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ITT: Selena Gomez our new petite queen

>GTFO Arianna Grande

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>could´ve choosen any top model in the fashion industry
>chooses a chubby womanlet with retarded facial features

good job /fa/, bunch of stupid kids

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arent you that fat mexican guy obsessed w/ slp but can only afford zara

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Post pics of her feet

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i´m not fat tho

>buying Zara
kek, this is why i make my own shit m8

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Sounds like me :*]

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>i-i'm not f-fat
nah nigga the reason you make your own shit is cause you can't fit into clothes made for non-fatties

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actually is the other way, size 30 is slighlty too big and size 28 is too small, specially with the tops and jackets, i have to taper all my tops, specially in the sleeves, i have long arms and legs

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vapid tubby hick with moon face and no personality

not remotely effay

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>ITT: Rude people
Fat disgusting moon faced spics are people too. No need to be rude.

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It's hard to get more Generic than this.

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hello mr.the chelsea guide

you again here to spread cancer