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Oh my fucking God I just saw the hottest Asian model looking Asian chicks rocking Rick Owens pants and yohji just fucking kill me already. The only dude among them was a fat version of pic related.
How do I get into these circles?

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you don't because you're obviously an autist

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walk over and say hi. seriously

im about to graduate from university and ive been thinking about every girl i was too cowardly to talk to. you think "ah its no big deal, theres always another girl" but it adds up and adds up and next thing you know youre done and youve spent the last 4 years of your life hiding in your bedroom and watching old zombie movies until 3 am and just being sad all the time and never talking because you just didnt want to bother anyone

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1. what were you wearing (see Q2)
2. you should be wearing rick (skip to Q3)
3. talk as much in real life as you do on this board

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nobody cares kill yourself faggot

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your whiteness is projecting.
asians are the most /fa/ race deal with it.

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Maybe. Very debatable. It's obviously white or Asian though.

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Pic related looks so trashy and compensating foe the pack of lenght in thing that needs to be longer.

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yo asians are fucking effay

the chinese guys who live in my hall ball so hard and buy the nicest and/or most ridiculous clothing

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its to make up for their disgusting pig faces and greasy hair

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>compensating foe the pack of lenght in thing that needs to be longer

shit english, why you gotta compensate by being at their level?

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theres a few of them who got good looking faces n shit but you're kinda right some of them are gross as hell

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white boi detected
>pic related
reminder flips are the most powerful race in the world

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You can just go and talk to them.

If you have a bit of luck with you, you will be friendzoned by the girls, and they wont see you as a threat, when you show up and start babbling how much you like the designer who made their pants and that it's the real reason you show them any interest.

Good luck anon.

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w2c pants like those? The only stores selling affordable wide pants are local korean or japanese ones, that don't even know what shipping means.

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this pant is from vanishing elephant but only in this cw

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You can't even get your stereotypes right

We have thin, dry hair, pig.

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>Thinking white is the most /fa/

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They are and will be untill some other race starts dominating the world politics and economy.

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>flips are the most powerful race in the world
reminder to flips that even other asians look down on you

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it's a mee-mee

saging for shit thread

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look up speckled wool pants