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What is the most effay bodytype?

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Ottermode is effay. Athletic is ideal for normies, My goal is builtfat because muh strength.

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skinny obviously

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Skinny, but skinnier than that pic

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Skinny fat t bh lads

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why is this even a question? gtfo new/fa/g.

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>these skinny twinks defending their weak ugly bodies

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is dis bait, skinny fat is gross desu

skinny or ottermode are most effay

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ottermode is the only acceptable answer

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The most effay bodytype is the one between skinny and ottermode.

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Nah it's the ultimate body type

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back to /fit/ dumbass

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skinny, ottermode and athletic.

Anything else is not effay.

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High Fashion hires skinnies & ottermoders for a reason.

There is no jobs for ripped models in High Fashion anymore. For quite sometime now actually, ever since Hedi Slimane killed Chads and cleansed the industry.

Skinny ppl just have more ways to look nice & fit better in clothing.

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how to achieve body on the right?

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>jeff seid
anon please

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goal body desu

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You realize that this is photoshopped as fuck right? Go on /fit/, they'll show you the original image

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obviously best body

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Reminder that 95% of you skinny faggots who think you have the perfect /fa/ body look god damn terrible and are closer to skinnyfat.
You're convinced skinny looks best because you're used to seeing models with god-tier genetics who could pull off any body type with their looks.

Ottermode or athletic is best. Though slightly less than the guy in athletics pic.

pic related what you look like. Pick up some fucking weights.

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>scrawny fag here
athletic is most effay, ottermode is second most effay, though the example used looks shit.

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Fatass Mode

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>implying that's what athletic looks like

Most athletic people do not look that ripped

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Somewhere between skinny and ottermode is ideal goal for me. Right now I am skinny with a touch of skinnyfat but I'm working on it.

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built fat is the sexiest

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>Those insertions

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what that's waay too much for athletic

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ottermode if you're skinny young fag and athletic if you're receding desu

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is this a joke?
how could you possibly achieve that body with just planks.
(referring to our right)

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How to bearmode as skinny 5'10 chinaman???

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if skinny just eat lots, go to the gym and lift pretty much anything, lifting and eating is pretty easy but the hard part is doing it on a regular basis

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talk shit post fit. lets see how good u look in clothes fggt.

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This. Males with no muscles are delusional if they think they have the best body.

Ottermode is superior to all.

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forget it and go lu xiaojun mode instead

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fat ass and ottermode only

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I cant decide if this is a boy or girl

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10/10 post

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>those birthing hipsed

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built fat my goal body

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<3 Justies

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Your pic related is shit btw

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you're mad bc its true, poor inferior fattie browsing fashion boards.

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>There is no jobs for ripped models in High Fashion anymore

please take a look at where the money for male models actually is:
-fragrance ads
-underwear ads
-calvin klein, boss, versace etc.

these more mainstream oriented brands and goods are all presented by classicaly handsome men with muscles.

A Raf Simons campaign or a runway show with some awkward lanklet does not pay that well.

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slightly fat when you know it can easily be changed but you don't go to the gym because you are too busy on /fa/ asking about clothes you're never going to buy

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Not fat at all, fairly skinny. Actually trying to gain muscle again, haven't hit the gym for about three months.

Just saying, the next time you're going to talk about high fashion, you might want to post a relevant image.

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This, even the skinny looking models are often fairly ripped.

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everyone post states

i'm 5'10 and 127lbs, making the transition from skinnyfat to skinny

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youre 5'10 and 127??? wtf.. also 5'9 and 150

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No high fashion always pays better than calvin klein. wtf u retarded?

skinnies are hired more by high fashion.

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yes, walking down the rick owens runway definitely pays more than a calvin klein underwear campaign. sorry for being so stupid.

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Damn right these skinny boys live from high fashion modeling. Being skinny rocks.

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bodyweight exercise is the only thing you need

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Haavard has the best body

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doughy weird bodies are not effay

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Why pants always look cooler on skinnies? Love those straight lines /fa/m.

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because you're brainwashed by /fa/ hivemind and the fashion industry

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but they do. post a motherfucker whose legs silhouette looks cooler in pants. you cant.
sticks flow rad af.

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As much as I love this pic, a side shot would probably look like shit.

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A$AP Carrell of course

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it really wouldnt

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>tfw this is my goal body

At least goslingcore will always be there for me

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Most effay: Skinny (if tall)
Best looking: Ottermode, normalfags will still think you're a fucking bodybuilder. Everything stronger will scare off some people

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skinnyfags are delusional. Even a lot of the slim looking models on runways are way closer to ottermode than to skinny.

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>being this jealousfag of my godlike skeletonitis.

Intimidated much

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u wot m8? also that dude is dyel by /fit/fag standards.

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I know right. fucking normalfag fattie is jelly that were liked more on the fashion, music and alternative scenes.

stay mad normalfag Amerifats. pants look cooler on us, we have more edge in /fa/shion.

Gonna stay skinny4life like the pic related legend. Deal with it fat losers~

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he still has some muscle definition unlike the heroin and meth addicts that walk down the slp runway. stay delusional tho

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lmao you jelly ur not beautiful.

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>slp models

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yea very


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You just prove that you literally have no taste with every post

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Dont know what body type is this, but this is the most /fa/.


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>but this is the most /fa/.
Literally never used in high fashion.

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do you know what high fashion is?

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I've never once seen anyone on /fa/ with this body type

the most /fa/ body type is awkwardly skinnyfat with acne and insecurity

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Best looking in clothes, or naked, are skinny, otter, and athletic

While most runway models are skinny, you have to realize unless you're wearing runway clothes, you don't need to have the same bodytype.


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Not really. Barbell heavy lifting will give you a fantastic not too muscular body and still make you strong.

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only for richfags

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I'm between built-fat/athletic (closer to athletic) and it is honestly ideal for all situations unless you like wearing painted on type skinny clothes. Dem quads make skinny options limited.

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def bearmode

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high fashion is only one element of the gigantic spectrum that is fashion (ie controlling how people perceive you via clothing).

if you want to see a high fashion body all you have to do is look at the nearest unfat white male. if you want to leave an impression on people and project a strong sense of character you are probably better off with a body like brad pitt's.

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You know what else is never used in high fashion? You, LMAO.

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>high fashion
Dude, weed, lmao

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Every time

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dam son

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what /fit/fa/ anons would recommend are the best bodyweight exercises to achieve ottermode?
too poor to afford the gym atm. am doing cardio every other day, but my diet could be a lot better. i eat to much bread and don't drink enough water

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I would like to know too

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I'm more of a heavy compounds guy, but I do know a thing or two about calisthenics.

The bread and butter of body weight are Pushups, Pullups, and whatever core work you try to do (there are tons, I prefer planks and leg raises). Dips are probably the next big thing, but some people don't like them (fuck with your sternum sometimes).

So if you are looking for something super basic, I would say 4 to 5 times per week do 100 pushups, 30-50 pullups (you can break both of them up however you want, I usually do my pushups 40/30/20/10 with about a minute in between). and then do your core stuff. You want to be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes, but if you can't then do it for one minute, rest, then do another minute. Crunches tend to be boring and repetitive so I avoid those. If you go to randomabs.com you can find tons of stuff too.

If your cardio is running or cycling and all you want is ottermode, then that is enough for your legs. That's about as basic as it gets, but still beneficial. In my opinion though pullups are by far the most beneficial bodyweight exercise out there, so really get into those.

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wow, didn't expect this detailed a reply, super helpful thanks. the 40/30/20/10 sounds good, tho i expect it might take a while to build up. i'm not one of these people who expect to get abs in like 4 weeks, but do u have any idea if i was to do this like you say 4 to 5 times a week, how long it would take to achieve?
not going to lie, i have next to no prior knowledge of getting a good body, all i have is cardio knowledge and a lot of insecurities

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Not the same anon but I put on 30lbs of muscle in 2 years through college (lanklet to otter-ish). In my first year I put on just under 20lbs.

I've done both bodyweight and traditional strength training, and I think weights will give you faster progress. I didn't have have a gym away from school so I bought a couple adjustable dumbbells and added them to my dips, pull-ups, rows, and squats. If something like this is an option for you, I highly recommend buying some basic equipment.

My bodyweight routine is basically 3 or 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of pull ups, dips, rows, push ups, and (pistol) squats. For cardio I jumprope, and for abs I plank and ab wheel.

Since you're not using weight, you would need to do more reps like the anon above recommended. You would also need to move on to harder versions of the exercises (google calisthenic progressions).

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So for abs that is entirely a fat loss thing. Keep up your cardio and start eating clean. The biggest thing to avoid is sugar in your diet, because it causes an insulin spike that transfers it to fat pretty quickly. Focus on a diet high in protein, fat, and fiber. Also this goes without saying but eat few calories than you burn per day. Often times for goals like yours you can estimate, but there are plenty of online calculators if you need them.

Doing core work will make your abdominal muscles more pronounced/slightly larger, making them more visible, however do not mistake this for fat loss. There is no way to simply "burn fat off the stomach specifically"

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please explain to me what "high fashion" is and how male models make lots and lots of money with it, wise one.

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>30 pounds of muscle
top kek

>> No.11007611


Thats worth 3 months of lifting lol

>> No.11007616


Was 6'3 and 155, very skinny. 30lbs sounds like a lot but you wouldn't be able to tell I'm fit if you saw me in a long sleeved shirt

>> No.11008669

>spending hours lifting weights carefully doing no cardio while likely taking drugs to speed up muscle gain and fat loss
>people consider it a sport

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Skinny here, wish I could be ottermode but I feel like the most effay is a mix of both

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is my body effay?? I weigh 58kg

>> No.11008719

Ottermode and skinny are number one if you're trying to attract dudes to ram you in the ass.

>> No.11008723

Yes. I'd recommend doing a bit more work on your core and you'll be perfect.

>> No.11008728


It's called OTTER mode for a reason, swim senpai

>> No.11008751


joke's on you if you think anything but a tiny minority of /fit/ exercises in any sense whatsoever

>> No.11008856

skinny - athletic

>> No.11008864

goal body

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How to go from skinny fat -> skinny?

>> No.11009270

How tall are you ?

>> No.11009288

Hot as fuck

>> No.11009300

Fatass checking in

>> No.11009303

this guy has the most effay body you can have

>> No.11009324

I shall incorporate alot more thanks
5'10 :'(

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>has a little bit fitter body than average
>almost imposible to find a good jean because they are either designed for fatasses or people who has no muscle on their legs

>> No.11009443

he doesn't not look like a fag. He looks like a guy with shitty genes, going bald.

fags look better than him.

>> No.11009591

Bouldering/Rock climbing

>> No.11009618

Yeah it's a joke, you should also do some push ups once in a while.

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This obv.

>You will never be timbahwolf

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Dude's lack of ass isn't /fa/.

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Straight lines always look cooler in all kinds of straight pants. Skinny boys will always look more edge because they simply have the most synergy with pants.

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>> No.11009822


>> No.11009860

Maybe, but people who actually get laid know that girls love a guy with an ass.

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Depends on the girl (or boy). Old fashioned people of course. There are lots of people who prefer a cool looking dude, especially this new generation thanks to One Direction & the high fashion world things are moving forward into the more edgy alternative scenes.

>> No.11010013

Most synergy with straight pants? Always look cooler? Not too sure about that. It may have more synergy with slp or sandro heroin chic-ish styles, but I'd say slightly tapered lines, even if 'forced by ass' and thighs, are still generally considered more fashionable, like in >>11009889. Classic wide straight trousers can be effay af but you need to beefy at the right places.

>> No.11010044

I'd fuck the guy on the right. I don't even lurk /fa/ often

>> No.11010145

>There are lots of people who prefer a cool looking dude

You mean 13 year-olds?

They're not people.

No, your home place is /lgbt/.

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But you at least gotta admit that you aren't that normalfag. You're more into "the alternative" than typical normalfag Stacies.

In this day & age as I said "the alternative" is becoming more hip as we speak. That's why normalfag Chads are becoming less cool than this new wave of skinny boys, like the fashion world the modern world is also catching on the idea of "praising youth". And I don't blame them, thats what we all should be aiming for really.

Looking old has never been cool, extending your youth on the other hand... That is basically extending your beautiful years. That's why youthful looking models are still "in" (here2stay) and Chads are nowhere to be seen.

>> No.11010205

I'd say a cross between ottermode and athletic.

>> No.11010321

stop drinking soda

>> No.11011302

you write like a middle schooler trying way too hard to sound intelligent
Are you actually trying to convince me that skinny/alternative people aare just now becoming popular? Being thin has for a long time been very desirable ie: post punk, first wave heroin-chic, etc. If anything being more muscular and fit is more popular, so many more people are going to the gym and working out. Straight guys are starting to care what they look like alot more and that means alot of them want to get in shape.

Sure, yeah on the fringe cultures its still popular to be very skinny but in the popular culture this isnt true. You say "looking young" is "in" right now, which I wouldnt argue against but then you make the comparison that the skinny/emaciated look of heroin chic is what is giving that look which could not be more wrong. There are tons of designers who use "chad" models still, many of them are more campy sruface designers but its just an example to prove your statement that they are never seen in shows. Overall I just feel like you are trying way too hard to prove your point, your drawing lines to connect things that shouldnt and simply arent conencted

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>There are tons of designers who use "chad" models still

Of the popular we like in /fa/. No one uses bulky /fit/ models. No one 0.

Not 2016 Yohji, obviously not Hedi, not Julius, not even Rick Owens really and he is musuclar, not Jutyna Watanabe, or Raf Simmons... What else /fa/ likes? Nothing at all really.

What I'm saying is that "the alternative" scenes are becoming bigger & more mainstream. So naturally the skinny guys who are already popular in these scenes are going mainstream and stealing the spotlight, since now more ppl is seeking "the alternative" thanks to globalization & the internet. Everyone wants to be an special snowflake and normalfaggotry doesn't makes them feel like it.

They want the boy that is in a band, has edge, looks cool while also cute, youthful and wild. Exactly what the high fashion industry is hiring right now. That's why skinny beautiful ppl can live from high fashion modeling.

So yeah, stay salty, you're a dinosaur, not /fa/ at all.

>> No.11011757

I'm 5'10 and 125-130, but I'm transitioning from skinny to ottermode, well under where I want to be, but look way nicer than the skinny in op pic

>> No.11011896

5'10 109.5 lbs. In my perfect weight imo /fa/m.

>> No.11012008

What about diet soda? I know it's still terrible for you, but I'm trying to make the transition to only tea and water.

>> No.11012030

not him but just quit cold turkey.

on an unrelated note, >tfw stress eating because of school

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lmao, you are so wrong....

>> No.11012045

skinny, skinnyfat, ottermode, or built fat

I'm not picky desu

>> No.11012050

actually he's spot on

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most people do not want this, a small minority prefer this to a healthy athletic build. take a poll of people and the vast majority will say they prefer what im describing to pic related. If we're talking highschool age teenagers maybe you guys are right, but again that is not the majority in our society by any means. You are trying to convince me that the fringe>the rest

Skinny models arent used on runways because thats "whats popular", it fills a utilitarian role 90% of the time. The designers want their clothing to be seen first, and then the models wearing it. I wont disagree that many are capitalizing on the look currently, but yet again high fashion runways are such a small aspect of fashion as a whole that I cant take that argument seriously.

Again, if we are talking about a small fringe group (for example /fa/) then yea, youre probably right, but step out of that extremely limited area and youre argument crumbles. There are more people working out and in gyms then ever. The skinny/edgy look as viewed by the masses is probably at an all time low, people are tired of the look and have now moved onto a new healthier look. This is a cycle that has been happening for a long long time now, its not something new by any means.

>> No.11012253

I may be skinny but I'm not in fucking denial.

Anyone saying skinny needs to get their head out of their ass. The goal body is ottermode.

>> No.11012317

im still right. am I talking about normies or old fashioned ppl? I think I already said no.

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File: 1.19 MB, 1365x1788, 2016-03-01 00.14.51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do I have /fa/ potential for ottermode or am I doomed to skinnyfat/maybe athletic one day

>> No.11012849

Diet is like 5 meals a day lol
I do light workouts and naturally athletic
monday - I do rock climbing
tuesday - bicep and chest
wednesday - practice and play basketball
thusrday - shoulders and back
friday and weekend is nothing
I work full time in signage so i'm lifting heavy shit constantly throughout the day

>> No.11012851

tru af

>> No.11012855

And I swim alot of the week after work at the beach cause summer

>> No.11012991


l2swim with good form

>> No.11013046

Sure, just stop being american. (Drinking soda, eating non-food advertised as food) and actually walk places which are not strip mall parking lots, shopping malls and wal marts and you should be good. Take up swimming too

>> No.11013092

Great discussion man. How's 10th grade coming?

>> No.11013132

how do i go from skinnyfat to ottermode

>> No.11013163

swim. eat right

>> No.11013241

me neither
body says boy
but underwear says girl

>> No.11013273

It's a boy, not that skinny how he should be to be /fa/. Would fuck regardless.

>> No.11013763

This, since the industry's run be weirdo tumblristas who hate masculinity they only use effeminate as fuck faggots as models and tend to make all of their outfits revolve around the frail physique of inferior men.

>> No.11013866

>5 meals a day
i always hear that this is better for you. not sure if this is bs tho

>> No.11013883

does it matter if its a goal
on /fit/ they regularly have fictional goal body threads where they literally post cartoons

>> No.11013893

jokes on you if you think taht doesn't mean they have (relatively) high standards

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am I otter yet?

Feel like skinny jeans and oversized t-shirts are starting to look a lil weird on me because I have some muscle on my legs

>> No.11014138

if you suck in your stomach any harder you're gonna break some ribs

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You Also believe in left vs right, that Snowden is a traitor, think Trump really cares for the country and that American Politics aren't just a neo-reality show and that democracy is still viable in USA. You're going to vote, nothing will change for the better and everything will go down the sink anyway.

Look newfag. I used to lurk ´pol a lot as well, back when it was new it used to be a pile of shit but at least it had some smart posters to discuss politics or news with. Right now is a cesspool of memes that you're taking seriously. Nobody in the fashion industry "hates masculinity" whatever that shit is. They just prefer skinny, fairer, youthful looking men. The fashion world has been obsessed with the concept of "youth" before tumblr. So go be closet gay somewhere else.

>> No.11015377

But that's not big guy enough :(

>> No.11015635

Bear Mode is Goat.

>> No.11015673

the average person will look best when athletic.
ottermode for above average looks.
If you're under 5'11 and starving yourself then you're fucking retarded

>> No.11016434

I'm not tho

>> No.11016466

No athlete looks like the 'athletic' bodytype in this picture. He's fucking huge and the proportions are planned.
Real world athletes look more between the ottermode and builtfag.

>> No.11016477

yeah desu your body isnt awful atm and if you took up swimming a few times a week you'd tighten up pretty frikkin quick imo

>> No.11016629

Fucking this

Sticky this

>> No.11016631

tell this to all the /pol/ fags fucks sake

>> No.11016634

It's broscience bby

>> No.11016659

lmoa low test sub 2 plate squat girl man detected

go eat some more soy milk sissy

>> No.11016662

Just don't be a disgusting piece of shit.

>> No.11016707


>> No.11017068

Anyone who said skinny or skinnyfat in this thread is lazy and actively deluded himself to stay lazy.

>> No.11017543
File: 953 KB, 2560x1536, 20160217_175017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How am I doing /fa/? Been lifting for a couple of years. Athletic is the ideal body type.

>> No.11017577

i'd say that's my goal body right now

>> No.11017607

are you just saying meme words? His insertions are fine

>> No.11018093
File: 323 KB, 960x1280, 12788414_1295420763807907_937699397_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I still be /fa/?

>> No.11019390

What BF% do you think that is?

>> No.11019429

>I would say 4 to 5 times per week do 100 pushups
Weak as fuck fat guy here: do I have to do these all at once or can I split them up into 20 at a time?

>> No.11019430


>> No.11019437

Fuck this is where I want to be by the end of the year. Seems like it would be easy enough to maintain once I get there.

>> No.11019440

actually maybe a little less, 12-13

>> No.11019445

Is the lack of clearly visible abs because he didn't work on them enough for because his BF% is still too high? I'm wondering if I should start focusing on them now that I'm dropping weight consistently.

>> No.11019455
File: 37 KB, 389x560, bieber-lagerfeld-v-3-e1420732962643-389x560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

combination of that plus lighting. if he dropped and more weight he'd probably be skinny, he'd most likely need to bulk up a bit more then cut to get more defined

>> No.11019473

bearmode and its not close.

>> No.11019994

didnt kek

>> No.11021051

yeah you can split them up. Also do sit ups and some back workout

>> No.11021168

What's the difference between ottermode and athletic?