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thinspo general

old one died i think

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What core is that? Liberated-from-nazi-camp-core?

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...it's just a skinny, attractive man.

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Is that a sixpack

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daily reminder to take your amphetamines

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Anybody gets a sixpack when he weights like 80 pounds

Yeah, thats just like... your opinion

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>Anybody gets a sixpack when he weights like 80 pounds
nope, four/eight/tenpacks are as common as sixpacks. it's in your genes.

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Girls don't typically get them unless they work out a shitton or have lucky genes. I've seen 50lbs girls with no sixpack.

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Olga Sherer

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Last one

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any1 got weight loss tips?

idk if this is the right thread but im 5'5, 115 with skinny limbs but not as skelly chest as i'd want

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koreans have really nice programming about how to lose weight in tough areas.

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thanks dude

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adderall cigarettes and water
eat less than 500 calories per day

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Thanks! Do you have any other ones by any chance?

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only eat after 10 hours of being awake. That way you dont fuck up and keep eating since it's hard at first until you get used to it

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>weight train 3 times a week including bodyweight training
>practice bjj and other martial arts twice a week for several hours
>have this body type at 125lbs
>face is still ugly

fucking end it all

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I swear I eat not even 1000 cals a day. And I used to browse /fit/ and be into bulking and shit. After my morning cigarette I get SICK when I eat. I want off this wild ride.

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ITT: twinks try to justify their shit body as 'effay' whilst their short-lived phase of thinking they're a male model is laughed upon by any normal person.

go to fit and become ottermode you fucking twats.

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is this you? post moar, you look good

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>commenting on an anime website

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You don't need carbs to go to bed though, but you need them at work. Wouldn't it be better to just have breakfast or lunch & skip supper?

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already skinny but trying new diet, 3 hard-boiled eggs by noon, then 1-2 chicken breast by 7:30pm supplemented with vitamins, coffee and probably caffeine tablets cause fuck it

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What is the thinnest you can be without damaging your health? OP pic seems realistic

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>tfw bowed legs
skinny jeans look ridiculous
is there anything I can do, its not extreme enough for surgery

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I wear almost exactly this but with taller Guidi's and a looser shirt

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how can i lose muscle weight? bmi 17.5 right now but i have big thighs because i used to do a lot of road cycling. don't really need as much muscle now, what sort of exercise or diet will help?

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it could if you have control to and going to bed makes it fucking hard to sleep. it does for me, at least.

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Orthotic inserts for your shoes might fix it.

Yeah sometimes I have insomnia if I don't eat enough but I don't want to be that person who can't focus in class or in a meeting either.

Body, why u fall asleep if I'm hungry at 10am but you can't sleep if I'm hungry at 10pm???

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This is just shitty. I mean I like slim girls, don't get me wrong, but thats not thin, thats anorexic

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if i lose weight will my face look skinnier too? will my jawline get better? it all looks a bit round, like a baby.
can i just stop eating for a weak or will i die from that?

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It's what you need for modeling if you don't have a rich daddy.

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Yes , yes and yes but don't take advice from those faggots just read this : http://simplesciencefitness.com/ , and do the " INSANITY" program to get in shape . ( do this if you want to stay healthy )
If you don't care about your health , yes you can starve youself and after that with each meal you will eat you're going to gain 10kgs .

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this really annoys me that OP's pic is the same one from the last thinspo general

like yup, go ahead. put this pic in my face for the next week yet again

>neurotic 4channer feels