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only thing i have that's vaguely related

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Frat core

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more grills need to cop this aesthetic

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Why is she wearing shoes that are many sizes too big? They look silly, almost like clown shoes

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dirty work is pretty funny tbh
watch it

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her feet are notorious for being humongous

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The concept of making an effort to look like people who don't make much of an effort is absolutely retarded. You can't get much more pretentious than that.

You don't need inspo for normcore. It's easy: go to the mall and enter a few random fast-fashion stores, buy some shit that looks inoffensive and comfortable without thinking too much about trends or how it matches your existing wardrrobe, and viola: you've achieved normcore status.

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in the early seasons of friends there are some terrific fits

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w2c Kramer jacket?

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spoken like a true normcore-naive, fool

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This smh tbh fam

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(also I'm watching it right now)

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women wearing shoes too big would be a nice trend, so they won't end with hideous feet by years of applied pressure on the wrong places (especially tall girls).

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Nah jerrys jacket in this pic is pretty slacker core

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Is it bad if my feet look like hers and I'm a dude?

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Her feet is easily 11/10 but never shows your feet in public because you are a man. Your feet isnt bad or good, rating it won't even make sense. Also I get triggered every time they ruin a high fashion fit by putting sandals on males.

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why is Kramer the undoubted most /fa/ one there when he's supposed to be the poor autistic dumbass?

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can someone pls tell me what exactly is this normcore? which period of 90s are we talking? what specific style?

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kramers actually pretty smart in terms of knowledge you don't really need

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he's not a dumbass or autistic, he's just nuts

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>p/ sure those are boots
every fucking time

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Need more outfits from the early 2000s

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is that a pun

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is jerry wearing huaraches?

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noice bae

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that is the size of her feet.

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/fa answers its own question

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that asian qts fit is godlike

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lmao are those really huaraches or are they just edited.

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How about instead of making everyone buy shoes 5 sizes too big, people actually wear shoes that are shaped like feet (and companies actually make them).

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Fuck, them fits be on point tbh

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I deleted my dadcore folder long ago OP..

had a ton of shit like >>10501668

w8 I might still have some..

holy fuck it's awful so many shit with no style...

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I'm fucking deleting these as I go through my old ass folders.

It's advanced normiecore

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ughh I want to kill myself no wonder why I didn't learn anything.

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stop derailing

get your own thread

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Joey's so fucking aesthetic in that pic.

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Are your initials LD?

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is normcore normiecore? or is it something else?

sorry I got confused... honest.

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I'm a white Cuban

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It´s definitely not "normiecore".

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I thought it was a thread about normalfag fashion.. thats why. sorry.

saw this >>10501668 and got confused.

please explain next time in the OP what is normcore. because it's easy to get confused.

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now I want gap vintage :(

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she's not asian

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The only normcore that matters is 50s/60s normcore.

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who has the large one?

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the goose looking elfmode af

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That's boring, it really is.
I could maybe handle with some oranges.

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Normcore is very much not dadcore or prep

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