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the last thread we had of this was good

post weird and/or old sneakers

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diesel, that's all I know

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EFSF approved

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i love these but cannot for the life of me decide on a colorway

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well what ones are you considering?

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instapump fury's, was that not obvious?

theres a web app to create your own but i might just try my luck at the reebok store, see if they have any standard ones i like

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I meant what colourways were you considering, lol

I own a pair of these as well as the Garbstore ones, wear these more atm

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I have those, and the full white ATMOS collab, want the black / steel grey if I could but I got super lucky picking up those two at 180-200 AUD, rmkstore has them for 450$

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dropped pic

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literally like the only good looking shoe reebok has ever put out and it has a fucking ridiculous price tag

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this tbqh family

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Wow these all look fucking retarded

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yo they look like happy meal toys

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just like your mmost recent fit

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man I kind of want to get these and build some neon cyber hacker core fit around them

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still the best ever

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what boots are those senpai

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These are cool as fuck, proto-sock-darts

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Isn't there a version of these with some depictions of various sex acts stitched on?

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Wow dawg rly diggin deep there :^)

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Should I cop these diesel x rafs

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Why does every Raf Simons shoe look like they're made for kids and autists?

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>he actually thinks Raf and Diesel did a collab

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aye nz bro

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I disagree, pump furys are their best though

I can tell by your bland fits that you hate interesting stuff, desu

also why are you tripping? Never seen you post anything funny or interesting

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I only trip on mobilecuzim too lazy to turn it off just to post stupid shit on fa,this isnt my main bpard

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Is unionhouse legit? Trying to get my hands on these for my bf, no luck yet.

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what are these called? i want'um

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did a reverse image search because i forgot they existed, they're Nike Air Moc Mids

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>Not posting JScottdidas

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weird not shit m8

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Unionhouse Taobao is legit, but not the western unhs.net.


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fuck this thread lads fuck this board go look through this instead its all been said

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100% not cool enough to pull off painted nails lmao so fucking incongruent

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nice purple cabbage shoes

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rofl you read my mind

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what the fuck are those lol

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Feat. Recent cops

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I'm trying to find a pair of really weird shoes to cop that a comfy, why is it so hard :(

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oh god hhnnngggghh

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slav tier

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Wearing these right now GOAT cw desu

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Looks like the typical autistcore shoes mega-evolved

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these are nice af. how are they in fits?

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Vibram something or other.

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whats the name of that cw?

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year of the sheep

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osiris d3. both weird and old.

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i completely forgot to attach the image

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Adidas Mutombo

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teal colorway makes the goat shoe

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These would fit great in a early thrash-kid aesthetic. like the guy on the right

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These are like 10 years old

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Yeah Bernhard Willhelm is a kinky gay bastard.

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d3 2001. and they rule.

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