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does allison-core exist?

what's it called

allison-core/inspo thread

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She's not wearing a wig.

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allison-core pls

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its called fedoracore

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1980s mysterious qt core

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Dark mori probably. Google it.

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Example of dark mori 1.

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And I can't be bothered searching for more.

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no one realizes im a genius yet

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they can't realize something that isn't there

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>tfw she could be my mom

Not even joking

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Tell your mom I love her

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koishi/peramvirgin coree

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Why in hell would anyone seriously want to look like that?

It looks like a trash bag with two legs and another bag round the chest.

The whole female shape is kill - if you wanna wear this, you could also wear a burka.

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shut up plebeian

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Legit amazing fit.

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Its funny how she was physically more attractive than the popular girl lol.

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Also this outfit looked better than the one that she had at the end of the movie

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full pleb son

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Was at work and couldn't say it earlier.

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Designer said she was inspired by Rei and Yohji, so that's a good place to start.

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Unless you're talking about Rei from EVA I don't know either of those people.

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okay but why do people like you feel justified in posting on fashion boards

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get off of fa you ugly nigger bitch jesus christ

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qko sort of dressed like a modern allison

i miss her

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lmao faggot, try again

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>tfw you will never have a gf that dresses like Allison

Why live?

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im confident and im proud of how i look, why do you feel so insecure that u try to force me to dislike myself. incessantly telling me something that isnt true or what you believe aint gunna convince me hahaha stay mad

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Don't understand wanting to look homeless

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Umm, I recognize that I'm new and know nothing about fashion but I knew nothing about music when I first started browsing /mu/, and nothing about books when I first hit /lit/. I'm here to introduce myself to fashion and learn how to serve and teach myself.

The better question is why people like you expect everyone to know this kind of shit before they come here. Like I said earlier, once you're familiar and confident that you understand fashion and can watch it and serve yourself the new trends, etc., I don't know why you'd even come here.

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Wish the new posters were under a similar mindset, Anon. Stay honest, and keep seeking self-improvement.

Inb4 samefag.

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>The better question is why people like you expect everyone to know this kind of shit before they come here.

Not the anon you are replying to, but when newfriends come along with no fashion knowledge - it literally lowers the collective intellect of the board; which, in turn, pushes (and it has pushed) good, knowledeable /fa/ posters out as the standard drops.
It would have taken you a 3 minute Google search to look up Rei and Yohji but you instead spent the time professing your ignorance and then getting defensive that you are 'new and still learning'. Go read a book, do your own research, explore the subject of fashion outside of 4chan / reddit and then come back and discuss it when you have something valuable to say.

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Never mind. Tried again and think I found them.
>Rei Kawakubo Yohji Yamamoto

>it literally lowers the collective intellect of the board
Not necessarily at all but I get what you mean. I should have added that part of recognizing that I'm new means that I seldom post. I know I'm pretty fucking ignorant regarding to the topic and that there's nothing for me to contribute, so yeah. I'm not going around her pretending to know anything.

And I did look up Rei and Yohji, twice. Once before I first asked, hoping that I'd find an article or something linking the Allison Reynolds character design to them, and another like 10 minutes ago where I just google their names + fashion. I found them.

>do your own research, explore the subject of fashion outside of 4chan / reddit adnd then come back and discuss it when you have something valuable to say
As I said, I naturally limit how much I post because I know I have nothing valuable to say. And maybe that's how you learned, but it's now how I'm going to. I have my own style. Did it then and I'll do it now. I lurk this place until I learn and find places to feed myself news, history and other relevant text and that's it.

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>It would have taken you a 3 minute Google search to look up Rei and Yohji
You have a valid point, but you shouldn't ostracize someone with an interest in bettering their appearance over a shitpost he might not have realized he was making.

There are plenty of threads that cater to new posters' questions and what-have-you, and plenty that center around the designer circlejerk sort of environment that it feels like you're trying to cultivate by culling the entry of newer people.

But what do I know, I stopped making constructive posts years ago, when I discovered how shit most of /fa/'s inhabitants are, and how stale the topics get. I just come here to shitpost and chuckle, occasionally catch whatever interesting or cringe and inspo threads pop up.

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You've got them, OP. Study up. They're great and hugely influential.

Ignore the guy being a dick about it. Newfags are welcome here as long as they're not aggressive rubes or otherwise a malignant person, and you're not at all.

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