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What shoes should i wear if i want to look a bit taller? I heard these are good how much taller do they make you?

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>he fell for the /r9k/ height meme

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hey jackass people notice if you're wearing shoes to gain height
you ain't slick

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dont rely on shoes to make you feel secure but its cool if you want to add a little height to be honest. These work well and prob give you a couple inches. boots are another good option, timbs give you a good 2-3inches

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no they dont? if i saw a shorter guy wearing air maxs i wouldnt just automatically assume hes wearing them for height..

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no, it's pretty obvious
there's a reason all the short white girls wear air max 90s and air force ones

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to make my dick hard

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manlet detected

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dubs of truth

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nah its really not obvious at all though, ive never even witnessed it before as a matter of fact. I see girls wearing air maxs but nobody gives a shit about girls height including them if they are hot

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Preach nigga

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What do you consider short? for me its anything under 5'8

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yea i mean 5 8' is actually average but yea if i saw a 5'7 or 5'8 guy with air maxs or boots on I wouldnt be like HA hes trying to look taller. It would just look completely normal

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most boots give you a solid inch without looking likes hit. those look like you gave a pair of sneakers some king of ghetto lift kit

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>tfw 5'8

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I don't know if that is you in the picture, but you need to change your hair up man. I got the same thing going. I'm an old dude with a receding hair line but my hair is really thick, so I still grow it out. However, I either do a kind Leo center part or wear it back because if you part it like that pic on the left it makes your forehead look HUGE. It makes it super obvious that your hair is running away from your busted face, just like mine.

>tl;dr fix your hair