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>There are people here who will spend thousands of dollars on clothing and tailored outfits
>but they will never put in an hour of work improving their body and will either stay
1. Incredibly skinny (almost skeltal)
2. Chubby (with no definition)

Reminder: You can buy all the rick and raf you want but it will never compensate for your repulsive body. (i.e. AssPizza, Ian Connor, Fat Nick, AssPizza's nigger friend, that girl with down syndrome, every fuccboi who takes photos with the wide stance and cliche preme hoodies they bought for 150$)

>y-youre just jealous

no im fucking telling you that having a great body is better than any fit with an awful body

Go lift some weights. Go for a run. Eat some chicken. Pussies.

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Fuck You We Do What We Want.

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Complety true at least get to otter mode, working out is modern couture after all.

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I actually like Ian Connor because he makes people like me laugh at all the early-20s late-teens suburb kids who want to be edgy like him

He has some money but the closest you'll get is some custom clothing pusher like Tyler Grosso who only has 10 grand in his bank account

everyone pushes their brand while "muh aesthetic" twitter whores retweet useless quotes and blog about white privilege and bernie sanders all day

then they go and 'promote' which means try and sell shitty custom shirts and hats to friends of friends

its utter shit and physically exhausting. youd earn more money flipping burgers but thats not a good aesthetic

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troll thread by a retard from /fit/
stop bumping it

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otter mode is best mode

once you hit otter mode its easy to get lots of fresh, young pussy. Just dress above average, learn to talk to chicks and dont be a people-pleasing beta. Girls HATE that male feminism shit. Sure, she'll favorite your tweet, but that problematic dudebro she subtweets is getting nudes at 2am while he shitposts on /pol/

fitfags are like r9kers who actually try. Im just giving some mean advice because sugar-coating it would attract fatties.

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>sugar-coating it would attract fatties
I enjoy a bit of pork from time to time

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