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There isn't anything effayer than girls wearing high waisted jeans, or prove me wrong

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I now these plase. This is kamergersky lane Moscow.

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How about men wearing high waisted jeans?

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High. Waisted. Shorts.

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Good for a 90's look

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Wait, is chill if I do this?

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ugh no, they can only look fine if you have 10/10 ass and waist. otherwise they're extremely unflattering.
and even then it's still not effay, just tumblr core

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More or less accurate.

High waisted jeans look great on girls with a tiny waist and nice ass. Otherwise it just kinda looks awful.

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Hmm, we shall see.
Keep an eye out on thursday

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No. You look bad enough normally; these will just be horrific.

Also third-ing >>10618345 this. It takes the right shape to pull off.

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Well, that's true. It's still pretty effay tho

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low rise jeans are disgusting face it faggots

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Wearing low-cut panties underneath high-waist jeans is like buying a Ferrari and replacing its engine with that of a Dacia Logan.



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Can you relate ?

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you guys are sad

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There's literally nothing worse than high waisted pants, shorts and panties on a girl....

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at the same time?

I think I'd have a problem with that...

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yeah senpai honestly theres just no beating the good old low rise

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What if... Low rise jeans high rise panties?

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The patrician one looks like a giant vagina

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for real though

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high waisted is overdone. girls who do it just do it bc everyone else does it. baggy is the way 2 go

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comfy af

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there was a girl who did this in my high school with her thong, we all called her "Whale Tail"
not that cute desu, just really skanky looking.

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high wasted jeans look nice, crop tops look disgusting.

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your pic only proves that flat asses are disgusting no matter the legwear

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legit question, why do you consider 2 extra meters of fabri comfy? in winter i wear old pants that are slightly oversized and then wear regular fleece ants under them, i find it very annoying the extra fabric on my legs, its like if i were carrying around curtains,i eended up tapering them both to slim fit and even in a jogger fit

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w2c jeans just like this

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extra fabric doesn't drape well on fat people.

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mid rise jeans are superior to both

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personal experience i guess

i have rather slim shins, thats why i feel its too much fabric in the regular cut

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nigger, even obese people can have slim calves. it's all genetics buddy. also, ignoring those pics of you is only gonna worsen your reputation in this shithole.

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Pic related and straight leg trousers that fall on the shoe are better imo

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Since when are vaginas Y-shaped?

Are you even from Earth?

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Only ever met one girl that can pull them off without looking like an idiot.

Why are short petite girls so effay?

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<5'6" is best

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man, that is brutal.

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Am I the only one who doesn't like high waisted shit on girls?

Like they always wear them with croptops, and croptops look 10x more attractive when you can see their entire stomach rather than just the tip of their belly button.

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I dont like it either. I like high waist because when I bend, combined with a longish top, I dont get that little gap at the back, which I do get with normal length tops and regular waist pants.
I think most modern combos of crop top and high waist look really trashy actually. I dont understand why its so difficult to get it to look right.

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>high waisted jeans
this better be bait

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>low waisted jeans
this better be bait as well

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Dubs and Satan confirm

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jeans only look good on girl if the girl is tall and has legs that are slender and ling in proportion to the rest of her body.

sophie turner is an example.

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who is this im in love

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Guidelines for highwaisted bottoms
If Tall:
>slim, but loose JEANS
>tight shorts
If Short:
>generally just no
>no shorts, highwaisted shorts on short gril = no ass
>highwaisted jeans only, make em tite m8

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god. low-rise is the worst

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Feels like the 90's all over again eh!

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I know a short girl who has some high waisted black jeans that look good on her and decently show her ass

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a thong should work just as fine tho right baka senpai?

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there are low-cut thongs and high-cut thongs
the same rules apply to them: low-cut a shit.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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rizona jeans, but this feet from tailor,
If u want buy it - utop1@yandex.ru

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My mom's old jeans lol

Thinking of getting them tailored and actually wearing them.

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>women's fashion
holy fuck nigger how high are you this is craziest thing i've seen all day and man i've seen some shit

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Tbh I've only met like one girl who can dress decently.

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Apparently they used to be called "banana pants". I'm thinking they're hipster enough for today.

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Women shouldn't even be wearing pants to begin with

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is this Kiev in the op pic?

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Only when they have a good ass.

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Trips confirm