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Is it me or every day theres less of
slp / heroin chic threads?

Also SLP / HEROIN CHIC general

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what is this models name?

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is this considered heroin chic?

im new and im really digging this style lately.

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The slp a e s t h e t i c is becoming normie-core unfortunately

If you look at Zara's latest collection it's a complete rip-off from the latest slp collections

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valt is sooo good

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damnn zara really sucks

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dear god i love this fit

majestic as fuck

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Anne Frank.

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How the fuck did that thing become a model?

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He has a god tier body, unique look and facial structure. Embodies the "heroin chic" look very well

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"God tier body", fuck no. Guy doesn't even have a body. Just a 3spoopy5me skellington. Looks like he stole a child's face and glued it directly to his skull.

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Why're you in a heroin chic slp thread, this isn't for you

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thats just like your opinion man

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god damn I fucking hate fast fashion

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I just found out the guy who owns Zara is in the top 10 richest people I think he's either number 4 or 6

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i remember seeing him at #1 lol
fucking amancio ortega

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That is literally all Zara does.

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Boxy as fuck. Gross.

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Too much streetwear shit. Supreme, Yeezy, collab shit etc. That's all anyone under 20 is wearing, and most of /fa/ is underage or corporates.

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It's funny how so many people (basically reddit) seem to think that chelsea boots+ anything= slp. Or that Kanye wears an slp style lmao.

At least runway style slp won't become a meme.

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rip :(

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who is the guy?

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His name is Death and hell follows with him.

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Huge SLP album posted here. Comments are a laugh as well

>t-too many white people!
>not enough fat models!

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>so many people (basically reddit)
4chan may as well be a subreddit

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leave the poor guy alone, what did he do wrong?

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River Phoenix

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>t-too many white people!
>not enough fat models!
literally one comment about white people
literally no comments about fat people

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there is one comment referencing a lack of "a wide range of bodies"

there were only like 5 comments when I linked that and those were 2 of them so I figured it'd turn into a shitfest.

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Linking my inspo album again. Update it regularly, let me know what you think. I've been trying to get rid of the fuccboi slp ones. You know the ones

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you still have some pig ugly harry styles pics in there unfortunately

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Okay, just got rid of most of them. I do like having some non-lookbook (amateur) ones though

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The SLP album to end all albums:


630 pics! Most are probably shit, but it'll get you whatever you're looking for in SLP

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sweet thx