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I realize they're already well known on fa but i feel like they're bound to be worn by every dude on every college campus soon. Similar to what happened with uggs and girls.

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they seem too hard to pull off for most

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the 6 inch ones are a lot nicer, imo

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seem pretty straight forward if you can rock slimmer pants

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got mine the other day

on the first day wearing them to campus I got complimented by a cutie

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No you didn't

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they're already becoming a thing on mfa and r/streetwear, give them 6 months or so and they could be the next thing

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No, they are dull ugly combat boots that are less durable then nikes regular sneakers like af1

sfbs are just a meme that really tickles some folks autism

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I think it might, but I'm not a fan. I just saw shit on reddit and hypebeast. Even on kanye/shia, the look is a bit iffy. When someone tries a fit like this:


it's pretty bad.

I don't know - I prefer the older styles of combat boots.

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theyre fucking memecore now on reddit, every streetwear teen has a pair and theyre picking up on twitter so i expect in the next couple of months of them for them to blow up

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All of this sounds terrible, I would actually use those to run instead of using them to mimic the appearance of someone who does. It's on par with the lumberjack beard persona

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"I love your school shooter core shoes anon teehee. Can we neckbeard and chill?"

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lmao truly

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I kind of like the white ones tbh

Only good colorway imo

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everyone on my post wears them, including me.
civilians wearing them look fucking stupid.

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it was like "cool boots"

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armyfag here

I hate you fucking faggots. None of you have ever walked more than 5 miles in your life, and damn sure haven't done it while carrying a heavy rucksack, which is what they're for. Mountains? Forget it.

Such fucking posers, you see an emotionally unstable celebrity do it and you're hopping on the train. Fuck you should feel like losers.

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lmao sure

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how did this start?

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except the sfb is a cheap shit sneaker fam

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>people following trends
wow this has never happened before

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I don't
Never liked the feel of them tbqhwy
But I am a 12n pog soooo

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I bought a pair of these in back April to wear at work, because the boots I bought when I started fell apart.

I got them because another person who has a pair started there before me and his boots were/are still holding up.

Was also considering Vibrams or Danners, which I see a lot on the job too.

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>her person who has a pair started there before me and his boots were/are still holding up.

Danners i have are holding up just fine so far.

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>actually thinks this is a military boot

You have no idea what you're talking about, mr elite operator.

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1n3 in AF. army and navy wear them too.

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lol look at the welfare baby crying cause he decided to waste his life getting paid pennies to shoot sand nigger, only to realize not only military wear boots. What you just described is literally a basic bitch hike.

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What language bro? KorLing here

I also have these boots.

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sfb trainers are the sickest ones
but they haven't been made in a few years (except for the dumb flyknit ones) so they are kind of hard to find

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yea like most people even care what they can or cannot pull off

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>willingly joins the military
>complains about the people who weren't dumbasses in high school appropriating muh special issued boots

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Look like power ranger boots

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The 6 inches are straight cancer

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Another Armyfag here

Shut the fuck up with your bitching you pathetic shitsack

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>None of you have ever walked more than 5 miles in your life, and damn sure haven't done it while carrying a heavy rucksack
I've gone hiking for years.

>which is what they're for.
I am also glad i don't need to use the retarded, unpractical and uncomfortable gear the army uses (incuding those boots).

>Such fucking posers, you see an emotionally unstable celebrity do it and you're hopping on the train.
Yeah, that's called "trends".

>Fuck you should feel like losers.
Said the one who is paid pennies to crawl in mud.

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Not interested in them myself, but still think they're really cool, so I looked.

Unfortunately, they seem pretty hard to find. All I was able to get (after a quick search, so by no means exhaustive) was this article in November 2011:


Not sure if they're even in stock anymore. The Nike site doesn't seem to have them. Even Ebay's not giving me anything.

Yeah, they look dope.

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literally never seen a good fit with these aside from shia fits, which i wouldn't consider "good" but more like default.

that being said, i own a pair. originally bought them for hiking, have never gone hiking in them, wear them in semi-shia style fits but have difficulty putting them to use otherwise. overpriced, quality is pretty mediocre

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holy shit all of these are awful

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The reddit fits?

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yeah the fits. there's some seriously cringy stuff in that album

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>implying she wasn't being sarcastic

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Yeah, I know. I have yet to see a truly good fit with these boots. The Shia / Kanye fits are just all right.

However, I do like the all-white (>>10480995, >>10484363) in theory - but I can't find any fits with them (good or bad).

Most of the colorways have way too much going on IMO (and all-black just look like police boots), but the all-white has this strange futuristic minimalism.

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the whites seem impossible to find.

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Do you work as campus security?

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What's it like training to fight for Israel, you glorified welfare queen?

You know me and my friends fuck military girlfriends and wives we meet at the bars every weekend.

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Someone buy these so I don't have to


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just because you're ugly as fuck and no one compliments you doesn't mean it can't happen to other people

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Still really skeptical about these. How do they look with straight cut pants?

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Shia is the only one who can pull these off

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>How do they look with straight cut pants?
Terrible. See >>10480922

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The sole is way too big and clunky. Real ugly.

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Hmm yes it seems. They dont sell on the Nike site oddly enough.

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>The sole is way too big and clunky.

This is why the Nikes are such game-changers. Such a sleek sole.

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hopefully these are waterproof? not just "quick drying"
i'm assuming it is...

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The nike page doesn't even say whether they're waterproof or not, but does explicitly say "quick drying," and emphasizes how the material "breathes."

Maybe they're not waterproof? Can someone confirm?

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The more people who buy them, the cheaper it will cost for you. Be happy

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They're not.

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Do you know how supply and demand even work?

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Don't fall for the shia meme

They're really not versatile shoes and they're obnoxious as fuck when they're brand new and clean. My girlfriend surprised me with the boots when they went on sale and now I feel bad because I never wear them

My normal pants weren't tight enough so I tried the h&m skinnies. They're pretty much jeggings. They're the only pants that work with these

Probably gonna return the hm pants and then silently never wear the boots and feel like an asshole

(Top is Woolrich from the thrift)

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yeaa i wish they were more versatile, i want them to work so bad for some reason cause i just like the way they look alone. why do they work so well on shia? I look somewhat similiar to him tbh so i feel like i could pull them off

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i like your outfit though

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You better not be a pog.

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its actually a good fit

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nice pasta

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these are superior in every way to the nike

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most boots are

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these are dank, look a little more versatile

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Do not buy those. I got a pair of those exact style boots in highschool ROTC with my ACU. They're not worth it

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I wear them every day they are far more rugged, and comfortable. I had a pair of the nike's they fall apart a lot faster and provide little support for your feet.

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do you wear them for style? like with jeans or anything?

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What's the difference between these two (other than the color)? Which one is taller?

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Same height.

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Looks good tho

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I hope so, seems a decent stepping stone to mens knee-high boots and dressing like space cowboys

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n-nice hips

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this could be dope as fuck get different speckled wool socks, and also dont tie your boots as tight. I got the green ones, and over time they get a lot better looking. The tan ones should be even more versatile too

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These are the reddit equivalent of CP's, I'd cringe if I ever saw someone wearing these non-ironically, get some timbs or doc's if you want something brand name but less neckbeard

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It is funny cus I was in the Marines literally last year, and we used to heavily ridicule "boots" (i.e. new marines) who wore their combat boots with their normal clothes. Esp. if they tucked their jeans.

Now fucking... it's cool? I mean, suffice to say I will not partake...

>marine corps
>based dinner boots
>uses nike

In case you were wondering how the branches stack up, it's like this with everything.

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Lol, the military makes snow gear, ya fags, and they're EXTREMELY strict on who is issued it. If you get it you can sell it to jelly other marines/army fags.

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I really wanna show u guys my sick black sfb's in black skinny jeans and a black tank but I have essays to do :X

I will unleash my sick fit late Nov after uni ends

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these would look good with baggier jeans tbh

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what the fuck

it would take ten seconds lad

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lel I got a fatty

Dont you see though? If I did those things, I would be wearing shias exact outfit. That's why I don't like wearing them.. it just feels super unoriginal and uninspired

I feel like that has different context though. A serviceman wearing these is trying to show off that he's a serviceman. An effay user that picks these up just likes the shoes. Pretty substantial low-level contextual difference

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>A serviceman wearing these is trying to show off that he's a serviceman.

Or maybe he just likes the boots

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Are SFBs good winter boots? If not, what are a similar alternative that can handle ice and snow?

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>nike sfbs

pick one. SFBs are way too far out of the comfort zones & wardrobes of any neckbeards on here.

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SFBs aren't for winter. try Palladium Monochrome Baggy Leather, good silhouette

>> No.10491956

no way jose...
theyre made for middle eastern hot dry areas m8

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If you're in the military and go out innafield every so often they wear out really fucking quick, but they're comfy so what ever. Other boots I wear are my tanker boots.

I love the soles on those boots. I still really need to find these.

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I bought the regular SFBs. Not the "8 inch".

They were very slightly smaller than true to size. Not really enough to matter.

>> No.10493338

Does anyone know how Palladium boots fit Im usually a UK10 but there is only 10.5 left?

>> No.10493362

true to size/a tad roomy depending on what brands you're used to, at least the pampa sport cuff wps model.

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Do you think I'd get away with half sizing up on monochrome baggy?

>> No.10493373

yes actually, according to the reviews on my goto online store. i haven't tried those on myself

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cheers for the info mate

>> No.10493379

i have the white vapors, half size big should be fine

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Just to clarify they are monochrome baggy 2 the nylon ones

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going TTS is still recommended though right

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What is slim fit

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every way except aesthetics

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Anyone see or have these?

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what brand, ive looked at corcoran but im worried about the strap size

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Those look horrendous. Just when I thought a boot couldn't look worse than SFB, you found one.

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Mostly with OCPs

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Does anyone have fits with palladium baggy's?

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Holy fuck another person who wants to sex the panama sole? I swear this shit is my fetish. I love to step in mud and look at my bootprint. Step in everything and look at the print. Its weird but i just love doing it.

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I wore a pair while I was in the Army but that was because they are light and kinda comfy. They look like dog shit though. I don't know why you guys like them.

>> No.10499814

debating buying these because I'm a fucking loser and no one likes me so I can make this shit fall out of trend faster tbqh (to be quite honest)

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Cowboyfag here

I hate you nancy yella bastards. None of you have ever ridden a horse in your life, and darn tootin haven't done it while tossin a lasso, which is what they're for. Great plains? Forget it. Such fucking posers, you see a bunch of country singers do it and you're hopping on the train. Tarnation, yall should feel like losers.

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I just like them because I'm looking for comfy, sleek kicker boots that I can wear anywhere basically that don't look like neo nazi combat boots.

>> No.10499929

it is, dumbass

>> No.10501269

any recommendations on classic style army boots that have vibram soles and aren't flat? Needs to be functional too

>> No.10501286

doesn't meet specs and if you took that foam piece of shit into the field or up a mountain it would get fucked. Operators do not cop them.

>> No.10501841

The old ones werent up to spec, the newer ones are

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I copped mine at Ross for $19 no lie

>> No.10503061



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same here, but $22. Saw a black for $14.99 in a 10 but I'm a 12 so no thanks. Also the 6" and trainer ones in several colors. Nothing in a 12 but sage, so copped back in January when I found them and they're great!

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Maybe, but you definitely didn't

>> No.10504288

I did tho

Thats amazing. I bought mine for like AU$280 all up, or USD$200

>> No.10504312

what? are they common there? im about to run over to mine