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What will be the biggest trends of 2016?

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high waisted jeans are rising from the ashes of the early naughts

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Rick Owens.
"Rick Owens Jeans" diffusion label will be unveiled in conjunction with RO x Zara and everyone will be wearing $100 patent baskets and $70 graphic tees.

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as a time traveler, none of these become trends in 2016

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every year i hope personal style will become a trend but no hope yet

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turtle necks !

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Weeb core will be a thing.

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fashion is cyclical so some day
>but not 2016 the cycles are longer than 2 years ;)

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middle part

young DiCaprio hair

LBS hair

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if people fully embraced weeb core it actually wouldn't be that bad. but its always the american autistic take on weebcore not actual Asian fashion. Hope you're right though.

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80's style will make a strong return

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80s style has been and gone senpai. The 90s are coming back

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the 90's have been back for quite a while now. it's actually suddenly the 70's now, maybe more with women's fashion but i feel like it's getting bigger with men's fashion too in 2016

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>u got ur /tv/ in my /fa/

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slim fit jeans out.

loose(r) fit in. just not as loose as all those japan streetwear pics.

middle part/young leo


ying yangs EVERYWHERE


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no trends
fashion will be seen as soo shallow

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assless chaps, there will be open full frontal anal sex on every street corner of america. People will start carrying ornately decorated handguns as a status symbol.

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you faggots have been saying this shit for years

fuck off

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I heard teens/20somethings are spending less on clothes and sneakers and more on technology and food and such.

I hope "fashion" falls out the mainstream and goes back to being seen as shallow and not have these tumblr idiots thinking they're fashionable for wear docs and skinny jeans

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women walking around like this
But don't rape them with your eyes

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2016 will be the year of cropped everything

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i dont think looser fitting pants coming back, atleast not on a big scale. The general publics just warming up to slim fit as a whole and from what ive seen, most effayer arnt really down with the whole loose fit wave

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flare jeans

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i aint talkin bout the pleb public here tho

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I can definitely see this one happening

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I think people should embrace the human figure more desu. Thats why I like some of the Yeezy Season stuff he showed

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>not being on the extreme left of this image

why are you even here

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watering cans

due to the recent health wave people are going to stop using product to style their hair because of the chemicals. people will wet their hair in the mornings then carry a watering can around with them and every time they look at their hair in the reflection of a shop window and realise their hair is drying, they will simply just excuse themselves momentarily and apply moisture via the watering can they carry with them

I am also envisioning watering booths that also dispense recycled chip fat oil to people who want volume

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You are a visionary my friend

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"innovator" of a shitty fashion trend that we already went through and realized how bad it looked so we went slim. Loose wave is for when you wann get comfy in your house, thats it

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Or like a water bottle would work

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nigga just because your clothing isn't shrink wrapped around your testes doesnt mean it cant look good

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down jackets

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Did i say skinny nigga? my balls are free. Slim fit with chill stackz is goat and will be for a long time. have fun looking like pic related

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straight fit with a slight crop is goat and will be for a long time

have fun looking like pic related

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Capes/ponchos for men

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nigga....thats skinny skelly shit. SLIM. i dont wear fuckin jeggings

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blacks dressing like whites
thus whites admitting eternal cukcerdom

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I dont know...I think so much shit has gone down in the world this year that fashion is hardly at the forefront of most peoples minds....least of all fashion designers I bet.

I'm expecting some big Paris-attack themes in Fashion week and I'm sure most of the trends will be apocolaypse-core, bandages, head-wraps, puttees for boots, masks and themes of anonymity and hopelessness...albeit glamourised because thats what fashion fucking does.

Man I wish I was a full fledged designer already I would be rolling out some doomcore fits right now

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even more cargopants
shotty retrostyle clothing in flashy colors

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flared pants

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weebcore has potential desu

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More and more of this until women just start wearing g-string thongs and crop tops in public

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Of course, looking will be a crime though

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pls no

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>middle part
>young dicaprio hair
that's 2015 me :~)

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crossdressing for fashion purposes

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>adidas has several collabs with japanese designers
>travis scott said he was doing a bape collab
>supreme had that collab with the la blue girl/ legend of the overfiend creator
possibly but these are isolated incidents and i can't see weeb core being a thing,

the normies already took my comics and vidya, it's the end of the world if they take my anime

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Let's basically start an Illuminati equivalent dedicated to pushing the fashion industry towards less clothing for women

The game isn't won until it's like a fuckin Brazilian beach in cold-ass places like Canada

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Rome will rise again.

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well i don't wear fuckin hammer pants

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Where is this pic "from"?

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>not wearing hammer pants

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Nike roshe two.

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