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post your fave fashion victim/cringe waywts

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fuck you teddy is awesome

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since when are asian manlets awesome?

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oh pleasseeee don't summon this guy again. he starts the biggest shitstorms

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look who just got in to "high fashion"

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wow what a qt. Your thread is a failure.

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What the fuck did you just say. You want a screencap of my purchases????

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w2c backpack?

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i would also like to know

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looks like a faggot tryhard
i bet he thinks he looks tough and dark and shit
dude is like 5'5" tall

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dont see how this guy is a fashion victim, hes not even wearing the meme geos

would also want to know where he got the backpack

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teddy is 5'8

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ITT OP is a jealous poorfag that cant afford rick

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people are always like durr clown shoes for memebaskets & ramones, but whenever someone has small feet like >>10320295 it looks short and stubby and fucking retarded

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the pic op posted looks fine

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how does this picture make you feel op?

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Fuck rick leathers are dope

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i remember i got a 3 day ban, a long time ago, for posting this image

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hes barely taller than that little clothing rack lmao

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fucking gross

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Is there more pics of him

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lol trying to crop out the clown shoe effect (what happens when ur under 6 foot wearing bulky footwear plus skinny fit pants)

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You say that like power bottoms are a bad thing.

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summer is over

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oh my god his face is so weak
>clown shoes out of frame

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w2c bandanna?

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lmao he looks like a horny tranny.
looking over his shoulder with a "come hither" look

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future drag queen right here

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he has good proportions for the rick he is wearing, its cringe that u find this cringe

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jeez where did he post this?

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I can't imagine having as little self-awareness as he does

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holy shit

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favorite birthday fit

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>let me introduce my son. he's into "fashion"
his poor dad

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man after seeing catcher in the rye in >>10321297 this picture is way funnier

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this is sick tho

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Honestly I really like the way jedi-robe cardigans like this look, I wouldn't wear it around with the hood down though unless ita raining. I've been tempted to get Elwoods long hooded cardigan cause its only $48 w/discounts.

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lmao what the fuck does trunks even go for style-wise
>it looked good on Knoch so it'll look good on me, right?

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this isn't

but the OP pic is

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trunks, had a hard life
>walk into room, see this

what do?

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what happened to this balding fag anyway?
total fashion victim for sure

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>>10321447 not a clue, last time I checked he was going nuts with huge paragraphs in the archive and disappeared
did some modelling for Haven I think

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love this memory

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looks like killspencer

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Literally anyone in Rick Owens

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ding ding ding

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nothing actually adds up
i dont get it

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trunks is hardcore fashion victim, that looks retarded

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are you slow

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lol those ankles
dude is like 50

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all of these are better than anything i have ever seen posted in the waywt

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ending with a classic

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holy fuck. $5000 on literal hot topic goth fits

>> No.10321543

i havent kek'd this hard in like a week

>> No.10321561

why does he wear the mask?

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god this is fucked
5'6" wanna be 17 year old model standing on daddy's roof posing for the internet

>> No.10321622

there's nothing wrong with being a power bottom, you faglord. don't compare a passion for riding on a cock like it's a rodeo to dressing like shit.

>> No.10321751

damn he really is ageing badly
totally bald now

>> No.10321759

I know :(

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>Nazgul look
>Forgetting to add metal gauntlets and boots
fucking casual faggot.

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You could cut through those ankles with those plastic sporks you get with cheap microwave meals.

>> No.10321815

>$150 TV
>$50 rug from ikea
>$12 light from ikea
>pretty much everything is shit ass ikea
>38+ years old
>$700 island dunks
dude has his priorities straight

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This wins.

>> No.10322195

Smack his GF's ass and see what he do.

>> No.10322225

somebody post the infamous diaper fit

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imagine a grown ass man walking around in this shit

wasnt he the fag who was on an allowance from his wife and could stop buying rick shit even though they were going broke?

>> No.10322261

no dont. its too depressing

>> No.10322263

cav empt

>> No.10322293

why did this guy get banned

>> No.10322297

do you wanna play on a private server with me i only wear fa gear and im a skelly xd

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The kid wa slitterally on MFA taking it seriously and le trolling the admins and calling them ugly for blocking their faces

>> No.10322319

he kept buying stuff with no cash and had these elaborate deals to try and sell some of his stuff while having sellers wait. he was in debt and addicted to copping
people called him on it and he got banned. not really a scammer, just a turd

>> No.10322377

how do you buy stuff without cash?

>> No.10322378

still posting there?

>> No.10322386

wtf lmoa, looks like a t-rex with those big ass thighs and tiny upper body

>> No.10322421

are you 10 years old?

do u live in a third world country?


>> No.10322713

anything below 6'1 is 5'5

>> No.10322863

Oh batman, Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding!

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>that yesstyle shirt
fucking lmao

>> No.10322901

The overcoat 80' failed mafia-core huckleberry fits are pretty bad

>> No.10322902

this guy just looks like a normal blue collar guy who looks well cleaned up

>> No.10322913

Honestly, I agree.
He isn't that bad.

>> No.10322916

All of huckleniggers fits are terrible, don't kid yourself huck.

>> No.10322926

I want to destroy his asshole with my cock.

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This is the best thread in FA ever

>> No.10323571

tbh almost everything in the recent waywt are much much worse than this

>> No.10323608

kunk would tell a seller on SZ or Sufu he would buy it and to hold it for him while he desperately tried to sell his own items to get the money to pay the seller. He had these vast networks of deals and just fucked around a lot of people and wasted time due to his compulsive disorder.

>> No.10323617

wow lol, thats kinda retarded though on the sellers part...why would u wait to sell something to someone? i even have a couple friends that ask me to hold things for them but if they dont buy it right away then fuck it dude, its buisness and i need my money, thats the whole point of selling stuff...i need my money just as much as anyone else does

>> No.10323649

Probably because they were $1-3000 Rick items that don't move very quick in the buy/sell market online and kunk was a senior member so they trusted him.

Dude has a massive inferiority complex too, I know he still posts on styleforum from time to time, just to post a selifie in his gym clothes flexing his flabby old man arms. Validate me please!

>> No.10323727

I hate this dood with a passion. He has terrible aesthetic judgement. Then I realize he basically creates all his fits from stuff he finds at goodwill which I suppose is commendable.

>> No.10323800

his american one is ok

>> No.10323810


nigga harry potter and the prison of fashion lookin ass

>> No.10323842

why is his torso so little? is he like 5'3 or something?

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itt: rick owens

>> No.10324877

>that room.
looks like he's in jail

>> No.10324903


Saw this. Admittedly he's asking too much, but in no way a power bottom.

Are you saying this is funny that he's standing up for civil rights?

So edgy anon

>> No.10324917

nice meme

>> No.10324920

holy shit that description

>> No.10324929

I think it was like june maybe july he was there and in the IRC he thinks it's edgy to hate blacks and whatnot le anyone else thinkw hite guilt

>> No.10324940

not that anon but
>terrible font
>white guilt cuck/10
>poor analogy

When have black people ever trusted police to protect them? Why would anyone in this day and age?

It's cringeworthy that it's trying to capitalize on #blacklivesmatter. I implore you to show me a fit with some kind of political slogan that isn't a fucking trainwreck

>> No.10324945

kek better capitalize on these dindu movement

>> No.10324951

not op but you must haven't seen is other fits.

>> No.10324960

they're mostly fine, sometimes pretty badass. save for the hats which i'm not particularly fond of. but he's doing his own thing regardless and i can respect that. still dresses better than 99% of /fa/.

>> No.10324993

excellent point/10

>> No.10325259

tbh the guy would look pretty good if he wasnt a complete fatass.

>> No.10325279

I like this a lot, looks cosy.

>> No.10325283

hes a cutie

>> No.10325311

kunk is actually swole as fuck tho

>> No.10325314

looks like the dwarves and the king from the hobbit movies

>> No.10325317

sauce on hoodie

>> No.10326658

some fag shit that cost $500

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I fucking hate this guy. He thinks a good colour pallete is wearing matching colours , doesn't understand proportions and has the sheer fucking audacity to post shit like this on the board while letting everyone know he's like super into fashion.
What an aboslute fucking cunt

>> No.10327920

w2c pants

>> No.10327958

lel this fucking guy posts on teen mfa, saddest shit ever

>> No.10327967

Imagine seeing this dumb cunt walking out on the streets somewhere ahah
jesus this is so bad
lol faggots. I guess guy on the right is trying to be a /fa/ version of bane
you cunt

>> No.10327992 [DELETED] 

one time this dude posted a normie fit on sf and he actually looked pretty good

>> No.10327997

Can somebody post a fit where those shoes actually look good, cause I've never seen it.

>> No.10328006

There's a weirdo hatestalker on rebbit who's absolutely obsessed with this dude.

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He got worse, that's what happened.

>> No.10328524

can't really cringe at this guy, his fits are pretty silly at times but he seems alright

>> No.10328538

oh my literal fucking god what the hell
it's at this point that you give up on anything even remotely orbiting high fashion and you just try to not make your body look fucking offensive

>> No.10328549

literal cuckcore

>> No.10328560

I seriously feel like he's either trolling at this point or is completely void of self awareness

>> No.10328612

omg LOL

>> No.10328618


>> No.10328799

But seriously, w2c anything in the bottom left fit? or at least any clothes that look like that.

>> No.10328832

i..is he okay?

>> No.10328839


trunks was always a joke because when ever he tripped here he was an arrogant SOB that acted like he was the knowledgable guy on the board and that we should be blessed he would come here and post

fuck that

>> No.10328868

>standing up for civil rights
>making some coat emogoth-hipsters want to buy with edgy words sewn on

pick one faggot

>> No.10328873

you can just tell he's flyover trash

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File: 43 KB, 420x560, 4617855_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.10329674

ohh man :\

>> No.10329679

why does this even matter their fits are good and they're cute? m/f who gives a fuck? take your autismo bs elsewhere

>> No.10329681

are power bottoms a bad thing? theyre great.

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File: 265 KB, 557x489, JUST FLIP MY SHIT UP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

geddit "flip" cuz he's of fallopian ethnic culture xD

>> No.10329698

to me that's just sad, the guy clearly has a problem. I mean I guess most of the people on here have problems. You hear more stories about eating disorders, people buying way out of their means, and little kids being idiots than well adjusted people enjoying fashion

>> No.10330789


>> No.10331625

This isn't really that bad, of course the backpack is ugly as all fuck but this looks like a pretty standard normie high-schooler fit.

>> No.10331650

Fits are good but q_ko isn't exactly cute son

>> No.10331654

yeah, looks like hes one of those dudes that are into the whole "made in the usa workwear" thing

>> No.10331689

>I wanna be knoch so bad

>> No.10331696

ahead of the curve, give it 3 years, you'll see

>> No.10331780

w2c coat?

>> No.10331850

This looks just fine, he's just a bigger guy.
Everything this guy does is really hit or miss for me, and I'm gonna say this fit is a miss. Doesn't make me cringe though.

I've definitely seen worse than a lot of things being posted.

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Spotted today

>> No.10332130

this is not even cringe tbh

>> No.10332137

>oh no i've been rumbled

>> No.10332287

lol ok frosh nigga we saw you today

>> No.10332349
File: 2.64 MB, 1105x1107, win_asiiwi_9115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT fargs with no fashion sense, the braid has sentimental value.

>> No.10332352

It's okay, I like most of your fits.

>> No.10332355


>> No.10332363

you merely adopted the ribbon legging fits, he was born in it, molded by it

>> No.10332367

w2c child molester fit

>> No.10332561

Its hard to tell is that just jeans a t shirt and dark blazer?

>> No.10332591

The jeans are a bit too baggy, but he actually dresses fairly well. Maybe a darker helmet.

>> No.10332622

niggas want to be kanye so bad

i wonder if they know he doesn't even dress himself

>> No.10332689

That fit in that pic is really fucking cool.

>> No.10332740


>> No.10333128

Are you cringing over the guy in the Yeezy shirt? What's the cringe? That he's wearing music merch? Nothing else is embarrassing about his fit. He doesn't seem to be making a statement. What about the other guy wearing those Nikes and checker shorts?
The fact that you took a picture speaks volumes of your shitty character.

>> No.10333184

lel, buttrustled ktt-teenager detected

the overall thread (people hating on trunks/teddy) seems like highschool plebs thinking they are in the position to criticize the fits of other people

>> No.10333262

try to protect my boipussy

>> No.10333273

This guy gets it

>> No.10333451

Everything fits bad, looks like shit. This chealsys - lmao, this is funny mem, nothing more, everyone who wears it looks like shit.

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