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What do you think of JUSTin Bieber's new haircut now that he's finally caught onto the bleached hair with dark eyebrows meme?

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looks like hes balding

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and not the normal type of baldening either, looks like his hair is falling in clumps

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not a good color for his skin tone
looks washed out and gross

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i dno I kinda like it.
Seen it on other guys and some really fits it

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i think it looks awesome i like how hes embracing the fact hes a pretty boy

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He has a dorky face
Very unfashionable and normie

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Calling it now, transgender officially within 2 years.

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Looks like a fucking tranny.

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That's shooped isn't it? No way he's balding that bad, holy shit it looks horrible.

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wow that looks gay

his neck tattoo laso looks like a faggot earing

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would justin bieber get the same hate if he was black ?

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its because his hair is bleached, it makes the hair look bright blonde; close to his skin colour

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do all people who bleach their hair end up looking semi bald like this or is it just due to his skin tone? was considering getting a whiter shade than this and i have a very pale complexion, but if this is how you end up looking then fuck it

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Looks like Donald Trump with dyed eyebrows

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he wouldnt even be popular if he was black.

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superior popstar coming through

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Buzzcut is GOAT

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looks like the sun is setting on his head with that low hairline

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ifw Zayn tbh

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yikes. don't do drugs children.

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Mirin his chimp hairline too

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ahem... isnt him too?

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Why cant scientist experiment on him. He has the beard and the hair? I thought if you weer prone to beard you would go bald. He has the hairline of a greek god wtf.

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Fucking hot.

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i really thought that tattoo was a ear ring

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>assuming theres such a thing as a black teenage-heartthrob

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>what is chris brown

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>Chris Brown is a black teenage heartthrob
Get your head out your ass mate

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Is there anything really new about this though? Don't get me wrong I like it, but bleached hair has been tumblr core for years

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Not gonna lie, I love his current style.

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Wish he kept his mane. The buzzcut looks weird

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The ghost of Saint Nicholas has visited this Bieber thread.

What say you, Beliebers?

(click image thumbnail for full size)

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agreed. I mean it's alright, he's great looking so IN THE END, IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER. but for real he had such sweet hair, a real shame

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he's literally just zack morris's little retarde cousin

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Can someone explain how you maintain facial hair at that length? What is the right razor or whatever. Thanks fam

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I thought his old hair was overrated until I just looked at a ton of photos. He looked 10/10. Still looks good overall, but that hair tho.

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just use a 1 on normal clippers or beard trimmer rly not that hard tbh

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Sarina <3

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>who is usher
>who is the black guy from s club 7
>black people dont exist
>i am a country bumpkin
ive got my head in my arse ?

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>What do you think of JUSTin Bieber's new haircut.?
i think he looks like a lesbian.

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is this the 80s?
It looks good here i guess but damn

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that or hes gonna end up raging homo

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Thanks homie. Anything that's softer on the skin than clippers?

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you realise he gets told exactly what to wear

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I think he looks like Tosh Townend

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Too much bleach will do that to you

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Jereme Rogers comin thru

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i LOVE justin's new hair

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W2c sweater never seen that color way before

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Nice dick

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him with light eyes is the GOAT

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beta softboy

alpha af

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i think it's an arab/pakistani thing

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Can't deny its a good haircut that suits him. That's just a bad picture.

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that color looks horrible on him even if the haircut is good

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>dat thinning on the front
another 5 years max until its getting obvious

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kinda feel bad for this guy. he's going to grow up with a pretty warped and broken view of the world. being internationally hated and ridiculed must play on one's emotions a hell of a lot, especially if you grow up with it.

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Looks like diffuse thinning, which is a common initial side effect of propecia/finasteride.
Time will tell if he's on it or not, but if he isn't on it already then he soon will.

>The “Boyfriend” singer recently did an interview with the U.K.’s Rollercoaster where the topic of Prince William’s hair came up. The young phenom seemed bewildered when considering why the Prince does nothing for his hair.
“I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia. I don't know why he doesn't just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?”

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I swear to fucking god this board thinks that every single male human is balding...

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agreed. he should dye it black or back to brown

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too handsome for pakistan

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they are

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>internationally hated and ridiculed
m8 he has millions of fans around the world ready to have his kids wtf are you talking about. Hes literally one of the biggest (if not the biggest) pop star of the world

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That's a horrible tone. He should just go platinum and be done with it.

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the bearded woman