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Parisian swag will never die

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king shit

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Damn now that's pulling off a shaved head

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w2c submachine gun

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He would fit right in

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Dadcore gun

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>that shitty europoor gun

lol no wonder you faggot europeans let over 150 of your people get killed by a few towelheads, your police force sucks dick with their north korea tier military arsenal, and FUCKING PARIS LOL , come on now.

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are those sfb?

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its true though, that guys gun looks like the starter sub machine gun you get in fallout new vegas...

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Is that Henry Rollins?

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They're not they're short barrell upper equipped AR-15's

police forces use them in lieu of H&K Mp5's because a: they're cheaper
and B: 5.56 > 9mm if they're wearing anything under a III A vest

this is my personal ar-15 in the picture

see the 2 circles ? those are takedown pins

i can press those 2 pins out of my lower reciver (where the trigger is) and put a SBR upper receiver on it and have what they have by pulling down on that black little nib and pulling it off my gun

the stock comes off and i can replace it with the one they have if i wanted (mines nicer desu) they have the cheap $35 ones that ship with the OEM guns,

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cringe, he wont fit

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Nah something similar tho