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Which is the most /fa/ city in the world to live in?

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Not Paris

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1. New York
2. LA
3. Berlin
4. London
6. Paris
7. Montreal
8. Tokyo
9. Amsterdam
10. Portland
11. Budapest
12. Austin
13. Melbourne

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Not anymore.

Probably Kyoto or Milan

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more like effaying dead

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New York shouldn't be number one places there are really fuckin dirty and you meet a lot of memorable but crazy people that puts you into shitty situations

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the bay
Heard Tampa is pretty crazy
My buddy said Bulgaria is fucking cool. Hot girls, cheap delicious food, Roman empire shit everywhere
Tel aviv....fuck you you know it's super fa

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Why guadalajara?

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Beautiful city with great music scene, ludicrous night scene, world-class sports atmospheres

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have you actually lived in la or are you a fag who visited for a week?

especially with downtown getting renovated, la is becoming increasingly /fa/

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Less obvious choices

San Francisco
Sao Paolo

Italy is the most /fa/ country over all

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Actually Singapore is

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Italy certainly is

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The mafia and African immigrants ruined that country

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pretty fucking nice here in florida , other than dudebros most people care about fashion

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literally any place other than downtown is digusting and it's always too hot

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>Heard Tampa is pretty crazy

what sort of insane yokel idiot told you that? that town is indistinguishable from like, fucking phoenix, arizona, or canton, ohio.

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Pretty warm winter so far eh?

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portland, montreal and austin need to gtfo that list.

im pretty sure youre just a fucking autistic suburban preteen

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please shut the fuck up, you soft suburban cvcklet.
>really fuckin dirty
yes, motherfucker. if you dont like it, stay in your suburb or whereverthefuck

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Kansas City desu

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1. NYC
2. Tokyo
3. Paris
4. London
5. Milan
6. Rome
7. Monaco
8. Hamburg
9. Hong Kong
10. Miami

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this is a thread about fashionable cities, not just the one you happen to be from.
there is nothing fashionable about living in a desolate, middle american flyover state full of rednecks and monotonous strip malls where people who speak more than one language are seen as a novelty.

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top fucking kek

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Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Milan, Paris.

I live there. Not /fa/ at all unless you want to be killed by niggers.

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Every city has its merits. Both NYC and Tokyo are massively overblown in terms of both style and quality of life - and yes, I've lived in both.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Hong Kong.

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>where people who speak more than one language are seen as a novelty.

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Ottawa is the top Canadian city.
1. Ottawa
2. Victoria
3. Kingston
4. Montreal
5. Calgary

Toronto and Vancouver aren't worth mentioning

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>Implying Melbourne even touches those cities.
Have fun enjoying your overinflated cost of living and late trends from two years ago.

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>Shit music scene
>massively overinflated rents
>tiny af apartments
>shitty society with no culture
What's good about Hong Kong senpai?

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This post is true

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Mexico City is one of the most /fa/ cities. Perfect blend of love, metropolis, grime, euro-antiquity, and weirdness.

It's got the Romanticism of your wife on her wedding night who does ass to mouth and takes a shot of tequila.

Mexico City, you have my heart.

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Are Americans really this bad at geography?

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probably prague

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[power gap]

San Francisco

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I live in Seattle. Five years ago I'd have put it on a top list but while there's been a dramatic explosion in restaurants and luxury housing, the city has lost so much of its character. Seattle is becoming homogenized as more and more tech bros move in.

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certain districts of tokyo
certain districts of osaka
certain districts of kyoto




London + Major Scandinavian cities

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> no brussels or antwerp

that list is a joke

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> murrica
> effay

choose one

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Wearing ill-fitting grey suits while grinding on EP stagiairs at Plux doesn't count as high fashion.

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brussels has both a great music and art scene

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Literally nobody commented on the Tel Aviv b8

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Lmao Brussels is one of the most dry and boring cities in Europe (capital wise)

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Obvious b8 is obvious

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A relative of mine is in Tel Aviv every few months for work
All internet edginess aside its apparently a very cool place
Diverse tech scene, big music scene, daily life is quite unique

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San Francisco

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Portland And Austin have absolutely no business being in this list

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The places that are total shitholes are Kolkata and Moscow

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Any frogs can tell me if Strasbourg is decent to live in?

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Birmingham Alabama or the second city

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most effay city in the UK excluding London??

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You just listed all the cities you know right?

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Parts of Copenhagen are extremely /fa/ but considering the entire metropolitan area, it's pretty dull

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How dumb are you, holy shit

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the idea of an /fa/ city is retarded truely /fa/ people travel the world

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>you'll never live in tiny nyc apartment with model waifu

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Im from the Netherlands, and believe me, Amsterdam isn't /fa/

it's 50% normal boring people, 15% tourists, 10% sandnig kids, 10% Romanian pickpockets, 10% failed hipsters and 5% girls like pic related.

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Buenos Aires

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>girls like pic related.

LOL that's the official girls' outfit here in Swedeland.

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Same in Germany.
It really is in most countries, I wonder if girls in France or Italy would wear something like that.

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Hong Kong (pic related)
New York

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>10% sandnig kids
More like 50%

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>Hong Kong
mainlanders dress like shit,and HK is more of a business city
Only if you exclusively live on the nice part of town,chinks arent known for being /fa/
you'll see Armani,Gucci,LV and Ralph everywhere but people there dont know how to dress

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It can't be mainstream if it is to be /fa/.

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is Düsseldorf /fa/?

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You've obviously never been to Italy.

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In no specific order:
New York

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Paris is the only /fa city in France.

Couldn't recommend my city to anyone anymore though

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I live in Florence and it isn't fa at all

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>>Shit music scene
>>massively overinflated rents
>>tiny af apartments
>>shitty society with no culture
We're operating on different standards. I don't give a fuck about the local music scene wherever I am, and I'm pretty well insulated from overinflated rent costs and small apartments. For me, it's always been about the culture of wealth and power and modernity, which HK is slowly developing.

As for the culture thing, it's totally subjective, but I can see the point.

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I will move to vienna in a few months. is it fa?

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São Paulo is not even close, lived there, it's NY with less crazy fucks but more robbers, it's nice but basically poor man ny, you only see well dressed people on tv, magazines and internet, hence your opinion

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shocked that only one person posted this.
Berlin is becoming overhyped.
when americans start eroticizing your city, it's over.
Hamburg is the shit.
Only recognized by truly cool people

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Absolutely. Even worse desu

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depends on the district, it's good tho similar to budapest

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Honolulu anyone? Aside from the tourists of course.

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I'm gonna stay at the 4th

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are u fucking real? this has to be bait if you seriously think calgary is top 5

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only tokyo and two small streets in new york and berlin

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No. You will find /fa there only in the smallest undergroundest whole of the vienna galaxy. Which you will habe a hard time to find without any connections

people in vienna look mostly like housewives.

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I hope youre kidding.
I live in New York, The majority of people are dirtbags

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People on here tend to like what NYC represents but have no clue how living there goes in practice.

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>tfw i see my building

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>most /fa/ city in the world to die in

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Philly :^)

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Why cologne?

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no, Duisburg is fa, haha

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dublin, lisbon and seoul


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lol seoul is burning right now

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Baja Peninsula
San Francisco

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Rio de Janeiro

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>High wages
>decent music scene
>low crime
>good mayor
>very attractive women
>proximity to mountains and lots of outdoorsy shit to do

Calgary is GOAT compared the rest of the cities in Western Canada

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this looks so fkn deppressing

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Besides Paris; good-tier cities in france are
Lyon - Bordeaux - Toulouse - Strasbourg. Those are okay. But you ll have to like the mid size city lifestyle.

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what is budapest like? considering studying abroad there

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you're just being a contrarian child- Ottawa is trash for fashion. We can barely support the Nordstom that is going to need to close and no one here has an ounce of fa except the centretown queers. TO is great, you aren't

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>say goodbye to the decadence once the economy crashes

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I live in Portland. Nice city, shit people. Not /fa/

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Saying it's better than other cities in western Canada means shit all when the only other competition is Vancouver, which is still better regardless.

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1. New York
2. Paris
3. Asheville, NC
4. Austin, Tx
5. Moscow
6. Dubai
7. Miami
8. LA
9. All of
10. slant eye land that can afford to dress

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its ok, but its definitely not /fa/

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>1. New York
stopped reading there

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London rudeboi

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best list

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London, why would you love anywhere else.

>> No.10609979

I'd add Berlin, Milan and Tel Aviv but that's just me

>> No.10609991

Who /Chicago/ here?

>> No.10609998

SP is a nice city if you go to the right places, as in any other city

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Enjoy your immigrants

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Ayy me too senpai. Gonna go for a year.

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Both are filled with horribly dressed Arabs and slutty slut sluts.

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because all the other towns are so white and pure

>> No.10610317

German TV and media capital, hence plenty young and fashionable people

>> No.10610326

The homeless keep their old moldy mattresses outside the Lacoste store
10/10 would visit again

>> No.10610359

Vancouver is probably the least /fa/ city in Canada. Most decent people from there have realized that and moved to Montreal/elsewhere out east.

>> No.10610475

hold tight
nasty bonanza is filthy

>> No.10610499

really cool photo

>> No.10610503

ruhrpott ftw

>> No.10610511

finally someone mentions philly, phillys like a mini new york on the come up. Its all the fashion of new york without the snobbiness.

>> No.10610553

how is an overpopulated durka shithole supposed to be effay

>> No.10610627

gr8 b8 m8

>> No.10610633

m8 are u just naming cities in italy?

>> No.10610674

>second city
Keep telling yourself that.

>> No.10610695

>cmd+f Belgrade
>0 results

You've got to be kidding me lol

>> No.10610738

fucking terrifying

>> No.10610790

You've never been to Kyoto

>> No.10610796

>all these weebs saying cities that aren't tokyo
kill yourselves

>> No.10610929

belgarde is a uncultured shithole. nothing to do there compared to other euro capitals. not to mention you have to live with serbs

>> No.10610936

>balkan shithole
You've got to be kidding me retard

>> No.10611302

number 1 New York
London on the list
kekd hard

>> No.10611321

i hope you meant mexico city and you're not just retarded

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are there any Japanese cities/towns that are fa/ ?

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>implying London isn't the most /fa/ city of all time.

>> No.10611340

Zagreb is atleast somewhat /fa/

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>> No.10611406

It's /fa/ in that there is Russian mafia beating the shit out of everybody in every club
And the pop stars get caught with gangsters and have assault rifles / bricks of cocaine in their cars

And then that the fucking soccer fans are all ex cons who wreak havoc against fellow Serbs since there aren't any minorities to beat up
Oh and then everybody is so broke that have to share vegetables. In America we throw them away

Oh oh and there's all of the Kosovo + Albania nonsense too. So more thugs and more murders
Belgrade sucks, man

>> No.10611431

From southwest mi but travel there frequently - I love it.

>> No.10611460


why do so few people in this thread think SF?

SF is easily one of the most /fa/ city to live in

>> No.10611470

I don't know why but I believe that you're Mexican.
I'm from Mexico and Mexico city has many cool places but the traffic is too annoying it takes you hours to reach places.

I prefer Guadalajara, queretaro and Leon.
You should visit this cities besides they're very safe.

>> No.10611477

I went to mission district to check out the MW store
First thing I see is a Fred Loya Insurance

>> No.10611491

>pussy detected

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>when americans start eroticizing your city, it's over.

So it was over 40 years ago?

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>> No.10611586

St. Petersbourg

Most /fa/ cities to die in:

>> No.10613158

I live right outside Honolulu. All the heavy urbanization recently gets me excited.

Also the way people dress here is 50/50. You have a lot of idgaf people and League of Legends nerds here. The population is mainly Asian, and they're all hit or miss. Some look like adults while a lot are baby faced.

Maybe like a 6/10

>> No.10613230

>the bay
mainly sf berkley and oakland everything else is terrible

>> No.10613247

i like this list

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it's almost like girls want to fit in

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New Brunswick, NJ

basement show mecca of the NE


>> No.10613645

Buddy of mine saw Armor for Sleep and Folly on the same bill at a NJ basement show

>> No.10613689

Does anyone know who took either of these and/or where I could find similar photos?

>> No.10613691

Those are almost definitely taken from helicopters dude

>> No.10613707

Bristol, Brighton

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anyone who mentions boston has never been/lived in boston

pls don't come here
it sucks

>irish people
>literally nothing to do but drink
>food is overrated
>college kids
>transport, navigation around the city is the worst, wouldn't be suprised if it was ranked amongst the worst in the country
>sports fans
>sports bars
(you literally cannot avoid sports)
>cold as fuck for four months (sik layering)
>rent is retarded because college kids
>outskirts of boston is gentrification central
>concerts, bars filled with the same types of people (edgy hipster kids or college children who read p4k for a living)

>> No.10613717

>"open minded liberals"
>and muh american history

>> No.10613842

>being this ignorant


Seems pretty /fa/ to me

>> No.10613871


Lol. The triad dudes have some nice fits sometimes, but other than that it's either poor or suit.

>> No.10613876

>tfw Bochum

Take me far, far away

>> No.10613890

im from leeds and fuck off no

>> No.10613895

i live in Melbourne, its pretty crap lmao

>> No.10613916

>concerts, bars filled with the same types of people (edgy hipster kids or college children who read p4k for a living)
live in dc, and it's the same shit
every other show I hear some over-styled image over music fuck asking another basic questions about the top billed group or directly talking about the review p4k gave their albums
makes me want to puke

>> No.10613921

>every other show I hear some over-styled image over music fuck asking another basic questions about the top billed group or directly talking about the review p4k gave their albums
U Street is unadulterated shit, basically

>> No.10613926

Where da food court at?

>> No.10614033

New York here, stop it. We're not /fa/ outside of fashion week.

>> No.10614061

bunch of mediocre people.
niteroi sucks.

>> No.10614076


>> No.10614098

To the people mentioning Amsterdam, as someone living there why would you say it's /fa/?

Museums are pretty good but what else. Genuinely interested.

>> No.10614115

What makes you say that? Im pretty sure NYC is way more effay than the majority of cities in the US.

>> No.10614416

Top 10
1. Roubaix
2. Tourcoing
3. Charleville Mézières
4. Plobannalec
5. Carnac
6. Osthoffen
7. Calais
8. La Panne
10. Zutkerque

>> No.10614429


>> No.10614453

Unless you consider nigger core as /fa/, LA is not and never will be /fa/. Supreme and all that hypebeast streetwear is not /fa/

>> No.10614485

Live in the south loop, Chiraq is awesome

>> No.10614576

This. Tfw I have to go to NYC or Balitmore for decent music shows.

>> No.10615422

t. midwesterner

>> No.10615427

Eugene oregon kek

>> No.10615428

college town with mexicans.
not /fa/

>> No.10615435

I used to live in the south loop on state and 14th, but that neighborhood is boring as fuck. I'm /westside/ now

>> No.10615451

this isn't a where you live thread, it's most /fa/ cities

>> No.10615808

hong kong

in US alone

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>not Mexico City which is like two times of why guadalajara is great
get your shit together m8

>> No.10615898

you must be retarded if you actually want to go somewhere in time via car, metro is the way to go, unless youre a midget fag who anyone can rob or pickpocket

Queretaro is cool too only if you go there for the history and food, the actual city is boring, its like an americanized mayor mexican city, you know, bland and with a barren vibe but the historic center is beautiful

>> No.10615908

>half life 3 map

>> No.10615942

Small town is most /fa/ option. Cities are for fucking nuggets.

>> No.10615955

they're both shitholes.

>> No.10616057

sydney? really nigga? fratboy pleb detected

>> No.10616082

ffs this shit is retarded I'm like the only people actually from montreal in my neighborhood, its filled with kids from bc/alberta pretending to be musicians

>> No.10616360

Yeah you've got that right. At least you got the decent people from BC/AB though.

>> No.10616367

Where in SWMI? I grew up in Stevensville

>> No.10616457

All of you people are idiots.

To answer this question you must first question. What do you consider /fa/. You have your innovators, and then you have the people that like to wear it.

As far as innovators, the obvious would be anything out of Japan (Korea and China just copy). And second, Mexico, think about it, Mexico has been so shit poor and traditional for years and finally the younger generation has grown up and em brasses how extremely creative Mexico has became with fashion and art. If you doubt what I am saying, it's because you aren't looking in the right places.

So what cities wear it well? I live in LA. LA doesn't even make any fucking list, our fashion sucks, all we have going for us is scummy cock rock, and a bunch hype beasts. Anyone over 30+ dresses quite presentable. NYC on the other hand, those niggas have style, and I'm not talking about the entire city. Im talking about the few blocks radius that is soho. Everything else in that dump is either fuccboi, Puerto Rican, or a different, smellier version of LA cock rock (ex. All of Brooklyn )

I have to go take a shit real quic, brb

>> No.10616470

Gorgeous cathedral. You can buy your groceries in Germany if you want to save $$$. It's cute but you will get fat if you eat tarte flambée erryday

>> No.10616478

Hamburg and Munchen have wealthy people and great shipping but no "street cred". Munich has a lot of art and important history stuff I guess.

>> No.10616494

Isn't SoHo gentrified to shit now? It seems like the people in New York who are /fa/ are people in Brooklyn and they keep on being pushed eastward because of rising rents. Wouldn't you consider Brooklyn an innovator when it comes to indie/whatever fashion?

>> No.10616501

Yeah... I guess you're right, desu I don't really even care. This entire thread is pretty lame. OP probably lives in Vegas or some shit city like that. OPs pretty gay.

>> No.10616515

>sao paolo

you're on crack?

>> No.10616519

It isn't there yet but Detroit will be there ~10 years

>> No.10616678


>> No.10616951

Official AW15 rankings

1. London
2. Tokyo
3. Copenhagen
4. Stockholm
5. Berlin
6. NYC
7. Antwerp
8. Paris
9. Toronto
10. Hamburg

Also Detroit is coming up fast, if any of y'all want to be trailblazers then get the fuck over there right now

>> No.10617000

Montreal is pretty dope. What do you have against it. It's pretty obviously fa

>> No.10617007

Nice b8 m8

>> No.10617010

>people not from LA having an opinion on LA

I dont know what downtown or hollywood events or scenes youve delved into but there are a shit ton of /fa/ people

try going to no name bar oh wait you cant
try going to cloak and dagger oh wait you cant
try going to anything exclusive oh wait you cant

>> No.10617019

literally proving that LA is pleb central

>> No.10617020

Hasn't been relevant since 2004

>> No.10617021

Yeah dude your retarded. You have so many flag ship stores, soho, some of the best fashion schools in the world, and you have a fashion week, that alone sets you in the top 4. NY is effay as fuck, even if you don't think so.

>> No.10617024

NY has fashion week, countless flagship stores, tons of models, soho, and some of the best fashion schools in the world. It's fa as fuck and you are just too retarded to realize it.

>> No.10617038

>cloak and dagger

I lived in downtown for two years, los angeles is a shit hole full of fake people playing "muh city life". classic pick and pull culture in order to please idiots who enjoy the weather. even bay area cities are better

nyc's the best the states have to offer but it pales compared to euro standards. in my experience budapest, copenhagen, and stockholm all knock nyc out of the water w/o having that "fashion capital" label