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Post pictures and diet advice

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smoke a packet a day
drink coffee when you're hungry
if you're about to pig out on food eat toothpaste

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Ive never thought of eating tooth paste, actually a p good idea m8.

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>Filling yourself up on fluoride

Top idea m8

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>giving a fuck about you health

it's thinspo not healthspo lad

just buy some organic toothpast without fluor if you're such a faggot

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>thin body with big curvy hips

Gd suggestion if u want to become a trap, terrible otherwise fella

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inb4 he loose all his hair.

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You don't have to eat it. Just brush your teeth

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eat food, don't smoke or do drugs
lift weights and exercise
stop being a child

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>if you're about to pig out on food eat toothpaste

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>tfw as skinny or even skinnier than on OPs pic

i want to get muscles

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Mint suppresses hunger so just chew mint gum

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When ever i get hungry i look at this thread as motivation

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Run on over to fit and read the sticky. I've taken control of my fate since I'm back at Uni and have access to food/gym. 6'1 140 lbs Mr. Skeltal to 150 lbs Mr. Less Skeltal in two months.

Makes a huge difference in my posture and presence. Also makes most of my shirts look and fit better!

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Diet advice

eat less
exercise more

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Im 165 and 5'11 and have a decent build with very broad shoulders and everyone thinks im overweight because of how my clothes hang. Any advice? I know i can taylor clothes but i dont want to get all of my shirts fitted.

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had the same problem, even had the same stats as you. if youre like me you should already have a muscular back and round shoulders. this is causing the illusion of a huge torso and tiny arms and now visible chiseled greek statue factor. what i did is I defined my pecs and built the shit out of my arms. worked like a charm people thought i took steroids

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My god you are spot on, but the problem is i dont want to look super built (ik im a /fa/ggot) because i want to look good in designer clothes without getting them tailored to my strange greek features. I want to look like pic related.>>10504201

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there's only one way to lose weight, and that's to eat less calories than you use

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Is this a fucking anorexia thread?

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pretty much..but we don't like to use that word