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90's inspo/inspo similar to pic related

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Why do you want to dress like shit? Why are you intentionally dressing like shit???

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it's a cool kind of shit

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lol no. you know these guys had no thought on what they put on right? thats it Buy some wallmart lee jeans striped shirt or sweater and that it

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I get what you mean, but literally not caring and buying whatever the fuck today doesn't look like that, it looks like a horribly fitting dad jeans, ugly, dirty, grey new balance sneakers, and a random poorly designed t shirt.

To get the kind of look pictured in the first two pics one would have to look in thrift stores, not a walmart.

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lurk more, you have no idea what you're talking about

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But they look cool in it

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why are dads today border line handicapped. I told mine why don't you just wear a plain white tee and some normal fitting jeans and he continued on to mimick me in a "gay voice" while wearing a quick silver tee, runners, and some board shorts. Like I try to relate to his age and show him stuff that's 60's core so it's not an embarrassment to be seen with him and he's like sworn in as a dad to wear shitty graphic tees and the outfit that go along with it. I look back and see pictures of my grandpa when he was that age and he was looking classy af

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action reaction
you react to your dad's lack of style just a he did to his own father's style

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Dude on the left is shamelessly ripping off Mac DeMarco.

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We get it
You're on the internet

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Here is Kurt Cobain and Beck?

90s blondes are best blondes.

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Don't bother trying to change his fashion sense, dads are pretty much expected to dress like shit. My dad's fits are just typical dad jeans and a t shirt but he has some clothing items that are cool on their own

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just watch ferris bueller's day out

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you must be just entering high school or something. Because i used to dress like this in 90's. And i can promise you that all this is is 90's skate/punk culture. You have know idea what you are talking about

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like i posted here
>>10507542 this shit is wall-mart. That's the shit they used to sell in walmart in that time. i really must be getting to old for 4chan in general when 14 year olds thinking the 90's where cool in anyway

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There was nothing cool about the 90s at all? What are you on about?

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sure for the aged look. but you could always... yenno... wear the clothes till they look like that... also on anyone but green day that would look stupid. its called the endowment effect. we believe certain objects have qualities they dont because of who they belong to. thats why these fits look stupid on you. cause your trying to look like fucking green day. just buy shit you like and if other people like it cool. if not its a good thing they dont pay for your clothes.

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just having none of it

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might be the 80s i dont know

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90's 100%

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As if everyone back then had perfect made to measure jeans. Just look at how well fitting they are. Even the hems are right where they should be. Nowadays you either see cargo shorts or super baggy jeans with dragging ragged hems.

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80s is fine too i guess

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>I will never be a 90s teenage skateboarding mallrat