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world of warcraft edition

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Hey guys, it's getting fucking cold here and I can't afford a winter jacket, anybody wanna trade me a Rick leather/padded bomber to fit M/L for this ss09 silk poly bomber in M?

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Check out my new rick

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timestamp you silly sausage

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Rick Owens x Heelys: Rick Rollers. When.

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lol kek desu

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Really, the fit on the left looks okay?

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If you're going to make a /ROG/ don't make an autistic one

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rate my fit rick senpai

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this is just degenerate un-art...
the fact rick is such a hit just reflects the sad, dystopian times we live in.

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I mean, how do people think this looks good?
they dont.
they just think its good because its expensive and rick owens gets name dropped in various rap songs.

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Not Rick though. That's Cinzia Araia.

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>rap invented Rick Owens

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worst ROG in a while - we need our own monitored non-anon imageboard ;[

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Can someone post the reply rick owens sent back

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my sides

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Looks good, but I think something other than drawstring pants would work better with the fit.

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What should I wear under shorts?

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Nothing or leggings, how many choices did you think there would be?

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I like those creepers.

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So where can I get good leggings from?

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just bought this rickdeal but first thing from someone I don't feel comfortable buying from.

no idea if crewneck sweaters are even faked at all and these pictures are trash, but it was 70$ so i just bought it. legit?

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Damir Doma make some good ones, though pricey.

You can get Uniqlo heattech ones for skin tight ones or get loose fit long johns if you want stacking leggings

We need tag pictures

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oh god why

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some guy was selling givenchy leggings for like 35 on grailed see if some are still up.

OK I asked for some tag pics. They make fake crewnecks tho? Not really worried.

It would be neat to have some sort of database of items with tag pics and reports on fakes of a specific item. I guess that's aliexpress for the database of fakes tho.

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They're xxl, I need a small or xs, but thanks anyway!

I couldn't find any Damir Doma ones, are the womens or mens?

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Mate, desu apart from a few select things, if Rick has made it someone has faked it.

Thats probably a bit of an exaggeration but I know hoodies are faked a lot so I imagine there are fake crew neck sweaters aswell

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Why does she look like she smells so fucking bad?

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Reason behind Ramone socks dropping £200~ from fw15 to ss16?

They have identical pictures on rickstore and worded slighly different but ultimately the same descriptions

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Almost all the shoes have dropped in price I noticed

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that's too bad he had smaller sizes last week.

yeah I mean my thought process is that no one would go to the trouble to make a fake of a crewneck that isn't a super popular model like the mountain hoodie is, however there;s fake seamless tees and shit so I wouldn't be surprised either if there's fake crewnecks.

the guy didn't get me tag pics yet even tho i bought it like 5mins after he posted the item, but whatever paypal has my back in a worst case scenario

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Can y'all post some memphis jean inspo? I'm on the fence about them.

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Which webshops should I keep an eye on for Rick sales? Mostly looking for tees, a turtleneck, and a pair of aircut jeans

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Seven Helsinki, Oki-Ni, LNCC

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couldn't find aircut jeans but i'll watch out for the sale anyways!! <3

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Sellfridges, Harvey Nichs, Seven, Oki-ni, Ln-cc are all what I use

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underwear you retard

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Oh really?

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I might just fucking pull the trigger and buy ramone socks instead of buying anybody a christmas present this year

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Thoughts on making a set /ROG/ format? The current set of links/brief /faq/ is pretty good - ideally it'd be used every thread + include a list of sites to buy discount rick from.

Mentioning because its easier to identify a well sign-posted thread, you get less repetitive questions with an FAQ and

Pic related - artists impression of the realities of UNREGULATED RICK THREADS

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Yeah I kinda try and do a set format with sizing info which people ask alot and a standadised title but then someone else makes one and it goes to shit

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Do it. Just give people cards and a small gift.

I agree, would be very useful to newcomers.

I buy all my stuff directly from the Rick store, the customer service is great and the end of season sales are always good.

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>I buy all my stuff directly from the Rick store, the customer service is great and the end of season sales are always good.

This, kinda. I get annoyed at their pretty extortonate postage charges though

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Postage is £17 to the UK, usually next day delivery + insured and tracked with DHL. I think it's worth it personally

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Yeah buit £17 when you're buying a tank which is down to like £80 is just a kick in the nuts, i'd probably find it more acceptable on more expensive stuff

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That's true, I've never bought a single item by itself.

Got a turtle-neck, ls tee, savage pods and skirted drawstring pants coming tomorrow, and an explorer jacket coming sometime later this week, can't wait!

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I would kill for an exploder. Any sort of Rick jacket actually. It fuckin sucks being a broke college student looking for deals

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Damn nice cops lad, I really love my Exploder parka I hope you like it!

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Why would rick keep the old shoe prices for the old stuff? surely you would just drop the price to match new season stuff or no one will buy any of it

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thanks for the laughs

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I need non-Rick pants that will look good with ramones. Where can I get some nice cargo pants or anything drapier and along those lines

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What is Nahks website again?

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Yohji, BBS, Nike, I love ugly, zanerobe, local brands that you have access too, damir doma, look on grailed for just pants for ideas.


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Get these
I would love to see fits with them and I'm too much of a pussy to buy a pair myself

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What are some of your favorite bombers?

I have one that I purchased two years back and it's been awesome but I'm ready to step up to something I might fall more in love with.

So far I've looked at Attachment, Ria Dunn, and of course Rick.

Someone posted that TOJ Wool Suiting one that I liked as well but I can't find one anywhere.

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I wonder what is the incentive that BIG GUY has of lurking ROG and posting shit against him. A trauma? something sexual? dunno

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You could ask this question about the majority of 4chan and your assumptions might be correct. Sometimes I wonder why I still hang out here. I think it's pure boredom and the other boards are a lil less accessible, idk

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how do i care for my new geos so that the leather doesnt completely get destroyed

>> No.10640236

the whole point of rick is to get destroyed...

>> No.10640241

Okay, sure, but I want them to last at least...

>> No.10640263

They will last

Just wear them - they are shoes. They don't get ruined easily. If you want the soles to add longer, you can have a cobbler add a rubber sole protector underneath.

>> No.10640332

Ok thanks. I was just worried that the leather would get all gross or something

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would it be possible to trade some y-3 qasa for a white on black geobasket

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No, only an idiot would do that

>> No.10640449

if its an idiot i need then its possible

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Any tips on handwashing rick sweaters or tees in general, good brand to use?

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yeah if the geos were either fake as shit or have gone through hell and back, even then the qasa's would have to be at least 7/10 condition

>> No.10640550


i could see somebody doing this. the all white qasas are pulling a good price in mint condition.

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There's some reverse leather ramones up on grailed at the moment if anybody is looking for them
US7, $750

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what season is this from? Also ID on jacket?

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Hey crew
If I buy a parka from the web store, will it come with a tote? I want a tote too

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desu senpai

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plint fw13. pony hair hooded leather jacket. expensive as fuck

>> No.10640710

depends, in theory should. best bet is rickowens.eu

>> No.10640734

Yeah that's what I meant by the webstore, do they ship everything with a tote?

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What's my size in Rick Owens x Adidas Tech Runners? I wear CP 42.5, MMM GATs 43, and Guidi 43.

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Ofcourse the rick bomber is great, but it depends on your budget.

Cheaply, stuff like represent is pretty good. A bit more expensive i've found stuff like Damir Doma Silent bombers to be really cool

Just leave them and wipe the grime off them, I suppose you could use something like Lexol if you really wanted to


They should do, but if you don't get one i'm sure you could contact them and try and sort one out.

US 9.5/UK 9/EU 43 I would say

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>tfw my hands smell like new geobaskets
It's a sign that I'm finally going to find my EU39 short-tongue geos, r-right?

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US7.5 Socks for $850 just gone up on grailed, too

>> No.10640828

A bit small for me but I would've been all over them

>> No.10640832

See, the thing with leather is that it ages beautifully. That's one of the reasons why it's such a popular material.

>> No.10640850

Whats the opinion on layering under an exploder? as in having maybe like a long cardigan which shows quite alot at the back as they sit quite high at the back of your waist

>> No.10640973

Do it

>> No.10640977

I did. Looks pretty dank

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there's a guy that's had socks in all size <43 for a few months at that price.


It's not pony and it's actually two different jackets. Biker leather over the samurai hooded jacket.

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All black geos vs OG c/w?

>> No.10641447


Really depends on what you want, OG are iconic and if I say so myself - overhyped.

All blacks are easier to work as you can lace them up tight and they give off a combat boot vibe

>> No.10641466

42 in gats and 41 in cps = 41 in geo right?

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>> No.10641549

Think i'm gonna sell one of my geos for sockie fund.

Only worn them once or twice, got them to flip but kinda didn't want to move them on but heyhoe

>> No.10641605

Ive got socks coming in, Ill let you know if they are worth it m8.

>> No.10641624

Where did you get them from mate?

>> No.10641667

Nahk, did you cop those Adidas stretch boots?

>> No.10641670


I'm sleeping on them super hard right now. I've got so many Christmas presents to buy

>> No.10641674

>I've got so many Christmas presents to buy


>> No.10641684

Are there actually any pictures of anybody wearing Rick Owens tastefully/well?
I've never thought it looked anything but tryhard and awful.

>> No.10641690

Thats such an opinion based statement, it pains me

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I'm real bummed about it. Christmas season is painful. Best prices, but I can't buy anything for myself so that I can get my parents and my girlfriend nice gifts.

If somebody buys my black tech runners from me, I might cop those stretch runners.

>> No.10641708

Tell me about it, all of my anual car stuff comes through aswell as a siblings birthday in December. On top of Christmas

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File: 2.45 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, I understand. My brothers birthday is in December. Fortunately he is in Japan now and he doesn't expect much for Christmas other than a call or whatever.

Im going to be selling a number of things to fund personal cops, like these tech runners. Also will be selling my Ramones lows for cheap.

Look out for the don't talk sale as well, I'll drop promo codes just for you guys ;)

>> No.10641737

Heh yeah, me and my brother have a mutual agreement not to get each other anything. Or if we do its somthing like a troll game on Steam or whatever. Sister is a different story though and her birthday is in 2 weeks.

I've always wondered with donttalk, is it just a USA thing or do you ship internationally?

Tech runners looking pretty sweet aswell man, they cleaned up nice.

>> No.10641738

what size?

>> No.10641774

What are some 'lower end' brands that make boots that work with the whole aesthetic?
Really the only brand I've found is The Last Conspiracy

>> No.10641792


We ship internationally. Shipping prices are auto generated and sometimes are a bit wonky. Hit us up if you want to work something out.


10.5 US / 10 UK

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How on earth could you keep these clean?
Suede looks awful when it gets dirty

>> No.10641802

eyy id avoid hitting up brands because the quality will reflect the price - sturdy construction and an authentic "look" wd probs best come from army surplus - check etsy + ebay + ur local store for killer deals on surplus boots

>> No.10641814

Suede protector to start with, then a suede brush.

They will always get a little bit of dirt on them though.

>> No.10641825

The Last Conspiracy is good quality, the prices are high-ish, hence the quote marks, something not as expensive as guidi/ann d/rick/carpe diem but similar inspiration and good construction.
I haven't really found surplus boots that I've really liked.

>> No.10641904

It is BIG GUY, just ignore that cunt

>> No.10641942

Grailed. Some dude in france, paid 950 for bnib FW15 iteration that retails 2k.

>> No.10641961

Ahh yes i've seen them. I think I might buy retail the SS16 which are cheaper compared to FW15

>> No.10642038

maybe @ NAHK, maybe just a general question

The insoles in my mohawk boots are starting to peel/roll up from the middle. Would a cobbler be able to fix this? Would it involve doing anything more that just gluing them back down?

>> No.10642046

Yeah cobblers should be able to stick that down no problem

>> No.10642261


Yeah they'll glue it down, maybe add some strips of leather over them if they are real worn.

>> No.10642270

How do I take entry into this aesthetic? I feel overwhelmed by the fact that every stock model wears entirely rick, I would be looking to buy one piece at a time.

>> No.10642281

Outerwear or footwear first. Or just whatever you've fallen in love with

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Do you have much rick outerwear yourself? I really love some of his DRKSHDW jackets. That being said, what's the difference between RO and DRKSHDW?

I always assumed it being a diffusion line it would mean cheaper products due to cheaper materials but ever since I've been looking to buy some rick I noticed the prices are pretty similar.

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File: 211 KB, 1080x695, 11166490_5581875_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People always think DRKSHDW is cheaper and poorer compared to mainline.

Fact of the matter is, is that it is made in exactly the same factory by the same people. The way it makes it "cheaper" is by using cheaper materials, ie canvas and cotton over leathers.

I have a cotton blend intarsia and an exploder parka myself, what I especially love about both of them is that they have the shoulder strap which I believe *dont quote me* is from any of the S/S seasons. Pic related.

>> No.10642340

He stopped doing the strap at some point (can't remember the exact season) but it's true that it's only found on the ss jackets.

>> No.10642372

yeah there is a price difference due to materials but more often than not, as far as I can tell, the price difference is due to vastly different items being produced - DRKSHDW gets all the 'denimy' stuff

if your talking about quality-as-durability DRKSHDW is often way better - cargos, jumbo tees and prisoners are all very well cut but don't tend to fall apart like hype-luxe sweaters or w/e

>> No.10642456

There is this yeah, all of the denim jacket variations are drkshdw I believe.

>> No.10642614


Kek did they go fucking mining in them?

>> No.10642631

how much would you be selling those ramones for?

also that has to be your other pair of tech runners, if not holy shit those ones cleaned up well.

any opinions on this? the seller still hasn't responded to my requests for tag pics/at all, and since I purchased it 5mins after it was posted there's a slim chance he didn't get the messages.

Anyone seen fake geo crewnecks before? I hope it's real I've wanted one for a while....

>> No.10642659

I've seen fake crewneck sweaters before yeah but that doesnt mean yours is.

Only thing you can do is wait until you get it and then check it in person.

>> No.10642662

>The shoes have been lightly worn
ok m8 :^)

>> No.10642669

Ok, I was just hoping to have it figured out beforehand, I'm sure getting a refund would be a lot smoother if he hadn't shipped the item yet.

The seller does have a legit Balmain leather jacket up so I should probably ease my worries, probably just closet cleaning at good prices. Send a brother a message back tho.

>> No.10642674

What are some good less-known online stores to lurk for trickster attire?

>> No.10642681

Please someone explain why this is loved on effay and styles like streetwear or skater core gets looked down upon? this literally looks like new age hot topic core. All rick fits do

>> No.10642682

yeah I was laffin at that

Yeah, 99% of sellers arent trying to get you, and if they do sell a fake its usually because they didnt realise either.

Allotment, seven, shopnumber4 - though they're in Kuwait

>> No.10642683

You want someone to explain to you why someone likes something?

>> No.10642697

no i want someone to explain why people think just because somethings expensive and endorsed by rick that it looks good when other styles are way more affordable and dont look like a gothic ronald mcdonald

>> No.10642705

You're still asking why people like one style over another style.


Its because people like wearing it, like how the feel in it and it makes them happy.

Maybe people who wear Rick don't like other styles, is that a problem?

>> No.10642713

this guy is draped head to toe in a rick fit right now

>> No.10642718

I'm wearing a dressing gown lad.

>> No.10642732

w2c hammered reverse leather geogown

>> No.10642735

Stop trying so hard, if you don't like it then don't comment.

>> No.10642737

If that had a shearling liner that would be an instacop

>> No.10642747

Geogown here
I'm not BIG GUY

Maximum comfy

>> No.10642770

I like rick because it makes me feel GEWD - its comfy and wearable while being different. Also the whole lifestyle-brand thing is really fun and its a lovely community.

What designers do you like? ;) What style issit u enjoy l a d ?

>> No.10642785


she probably does smell bad as part of the "aesthetic"

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File: 2.55 MB, 2226x2997, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm hoping to walk with about 400-450.

>> No.10642791


>> No.10642869

Jesus... sell me one of those :/ Any Rick jacket with a strap makes me wet instantly

>> No.10642895

Been thinking about selling the intarsia, but I know I will wear it to fuckery in the spring and summer

>> No.10642955

What size?

>> No.10642974

Its xs but fits slim. For a true XS it will fit perfectly

>> No.10642982

What's your height/weight?

>> No.10643111

looks like great condition, I'm sure you'll find a buyer at that price. I was looking at black/white ramones tho, but I think I might just get island dunks instead.

I have a muscular body on a big frame, so most sleek or lowtop sneakers make me look weird due to wider hips and shoulders with usually tapered or slim pants.

I'm starting to think the island dunk would be the rick shoe for me then as the midtop would help even up the thicker parts of my body. if I get high ramones or geos there would be times when I wouldn't want to wear the pants behind tongue, and might make my sihlouette weird.

Maybe I'm overthinking things, it's just something multiple people have pointed out when asking for advice on my fits. Just starting to build my rick wardrobe, only have a few pieces so far, so trying to take it slow and not make the same mistakes I have made when building outfits in the past.

>> No.10643142

What size m8y?

>> No.10643164

how much are you selling the tech runners for?

>> No.10643308

Are the t-shirts discounted in the "private" sale in the Los Angeles store?

>> No.10643312

Ugh, I would have bought them if it was a REAL 7.5/40.5, which I just can't find anywhere on sale or not

I hate when sellers tag their interpretation of the size

>> No.10643462

It's fuckin stupid. There should be penalties on grailed for doing that.

>> No.10643698


275 shipped conus, no box.


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Anyone have any fit pics with Plinth boots outside of the runway?

pic unrelated

>> No.10643778

socks are so sexy

grailed should have guidelines about whether you're meant to write tagged size or actual fits like size

>> No.10643789

Grailed should have guidelines, full stop

>> No.10643791

well put

i guess it will take a while before grailed improves much because people are still gonna keep using the site anyways

>> No.10643874

So aspie

>> No.10644019

5'11 and like 130 last time I checked

dd has a pair, the ponyhair ones.

>> No.10644051

exploder like the shawl neck thing, or the hooded parka from fw07 and the various re releases?

>> No.10644056

To be fair, sizing on the socks is fucked

>> No.10644063

Yeah I believe they fit like creepers, which is like down 1.5/2

>> No.10644068

Grailed DOES tell you to list tagged size, but they dont do anything to enforce it.

>> No.10644139
File: 16 KB, 320x320, 11357677_1442023179440293_1285777565_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

has anyone copped the scuba socks? I'm looking a lightweight comfy shoe for more casual occasions in summer. I'm sort of worried the neoprene will be too hot and sweaty tho

>> No.10644149

i remember when I had qasas that my feet did get really hot (although I was wearing socks too and this is australian heat)

>> No.10644200
File: 129 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, can anyone help me point out if these are fakes. I really don't know.

>> No.10644202
File: 139 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's another one

>> No.10644225


Looks sketchy as fuck

>> No.10644227


>> No.10644244

Reflective tab looks iffy, but cant really tell from that photo

>> No.10644436


99% sure those are fake. Ask for a clear pic of the reflective back to be sure.


Creepers fit TTS, maybe a half size large for the version with the larger toe box. I even have to size up in the slimmer shaft models or the Ramones sole model.
I think people just aren't sure what their true size is.

>> No.10644438

You say that but Im a tts 42.5 and have spiral creepers in a 41 but I need an insole for them to fit properly. And even then they're a bit loose still

>> No.10644459

Toebox on the older were much bigger.

>> No.10644887
File: 87 KB, 1000x1333, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody cop anything from the SSENSE sale yet?

Just got some wool/elastane tailored pods (same fabric and season as my Faun peacoat) and a pair of Yang Li boots for my girlfriend for Christmas.

>> No.10644903

You do seem like a tailored pods kinds guy.

Waiting to see if anyone on this side of the pond does a sale

>> No.10644909


I've tried on socks in 40 and 41, being slightly too small and slightly too big respectively. At the risk of continually complaining about this, it's annoying because I don't have sizing issues for any other Rick footwear, I'm mostly a 42, and never had to deal with this non-stocked half-size bullshit.

>> No.10644922

Get 41 and a thin insole?

>> No.10644930
File: 65 KB, 500x364, 1442456112333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Site's down for me /fa/m

>> No.10644965

You would think, but I've actually tried them with an insole, and they're still not comfortable /:
At this point I'm probably just going to save some money and try to get the next season used/discount, which may be cheaper due to the retail price drop, but has given me acute footwear blue balls. It's a tough life.

Down for me as well

>> No.10644977

Are there any other sales on yet?

>> No.10645249

Farfetch, its sale preview for me at least, bought a cotton tutleneck

>> No.10645278

How did you get into that? i've bought from farfetch before and I havent had an email

>> No.10645372

Damn is it that exclusive? I visit the site twice a week to see whats new, maybe the amount activity on the site counts? I ave never bought from the site before! If its that exclusive i should really spend a lot more before the real sale starts, they have geos for 657$!

>> No.10645404

I didn't know obese black women could be models haha...

>> No.10645417

Its a hockey team

>> No.10645428

I want a black rick rib knit sweater, with a mock neck pref. Anyone know where to cop one? I've seen a picture with one in and the guy said it was rick

>> No.10645496

Is that USD? I bought a pair for $600 usd shipped from Julian fashion with the code PRIVATESALE

>> No.10645506

Yeah its USD and damn that's a bargain senpai! what leather?

>> No.10645554

Invite only sale

>> No.10645882

tfw can get on ssense now
tfw ramones were CHEAP
tfw its to late

>> No.10645892
File: 1.31 MB, 2100x2600, rick-owens-black-high-neck-fisherman-jumper-product-1-21307622-2-979993199-normal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I couldn't find one either.
This is what I'm after.

>> No.10645962

Copped a basic black sleeveless from ssense cause' been looking for one for ages, have the pearl one and its a great tee

>> No.10646062
File: 207 KB, 960x720, island dunk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm positive these are legit but just thought I'd post em here before I cop... LC?

>> No.10646069

Yeah they look legit

>> No.10646075



>> No.10646081

Weird that I got in since I've never even bought anything from them before

>> No.10646089

honestly who would even bother making fakes of island dunks?

they aren't popular enough for it to be commercially viable

>> No.10646102
File: 53 KB, 683x360, 1447883855377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice, finally I will have my autism pony shoes.

>> No.10646107




>> No.10646122


Man I swear you used to be able to get Ramones for way cheaper. They've gotten so hyped


There are reps of island dunks


Definitely legit. Last few pairs of those I've seen sold for about 300

>> No.10646268

Nice I just paid 235 shipped for those. Just the tiniest start of hell drag on them, and the seller discounted due to some sole discoloration (that I would count as aesthetically pleasing on the shoe).

Stoked, seems like I got a pretty good deal.

>> No.10646273


That pink is pleasing to you? That's the first I've heard of anybody finding that pleasing! Such a horrible defect. Supposedly it's the glue's reaction to UV rays.

>> No.10646293

tfw your "express shipped" parcel arrives at the delivery facility in your city at 11:37am but still won't be delivered out to me today


>> No.10646304

I've always wondered this but is it possible the receiver could drive up to the delivery facility or mail place thing and ask for their package and receive it?

>> No.10646305

oh man im colorblind i didn't realise it was pink. now that you mention it I can see it though... hopefully won't be too noticeable when worn.

if it is I just won't clean them and dirty the sole, price is ok for some beaters. christ next cop will be some of those glasses that helps people see color better.

>> No.10646333

What season is the one where the soles are died

>> No.10646531

does /rog/ have tumblr? i'll follow

>> No.10646580

where do i start for rick?
i like shoes a lot so i was thinking shoes but i have no rick for rick fits so geos would look out of place
but ramones look like converse w/out the rick
tech runners are dope but i can't find any black/white for sale
what do ):

>> No.10646583

Shoes or outerwear to start. Maybe wait for some tech runners, or wait for sales on outerwear

>> No.10646606

>but ramones look like converse w/out the rick

that's the appeal

best most versatile shoe in the universe

>> No.10646612

dont get me wrong
i like ramones
but i dont want to look out of place u kno?
my normie wear + rick shoes clashes in my head

>> No.10646636

I actually owns these babys and I can tell you these are fake as fuck

>> No.10646674

dont make the ramones fit your wardrobe
make your wardrobe fit your ramones

>> No.10646842

fuck this is fantastic

>> No.10647082

>tfw just copped black geos for £290
Bless u SSENSE

>> No.10647200


>> No.10647241

Just out of curiosity, what was it that caused the pink bleeding on the soles?
I assume it's been fixed now

>> No.10647299

I believe it was Moody, FW14

Like Nahk said, something to do with the glue reacting to sunlight or something along those lines.

>> No.10647304

my geos are at the post office and they're closed till tomorrow :(

>> No.10647306

People ask this quite alot. Then people say "outerwear or footwear" which, yes, is a pretty good place to start.

Just find a piece you have fallen in love with.

>> No.10647323

>implying they haven't already been stolen by the fuccboi who works there part-time to pay for his yeezy x stussy onsie

>> No.10647353

Not usually no, in the UK it gets locked in cages in the depot for delivery and they will not open them for anyone.

There are some on Spence for 325usd

>> No.10647482
File: 698 KB, 601x626, woow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

food 4 thought: why is the /ROG/ the most successful/most discursive thread (apart from maybe frag general?)

I'm super stumped desu - we have a range of people from die-hard fans to those just interested in footwear... uhhh we have a range of styles I can't fathom it

>pls don't change

>> No.10647487

shockingly plausible with sydney's crowd desu

>> No.10647489

Mostly because we are all into the same thing I would guess.

>> No.10647492

I think it's mostly due to Rick's "cult" following and the fact that there isn't really another place for /rog/-like discussions/shitposts

never change <3

>> No.10647496

cause rick is simply one of the most prominent designers at the moment and his quality season to season is very consistent
he is popular and keeps releasing interesting shit = young people who are in to fashion buy his stuff
and in my opinion he is very contemporary, he speaks to a lot of people living in the world today and his clothing reflects a lot of the culture and the spirit of today he is just naturally popular at the moment

or just you know memes and asap rocky

>> No.10647500

it's a hugbox where everyone likes the same thing

>> No.10647595
File: 353 KB, 364x709, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone tell me the name of these shoes?

>> No.10647597

they're not made anymore though

>> No.10647598

Dunks, grailed is your best bet. Expect to pay $1000+

>> No.10647601

requesting a reply

>> No.10647604
File: 219 KB, 720x1080, 0275468002_12_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not RICK but cop or not on the his cos silk bomber guys? too poor for trickster desu

>> No.10647648
File: 17 KB, 480x640, 11181549_5772527_480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just copped a nice coat.

Could anyone provide some sizing recs for pants / shorts for someone who is typically a 31 in jeans most jeans (Acne, Nudie etc)?

>> No.10647669

i have that same coat, had the hood lined with racoon fur.

rule of thomb on rick bottoms is : if it has a drawstring, size down

>> No.10647685

So like an S?

>> No.10647697

w2c nike shoes

>> No.10647755

I don't think ROG is a hugbox - you get crits for fits but I guess shitposting is discouraged...
its more of a circlejerk

>> No.10647784

>had the hood lined with racoon fur.


Depends how tall you are, if you're pushing 6ft some of the smaller sizes will be to short in the leg.

If you usually wear 31, S would be fine for you.

But i'll say it again, I urge you to go and try them on in store somewhere. Especially with shoes as the sizing rules are pretty ambiguous and if you have odd feet, flat/high arch etc its gonna be compltely wrong and I really dont want someone to go and cop something that doesnt fit.

>> No.10647805

niggers cant play hockey because their knees are built differently.

>> No.10647807


I personally spunked on a Rick leather as my first. If you're vigilant and savvy you can get one for about £300.

>> No.10647823

Yoox has 20% if any of you are interested

>> No.10648032

oki-ni 30% sales. Farfetch 10%.

Nothing impressive desu, im in the Uk and copped a top from Ssense for £100 cheaper than oki-ni after sales

>> No.10648121
File: 62 KB, 1000x1334, 11221355_5872772_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want something like this but from somebody else.
Which lesser-known designers do good stuff?

I know m_moria, ma+ and so on, but does anyone do such a simple yet outstanding eyekandyish boot?

>> No.10648128

Well, there's Ann Demeulemeester at a pricepoint a little below Rick, that does a fair amount of good looking creeper boots. But generally no, you won't find any as good looking as Rick creepers imo.

>> No.10648140

The obvious
>CCP, MA+, Julius, Ann D, Carpe Diem, Guidi, Layer-0, BBS, Viridi-Anne, A1923
I've been trying to find a pair myself and some with similar aesthetic but lower prices:
>Marsell, 10sei0otto, The Last Conspiracy, Officine Creative
Don't really know about the quality or much anything about the brands on the 'lower tier' list, TLC uses goodyear welt and OC and 10sei use rapid blake, not that either tells quality of the boot just straight but at least they give enough fucks to not have blake stitch.

>> No.10648144

The "obvious" except for Ann as mentioned here >>10648128 do not do anything similar. Yes, they are excellent and good shoes, but nothing like that.

>> No.10648152

I'd argue Julius has done similar looking stuff, but not lately.

>> No.10648155


Maybe look into motorbike brands.

>> No.10648156

Ah didn't realize he was after creeper boots, figured it was just request for any boot that fit the aesthetic.
I think Damir Doma has done some nice ones and Plokhov I think has had some creeper boots in the past

>> No.10648159

def not

>> No.10648166
File: 189 KB, 1000x1000, 086460-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if youre after the full spiral zip, julius or julius x siva. no creeper sole tho. ma+ and m moira dont make anything similar to that

>> No.10648199


There must be some motorbike brand that makes plain leather boots. I'm just speculating and not bothering to look.

>> No.10648216

But I am into creepers (should have mentioned that, word boot is not sufficient enough).

>> No.10648222


Sounds like creepers are what you need to get then.

>> No.10648234

Who does high-end creepers then?

>> No.10648239

Rick Owens.

>> No.10648520

noob, you will have to pay customs duties

>> No.10648525

Don't be a moron, have you ever bought from ssense before? or ever read the bit where it says "taxes and duties included"

>> No.10648801

yeah this

rick creepers are fantastic

>> No.10648849

Whats the appeal of ramones /rog/? They're just a fatter pair of converse 4 times the price. The pic that was posted in waywt with h&m and converse mixed with rick proved they're unnecessary

>> No.10648874

Hey guys im looking to cop my first pair of geos ( size 10-11 if that matters ) Does anyone know if any geos are going for a good price now on black friday? Thanks!

>> No.10648888

It's okay if you don't like em m8, they sure as fuck aren't for everyone
The bulky silhouette and the quality are the main attractions for me at least, though I like geos more, used to be more in to ramones

>> No.10648979


>> No.10649065

Why haven't noone bought these yet?


I've heard Sun is a legit seller and these look good for the price. Thinking about buying them. should i ?

>> No.10649073

made a new thread a few posts early to ensure we don't have another stickyless shitfest

>> No.10649074

why do people like van gogh and not childrens drawings

>> No.10649076

I think its because they're quite large - cop em if they'll fit! :)

>> No.10650151

>The pic that was posted in waywt with h&m and converse mixed with rick proved they're unnecessary
today's WAYWT? haven't looked through it yet.

>> No.10650357

Why are so many sites '30% off!'
*excluding rick owens

>> No.10650457


>those boots


>> No.10650460


jesus cυcking christ

you're a fucking loser

>> No.10650481

Why hate on teddy? He's chill

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