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Fuck you if:

>you wear or listen to kanye wess
>you spend more than $70 on jeans
>you actually use g(ay)rail
>you have a man bun or a hitler youth
>you own red wings
>you don't own a pair of levis 501's
>you wear raf, rick, or ysl

you are literally the laughing stock of the world.

grow the fuck up, and be a man.

Posting fire fits itt.

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I got a pair of 19oz samurai raws from grailed for $200 in a masculine straight cut

I pity you and your obsession with status

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OP is right on the money. I want to btfo any skinny techwear or Ramones wearing faggots i see. And I live in echo park so I see a lot of you nerd. Go back to tattooine.

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why spend $200 on something that lasts maybe 2 years?

>pic related, levis, hanes, docs. alpha bomber,

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Fuck off back to reddit

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May i ask what is the problem with redwings?

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what levis are those?

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This is great
Like 8/10 bait
oh damn

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your jeans look wet thats why you don't by cheap denim LOL

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I live in ktown I'll fuck your shit up you bitch

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Fuck off with your streetwear, nigger.

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Literally, what? you probably only wear your acnes to your college class and change into sweat pants as soon as you get home.

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Michael Cain is a fuckjng pooof, faggot

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>still using "nigger"

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literally listening to yeezus while replying to this thread man
was wearing $300 pants today too

ps i fucked 3 chicks at a party ;ast night

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>people from LA in here
>posting in the cringiest thread of the day

im disappointed in yall

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>levis 501's
>buying trash quality jeans

>men want le war

off yourself

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I fucked 7

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i fucked 12

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>still using the current year as some sort of rebuttal

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Rhodesians are /fa/ as fuck.

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>>you don't own a pair of levis 501's
I bet you wear those with a light wash and with your worn down brightly colored tennis shoes, don't you?

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red wing makes good work boots.

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aight catch yall later gotta go BE A MAN guys,

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people really fell for this bait

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Levi's aren't that bad

Fuck you if you don't listen to Kanye West*

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>le do not offend with those words
>le love and acceptance

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501's? are you really unaware of the 505 masterrace?

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> justin trudeau

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those hips
those outlines
uncomfortably tight


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Right on, OP.

In 2015 men have forgotten the whole point of males outfit is to carry a masculine message. Intimidating, strong.

Well tailored suits, rugged sweaters, rough boots, raw straight or slim (never skinny) denim is the way to go if you want to be an alpha male and get laid with hotties.

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>you actually use g(ay)rail

What is gyrail?

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>men want to be soldiers and die for some government that doesn't give a fuck about their lives

it's almost 2016 come on people aren't retards anymore

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Just be sure to have the personality to back it up

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I just googled fashionable men but the only constant I see is that their sweet sweet beautiful genetics makes them look good in even the most retarded outfits, even looking around on /fa/ I see regular shitlers just wearing retarded clothes and pretending they are those men.

This isn't fashionable at all this is just pretence like in the modern artworld where everybody pretends to know the inner workings that just aren't there.

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>you wear or listen to kanye wess
everyone listens to kanye
>you spend more than $70 on jeans
where do you live? shit jeans cost this much in cities
>you actually use g(ay)rail
>you have a man bun or a hitler youth
if you look good then don't change your haircut t/bh, trends don't matter
>you own red wings
who cares, they're just boots
>you don't own a pair of levis 501's
but these cost more than $70
>you wear raf, rick, or ysl
raf and sl are shit, rick isn't

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don't like kanye's music but I own some 950s. I only own slp, acne, and balmain jawnz. I've made thousands on gr413d. I had a hy before I got lazy with upkeep. I wear a ton of rick, and my daily cologne is ysl homme.

no red wings tho whew...,,,.. almost thought this was a personal attack on me lmao

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>you actually use g(ay)rail
>you don't own a pair of levis 501's

:( I do these

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I bought a pair of levis 501 on grailed. Now what?

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>raf and sl are shit
>rick isnt

this is how you spot the loner who was bullied at school

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Fuck you if:

>this is a bait thread
>this is a genuine thread

either way, fuck off

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> i listen to kanye and wear yeezys
>I spend 50 euros on jeans and theyre always good.
>Wish i did use grailed
>red wings?
>levi's is fucking shit
>im not that rich

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Op if I see u I will ether u n my tricky Ricky moon boots tbqh family

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tfw i dont fuck me

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fuck kanye and his listeners

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>raf is shit
lmfao go kys

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What do you need to be a counterā€terrorist operator?

Ive been playing a lot of Rainbow Six Siege lately and I think I have what it takes.

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>wear comfy as fuck Red Wings for work
>this faggot telling me I shouldn't

Literally noose yourself, my man.

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>noose yourself, my man


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cringing hard at the shirt

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straight outta Dr Who

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