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I don't really care about any core right now. Just post some fits/pieces you genuinely like

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really appreciating Jake's fit in this

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>reverse cuck-core

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i love this look

the pieces and fit is perfect, I genuinely like it. I don't care for labeling just like you OP

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sorry for shit quality. I have a ma.strum white label field jacket myself, love the fit as it goes with most things.

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This right here. Can't find the jacket tho.

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holy fuck he looks like a futurama character

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Reverse cuck-core?

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lol jay z's face

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that fucking hair god damn

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>reverse cuck-core

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>wearing Jordans

Rest of the fit is probably 5000$ dollar Balmain. Looks like a caricature.

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young jack nicholson

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guy on left

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is this a joke?

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hoping to achieve this look during summer

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So you're trying to look like you're literally not trying at all.

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individual peices are great fit wise but I don't care for the colors

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Raf dresses luigi

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This was so funny because it's true

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You can only pull that look off at a Thunderdome music festival in the 90s.

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W2C turtleneck please someone

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shoes ruin it

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I need trousers like these, any ideas?

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love this . idk how to pull it off

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love this look

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I have that uniqlo jacket and it's comfy af. But that shit is fit im sorry

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this shit is throwing me off

its like someone took his upper half, photoshopped it smaller, then somehow put it back on his waist

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be asian in the 90s or be super korean

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speaking of asians in the 90s

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90's era Koreans from ktown are sick af
currently it's just a bunch of culture vultures :(

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hififnk most likely

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>roof korean-core

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massive fag

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increase exposure to radiation

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this dudes fucking face holy fucking fuck

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I swear the kids who post on this board are so fucking dumb, that shit Korean brand is garbage. You can literally get pants like that anywhere and you can easily tailor them to fit like that...

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Where can I find more pics/inspo like this?

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i love it too

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tumblr reddit lurk more here dressed.so instagram the internet etc.

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Can anyone tell me what style of dress shoes these are?

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really like this, great vibes to it.. makes me want to shoot some people up...idk? =.=

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jil sander's. it's on the fucking image name, ya dingus.

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You're a fucking idiot, do you think Jil Sanders is a style of shoe? Stop posting and delete your computer.

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reported to the effbeeeye bitch. enjoy your fucking raid, nigger.

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Don't you apes usually say "nigga" why else would you be upset by that post if you weren't a primate?

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yep, jil sander. rly, how hard is it? it's unpossible for you, ya fucking dingus.

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at least he stood up for something in his life.
your mediocre and pointless life of an insecure teenager isn't any better.

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Hey bro I think you meant to reply to yourself? All I see here are contradictions.

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What do I search for specifically, I meant.
Everything I tried doesn't really bring anything relevant

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ITT: dumb niggers

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>2015+4 days, 0 hours, 36 minutes, 19 seconds until 2016 and you still can't internet lamooo senpai desu senpai

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>that parting

Not sure if it ruins it or not

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This looks fucking lame

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style of shoe, not brand.
These are oxfords.

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he didn't say brand you pretentious fuck

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where the fuck is his knee on the left leg?

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absolute madman

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not even joking, but most of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKhsHGfrFmY

>> No.10765934

He meant to reply to the other dude that replied with a brand. No need to be so hostile.

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Absolutely disgusting

>> No.10766625

Making all the other people in here look like pantiewaists

>> No.10766743

What shoes are these?

>> No.10766768

This will never be properly pulled off by anyone else, this is sick.

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ugh that hurts my back just looking at it.

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Michael Raymond-James is surprisingly effay.

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rooftop koreans

>> No.10767493

W2C shoes?

>> No.10767504

And w2c pants for that matter?

>> No.10767509

that looks fucking ridiculous. He has an oversized coat over an undersized vest, over an undersized tshirt, over a fucking tank top.

But I guess that's "fashionable"

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id on pant

>> No.10767594

how to achieve the 'i spend my days sitting on the kids park bench' look pls senpai

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Man this guy doesn't look good at all.

>> No.10767729

nah, trying way too hard.

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Meh i like it. Whether he can actually pull it off IRL outside of photo is a different matter

>> No.10767876


>99 problems and Jake not shutting the fuck up is one

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:D :)

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>> No.10769386

do they still make jeans like this?

>> No.10769389

Well done

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>> No.10769434

rhis is on the way out. we've had 4 years of this 90s crap

>> No.10769438

right guy's hair and glasses are perfect

>> No.10769451

w2c middle coat

>> No.10769453

Wow this is fucking nice

>> No.10769516

Which label and year is this btw?

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> those shoes
> w2c?

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georgian students february 2014

>> No.10769553

Just looked at the site holy shit they botched the retail version, the one on the model looks amazing then they added a bunch of unnecesary details and used cheap material...

>> No.10769815

fucking gross

>> No.10769823

fuck off you pleb

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The most punchable face on the planet.

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Cupid Deluxe is a straight up 10/10 album.

>> No.10770154

Why do people keep posting this dude? He's fedora tier

>> No.10770431

fit is pretty good, shirts collar could look nicer but i wanna punch him anyway the way he looks

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I don't know, I quite like him, he has a whole bunch of outfits and tons of inspo, anyway.

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Summer is coming in south america

>> No.10770505

I hate this guy

>> No.10770512

Looks good but something seems off I don't know what. Maybe the hat.

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where can I get a jacket like that?

>> No.10770599

Is that kylo ren?

>> No.10770603

It's a trenchcoat, shouldn't be hard to find something similar.

>> No.10770608

great stuff

>> No.10770616

yes, levis 501/505 senpai

>> No.10770634

Rafs bitch

Impossible to find. Go for Asics 2 GT 2000

>> No.10770639

Fuck where to cop black acronym looking thing?

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This is a better option if you ask me.

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>> No.10770880

That one is rock solid, but the school shooter look was too much.

>> No.10770897

neh, mock toe boots are gross, and you look like ridiculous when you wear them untied like that

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>> No.10770921

I used to wear like that, but I'm living in Bogotá and the weather this days is hot as a fuck.

>> No.10770924

desu this guy kind of reminds me of rhett from rhett and link

>> No.10770963

how can someone maintain such perfect hair when blasting niggas on LA

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File: 1020 KB, 1280x853, the-101-levis-vintage-clothing-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10772166

Yeah, fantano was wrong on that one

>> No.10772174


knoch was the best trip on this board

>> No.10772280

What's the jacket?

>> No.10772356

Nah. Have some aesthetic sensibility

>> No.10772607

Those are chef pants

>> No.10772617


>> No.10772661

w2c boots like these aus?

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File: 350 KB, 500x382, gj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 262 KB, 650x915, aaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10772862

inspired by Michael Alig or something?
I dig it

>> No.10772868

hat and jacket are fire but I don't like the rest of the fit

>> No.10772881

Shoes are PF Flyers
Pants are Dockers Scout cargos that he tapered himself

>> No.10772906

that belt buckle is fucking hideous

>> No.10772912

I like it

>> No.10772942

I agree. It's too tall and skinny. An unflattering shape for a belt buckle.

>> No.10772969

I can't believe you don't see how bad this is. If it's bait, gj

>> No.10773266

do you actually know what cuckolding is? It's not a race thing

>> No.10773269

if you saw this irl you would vomit with laughter

>> No.10773272



actually a macintosh

and should indeed be easy to find try apc they have one

>> No.10773279

you're a joke you edgy pussy

>> No.10773282

he looks like a grown up artful-dodger

>> No.10773291

that shit is pretty dope tho

>> No.10773362


These outfits are fine.
The rest are just rubbish, buy some taste.

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Funnily enough, those first two were my posts. (I actually don't really like the second fit a whole lot I just like its atmosphere, elsewhere the fit would fall apart)
Taste is subjective senpai, people like what they like, there are lots of neat fits here, you just need to open up or post some of your own to inspire some new fits :)

>> No.10774067

w2c sweater jacket thing

>> No.10774203

Eric Forman

>> No.10774250
File: 677 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20151230-143158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I cop?

>> No.10775072

Jesus christ you have bad taste mi familia

>> No.10775097

this is fucking terrible

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