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look what happened to /fa/s fave little tranny, qko

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jesus christ dude

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biblical newfaggery

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someone post THE webm

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>your average /fa/ skype group posters

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>techno interests me

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just add snails in there to get the whole fugly trifecta

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she used to go to my school

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this can't be her

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fucking lol

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fresh from care-tags.org where "she" posts under the name pei

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she hasn't been in any sort of /fa/ skype group for ages now
saic? afaik she's still there

heard she's getting married, not sure how true that is though

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>This is the effects of Caretags on the brain/body

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ftm transition didnt went all that well tbh

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all that backpatting and circlejerking sure went to her head

blew it up like a balloon

lol care-tags, worst fashion forum on earth

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He somehow has managed to look WORSE than before.

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>tfw when i jerked off two times to qko's upskirt video
feels kind of ok man

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inb4 le traperino xD!

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well it is almost hibernation season

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I followed her on tumblr before she started getting into fashion she's not mtf

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What's her new tumblr?

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she hasnt posted all year.

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his bf posted it


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holy fucking shit

it's like she developed down syndrome

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oh my god... seriously what the fuck. qko went downhill FAST

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>implying all transgenders dont basically have a form of downsyndrome

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wait do people actually think qko is trans or is this just memeing?

holy fuck shes just a homely SE asian

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pretty sure there are pictures of her floating around pre-transition

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Jesus Christ

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that damage control

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this is what happens when you chop your dick off, take a shit load of estrogen and then go on antidepresants because you fucked your life up and can never go back

qko admitted being post op on care tags a while ago

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I have loads of friends who go to SAIC and I've seen here at parties before. She's annoying as fuck

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I never post here, I just stumbled over to /fa/ out of boredom. Can someone fill me in? I fail to say anything wrong with these photos. I think they look like a really cute couple.

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Oh, so this is just a trans person y'all have collectively bullied and obsessed over. Typical.

IMO I think he made a super cute boy with bleached hair, and I think she makes a cute girl now. Just based off what I've seen in this thread.

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biblical motherfucker. next level new fucking faggotry

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traps are fine when theyre skinny and cute...this one is ugly fat and borderline down syndrome-esque

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fun fact:

4chan is composed of the following:

20% Tranny

15% Racism

15% Other

15% Naked Women

10% Bane

10% Beta Whining

5% In the Aeroplane over the Sea

5% Weeaboo

5% Pepe

Of all users, 40% are under 18, the ratio is 2 to 1 in favor of Neckbeards and a whopping 70% live a NEET lifestyle or are otherwise unemployed/dependent

The more you know.......

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>5% Weeaboo

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she isn't actually trans she's just dumpy lmao

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transexuals are fucking retarded. instead of just coming out as gay, they would rather take hormone medication and even get surgery to cut off their cock and balls just so they can feel comfortable with dating another man.

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Who said anything about Jamie Bochert being trans?

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the short bleached hair was after dumb ass

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but thats wrong. qko posted face pics years before that, and when she first started posting she was 16/17 and looked/sounded very much like a girl

how retarded do you have to be to find anything in that pic even remotely convincing?

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referring to

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mfw I can't get my bf to dress better with me but this dumpy piece of shit can get his to try.


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unhealthy mix of feminism and testosterone

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Wow, this is fucking creepy. Can you take those photos down, please? You do NOT have permission to post them here. Thanks.

Still bitter that Pei wants nothing to do with you anymore and chose me?

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is this actually the dude???
respects if u can actually get yr dick hard homie. ur the real mvp

And no we kicked her like a year ago for her literal autism.

Uncle Snails

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fuck. she's sexy

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this thread is pathetic
i bet most of you don't have half the collection of RO, Cavempt and yohji that pei does
and even if you do, can't wear it as good as she does
she looks cool and fashionable. if you dont think so you are just a stupid pleb who wants to look like a model and thinks any celebrity is automatically "effay"

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working out is modern couture

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Glad to see such a nice family reunion.

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>photos on the internet

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>You do NOT have permission to post them here.

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return to fa after a year
every one a freak show

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depression got her

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wait so is she a f2m tranny or m2f??????

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Fat and fashionable are mutually exclusive

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yea well so is being fit and attractive at this point. if you look like a model then just go to american eagle or the gap. being fashionable is about being different and expressing yourself. pei is probably the most fashionable person i know, regardless of her weight

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is this some elaborate joke? I hope a person like you doesn't actually exist

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>pei is probably the most fashionable person i know
> being fashionable is about being different and expressing yourself

she dresses like every single "fashion forward" art school goof
shes mentally ill to boot

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Check OP's pic. These are what fashion kids look like. Then tell me if you still think people with this kind of mindset don't exist. They are delusional by necessity to engage in such a superficial hobby while looking like that.

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People like the ones in the OP don't actually engage in fashion though. They only think wearing rick will increase their social currency. They don't work in fashion or take an interest in it beyond 'this looks good to me'

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>people like the ones in the OP
>looks good to me
she must be full on retarded then

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>it has no female reproductive organs

Ladies and gentlemen, trans"people"

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get the fuck off my board

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>70% live a NEET lifestyle or are otherwise unemployed/dependent
>40% are under 18
>5% Weeaboo
You're a fucking idiot

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>i bet most of you don't have half the collection of RO, Cavempt and yohji that pei does
>how many pieces do i have to buy to make up for being an atrocious wreck of a human being

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