down and raped my daughter as revenge.

I didn't change my moral core, I didn't have one before but now I've got one.


Yeah, sorry, I got out of line, just wanted to talk about the state of the board since i've been here so long.
Haha, ONE thing that hasen't changed at all, though, is the fact that Siege will enter every single thread posted on this site, ramble on about competely senseless nonesense (cars, gun, a chair he put varnish on, women.. anything) and follow that up with the shittiest "I do wear designer here's a blurry pic of a marni scarf and an illfittin margiela dress shirt or something. Please, siege, I've you've still got that 2010-collage, post it!

Should I keep posting pics though?

>> No.11015590

>god-tier: my opinion
>good-tier: my other opinion
>pitiful-tier: the opinions of some friends/family
>shit-tier: everything else

Bravo! Very intelligent!

Dogmatism is for people who don't trust their mental faculties enough to find a good choice for every situation.

>> No.11015597

why u were into pol memes then? that place reeks with "muh Christian morals" "muh society views" "status quo" what Seig is trying to say is that you just replaced these with others instead of rejecting morals & society views & making your very own. Thats all.

be skeptic always, make your own morals & standards. Live by them yourself. Try not to be what others want you to be, be what YOU want to be.

>> No.11015603

read what I said lmao. nobody reads every1 just clicks on the images.

>> No.11015634

>rejecting morals & society views & making your very own. Thats all.
>be skeptic always, make your own morals & standards. Live by them yourself. Try not to be what others want you to be, be what YOU want to be.
this is the best way to live. also your happiness is the only happiness that truly matters, since it's the only reality you experience.

>> No.11015641

fletcher and wyatt

>> No.11015649
File: 290 KB, 660x858, tumblr_nltsukY8Ve1ry35g6o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, no, I never was on /pop/ Once again, I'm 30 years old, I was reqruited to a neo-nazi gang as a youngish teenager. All members were required to carry a knife and puncturing the lungs of feminists, blacks, gays, jews and arabs where pretty much standing orders.

Street soldier for the white supremacy crowd, basically

I just want to someone like me get out of that hellhole, because life gets good when you're out (unless your former "blood brothers" execute you, ofv.) and there's so many on this site head directly down that direction.

>> No.11015654

>inb4 "but its egoist"
you can care about others through egoism.

who cares if making a certain person happy bc it makes you happy is egotistical, it works.

>> No.11015666

there is a high chance there will be no one "like you", the old you, browsing during all this thread life-time.

also I'm skeptical can you post proof of your old self?

>> No.11015740


Yuo misuderstand, I didn't go to 4chan during my years as a violent nazi. I spent most of my time at a place called Helikopterplattan for ears, basically beating people up. Take in mind this was the ninetines, sweden had a massive problem with nazi's back then. Glad I got ont, and nothing brings more piece of mind than caring your you felling man. I'm letting a heroinist stay with me in my apartment rentflee, while motivating him to work out ,study, shower daily and I'm teaching him how to cook.

Before he moved in I said "plase don't steal from me, I cannot affrordit. if you need money just ask

His reply was pretty sad, he had to steal for 300-500 Sek a day to survive, yet when I asking him not to steal from me, he replied someone really strong: I would never steal or hurt someone who has been kind to me.

And he never did steal-. boughtt him a good suit, cut his hair and now he looks like any other person.

sat on his site for at least a wekk, until until the worst was over, but he's almost clean now
When I asked this heroinist if he ever thought og going clesn, he said: Yes, everysingle day

>> No.11015774
File: 200 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mxwy0kf97V1ry35g6o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


fuck, drugs are kicking in, I need to sleep.

When I asked this heroinist (who had a little baby girl he wasn't alloved to visitJ if he ever thought about going clean, he simply replied:

How the hell am I going to get clean when I haven't even got a bed to sleep in at nights, when the shakes come?

And I simply said that that he could take my bed and I'll support and help pull him truough it.

When he's clean he wants to work for me, which sounds great.

Okay, last post, I'm getting fucked up. noe.

Mammas favorite fit, last post before bed.

Either way, please be kind to others, it'll make you loved by your peers and you'll sleep good at nice.

>> No.11015794

U cute, own the androgyny. Wear Rick Owens-esque stuff. Look up thefeaturedarticle/Alexandria Skeffington for starting inspo.

>> No.11015835

why are you in literally every thread at once

>> No.11015935

Im guessing they all are.

>> No.11015992

i really wish i could have been a scene kid with stupid scene friends and stupid bright hair and hung out at the mall and shoplifted from hot topic and had an shaky relationship with my stepdad and been a girl

>> No.11016028
File: 154 KB, 1200x630, TheGarten.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck, man...the garden twins are blessed with top shelf aesthetics


>> No.11016058

is that the singer for ought? saw them live p fun show

>> No.11016696

w2c good tight-fit sweatshirts for men?

>> No.11016889

peggy from mad men

>> No.11016933
File: 140 KB, 600x900, a9wE8IE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My favourite fuccboi.

>> No.11017104

but it doesn't changes bone structure wtf... anon don't lie to him.

>> No.11017110

is that the guy from diiv? he isn't andro anon, at all.

>> No.11017119


is that Emily Ratajkowski?

>> No.11017519


>> No.11017642

marcel mi bro!

>> No.11017661
File: 69 KB, 919x720, rich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/fa/ used to feel pretty secluded from the /b/s and likes, with it's own pretty unique, pretty funny and playful board culture. Now every single board is basically /r9kfitpol/
k i l l m e

>> No.11017813

glad mama is being featured he deserves nothing but good things
wish he would return with blessed fits

>> No.11017875

omg pigfuck has finally given up his ways?

>> No.11018017

projecting much sieg

>> No.11018037

holy shit my sides

>> No.11018046

pigfuck was closet gay I have proof.

>> No.11018069


>> No.11018085

is this a cringe thread now?
fucking faggot stop sitting on a high horse because you read philosophy 101 I fucking love Nietzsche but Jesus kill yourself my man

>> No.11018105

>/pol/ needs to leave. Not only /fa/, not only 4chan, but the internet as a whole. You people should spend some time with different people instead of sticking to your little hug box of angry teenage nazis. I don't know, befriend a gay, a woman, a black dude or whatever and realize your hate is fabricated You'll stop hating yourself if your groups of friends are pretty diverse, plus you're evolve as people. Personal growth, baby.
Holy shit this

So many here have never been in touch with these elements, and have an extremely skewed view on reality. It's not even about your hatred towards certain races etc, it's just how narrow your view is.
History has a million examples of all humans being shit, no matter what race. Everyone sucks, no matter what race, sexuality or motherland. That also means everyone is fucking amazing, and there'll always be good people around. Spreading hatred will never lead to anything, it's been seen a million fucking times.

>> No.11018115

He didn't change his moral core at all, he got a different perspective of it, because he tried to understand what he was fighting against.

How can you blame a guy for changing his violent and hateful, selfdestructive lifestyle?

>> No.11018120

>cbgb shirt
>hes like thirteen or something

>> No.11018162

You're derailing the thread, but fuck I love you man.

I wish more people had this understanding of empathy and were willing to broaden their perspectives for this. Unfortunately, people are not such created.

>> No.11018197

this is one of the hottest things i've ever seen

>> No.11018245

oh fuck
who is this
my heart

>> No.11018403

mamma dod, former namefag from sufu

>> No.11018453

Christ, her brother looks even weirder.

>> No.11018465


>> No.11018495
File: 54 KB, 577x620, ss+(2016-02-28+at+02.06.10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11018496
File: 460 KB, 1280x861, alain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11018501
File: 53 KB, 736x1103, 1432843558152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11018520

What the fuck is going on, this dude is TWENTY SIX fucking years old, he looks like a twelve year old girl, this messes with my brain

>> No.11018580

you're the nearest human analogue to sewage

>> No.11018593

that picture is great parody, top tier

>> No.11018779

thank you for changing my life <3

>> No.11018790
File: 381 KB, 1500x1000, ren2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11018863
File: 167 KB, 1497x429, pigfuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11018872

Most /fa/ philosophy. what you're going to stop liking it because some /fa/m likes it? that's very üntermensch, so easy to change your views.

Nietzsche is not "muh secret personal philosophy" the dude became popular as fuck among philosophers after he died, what did you expect? deal with it.

>> No.11018888
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>> No.11018894

Nice quards. I already posted an imgur link ITT to (shitty webcam res) pics of me, look at them if you want, also the cat of that dweeb is nice af.

>> No.11019739
File: 154 KB, 380x578, Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 9.16.46 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11020768
File: 248 KB, 653x490, abeauty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean you can tell it's a girl...but god damn

>> No.11020779

...can you?

>> No.11020790

yeah looks like peppyn a gone male swede namefag boy.

>> No.11020826

his tumblr is rainserenade

>> No.11020911
File: 70 KB, 500x667, 1456795999354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11020993


>> No.11021029
File: 1.51 MB, 1500x1000, 105722034.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11021059

he gave my favourite album a 2/5 on RYM