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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Previous thread: http://boards.4chan.org/fa/thread/10735726/thinspo-general#top

FAQ/glossary/links: http://hastebin.com/raw/qanedewaki

How are you doing through these holidays? What are your goals? Also pls post some female thinspo in addition to the guys pls...

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Im going to fucking vomit by the people actually liking to be auschwitz mode

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Makes me feel better :3

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at least you wont get to live past 40 make me feel better :3

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Implying people over 80 aren't all skinny.

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That's not true. My grandpa was in a concentration camp and was always skinny till he died at the age of 86. He never smoke and really loved hard labour tho.

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Let me repost this:

His (>>10736085) post is reasonable. I'm an ectomorph and I look thin even when I have 18% bf. Models are ectomorphs too, that's why they can look so super-thin.

But if you're not an ectomorph you'll literally need to starve yourself into skellington to look like a (healthy)-thin ectomorph. That's why most models aren't unhealthy, while most girls who try to emulate them are.

Just watch yourself senpai.

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I agree with this, but really I just like this thread to keep me motivated to have no extra bodyfat, just what I need to look right.

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Is she thin or not?

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Sorta a bad picture, but, from what I can see looks good. Thin but healthy.

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how do you know when you have 18% bf?

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I always thought she was thin but her face was really fat and that was strange.

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Can't tell with her hair.

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There's just a couple of pictures left and I think I should delete them.

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Still hard to tell how thin because potatocam but she is certainly thin.

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Bioelectrical impedance. You can find devices at every fitness studio.

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she needs to drop like 10lbs.

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oh okay thanks :)

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here a pic to make it clearer

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>Bioelectrical impedance
That isn't as accurate as calipers. The amount of sodium you intake and environmental factors can throw it off.

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I love auschwitz mode on people.It's very SLP.

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how do i get really skinny? what exercise should i do?

is running 7 miles per day enough?

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There are so such things as somoatypes.

Except in rare cases (which are deemed as statistical outliers), your metabolism is not much different than other peoples' metabolisms. The reason you are skinny is not because of your fucking genetics, it is because you do not eat enough food. The reason fat people are fat is the opposite, it is because they eat too much food.

Now, this isn't to say that people have different bone structures. Some people have larger bones than others. Please note that bones carry a bit of weight, so it is likely that bigger-boned people are heavier than those who are small-boned. The range between these average weights though is small, and does NOT give big-boned people a good reason to become obese.

A lot of people in these threads like to state that "being thin is healthy" and they would be right. But what you need to understand is that most of the populace who participate in these threads have an unreasonable definition of thin. Being underweight is NOT thin, it is dangerously thin, that is why they call it fucking "underweight", it is because you are undernourished. Your body IS NOT getting what it fucking needs to survive.

Please stop doing this to yourselves. You are just killing yourself.

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I love skinny girls

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>can't see her stomach
>hidding arms

Hard to tell. She looks "normal". So, not thin, really.
>but healthy

You can't that by a picture.

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hahahahahahha white ppl are wild

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mad n fat

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Having some "under 500" days to make up for my maintenance days so I can still lose. Also been working out.

Gotta remember to take my antidepressants too, I get so much hungrier when I'm sad.

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I've recently heard an interviw with Caroline Trentini saying how she gets fed up about people commenting on her weight like it is something wrong. She also mentioned how people full her instagram pictures with such remarks.

She remembered how this association of skinny = anorexic that people like to do nowadays does no favor for those who are really in need of help.

She also talked that she enjoys her body like this, and when she looks at her pictures, the ones she is the most into is the ones where she looks really lean.

It's funny, but people are always saying models are anorexic, becuase that's the only mainstream metiers where the skinny appearance is acceptable, but most top models like Caroline, >>10748219 Sasha, Natalia Voadianova, etc, end up having children, and going back to their thin sizes.

SO. People should really get over that some people are yes, naturally thin, and that this means nothing at all.

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File: 125 KB, 602x452, Yasmim+Brunet+e+Evandro+Soldati+-+Edson+Te%25C3%25B3filo+-+Photo+Rio+News+-+www.saradosdobrasil.com-1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My apologies for the horrible typing btw.

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Russian models also work harder to diet. Avant modeling agency runs a two-week weight loss camp where girls eat 800-1000 calories/day while exercising 2-3X/day. This would be unimaginable in the western world.

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Her hips are huge o.o

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I get. This can be crazy. but that's why being a model used to be an exception I guess.

Not to mention that when talking about the women, the eight standard is already quite exceptional.

True. She has an extreme hourglass figure.

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File: 128 KB, 956x500, yasmin-brunet-e-o-namorado-evando-soldati-caminham-pela-orla-da-praia-de-ipanema-zona-sul-do-rio-2632012-1332784727003_956x500[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Better picure. Perhaps.

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Yeah, but her hips look way outside modeling measurements. They don't look far off from mine and mine are 37"

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In case anyone is having trouble during this holiday season.

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Looks great all skinny with those wide hips.

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i fucking hate christmas
i'll need to eat every single fucking thing my family did because of peer pressure including cake, ice cream, lotta carbs etc
goddamn i'm ruined ;((

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>go home for christmas
>"did you stop eating"
>"why are you so thin"

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>i'll need to eat every single fucking thing my family did because of peer pressure including cake, ice cream, lotta carbs etc
Skip to 2:40

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> people promoting anorexia
> people complaining about eating
> people who thing having an eating disorder is a worthy trade off to look emaciated

You're literally gonna have eternity to be a fucking skeleton, stop ruining yourselves chasing some pathetic fantasy - your body is not the problem. For 90% of you ITT I can tell immediately that your mind IS.

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I'm broken and worthless anyways, might as well look good.

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you're still fat

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>being a fatty

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Looking good hun' lets see ur dick ^_^

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At least eat at BMR

>> No.10749419

implying he/she wouldn't make a god-tier trans boyfriend

>> No.10749424

What's that?

>> No.10749447

It's the frumpy older women who always band together and tear down what they perceive as threatening. Unfortunately in the West these women have some clot in public discourse.

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Yeah that's pretty much what is going on

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i ate a large rice n bean burrito w/ a lotta hummus just now
haven't eaten anything else all day and I estimate that at worst it was prolly about 600-700 calories
if i don't eat anything else for the rest of the day am I good?
6' 18 y/o male btw

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Yeah. Can eat a bit tonight. I wouldn't go below 1200 calories tbch and I'm 5' 11" and 120 lbs.

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This does not work with Italians or Russians.

>> No.10749746

throw up after

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thinspo =\= eating disorder

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>thinspo =\= eating disorder
Yeah it is. Anyone obsessing about their weight enough to be here has some kind of eating disorder. I might have an eating disorder but I'm not delusional.

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all women are beautiful

except the fat ones obviously but still

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They are not thin, they are fit.

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I never got these threads. Is this just a place for fats and gays to post hot fresh ana boys? These theads would be much better with more fits instead of naked men

>> No.10749998

how tall are them ?

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>Is this just a place for fats and gays to post hot fresh ana boys?
So far this thread is literally all female thinspo. Male is welcome and often posted though.

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>except the fat ones

And the ugly ones

>> No.10750039

well, yeah

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Says all.

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who are them ?

>> No.10750047

Alien scouts.

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my goal figure tbhf

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She looks great.

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eeaaakkk she's perfect i'm so jealous.

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If someone needs I have a pack of 500 of her pictures.

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Looks like someone has a fat gf.

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yes please. the nsfw ones. dump them on imgur or dropbox or something

>> No.10750122

that would be awesome, pls thanks!

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broscience. you can eat cake it's just carbs IIFYM is the rule. The only thing it's bad for is health but it won't affect how you look.

>> No.10750127

Well I didn't sort them so I'll just dump them all.
She's from Belarus as far as I know.

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basal metabolic rate. if you eat below that youll ruin your shit.

>> No.10750144

How do I minimize stretch marks?
I have them on my bum and its uneffay as fuck

>> No.10750151

Good thing it goes down with weight.

>> No.10750154

I used to lift for a couple of years and now I have stratchmarks all over my butt as if I was a fatty. And you don't. They are with you forever.

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This is what my diet looks like. Take notes faggots. This is how you bulk.

Breakfast 4 fried eggs, 300 ml milk, sandwitch with black bread 2 slices gouda cheese 6 slices salami.

Lunch a lot of peas(500 g at least) rice feta cheese and salad

Dinner at least 300 grams chicken breast green apple greek yogurt and oats

Snacks Banana 2-3 handful of shelled peanuts and cake.

3200 calories a little bit less than 200 g protein. IF YOU WANT MUSCLE TAKE NOTES FAGS

noone likes auschwitz mode irl you are like ~40 people here posting pics. go get that bearmode

>> No.10750160

The fuck are you talking about?

You want to eat below your BMR in order to lose weight. BMR is what you burn at rest. If you always eat more than you burn at rest, without exercise, you'll get fat.

>> No.10750161

Obviously not, but if you're on a low calorie diet and choosing to fit in cake it's terrible for your health. You're probably missing out on other nutrients and spiking your blood sugar. I think the point of the picture was "food" vs "No food"

>> No.10750164

ofc there are calculators for that if you really want to stay skinny you should know what you are doing and not stop eating

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I don't eat that in a week.

>> No.10750169

thats TDEE faggot, get your shit straight

>> No.10750171

Yeah, stay 500 calories below your BMR and you drop a pound a week. Can do more if you are really fat, but, once thin ... in my experience.. anything more drastic than 500 calories is counter productive.

>> No.10750175

once again that's TDEE

>> No.10750176

In some countries caring about your appearance is normal, just saying.

An ED is a mental illness, it's not a diet, it's not a collection of pictures. It's something you are trapped in and can't stop.

If you're saying that looking at thinspo means you have an ED, it's as if you were saying that organizing your room means you have OCD.

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Shit aint cool
What's the point then

>> No.10750225

bruh, shits weird ive always been skinny and i have stretch marks on the sides of ass

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why are skinny girls so damn sexy

>> No.10750794

Because they made for sex and not childbearing.

>> No.10750802

i never thought of it this way

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>Christmas Eve dinner
>ate 300 too many calories

>> No.10750872

what the fuck am i watching

>> No.10750883

tfw all i have to do is losing 10kg to become model thin but i'm lazy and i'm gaining weight slowly what can i do to have motivation anons

>> No.10750915

serious question, is there a way to get my breasts smaller? I'm pretty big breasted, but I want them to be a lot smaller so wearing smaller clothes isn't super awkward looking (i'm 5'5 and 115)

>> No.10750926

where do you find those?

>> No.10750937

>k-on poster

this is a trap

>> No.10750940


>> No.10750963

i don't mind

>> No.10751323

Reduction for something dramatic, otherwise weight loss will do it to a point. But no, basically you'll get some variance in size but if you are already thin wouldn't expect them to get that munch smaller.

How big are they?

>> No.10751344

she looks like the type of girl to have a roast beef pussy

>> No.10751513

>You are just killing yourself.

>> No.10751542

i ate so much.
tried to vomit but nothing came out i think i already digested it
feeling so bad and full ;(
i'll starve tomorrow

>> No.10751579

thats what i always tell myself as well, and then something gets in the way every time without fail

>> No.10751594

>i'm going to fucking vomit

thats the spirit! You'll be here in no time.

>> No.10751603

She's taller and skinnier.

Height and weight exist, stop throwing unnecessary labels on top.

It literally just boils down to

>tall, no muscle, no fat
>short, muscle, no fat
>short, muscle, fat

>> No.10752069

Just eat 300 less the next day? Your average cals matter, you won't magically drop weight in a day.

>> No.10752133

Holy fucking shit she's perfect. That fucking body. Dream girl right here.

>> No.10752140

You guys like thin girls. Thats cool. I like girls with thighs

>> No.10752142

What's sexy about big thighs? It's literally fat.

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british tv show, skins, its banging but i dont think people from other countries really get it

>> No.10752389

Maybe look into a reduction. Might help your back as you get older too.

>> No.10752400

very mediocre bulk tbqh

>> No.10752502

Merry Christmas /fa/, have a starving remainder of the year

>> No.10752513

if i eat in 2016 itll still be too soon

>> No.10752716

I'm from Canada and a lot of people here watched it

34D isn't that big

If you lose weight you might go down to a 32D or 30D, maybe smaller.

I'm a 30C/28D and I'm practically flat and I still have weight loss wiggle-room.

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>I'm practically flat
wot? It's not huge, but hardly flat. Right?

Post your tits (in bra so no b&) or at least another pair of tits that is just like them. Literally for scientific purposes.

>> No.10752913
File: 56 KB, 736x736, 18ab61418a4d5d6dab4bf4d5f1dc8071[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't feel like taking a pic now but this is from this fall. No bra looks much smaller though and if I wear a sports bra I'm flat lol

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Is my GF thin /fa/?

>> No.10752931
File: 214 KB, 499x368, spongebob-class.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks. Yeah those aren't as big as I'd imagine a high C or low D would look. Good size imahro (in my autistic humble robot opinion). Can fill out a bikini but not be falling out of a dress.

I think a lot of women on here want to be more like a B though.

>> No.10752963

They're fine, don't worry. If anything I might prefer them a bit small than in pic u posted, and I presume they look smaller without a bra, you're fine

>> No.10752976

Yeah, the cup size is relative to the band size, so a 30C has the same cup size as a 34A basically.

yeah she's a qtie

>> No.10753025

this is why ull get some disease later in life

>> No.10753049

The person with a 30C would just have a thicker rib cage than the 34A, or do I have that backwards?

>> No.10753053

She's thin enough, but she's not quite fa yet.

>> No.10753077

this. needs to drop like 5-10lbs

>> No.10753123

well im a student i eat cheap

>> No.10753164

Backwards, the number is the inch circumference of the ribcage, the letter is the cup size.

>> No.10753175

Ah okay. Well, thanks. Now I understand bra sizes. If you are ever in Miami pls be my gf.

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Holiday's Divanopka.

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>tfw about to go to Christmas dinner
>"anon you look so thin!!!"

>> No.10753882

she is amazingly thin

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Striving to look like the underweight women in these pics is a serious body image problem which will easily feed into an eating disorder, if 90% of you don't have one already.

I'm not slating, just trying to stop u all going down a route you DONT want to go down by someone who's already trodden said path.

>> No.10754359

How to achieve that body?

>> No.10754494

Dresses like shit

>> No.10754504

What is the best way to burn calories from my room? Gym is closed and family won't let me run in the dark

>> No.10754560

she's from ukraine all right

>> No.10754565

ty for thread, getting carried away with xmas sweets i was gifted, think i'll just give it all to my senpai instead of getting fat x_x

run during the day? best way to burn calories is to eat less - download an app and track what you eat, and cut down. more difficult than exercise but it's the best/honestly only way to maintain a certain weight in the long term

>> No.10754570

lmao what did i not type f a m i l y? where did senpai come from. am i being fucked with.

test: family

>> No.10754607

Depends on starting point

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I tried typing desu and it came up with desu. Still don't understand.

>> No.10754620

I'm already 110 lbs at 5"6', losing weight is very difficult

>> No.10754622

>thinspo thread
6'1/156, thin bones

>> No.10754651

I just want to die, family

>> No.10754705

5'3" female
what weight should I shoot for? Like whats an effay weight for someone of my height?

>> No.10754711

yeah I meant specifically for today bc it's Christmas and the gym is closed. I usually eat less than 1000 calories a day and swim five times a week but today just fucked me up and I feel fat

>> No.10754721

after eating so much food this break my body needs more and more food to function I probably put on 5 pounds plz kill me I need a detox or something

>> No.10754915

Yeah, feels like my stomach is bigger or something. The worst is over now. Now even the fatasses will be watching what they eat. After the first of the year is always easier.

>> No.10754916

Seek help you skellys, seek help.

>> No.10754933

Depends on your frame. Maybe 100-105lbs.

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but how am i supposed to get a body like Valter then
i rather die than not achieving it

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>> No.10754955

You know I'm 26 I have that body and I just want to look like a man desu.

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>> No.10754964

/fa/ needs to take after france. no posting of grils unless you can provide a doctor's note attesting to their health

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>> No.10755056

It's not about how much you weigh, it varies on body type. Essentially you want to look like >>10748655 your goal weight is whatever lets you achieve that aesthetic. Throwing out a number is stupid, too low and you could die, too high and you won't be /fa/ at all.

tl;dr find your own goal weight

>> No.10755334


>> No.10755394

people dying to be like you and you wanting to waste your privilege

>> No.10755707

Are you sure you're not a 32E or smth then? At your height/weight a band of 34' seems very large

>> No.10755711

You can't "catch" an eating disorder it's a fucking mental illness. Thinking thinspo leads to EDs trivializes mental illness.

>> No.10755812
File: 367 KB, 2250x1500, 823ZWy7B[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10755815
File: 68 KB, 452x448, ash-bstymest-hair-1026517782[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10756289

molly is cute you pleb

>> No.10756341

just take it as a day off, don't feel bad about it

>> No.10756343

there are 30 people max who like that body all are thinspo fags itt

>> No.10756354
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>> No.10756357
File: 12 KB, 176x480, fzanevacuum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10756379

Can confirm, love it and am itt.

>> No.10756738
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What's your New Years Resolution, /thinspo/? How many pounds are you losing in 2016?

>> No.10756935

>How many pounds are you losing in 2016?
courtesy of christmas that number has swollen to 55

i weakly shake my fist at the notion that being social should imply eating together

>> No.10756937

Zane hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

>> No.10757031

woah buddy slow down there, we don't want you shaking your fist too hard you'll tire yourself out

>> No.10757157

How fucking stupid are you? Body image issues are the number one things that lead to eating disorders. Body dysmorphia, poor self image and eating disorders are all intimately entwined. Anyone with half a brain knows this. No one said you 'catch' an eati disorder you mong.

>> No.10757167

can short girls be /fa/? it feels like no matter how skinny they are their limbs are not long enough to look effay

>> No.10757437

I lost 45-lbs last year m8, you can do it! I didn't do anything durastic like these threads propose, but, -1000 calories for a while, then -500 once I got lower. Now I'm a healthy weight but want to drop a bit lower.

I was just walking down the street and saw a girl maybe 5' 3"-4" walking, super skinny and she looked very cute. I don't think you can look like OPs photo and be short, but, can for sure look beautiful and cute. I like short girls.

>> No.10757458


Retarded, the post.

>> No.10757496

no bully

>> No.10757604 [DELETED] 
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, rage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>downloading shit
>forget I have freeleech tokens

>> No.10757950

If you're a healthy individual you're not gonna get body dysmorphia from a fucking picture. Your self-esteem might not be super high but again, that doesn't mean you'll get an eating disorder.

>> No.10758036
File: 1.31 MB, 840x1010, full[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10758490

Guzzling cum daily 3xF

>> No.10759174


I'm gonna be un/fa/ here and say I don't even find that slightly attractive. When a woman's figure is thin enough to prominently feature bones and to lose thigh definition it's over for me.

It looks cool in fashion photos but you see one of these chicks in real life and they look defective.

>> No.10759432

6' 132 lbs checking in.

>> No.10759482
File: 56 KB, 423x637, tumblr_lt4pvlyU9F1qzgajlo1_500[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My arms will never be good enough.

>> No.10759499
File: 28 KB, 425x640, Vlada51FMF[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10759512

>mfw they'll easily die from starvation in 3 days tops

>> No.10759600

>implying that looks anything but putrid.

>> No.10759762

I feel. I have mommy arms ):

>> No.10760235
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Do they jiggle?

>> No.10761366
File: 24 KB, 400x236, Jil-Sander-2009-The-Mystery-of-the-Crying-Model-Deepens-3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10761448

how do you twinky cucks actually find any of this even remotely desirable or attractive?

>> No.10761764