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thinspo general

old thread:

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hit 17.9 bmi today yes fucks yes finally under 18

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w2c abs

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tfw 34x33 pants

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t better fw 29x32

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How tall are you?
Im 5'10 30x32 pants end right below my ankle sometimes I feel like an unproportionate freak

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almost 6'3"
My torso is long and legs short
So getting any kind of sweater/jumper is pain in the ass.

even though 34x33 suits me most of the time, it can be 33x34 as well, depending on brand/model/cut

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11/10 pic

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>mfw im 28-32
Pretty imposible find pants this size
Being skelly is suffering

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>Pretty imposible
American? Check out Cheap monday. They shitload of skinny models.

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w2c pants on the right

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that's a 13yo

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Reverse img search or w2c general

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6'4" / 161 lbs

1.93 m / 73 kg

Jeans in pic: 29/34

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I'm new to /fa/ is this a joke?

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>tfw no tummy like cara

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they're wearing the same belt, that's cute

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help me!! I can't stop eating TOTINOS PIZZA ROLLS, I don't want to get fat but I can't STOP, my dad almost filled our entire freezer with them!!!!

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Nah, being skinny is desirable and if you don't go too far a lot of girls actually prefer thin guys

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What jeans?

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They're SLP u dunce

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how many calories did everybody eat today? 700 here

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28x32 is p easy, found some at pacsun even

i gotta wear them around my butt rather than waist though

high-waisted 28x34s simply do not exist outside of slp

i tried some on in their showroom but i'm poorrr

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Yeah but posting half naked dudes to get there?

This is what anorexic chicks do.

Either way, my ex was anorexic and used to say something like "nothing tastes better than being thinner"

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This is /fa/, everyone has mild homosex tendencies

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I see. So this is a sort of support general for people trying to get extremely thin so they look best in clothing (and in general)?

I'm 173-lbs and 5' 11" , how much weight should I lose to be ideal for this thread?

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i'm 6'2 135

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go back to tumblr you fucking faggots

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Haha you're nuts m8

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Well, its not like im going to rape a picture

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chad tier or no good tier

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hmm what is so good about being dead thin? enlight me pls

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I weigh exactly the same at 6'3, and I'm trying to lose 15 pounds

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being effay and laughing at fat people ofcourse

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Clothing looks best on thin people, hence why models are thin. Thin is aesthetically more pleasing to most, at least people that are honest about it.

The trouble with these threads is that they are just a little creepy. I mean, drop some weight and get thin sure, but, obsessing over photos of extremely thin people is probably dangerous and on the corner of some kind of disorder.

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>tfw 14.0 BMI

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Not being fat.

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girls can only be thin if they're good looking, if not then they're just s p 0 0 k y

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i like spooky girls

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It's "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
and thinking this when you are hungry really does help.
I'm getting there, basically skinny af, but too much body fat, so I try to eat mostly chicken and pasta.

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Also something that helped me in the beginning was wearing an old belt of mine and making a new hole so it would be super tight and a bit uncomfortable, this way you quickly notice your progress, and making another hole when you are skinny enough is the best thing in the world

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How likely are my scales to be broken? Weighed myself this morning and I was 128.8lbs and this evening I'm 126.8lbs. I understand that weight fluctuates, but can it go down over the course of the day? I've eaten about 1200kcal today.

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maybe 40lbs, probably slightly more...

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thread music:


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did you poop today?

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Don't think you understand what that song is about m8

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Anyone done alternate day fasting? how does it compare to just normal starvation?

I tend to starve myself during the week then stuff myself on the weekend, it worked for a while but I've plateaued a bit.

I run 4 days a week too.

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is it weird that i have absolutely no clue what sweaters/tshirts/general upperbody wear to get? im skinny af status and i dont have this problem at all with jeans and shoes or anything, but man finding a simple tshirt is like is hard.

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>157 lbs
>no gym membership but access to martial arts place that runs classes basically 7 days a week
what do

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Run and eat less food you fat faggot fuck

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is 18.5 bmi /thin/?

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depends on your figure.

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intake less calories than you burn

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what bmi do i need to drop down to before i am indisputably skinny? 17?

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no one cares


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Former bulimic here

Hope you're all eating, achieve your goal weight the right way pls.

Don't hurt yourself

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who makes 26 x 32 pants? I saw some on Cheap Monday, any other makers?

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I eat around 900 kcal daily and I run 4 days a week, should I also start lifting weights?

5'8'' 139 lbs btw

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Requesting pic of skinny dude in olive bomber with black skinnies and black chelseas

Just got alpha industries green bomber and I need to go from 140 to 125

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How is this thinspo?

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@tanyazhukova on insta

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Ala Sekula

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More :)

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>this guy slaps your ass at the gay bar
>your hipbone shatters on impact
Besides continuing to be an emaciated weakling, what do?

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You should start eating more and lifting weights you cunt
Left is better
>Besides continuing to be an emaciated weakling, what do?
They wouldn't do anything. They would just go home and cry about it on /fa/ or /r9k/

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First ,make sure your floor is even,try putting the scale always in the same tile.And yes,maybe you pee a lot(im guessing from drinkign coffee) so by the end of the day you actually lose water weight.

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you dont NEED to excersise to lose weight,just eat less.
btw,i find that exercising makes me hungrier so i avoid it (i just walk like 5km per day though)

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You know how everyone says that /pol/ is a containment board that was created to keep cancer from spreading to other boards?

I think it's become quite plain to see that /fit/ is on the same level if not light years ahead of /pol/.

>inb4 "butthurt"
>inb4 "damage control"
>inb4 /fit/fags respond to this post by calling me emaciated

Whatever helps you cope, /fit/.

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>You know how everyone says that /pol/ is a containment board that was created to keep cancer from spreading to other boards?
I'm glad you were able to use your brain to figure out the reasoning for creating new boards. It seems like the only people mad are those who think like you. Maybe you should start working out to improve your mental and physical health rather than be a weak and fragile beta.

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I prefer right *shrug*

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left is better

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thread music 4 me



i'm poor so i just cinch on my belt on 28s

where can i buy cheap high-waisted jeans in at least 32l and ideally 26w but 28-9 would work


how tall are you


here ye go


right is so so much better here

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>tfw no klokov bf

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but if you think about the future your future you wont have problems in his future present :)

I believe in you anon. I hope you'll have a nice future.

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oh look another thin thread ruined by fat asses who think they look good

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much appreciated anon thanks man. stay slim

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I was forced into the hospital so now I'm fat as fuck :( 5'2 f 71 lbs now, lowest was 57 lbs and hoping to get back there

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Being skinny is good but don't kill yourself.

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I'm at 80kg and feel fine, illness shouldn't be something that comes with skinny feels.

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is that an alpha industries bomber?

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>tfw obsessed with having a better thigh gap than ex gf

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"Enjoy present pleasures in such a way as not to injure future ones."

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tres-bien carries a 26 in APC
idk any other brands that make a 26

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sauce on the pic pls.... who is the pink haired asian

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that guy doesn't look very strong. just your average juiced bodybuilder.
anyway gun > ape

>> No.10474918

bad bait

>> No.10474919

go to a tailor. 28 to 26 isn't that hard.

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>thin people
fashion caters to them
have to cop clothes for fat people

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Oh wow, a politically correct cuck. Do you think obese people are sexy, too?

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being too thin or too fat are both forms of malnutrition.

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i had my 'last purge' last night for the 2nd time i think im gonna be able to stop this time

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>tfw new doctor doesn't mention my weight AND bumps my vyvanse and adderall dose

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have a snack bro

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vyvanse and adderall made me crave sugary stuff.

Worked for a bit though.

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femanon 100lb approx 5'6"

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that ain't shit wtf

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6'6" / 190lbs

I usually wear 33/35

>> No.10476098

Do you have a gap? I want a gap...

more pics pls.

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whats ur @

>> No.10476150

very useful in a fight, see all the olympic weightlifters doing MMA on the side.

neither being underweight nor being a pro-athlete is very healthy.

>> No.10476156

>being a pro-athlete isn't healthy

[citation needed]

>> No.10476161

>getting into fights in the first place
>strength is meaningless in a fight
nice meme

>neither being underweight nor being a pro-athlete is very healthy.
Roiding excessively isn't healthy
Starving yourself because of your mommy issues isn't healthy
One of them is going to get you into the olympics, one is going to get you laughed at whenever you go outside

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I'm 6'4" 157 lbs and wear a 32/34 usually, my ideal size is probably like 31/33 but fuck if I know who sells that.

>> No.10476230

lmao you're trying so hard it's really sad.

>> No.10476260

every tailor can do 32/34 to 31/33 for like $20

>> No.10476427

you can do it anon! :)

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6'0, 125 lbs, but target weight of closer to 140.
What's the easiest way to gain like 10 lbs without just eating shit for a month?

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hey he gotta like what he see if he be copping a feel

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>tfw /thin/ legs and skinnyfat torso

>> No.10477718

Where can I buy those trousers?

>> No.10477737

drink your calories so like smoothies all day. make chicken caeser salad and use too much dressing. shouldnt be too hard. just stay active so you dont end up like an alien with noodley arms and a pooch

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Don't laugh, but they're actually from H&M.

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Doing a BFZ prerelease on MTGO, give me a sec.