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Are high waist skinny jeans popular now?

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On somebody like her, yes

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Popular? It's debatable. They're arguably making a comeback, though they tend to look like shit unless they fit like in your photo.

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Julia Kelly

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Thank you.

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That's not even high-waist, that's just natural waist.

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Is this high enough for you?

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Forgot pic

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in a historical context yes but as of the present it's high waist

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yes that's actually high-waisted

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that looks shit

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I see just as much of them as 10 years ago and will see the same amount in 10 years.

Girls with nice asses wear them and those without don't.

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At the belly button is definitely high waist.

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Hey girls like them

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that's so fucking perfect
man do i love ass
imagine fucking a girl this beautiful
i want to die

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Are you confusing your hips with your waist? Generally the waist is within an inch of the bellybutton up or down, and should be the most narrow point unless you're overweight.

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about a year and a half too late, bruh

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You know what's up

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Do you live in a fucking village mate? Every girl wears this shit.

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itt sexy high waisted pants

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the fuck you mean now? This has been going on for 1.5yrs in EU, do you live under a rock?

If so, can I join? I hate the look.

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I hate them, they're a complete turn off as they look like giant diapers who should only worn by grannys.

Low waist ftw.

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just so they can wear a denim garder to hold their fat little guts in from drinking a half liter of Malibu mixed with a gallon of soda every night while yelling and posting about how they've made it and how their paint faced minions and them are soon to be famous and YAAAS until they get carried home by some guy to wake up in the morning and proclaim "omg, I'm seriously never drinking again I'm going to be soooo healthy now" and then go do the same thing all over again the next night while their lives and brain cells slowly slip away from them until some poor man doesn't use protection and they become a white wine zombie mom, and then finally sit away the last 10 years of their life being made fun of by nursing home workers who don't realize they're laughing at their own futures

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>GIS "Julia Kelly"


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so hot, so fashionable

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everything itt is an abomination

why can't we just go back to the classics

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>tfw selling girls high waisted jeans

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>everything itt is an abomination
high waisted pants are comfy as fuck mate, don't knock them 'till you try wearing them

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not what i was suggesting, i actually wear tons of high waisted pants

it's just that nobody's posting any of the decent ones

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This chick from vine

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>when your gunt is bigger than your ass

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what about men's

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w2c middle coat?

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literally anywhere sells a single-breasted camel overcoat with slash pockets

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they're goat of course

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I lol'd hard

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She's beautiful AF..

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Asking for it core

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so when do high-waisted pants trickle down and become the new norm?

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hopefully soon

the only advantage to low waisted pants is that you can show off your pelvis bones if you're wearing a crop top

literally no other reason to wear them

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Am I the only one who doesn't find high waisted shit attractive on girls at all?

If you're gonna wear a crop top wear some lower jeans or it just looks weird desu. Plus lower jeans make it look about 10x better.

Pic related is miles more pengting.

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high waisted pant are uncomfortable, least to me they are

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really? i can't stand the sensation of super low trousers falling off your ass

i mean belts are nice and all but i'd rather wear them out of preference, not necessity

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pants that rise to the waist are objectively more flattering on all humans than hip riding shit

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jeez that was a clinical breakdown. You're right though

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>starbucks logo pointed towards us both times

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You used to, you used to

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the only reason low rise pants exist at all is because exposed navels were sexy at some point and manufacturers wanted to use less fabric
as soon as you look at a full-body shot of low-rise pants you realize that the aesthetics are just kind of shit

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so bad.

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oh yes

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damn fuck this thread lmao

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looks disgusting on skinny girls with no curves.
looks worse on fat girls with a gut/lovehandles who think they're "curvy."

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I want to fuck the girls ITT

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Yea but you need the right shoes to pull it off

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the fuck is with these satyr hooves and this double waistband, kill it with extreme prejudice

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whas good ma nigga

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that's some tech ninja business casual if I've ever seen some

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kid on the right is p /fa/ desu

>> No.10712913

they get progressively less white as it goes

>> No.10712919

saw a guy working at totokaelo wearing these shoes a couple months ago but in black iirc, made me do a double take

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high waisted supposed to accentuate the hip line.

yo bitch aint even got a hip line, probably why you prefer regular/low cut jeans cause she got a flat booty

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Also it's possible that low cut is all he's ever known and he's scared of change

>> No.10713083

wouldnt be surprised, there are a lot of teenagers on this board after all

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left grill with no shoes makin me sweat desu got damn

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also tru

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Dat body though

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cant stop looking at the girl with the red shirt

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dude what

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Tori Spelling that talentless fucking career-daughter

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Why are the boys dressed like the 60s and the girls so adamant about looking fatter than they are

>> No.10713505

>tfw my shoulders aren't very wide so I can't tuck in shirts without looking bad
maybe I'll get lucky in the next life lads

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just do it

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it's just the photoshoot. brian austin green's character was all about 90s hiphop fashion. baggy button-downs for days.

ian ziering was just standard white blandness. tshirts, jeans, high tops.

brandon and dylan both kinda did a loosely 50s retro thing. the latter was doing a james dean rebel thing, was all about leather jackets, motorcycles, and substance abuse. brandon was a more relaxed version.

they hung out at a retro 50s diner a lot. it it seemed to be just their thing.

>girls so adamant about looking fatter than they are
90s were all about a relaxed fit. everything was tight as fuck int he 70s/80s and the world had had enough.

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Palewaves so mainstream rn

>> No.10713560

>winter themed
>cropped top

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too real

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>you will never have a macguyver core gf
>you will never go on a group date with all your friends

why live

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>can't even see her face
>says she's beautiful

10/10 judgment skills

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Are you blind?

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haha fun

the shit about nurses is tru, they are often the craziest partiers who treat themselves like shit

in my terribly optimistic way, I'd like to think ~35% of these types have "fuck it I'm gonna get serious" moments before they get preggers and try to live some semblance of a good life

either way god bless the high waisted jean and god bless the slutty trend that will follow it

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Where do you even find high waisted men's pants that aren't shitty elastic-waist old people pants? I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.10714628

you have to look for the classic menswear retailers. levis, wrangler, brooks bros, j press, dickies, etc. then of course there's brands like american apparel, lvc that do a retro sort of thing

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In my opinion men don't look right with them on.

>> No.10714633

not sure how anyone could be attracted to these 50 pound asses

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how so? imo they contour much better to the actual v-shape of a man than low rise pants

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found the lolicon

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Seriously, we were promised high waisted pants after Her came out two years ago. I was expecting them to be in Uniqlo and GAP by now.

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those are some god damn nice pants, I want some

>> No.10714749

Dis nigga as thirsty as a bedouin

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why are you waiting for fast fashion to pump the shit out? have some made. there are humans who do this for a living.

>> No.10714931

lack of money to get things made?

>> No.10714959

then buy some fabric and sew it yourself?
what a mindblowing concept

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>talking about booties
>posts a generic flat assed gook cunt

>> No.10715029

i'm sure u've done that a bunch before, lots of experience making clothes

>> No.10715405

internet manlet culture

>> No.10715410

fucking nice

>> No.10715411


fuck I hate oysters but this for some reason looks appetising

>> No.10715418

I feel ya
imagine just having a group of childhood friends that develop into couples as the year passes and everything just works out, no drama, just good vibes and stability

>> No.10715421

>space for 2 belts
why tho

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no ass :(

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Her bod 10/10
Her face veitnam/10

>> No.10716679

I don't even like it when girls with fat asses wear high waisted shit. I just don't find it attractive at all desu.

>> No.10716719

lol, this is so tryhard

>> No.10716739

He's talking about hips, not the ass necessarily. The chick you posted has 0 hips desu.

>> No.10716765

when it comes to Ireland our shoe game is shit, its either roshe, fluxs, converse or the latest shit nike is peddling.
>when i wear my trainerendors to college i feel supperior to them

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>> No.10716779

If you have that ass no matters what you wear, it will fit you.

>> No.10716780

Yes and thank God for that.

>> No.10716863

Imagine having friends.

>> No.10716865

i guess, coming from someone with a big ass, high waisted is soooo much more comfortable for me. not having to constantly pull up your pants and shit. these jeans were created by a god. inb4 proof.

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Objection, relevance

>> No.10717650

thanks senpaitachi

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>> No.10718497

assbro? is that you?

>> No.10718924

ah, it makes sense. girls with big butts wear these, then girls with small butts wear it hoping their butts are bigger.

>> No.10718961

if you look like that anything is fa

>> No.10719184


>i'm 17


>> No.10719646

wow you really showed him

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