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>always say on /fa/ i don't dress for girls
>get qt gf who dresses very well
>she hates what i wear
>forbids me from wearing certain clothes I love when I'm out with her
>makes me cut my mullet
>wants me to dress dad-core

wat do /fa/?

she's a great lay, plus smart, cute and funny so I don't want to leave her, but she even gets upset if i wear sneakers out to dinner

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I mean, if she won't let you be yourself you know what you have to do.

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>makes me cut my mullet

Definitely a keeper.

She's saving you from looking like a tasteless 90s/Cousinfucker Cuntry Band reject.

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I don't want to kill another gf though

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What do you currently dress like?

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that picture is totally dadcore. in reality she prolly just wants you to dress like a grown-up.

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you have bigger problems

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post what u normally wear

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thats pretty messed up she wont let you wear what u like. my last bf (im a gril) was the same way to me. i totally changed the way i dressed while i was dating him and as soon as we broke up i went back to my dressing like a guy/lesbo ways, but i felt so much more like myself and happier

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>that pic
Underage b&

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I'm 25 anon, probably older than you

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Wanna date?

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>wearing sneakers out to dinner
I'm now on the woman's side. You're a manchild

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Be more specific

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dump her and get a younger qt gf

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it does look kinda dad-tier
>messy looking collar
>shirt cuffs past those of sweater
>that stupid belt and wallet
>the cut of the pants
>disgusting two-tone boat shoes
plus the patterned socks just seem thrown in

pic related is a better semi-formal/business casual type outfit

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Talk to her about it. You need to be your own person, if she actually is /forcing/ you to dress a certain way that's seriously fucked up and you need to put your foot down about it or end the relationship. But if she's just expressing her wants (even if it's coming off overly strongly) and not genuinely forcing you to dress in a particular way and you just feel pressured to follow her along, then you should talk to her about it and compromise. From what you said it sounds like you dress very casually, maybe she's upset because you're going out somewhere that matters to her (dinner dates for instance) and dressing in a way she thinks is sloppy and embarrassing? Even if the restaurant isn't wildly formal, wearing something a bit nicer than your usual fare when you're out with her on a date or somewhere special could be a good compromise. But don't let her force you to dress in a particular way,

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Lesbian style is /fa/ as fuck. This is what we aim for as males here in /fa/, some of us can pull it off others don't.

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Nike or adidas sneakers. J brand black jeans. Turtle necks or apc sweaters usually what I'm dressed in

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>yeah, fuck normal human interaction
>relationships are for betas, alphas just bang
>tfw so lonely

All the same person tbh

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It's prep you cucks not dadcore.

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see >>10546291

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dude, that looks good. Why are you complaining? Were you like some sort of street ninja or something before?

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OP is literally an example of "not-dadcore" from this very board.

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All of those are dadcore tbqh (to be quite honest)

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>Being this fucking new

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I'm older than you I'm sure

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put on full rick outfit and punch her in the throat, that'll show her

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>getting so mad over internet meme terms you make a passive-aggressive infograph about the term
holy fuck

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fixd that for ya

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this is actually going in my inspo folder

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listen to her you stupid faggot, who the fuck has a mullet in this day and age

also, dad core is pretty ncie

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post fit of yourself

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>this is what we aim for
looking like we just copped next season fits on asos?

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I like a decent amount of prep, formal wear, heritage, and work wear, but most of those in the infographic are pretty dadcore.

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>i don't like preppy
>everything must be dark

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the picture I posted probably made it seem that way, but I didn't say anything about the colors in OP's pic

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That pic is not better than the OP lmao

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This graphic has existed for so long?

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no one called you young

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>we aim for this
no, we are not all faggots like you

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tomboy spotted

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You don't have to like that outfit, but the one in OP's pic is pretty bad (not because of the color).

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>makes me cut my mullet
>won't let me wear sneakers out to dinner

I fail to see how these are negatives. Also who the fuck calls them "sneakers" anymore?

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Sneaker is a really common term, including on this board. What do you call them?

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sick jays

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Feet helmets tbh fam

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sock socks

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Sneakers to dinner is inappropriate. Grow up. You're dating a woman, not a girl.

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>letting your woman control you

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>letting your woman control you
Jesus christ

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>wearing sneakers to dinner
you uncultured pleb

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You cut your mullet?
Didn't you ever read about samson and dalilah?
you must be the cuckiest of cucks
consider suicide

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Other than the shade of chino, faggy belt shoes and socks, this is what you should be wearing OP.

Most women want a man to look smart, business casual, or at least wear a shirt with a v-neck or decent trousers.