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Others hit 3hunna, lets go!

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Repost from last thread. Do i drop the scarf??

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reposting from a while ago, wearing the same today

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mishmash of some random shit

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ditch the shoes man

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Why? I got them 2 weeks ago, some guy recommended them here

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maybe try wearing the shoes with black pants that might look better

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iron the shirt you fucking manchild

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repost from last thread.

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but my moms not here to do it for me

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not really digging the pants
black pants would be better
feel like the shoes a bit too formal, maybe try those sneakers, otherwise a nice fit

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change shoes, they're a bit too new

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You're wearing the same thing as last time lol. You're pants are way too tight, I don't want to see the outline of your calfs.

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sure, the pants are a bit on the tighter side, but the calf pops up only because I bent my leg in the pic

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steve jobs tier garbage

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Cp x rg

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When the file size is 2 big

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Hey saw you on leddit friend, this is the place I learned to talk shit to everyone on.

Honest nice guy critique is that these pieces don't work together. They just clash in style. If you want to go for the same style, do black pants and a less busy (solid colour shirt). I've given you one serious critique, now you're prone to shitpost responses. Welcome to /fa/ :^)

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I'm on part 2 of Gravity's Rainbow and I'm lost. I think I have a basic understanding of the plot but I have no idea if what I'm reading is good or not. How do you judge Pynchon?

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rrriquey raffy usually what I'm plebbed in

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Dec 3rd

Not sure about how I did the pants today

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Don't do that silly tight ass rolling thing with pants like these
Lower crotch would also make way better silhouette

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I have a business casual leadership reception tonight and want to have fun with my outfit, how'd I do?

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H&m? Shit is weak, you can keep that

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>I want to be bill nye the science guy

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loosewave now

Posting first time. Pls be gentle, but I do appreciate honesty.

Trousers are very flowy and have beautiful movement in person so the pictures don't really do justice for them. Also white balance is fucked.

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Thanks for the advice :)

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hopefully this is the last time you post

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Love it

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dude that coat, where did you buy it? it's amazing

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Tfw u didn't reply to my fit big goi

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But sempai what about the fit??

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what are the shoes?

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yeah, listen to this guy, he really knows what he's talking about.

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Fit looks good. If I saw you on campus reading Gravity's Rainbow I'd linger in the vicinity a little trying to work up the courage to talk to you before giving up and daydreaming about us being best friends.

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Tfw no /fa/ + /lit/ bf tbhf (to be honest family)

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It is Superflous culture S/S14 denim lab coat. Check out Ebay or Grailed if somebody is selling one.
Chalk white ozweegos, pretty expensive, but I'm happy that I bit the bullet and bought them. Haven't ever worn a comfier pair of sneakers and imo the chunky silhouette works well with looser pants.
He sure does

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Haven't been on this board in forever. It's gone to shit desu.

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dont stand like that

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>Haven't been on this board in forever. It's gone to shit desu.
>posts shit

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Guess I'll do ratings too.

Drop scarf. Also your stomach looks buldgy.
Random stuff thrown together.
Those boots + pants are just not working
I like. I would probably change the shoes tho
I get what you're going for. Change shoes.
Looks pretty interesting. What shoes tho?
Frat core but if that's you it's fine
The biggest fashion victim on this board
Doesn't go together very well.

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pair of damir doma derbies from aw12 (11? can't remember)

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Would like to see it with the shoes. I think it would look really good imo

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fix your fucking pants, cant even see the god-tier ozweegos

other than that pretty cool fit

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Always sideways

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w2c shirt

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I'm not going to conform to the ideal vertical world

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Hey guys its Angelo again! Rate my fit :)
- Factory
- Nike

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are you wearing a henley under that shirt?? pls don't

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are those the hba avalanche boots?

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henleys under shirts are fine if the shirt is unbuttoned all the way

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in my experience Pynchon is deliberately confusing, read a few of his books but not GR. feeling lost is a common thing in his books, if you have a basic grasp, keep going. you'll get the more intricate details on second and third readings if the general story interests you enough to come back.

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change belt and cuff pants but this is pretty god tier if ya ask me

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basic palewave. good fit

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Yea pants too tight like the other guy said, youd probably look better if you lost weight desu cause you look p short

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imo geos never work with skinny pants

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Love ya

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why do android users always like bowties, disgusting

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Who dis

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good fit but if you were white people would be calling you a kek

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hello my online associates, its weirdly warm today compared to recently but still chilly enough for my scarf! :)

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i don't like tucking into socks but folks do it a lot, nice otherwise

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this is the best part about the filter

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A$AP Hucky

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Sorry for not having a mirror

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w2c boots?

would look better with a plain white T tho fa.m

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>puts on scarf before jacket

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scarf looks fine mate

looks fine but doesnt really go together, are those supposed to be like biker jeans? if so they are the first ones ive kind of liked.

the boot to jeans transition looks weird but looks ok overall

basic, but ok

i like this look but i cant imagine a non-asian that would look cool in it so i hope youre asian

i like turtle necks but from what im seeing here your face shape doesnt meld with it very well. the bottom half does really go with the top half either.

this is cool but kinda basic. i like it. w2c pants?

i like this this is cool, put on some boots to be cooler

doesnt look like you had much fun with it

this looks very nice overall but your face really has to work with this style for it to not look ridiculous. and that kinda looks like a bathrobe but as i said, if youre pulling off the look then more power to ya.

very boring, but unoffensive.

that shirt is trash and fix your pants

pants look super out of place

real basic

looks nice, nothing special but looks solid.

looks like you live this look so im about it

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unfortunately all my jackets are pretty heavy :(

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much appreciated senpai

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aww </3

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missed you hucky

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>lesbian gets out of prison

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those jeans look super fake distressed like they were just cut with scissors

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I've transcended reality


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This would be cooler with black trousers and a narrower belt

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why start blurring now

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nice vascularity

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>>10674795 here
They're Rick Owens Memphis jeans

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Cool boots
Cool sweater but the dark color of your jeans clashes with the whole outfit

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no swearing on this board. last warning

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no matter if that shirt cost 10 or 180 dollars its trash and looks cheap and is too small and is hypebeast.

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sick hair bro

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fuck you you donkey raping shit eater.
you're a cucckcunt and dress in jizzrags.
the holocaust never happened.
hitler did nothing wrong.

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first three posts and i'm already in tears. TEARS.

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w2c pants

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Ok so help me improve, what could i have done better?? First guy btw!! I was trying to imitate pic with what I had to hand.

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this literally says sport

you do realize that any real russian would laugh at that gaudy shit you're wearing

>> No.10676198

That knee hole looks a little too sharp around the edges. Take some sandpaper to it or use a seam cutter.

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I do not own a proper mirror, therefore the weird posture. Sorry for the bad lightning

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jesus christ
you look like a mixture between a skin who will beat up a nigger tonight and a girl promoting homosexuallity

>> No.10676224

yeah, cyrillic isn't that hard to read
i like how the letters look and how the sweater looks, what some inbred slav thinks about it I don't really care

>> No.10676225

looks good from waist down.

>> No.10676226

is there any post here that wasn't taken with a 2005 sony ericsson phone
>sorry for bad lighting!

go fuck yourself and make a decent photo, how can anyone judge your fit if it's blurry as shit


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i had food poisoning today :(
ann d

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some deets

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ditch the scarf
and please be in toronto

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that shirt looks like shit

your hair doesnt match your style

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Reposting this

I like the idea of layering shirts like this but I have no idea how to find shirts that will fit together well

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why do people post fits like this, you look like any other 15 yearold walking outside

>> No.10676373

but thats not actually true

everyone here wears pajama pants and runnning shoes everywhere
I cant dress crazy without getting looks

doesnt fit into the place i live

get it?

>> No.10676384

Why couldn't you just take a normal fucking pic

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First time posting. I wasn't sure if the m65+ turtleneck would look right but I've gotten some compliments and that's enough for me. The turtleneck is navy but the lighting makes it look black

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ID on jacket

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>tfw no ann gf/bf

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Replace shit sweatshirt with a heavy knit and this could be god tier

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I love Korean fashion but I'm too tall for it. Trying to emulate the cuts of that style of clothing.

Advice welcome.

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how's the art school going?

>> No.10676585

Because this motherfucker has not progressed in his sense of style since he was 15

>> No.10676613

I am a newbie so plz r8 my fit.
>grey kashmir sweater - uniqlo
>grey and white sailor top - uniqlo
>drab green trousers - french connection
>black and blue low top skate shoes - vans
>white socks
Shirt and sweater are size medium, pants are 32-32 which doesn't grip my skin nor does it hang low.

>> No.10676614

post picture, you idiot

>> No.10676621

oh mai gawd


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buy a neck gaiter

>> No.10676632

w2c quality neck gaiter

>> No.10676637


this is the exact brand from the pic but idk about quality i don't own one

>> No.10676675

What happened to Trunks?

>> No.10676743

Jesus Christ man your veins

>> No.10676757

What happened to Shrugs?

>> No.10676758

Show less skin in second pic whore

>> No.10676762

omg the cut of that jacket does not want you to move your arms up lmao you should get it tailored so its slim near the armholes

>> No.10676766

are u the girl witht he puffy cheeks and curly hair that fucked her hair up at /fa/'s request?

u fucked up kid

>> No.10676767

what happened to snai- oh goddamnit hes still here

>> No.10676771

It really doesn't look like it needs much ironing.

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here is an old fit since im in my undies right now

>> No.10676776

I hate the shoes and how the trousers are bunching. Also your bed looks super uncomfortable and I would not sleep in it.

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here's another cool fit with my gangster slp boots

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I dont feel like standing, plus I want to show off this new Ralph Lauren Bedding

>> No.10676783

What happened to Rexy?

>> No.10676786

mom can u take a picture of me

>> No.10676794

Muslim teenager tier

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Worth more than your closet

>> No.10676801

>great DSLR
>awful secondary camera

>> No.10676805


It's not a DSLR, it's Mirrorless
But you wouldn't know that noob

>> No.10676808

Not him but that mirrorless garbage isn't a DSLR

It's not that expensive either, like $800 used, max

>> No.10676809

Acne Stay Cash. Don't buy them anymore unless you can find the old ones. Acne is for cvcks now and has declined in quality.

>> No.10676815

is your mom a fucking camera
where the hell did this post come from you insecure shit

>> No.10676816


The Zeiss lens alone is $800 so try $1600
Tell me how Mirrorless is garbage? That doesn't even make sense.

>> No.10676820


Have fun taking shit photos with your Samsung s3

>> No.10676822

>I dont feel like standing
sets up a tripod
then stands up to take a picture of camera on tripod to prove something to internet faggots

>> No.10676824

It's got shit battery life and passable at best AF, it'll also fall to pieces long before my Nikon in any harsh conditions.

Also the fucking Sony menus man. Fuck I've still for RX100 PTSD

>> No.10676827

i dont shoot pictures dude calm yourself

>> No.10676830

also, native lens selection blows.

Sure you can adapt DSLR glass, but then what's the point?

>> No.10676842


Yeah you're right about having shit battery life. But I've had no problems with af. I shoot MF 90% of the time though.

There's also no way this thing is falling apart anytime soon.

It's got no flaws due to being Mirrorless though.

My only problem is the battery life and the lack of image stability which they fixed in the a7 ii

>> No.10676849


The native glass doesn't suck. They're just all expensive as hell. There is no mid tier or entry level lenses in the line up

I use a lot of legacy MF glass too, which is perfect for Mirrorless cameras.

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Ok circlejerk aside it's a totally fine camera. I just figured this was 4chan and we'd be carrying on like angry children.

I shoot DSLRs cause I like charging my camera once a month and EVFs bother me for no good reason.

U do u bud

>> No.10676864


Lol no worries. I enjoy talking about cameras. You know I almost forgot that my camera has an EVF. The a7 has an amazing one.

>> No.10676865


I'll give you the adaptability win there. Old glass is the mirrorless wheelhouse. I shoot almost exclusively with one lens, however, and it's a 24-70 f/2.8.

Where is my native 24-70 f/2.8?

>> No.10676889

new DP came in

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>> No.10676907

emo spock core

>> No.10676944


>> No.10676946

w2c that strap

I feel like a normie with the standard nikon strap

>> No.10676954

Found it in a thrift shop, attached to the N2000.

It's on the D750 now as my daily.

>> No.10676978

is this matt "hmyen buster" helders on the line?

more like barfday lmao

>> No.10676981

yes this is him ask me anything

>> No.10676983


fukc off with that cleavage you slag, we're all fags here anyways

>> No.10676992

w2c jacket?

>> No.10677012

Hm senpai

>> No.10677017

Buzz looks so good man!

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Posted this near the end of the last one but didnt get much feedback

>> No.10677023

you continue to amaze me. somehow you failed at dressing like an slp fashion victim

>> No.10677026

Dope fit, despite memeslippers

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File: 3.41 MB, 5312x2988, looking down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10677033

Oh and cuffs are to wide for my taste

>> No.10677034

im not trying to dress liek slp runway guys, im dressing exactly how my dad dresses, flannel jacket, tucked tee, stonewash jeans, and cowboy boots

maybe ui should learn a bit about fashion before you post? maybe u can post about your acne jeans you saved for int he recent cops thread :_) maybe in a few years you will underdtand enough about fashion to understand how stupid hyou are

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Didn't feel like making a thread so anyways, what could i wear with this?

>> No.10677087

why are you showing your ankles? kill yourself

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File: 1.48 MB, 1536x2048, 20151203_202532_HDR_20151203204347965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10677180

w2c scarf?

>> No.10677231

serial killer/10
Pepjn, that you?
goofninja, the picture

>> No.10677246

huck? more like kek.

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File: 399 KB, 1257x2047, NoLwL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10677312

Who is pepjn?

>> No.10677320

Adidas back to school parka

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>> No.10677457


ayy lmao

looking good hun'

w2c sweatshirt ?

>> No.10677500

ffs dont wear that turquoise undershirt

>> No.10677501

>elf hat
>middle school sneakers

would laugh at you irl / 10

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you look like steve jobs mixed with a naruto character

AKA shit

>> No.10677570

right fit looks kinda girly desu my man

>> No.10677581


>> No.10677595

it bothers me that thhis is in public

>> No.10677690


>> No.10677794

where can i find sweaters like this?

>> No.10677829

nice tits

>> No.10677838

my favorite naruto character

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You're not the man I know anymore .....

>> No.10677843
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Yeah just incase u guys didn't know DIDDLY



>> No.10677845

lmao keep this shit up matt
nice silhouette ya big goof

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Haha calm down bro it's only 4chan... Why so serious LOL
Just sit back, smoke some dope and calm down ;P

>> No.10677854

not feeling the new hair or posed mouth, huck.
otherwise coolio

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Yea ur right bro
Was just try a get silly bit guess it didn't work
Nice sun glasses lol yellow suits u ... Good night I guess :/ (mum took pic of me sleeping cuz first time I haven't had an anxiety attack in a month)

>> No.10677897


Haha better not quit my day job

>> No.10677898


>> No.10677985


>> No.10678017
File: 152 KB, 586x1041, 20151203_1548412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Slowly trying to build my wardrobe and make progress.

Rate I guess

>> No.10678021

Huck, you have GREAT HAIR!

>> No.10678068

I'm pretty sure I'm at the same stage as you, and to be honest family; keep up the good work, it looks comfy and pretty nice, I personally would opt for a darker wash, maybe black jeans but regardless, the outfit is pretty okay for a transitionary period fit.

>> No.10678075

like its not game changing but you seem to have a good grasp of basic colour theory and whatnot, so i think when you can afford it, take some risks, and experiment, i think in the future you'll put some good fits out there

>> No.10678112

too bad your mommy can't buy you good looks or facial hair that doesn't look like a ball sack growing a beard.

>> No.10678125

I have some black chinos. Do you think they would look better with that specific outfit?

>> No.10678134


Huck you're the man

>> No.10678211

W2c coat? What do you call that

>> No.10678219

Very nice. First time I see a m65 around here. They go very well with the turtleneck. Post shoes next time if you want more reply.

>> No.10678274

>"she's pretty hot nice haircut"
>notice rip in jeans
>hairy leg
>i'm gay

>> No.10678288
File: 186 KB, 1152x2048, 12307598_135324183500373_3197296709146548790_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Advice welcome
Stop making me want to pump lead past my teeth knowing that i'll never put in effort towards having a pretty girl like you notice me again because i've lost all trust in people

Btw anyone else only fuck with Crazy Frog? I honestly don't chill wid anyone else nowadays. Lot of grey here but I think it works, thoughts?

>> No.10678301
File: 110 KB, 638x1136, 66jRxNz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10678305

Where to cop that coat, i dont know what that is
Anyone help me a.s.a.p

>> No.10678321

did you actually bend those joggers?
what a mad man

>> No.10678481
File: 1.72 MB, 1678x2982, 2015-12-04_14.31.34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pls don't kill me

>> No.10678509
File: 229 KB, 720x1184, Snapchat-3998745567181553638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rust up in this shit

>> No.10678518

You look fucking awful.

>> No.10678531

fuck lol

>> No.10678541

trying this hard to be a thing


>> No.10678547
File: 934 KB, 2175x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

our legacy/rag & bone
beat to shit Levi's

>> No.10678554

w2c jacket that things a beauty

>> No.10678573

nice geobaskets

>> No.10678574


Sweet. What's your height?

>> No.10678576
File: 1.36 MB, 1936x1996, IMG_1344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10678578
File: 59 KB, 290x768, k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10678734


>bragging about a $2k camera to /fa/ggots
>poorfag confirmed.

>> No.10678747
File: 2.54 MB, 1676x2981, 2015-12-04 11.14.53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Getting chilly down here in the South /fa/m

>> No.10678753

unfortunately i got it from an ex and has no tags so i dont know sorry friend

>> No.10678846

Fratello sei fico

>> No.10678854


>> No.10678863
File: 1.24 MB, 2717x2980, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not even extremely fa just what I'm wearing currently

>> No.10678865
File: 737 KB, 2273x2045, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10678873

normie / 20'000

>> No.10678875

nah not a normie that's why I said it wasn't very fa

>> No.10678888

Clown Shoes as fuck lad.

>> No.10678899

Chubby disgusting subhuman.
Would GF. Probably bait tho.
doop you look so mad

>> No.10678900

more like special snowflake/10 desu

>> No.10678905

W2c jacket

>> No.10678910

yea f.am mad about not finding black enough clothing now what i mean lmao

black fashion god yas

>> No.10678912


>> No.10678913

W2c turtleneck???

>> No.10678926

american apparell
i support exploitation
2 edge

>> No.10678962
File: 1.49 MB, 813x1910, fit2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

inb4 clean room


>> No.10678964
File: 2.18 MB, 977x2422, fit1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


inb4 stretched ears comment

>> No.10678973

This looks better because it makes your shoulders look broader, when in reality they're pretty narrow.

>> No.10678977

ugh ew
gh ew
h ew


>> No.10678978



>> No.10678982

good criticism friend :^) v helpful!!!!!!!

>> No.10678990

Kill yourself tier. Just stop skinnyfat fuck.

>> No.10678997
File: 6 KB, 298x169, lawknlvwlaen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post fit dawg

>> No.10679006

sorry mah man
the fit with bomber is fine
just with the tight jeans stretched over your legs and the plugs
just no
improvements would be to get better jeans, get a sweat that doesn't accentuate the fact that your hips are wide and your shoulders are narrow, something that retains its shape somewhat

>> No.10679007

i buy everything from fast fashion stores in the mall/10

>> No.10679011

oops not a bomber sorry

>> No.10679013

you're perfect, i love you

>> No.10679014


>> No.10679015

I love you too anon

>> No.10679023

>those legs

>> No.10679064
File: 128 KB, 639x800, IMG_2577[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>aye girl/10

>> No.10679084

I'm 135 lbs senpai, bundled up because it's fucking cold, and fitted denim jackets naturally make your torso look larger

fuck u

>> No.10679093

thanks for REAL criticism friend.

yeah jeans are shit 2 year old $15 h&m jeans lmao. Point about my shoulders is super valid, i dont think my hips are very wide but my narrow shoulders definitely make my hips look wide.

will buy sweat with a bit of structure/ slightly less skinny jeans.

>> No.10679107

you dress exactly like one girl from my school

>> No.10679123

no problem kamerad :)

>> No.10679242

slim through the arms or through the torso?

>> No.10679256

your room looks so comfy

>> No.10679289


Speak for yourself, senpai

>> No.10679415

lose the beanie and glasses & you're good

>> No.10679424

Bad lighting but I like the overall look.

>> No.10679507 [DELETED] 
File: 2.21 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_1767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10679515 [DELETED] 

wow fuck me i left my face. Pls no rape or phishing

>> No.10679523
File: 2.20 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_1767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10679531

thanks brother

stay strong, report trolls

>> No.10679727
File: 1.85 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20151204_222420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be honest I don't see anything wrong, which is why I'm posting now.
All criticism is welcomed

>> No.10679739

You look like a highschooler. Other than that is okay.

Also is that an LG V10?

>> No.10679753

Oneplus one.
Now that I look at it again, my torso seems to be awfully long.

>> No.10679764

>drinking out of a jar

Kill yourself

>> No.10680521

The shirt is kinda gross, lower half is gud as always, also jars a best glass

>> No.10680804


>> No.10680806

i dont like the gap between pants and shoes but otherwise pretty good
put on the other shoulder strap thouogh
scoliosis isnt effay

>> No.10681121

Hahahaa i just noticed the posture. Either ur gay or your good

>> No.10681146

would look much better if you werent so anorexic...