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why do black people try so hard to be white nowdays?

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holy shit stop posting this thread you annoying cunt

why don't you try actually contributing to the board for once

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>that one wog jealous of asvp rxcky swag

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>its one person

found the insecure asap rocky fans

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>Post count showing only 3 posters

Gee, I wonder if it's the same autist who made the previous 64 threads about this mundane fit.

/spoiler/It is/spoiler/

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found him

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>I'm totally not the same guy that keeps posting this pathetic shitfit over a fit I cummed myself to <6 months ago!
>Makes no effort to make it seem like another poster

Sehr erbärmlich

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Why is his face blocked out? That's a celebrity

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>being this much of a dick rider you think celebrity faces need to be shown at all times

what a kekold

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let me guess you wear clothes like in the op?

top kek brah thats embarassing

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>Post count doesn't show any new posters.

Hi OP. How's the multiple-personality disorder going?

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>unreplied to post in my own thread
>get called samefag when i reply to it

why do you take the internet so seriously man?

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>5 posters in the thread
>4 of which are calling OP out
>"I've not posted in this thread yet"


-10/10 samefag

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he is white
his face is not blocked out
u see his hands? those are white as well

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ahahhha this guy has been getting triggered by ops shit posting all day. time to quit le turbo autist

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It's more of a game of shitposter vs shitposter.

OP's just shit at it.

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>its competition based shit posting

wow you really are autistic

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4 funsies bb :')

You're still shit at it.