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Anyone know where I can buy elastic cuffs? Like for a sweatshirt?

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you can diy if you have a sewing machine, just buy ribbed fabric from whatever fabric shop

has your dormmate ever commented on how you dress?

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pretty nice fit

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Posted pretty late in the other thread

>inb4 supreme hate

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Fucking manlet HAHAHAHA

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W2C turtleneck

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Alright. That's basically what I thought, now the problem is just where do I put a sewing machine. I might have to ask around campus and see if there are any.

He hasn't really said anything but I also haven't worn anything like this around him.

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Typical 16 year old fashion victim, nothing more.

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Holy fuck this is retarded

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w2c parka

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OurCaste Saul Jacket

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what are you planning on adding cuffs to?

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wow effay has gone to shit in the past month, must be summer still

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R-r-rate my fit reddit thx

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Decent fit for one of these threads

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clothes/living space synergy: -500

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black shoes look bad with light jeans

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Pretty gross to be honest, looks like you've been saving us the money your father sends you each month, has college spending money. When you look like that, no girl wants to fuck you.

Girls wanna fuck a dude who wears roshes,skinny jeans, flannel around the waist, and a clean ass white tee. Got my supreme hat too.

Step your weight up nigga.

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Epic b8 my friend :)

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start tripping again pls

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Found this sick gradient skirt in my attic and tried to make a fit around it.

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is this real

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some people dont dress just to get laid dude... and this guys been posting for long time here so idk what you're going on about dad

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hi guise

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Every post you make is worse than the last :)

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what trainers are those?

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Actually fucking fire

fuck the plebs who dont get it

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that stripe tee is fucking garbage in that fit, dece other wise

meh, shoes are shit

>>10318688 (lmaoooooooooooooooooo)
>>10318752 (lmaooo)

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Birthday, you used to actually occasionally look good

get better shoes

get stans / cps

you look dirty

lol, interesting at least

I actually like this, burgundy is a seriously underestimated color. Get better shoes tho

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Your already terrible critique of my fit was made that much worse by your other laughably bad critiques.

Stop posting, don't ever quote any of my posts again.

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I'm thinking of copping some zx flux slip ons or tubulars because 2poor4Y3, would this work well?

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You sounds autistic

Im not even that guy but there are no decent fits in this thread, there are passable ones but nothing above and beyond.

So by powers of deduction youre mediocrity or worse.

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U can't wear leather with athletic shoes home but other than that you look real fuckable

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it looks hilarious contrasted with the suburban background, this shit belongs on and only on the runway...fag

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Yeah the shoes feel off indeed. But I only own sneakers kek. Bout time to cop some new shoes

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> this shit belongs on and only on the runway...fag

What a fucking plebian. Have fun not making it

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nice!, very fear of god LA vibey ;^)

highschool tier, wear grown up brands instead

>listens to mac demarco once

looks like you forgot to use a tampon

>tfw too poor for slp


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lmao this must either be birthday or the dirty guy

not a huge fan of the flux's silhouette, but thats just personal. Tubulars are ok depends what color, poor mans qasas. Id also recommend stans or AF1's

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Have never really dug the way you put together those jeans and those shoes. Just feels like almost any other footwear choice would make the whole look sharper and smarter. It's just a bit paint-by-numbers as is.

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zara ninja lives on. This is actually my favorite of your fits so far, but that could just be bc i cant really see lol. How do people react to your fits, honest question.

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the jeans are too small, im a 34 waist now but these are 32, i would prefer them to not be skin tight but ive grained weight since when i first bought them.

they either stare or come up and compliment me cause they know about rick

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this is just cringeworthy

do you actually wear this shit

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How the fuck are you a 34?

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At least I don't look like a sandnigger

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what "grown up" brands would work well? Would an unbranded cap work better? I'm thinking of selling my supreme camps to get money towards something more mature

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It's not the waist of the jean unto itself; it's how everything comes together. It's a bunch of interesting pieces put together in a way that's not very interesting. Even a simple, undecorated ankle boot would feel more natural than the trainers. I stand by my "paint-by-numbers" assessment because it just seems like you thought that three Rick pieces would just go without actually looking at how the lines and proportions come together.

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honestly i wouldnt listen to this guy, supreme caps are cool and will be appreciated by the majority of the general public

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fashion victim

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don't sell it. that guy doesn't know shit. That guy in public would look like an autismo but you in public would look good

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Do what you want. Don't listen to these retards and don't even listen to me. Do you like the fuckin hats? Keep them. Do you hate the fuckin hats? Sell them. Christ god almighty dude

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This is shit you cunt
literally this
shut up you cunt
wtf LOL. As if the fit wasn't shit enough, you had to make a shitty pose

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why do you still post

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i miss the comfy skeleton tbh

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try x2

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>death grips shirt
>dress shoes

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HAHAHAHHA do you actually wear this oh my god

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I like it, did you buy the tee online?

>> No.10319206

if mono docs are considered dress shoes to you then sure why not :-)???

>> No.10319210

bought it at one of their shows

>> No.10319213

simple but good, i like it

>> No.10319215

It looks fucking retarded anon. Maybe get some Common Projects or any other white sneakers then it would be decent

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only decent fit so far, the rest of u need to got back to mfa

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there's nothing wrong with wearing a graphic tee and mono docs to me sorry i like it

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this is really, really fucking gay

>> No.10319242

well too bad every one else that sees you is going to think you are a fucking tard

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get different shoes and it might look decent

>> No.10319251

gj boys

>> No.10319252

how about u post a fit so I can learn from ur extensive knowledge about clashing formalities

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already did>>10318931

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what do you have in mind? I was gonna wear these for comfort but felt like it didn't rly match

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I think that would look good. Gray usually goes with everything

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but those shoes look horrible in that fit
what am I supposed to learn?

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I feel like alot of people here will shit on this for being too "mfa" but I'm digging it man. I think I'd like the boots to be a different color though.

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LAME you cuck

always a pleasure to rate you summerfaggots

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not bad but the wash on the jacket is horrible

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saved for cringe threads

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Lets see a fit

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I know, the jacket looks a bit weird in the picture, kind of like if it was an acid wash or something, but it's not, it's just a regular light wash.

Weird lightning I suppose.

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Could be a pretty good palewave fit if you wore white shoes.

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Kramer interests me

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If that was a long shirt that would look dope as fuck, breh. Except for the shoes, those are too bulky for that outfit.

>> No.10319753

Well those are brown. but better than the dress shoes tbh.

>> No.10319758

It shows. Hopefully you have his charm. Or you fucked up hard.

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indoor gazelles or hamburgs

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Tfw Record label who contacted you doesn't reply back

>> No.10319809

yo lazerface I dig your music, we actually ahve pretty similar taste. If / when you get merch can you hmu with some shirts or hoodies or something. Ill rep for you.

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no actually bby

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link to your stuff?

>> No.10319839

your fit is fucking garbage so why are you giving advice

>> No.10319854

not him but https://soundcloud.com/decemberbeaches

I think

>> No.10319862

There will be probably, maybe some cut and sew stuff.


>> No.10319878

you look so cool tbh not sarcasm

>> No.10319895

these threads are just fucking bait I swear

>> No.10319898

w2c tee?

>> No.10319900

I really like it dude. I think it all goes well together.

>> No.10319901

that copy of the catcher in the rye makes this even more hilarious

>> No.10319902

Ditch the sweater. Are you my 80s dad?

>> No.10319910

I feel like I could break you if I tripped around you. also, how big of a faggot do you have to be to purposely rip your jeans like that?

>> No.10319912

Pearl Double layer from Rick Owens Mountain

>> No.10319917

is this your deviantart profile pic

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ya youre a loser

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shirt aint it tbh

>> No.10319999

Spongebob is looking /fa as fuck. Those fits are fresh yo.

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Got that Tommy Pickles stance. Try hard faggot...

>> No.10320011

hard to find what looks well with a camo crewneck without looking like dylan

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I got dinner

>> No.10320185

bday why won't you say where you go to college

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wtf stop copying how strawtengu dresses

>> No.10320202

This looked alot better in my head as a template

>> No.10320213

black and brown make a frown boi

>> No.10320219

Jacket is fresh to death, dude. Definitely compliments the shirt. Good job.

>> No.10320232

Looks like fucking shit

>> No.10320236

Don't listen to the hater. Cable knit sweaters are sick. Could make the fit a little more dynamic with better shoes though. Something semi-formal.

>> No.10320241

fucking sick

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Are you talking about the Adidas pants with ramones?

He wasn't the first one to do it, nor did he do it very well. So why are you sitting here and trying to tell me to stop?

Daily reminder than anyone currently or ever associated with the league skype group/plug.dj is a massive poser

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he did b4 i think but i forgot it since it wasnt my school.
>tfw could never be a groupie

>> No.10320314

I was bout to take the b8 than I stopped at kanye. Nice try

>> No.10320316

6th grade/10

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Hey what pants are those?

>> No.10320352

where'd you get that jacket?

>> No.10320372

what kind of jeans m8?

>> No.10320391

Thrifted it, it says Flavor Up! Mccormick

>> No.10320393

Levis 511s, but i tapered the legs bc they fit weird>>10320372

>> No.10320410

nice but do not wear black shoes next time

>> No.10320469

I agree with. >>10320236
Try GATS for shoes. Also w2c jeans?

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i think my great grandpa died in this coat LOL!

haha jk jk love you great gram pappy : )

who else here loves there family and grandparents? please tell me how u feel about them :)

*tried this on a thrfit store- too school shooter - *
do i look like japanese inspo yet?

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what's wrong with u

>> No.10320609


>> No.10320617

moe you little shitposting faggot

is this how you act in real life too

>> No.10320621

>Daily reminder than anyone currently or ever associated with the league skype group/plug.dj is a massive poser
kek we all know you're just saying that because you got booted out for being an obnoxious asshole

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>> No.10320713

go ahead nigger

>> No.10320882

As much as I think this looks like shit, this fit is dope as fuck.

>> No.10320893

this is literally all I wear, it works cunce. Maybe try a black sweater over it in ~autumn/winter

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>> No.10321293

that's bc your music is properly bad

>> No.10321317

favorite fit here

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>> No.10321334

uh bud the filename says "Mike.Patton-1997"
i don't think this is what u are wearing today :/

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>> No.10321342


>> No.10321347

trying this hard to be funny

>> No.10321355

hate everything about you still
you're so conceited it's incredible, never seen anything like it

>> No.10321401

Although this is pretty fucking cool, it's not my thing at all and i could never imagine somebody wearing this out of the house for the day. Kinda wish you would post more menswear fits like you did a couple threads ago

>> No.10321405

Can't believe your fit is getting shit on, I think it's quite nice except for the trainers (seriously out of place). Not to mention you have GOAT hair

>> No.10321406

I like the top, but I don't like the bottom and never have.

Geobaskets are cool, but the entire loose/drop crotch pants thing looks awful in my book.

>> No.10321410

Looks so fucking hsit, but I can't hlep but like it

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>miniscule hands

>> No.10321583

nice fit, I like how the pants and the converse go together

w2c pants m8y

>> No.10321585

huck why r u hiding ur face

>> No.10321591

The irony about this post is people associated with those groups are obnoxious assholes and you're evidently part of it.

>> No.10321619

I said three things the entire time I was in the chat, and only got kicked out because snails doesnt like me...

But yeah I was the obnoxious asshole in that situation

>> No.10321620

What pants are those?

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Nigga you made me spit out water lol

>> No.10321724

Thats some faggy pose at the right

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This website is only capable of giving the most basic advice and criticism possible. Back when I first started posting firs I didn't get helpful comments I got the same shit I do now just in smaller amounts. I would get maybe one comment that would be on topic and even then it would be oh your cuff is crooked. Wow thanks that is really going to make or break my fit. It took me months to even grasp the basics of looking good we're not even talking about being fashionable or giving any grasp if fashion. I shit post because I can here. I don't want to on sufu because I know I could get the same reaction as I do here. SZ I would get banned automatically. If you were asking more why do I feel the need to and not why do I do it here. I guess it's just because the Internet is such an easy place to create a persona which of course is what I have done. So in a sense it's just to become something I'm not for a short while, be a piece of shit online to people I'll never meet so I'm not as much of one in real life. If I were to act all saintly from this point on it wouldn't change anything atleast not in a period of time that would matter. I would still be Birthday the annoying little kid. When people say I look like shit or my fit sucks, at this point it hardly even registers anymore I have become so conditioned to it it's almost more strange and upsetting when I don't see them

>> No.10321748

Fucking fag

>> No.10321755

clearly 18 y/o

>> No.10321761

Autism: the post

>> No.10321776

who /worst t service here/

>> No.10321777

I like the fit. But Imo it would be better without the turtleneck ls.
You look like a nice dude. Fit is alright.
Jeans are too ripped and dislike the shoes here.
Tee is too bunched up imo. Would look better a bit shorter. Do you have to fix the drape of the t sometimes or does it hang like this naturally? Also link music pls

Only ran some errands and listened to music today. Super basic I know

>> No.10321780

You seem like quite a clever honest person but go and do something interesting with your life man

Nobody really cares

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>> No.10321786

my sweet boy

>> No.10321814
File: 35 KB, 600x400, mike all right, calm yo dick patton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uuuhhh "bud", doncha kno?
i'm big mike, of mass bannings. beat it kid, or get b&
huh. im out

>> No.10321828

Are you ever going to shut the fuck up?

>> No.10321835
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onani defence force is here

>> No.10321842

only fit in this thread that's bearable

but for some reason I think you have a pencil dick

>> No.10321848

oh wait I can see why you blurred your face, brings it down to a 2/10

>> No.10321870
File: 65 KB, 500x670, Some high quality squat session while hiding from slavmoms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nigga looks like he about to do the longest squat of 2k15

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[fixed rotation]

>> No.10321901

this sucks, also you managed to buy some of the very worst ma+ pieces I've seen

>> No.10321903

how the fuck is this getting shit on? 9/10 fit saved for inspo just change shoes to mono low top chucks or mono 1461's

>> No.10321905

I hope you're very comfortable otherwise you wasted too much money to look so average

>> No.10321912

Because people have different tastes than you? Also it's a shit fit pieced together with a bunch of cheap trash

>> No.10321917


>> No.10321918

how many more of these posts are you gonna make? your the fit blows and so does your taste

>> No.10321921

thats motion blur i was moving my head

>> No.10321924
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shoes detail

>> No.10321932

this is cool

>> No.10321934

Nah the sweater works man

>> No.10321947

They look like something a Victorian era mother would make for her child so his toes wouldn't get eaten by rats while he walked to school.

>> No.10321953
File: 1.14 MB, 2448x3264, 2015-08-30 11.40.15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10321957

you finally understand

>> No.10321964

lol nice imagery

>> No.10321967
File: 1.98 MB, 2448x2448, 2015-08-30 11.51.00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10321968
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>Having to take the shuttle bus on weekends

>> No.10321970

Get some white hightops and some white skin and you'll look great.
As is, you look shit.

>> No.10321978

I've got plenty of bolder out-there stuff, back to basics now...

>> No.10322015

LOL u actually think this is huck??

>> No.10322017

are nike air max effay

>> No.10322061

I don't like the jacket but you have cute knees and I want you to ride my cock.

>> No.10322069
File: 468 KB, 1134x418, boots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I read some fashion advice on another site, and this is what is said

"Get leather boots. When I say leather boots I don’t mean biker boots that look like they were made in the 70s. Rather, I mean smooth boots that are both fashionable and edgy."

is boots like pic related what he meant or? what other kind of leather boots are acceptable in public? I think the right one looks a bit like a condom, or penis head, don't you? Imagine looking down the jeans and there's this big smooth surface.

>> No.10322082

Jeans are h&m lol, it was my first time trying pale jeans so I figured I'd start out really cheap. Plus I don't have much to wear then with so eh

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>> No.10322235

not even worth posting
boring and shoes look very out of place
your body looks gross

>> No.10322236
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>> No.10322247

w2c boots on the right?

>> No.10322339

the ones on the left are pretty good

>> No.10322361

either needs normal-looking slacks that don't bunch up at the ankles, or the loafers/no socks thing needs to be replaced with something that goes with the jeans.

>> No.10322405

They're cloth trousers. They're not denim. I like the color of these trousers with my loafers.

>> No.10322426
File: 229 KB, 1000x667, diednextday.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This kid has a good few years of looking baller as af

>> No.10322429


pants go with above the waist

shoes go with above the waist

pants and shoes do not go together, particularly without socks.

imo thb, fam.

>> No.10322446

Fresh as fuck

>> No.10322452

get them hemmed?

>> No.10322470

Your roommate probably hates you/10

>> No.10322478

>ps2 shoes

>> No.10322487
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r8 my b8

>> No.10322491

because your music is fucking boring, thats why

>> No.10322495

that would be better, but the dark color against your naked flesh is the visual equivalent of wearing white socks, it doesn't go.

also, i am just not feeling that shiny, polished brown against that indigo fabric. but you know, that's just, like, my opinion, man.

>> No.10322497

something about you looks unlikable, like if i met you in real life id try to avoid you because you look pompous or something

>> No.10322514

Nah he's cool. We're going out for some pizza tonight

>> No.10322518

this board has objectively gotten worse

i feel like everyones already jumped ship

>> No.10322520

needs less stupid mall brand streetwear

>> No.10322530 [DELETED] 

It looks like you bought over sized pants, cuffed them up to your shins, and took a shit in your diaper, causing it to sag down to your knees.
best one i have seen yet

>> No.10322535

it's the long shirt, after that comes the pants. he looks girly only considering those two things.

on top of that he has the body of a girl.

>> No.10322537

It looks like you bought over sized pants, cuffed them up to your shins, and took a shit in your diaper, causing it to sag down to your knees.
Best one i have seen yet

>> No.10322573

see this is what i mean by it getting worse
people like this guy who trips for no reason and gives his ignorant opinion on a year-old repost

>> No.10322598

What you say to me you little cunt? I trip for a reason. Also, how am i supposed to know it's a year old repost? Regardless, he still dresses like shit.

>> No.10322603

this board has and will always be pure shit, make no mistake.

>> No.10322606

Is it illegal to not wear a t-shirt were you all live?

>> No.10322619
File: 297 KB, 2304x3456, lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i hate myself

>> No.10322631

And you have all reason to.
You look pathetic

>> No.10322651

Seems to me like you're just starting out with fashion. So I'll be nice. Don't wear a Hawaiian shirt underneath like that. Go for a white or black buttoned dress shirt and tuck it in. Get a nice brown belt. Try and get that suit tailored to fit you better. Shoes aren't too bad but personally I like To Boot New Yorks collection of brown dress shoes like the adam derrick.

>> No.10322652


>> No.10322679
File: 295 KB, 479x376, 1389730693541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is so bad
It's so tryhard

>> No.10322684


Red line is a joke, but then again I live on the Green so who am I kidding.

>> No.10322702
File: 877 KB, 1440x2560, Snapchat--559471306787298492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R8 me

>> No.10322734

clean your dirty ass shoes or buy some new ones, they ruin everything

>> No.10322749

w2c hoodie nigga

>> No.10322761

its clear from sabiba you illiterate idiet

>> No.10322764

yeah I am aware, but I can't find that one anywhere

>> No.10322772

im fuckin ded

>> No.10322775

Son are you retarded? Those shoes look good as fuck.

>> No.10322815
File: 906 KB, 2448x3264, 2015-08-30 12.24.45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10322826

still awful. stop posting

>> No.10322833

that shirt is so fucking ugly, get something new

>> No.10322835

exactly what i was going to say..i fucking hate those ripped jeans on boys

>> No.10322836

I wish the gradient were done better + the top had a wider silhouette ie put on a jacket or sweater or something

>> No.10322839


this fit is fuckin amazing

borderline fuccboi with the leggings but its ok.

bday what do people say about how u dress in college?

>> No.10322843

The loafers/no socks looks really off when your pants are touching the loafers. Sockless would look a lot better if your pants were cropped, showing off some ankle etc. You need to get those pants hemmed regardless though

>> No.10322846

starting at UMass Boston in like a week
my life is gonna be the red line and I'm not happy about it

>> No.10322854


This is straight kill yourself material.

>> No.10322860

Sorry man, but I've never seen a shirt like that work

>> No.10322861

Man.. those trousers look fucking awful on you... Sorry bro

>> No.10322869

Worst fit in the thread- I just wanna punch you in the face

>> No.10322880

Those are not Geobaskets. They're Ramones.

>> No.10322884

You're right, I switched them around.

>> No.10322885

Good fit, your face is really unfortunate though

>> No.10322918

i fuck with this

>> No.10322986


>> No.10322988
File: 40 KB, 500x500, avatars-000144033998-uoskam-t500x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a fucking loser man, like hating on someone's fashion. But saying someone's music is bad, samefagging, and claiming he's a tryhard? You've hit a new bottom. Literally 0 respect, should consider suicide/10.

>> No.10322999

should've cuffed the sandals too

>> No.10323000
File: 34 KB, 495x519, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so just lie and say it's good
it really is garbage, couldn't pay me to listen to any more of it

>LITERALLY 0 respect
>you should die for saying his music sucks

cool cool cool cool cool cool cool :)

>> No.10323006

i agree with >>10323000

dont sugar coat anything

>> No.10323029

I'm sure you'll figure it out man, maybe it's just me sperging out though

>> No.10323036


>> No.10323038

It is

>> No.10323042


>> No.10323047

bringin' it back

>> No.10323049
File: 148 KB, 680x680, 1423632298342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

xD !!

literally trying to copy death grips, awful

you listen to it yourself mate it's garbage

>> No.10323054


I like this a lot.

>> No.10323062

but where did you get it nigger

>> No.10323125

what converse are these?

>> No.10323131

New all white ones

>> No.10323136

you couldn't have achieved the exact same look for £50, and it's not even a very good look.

>> No.10323145

Prepare for constant delays and packed cars that smell like puke from passengers who had a little to much to drink at cambridge :)

>> No.10323163

because you are faggot
get an shirt for men and stop posing like a model
its ok
don't like the sweater
shut up you autist
your backpack is shit look and you are probably too dumb to close it
your pants could come from ISIS merch or you just shit in them
also your haircut is fucking retardet
are you stroking cocks again?
highschool tier shoes
they are played out
xDDD lolz funi
how often do I have to say it
lace your fucking memes like a normal person
gay cunt
stop posing like that
as always. fucking great!
best fit here
h&m fratcore
what the fuck
get normal clothes you autist
le streetwear
fucking shit
stop posting you cunt

go on posting /fa/
i love to rate you

>> No.10323175
File: 2.83 MB, 2448x3264, DSC_0012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

posted in other thread but didnt get a lot of feedback

>> No.10323188

you should get an other shirt
those patches on the arm don't look good

>> No.10323193

finally someone as spiteful as me
no good fits ITT, it's all cuckcore

sizlack might think he can wear stan smiths and get away with it by pretending it's ironic but he's still wearing stan smiths

>> No.10323194

>the Catcher in the Rye

what a fucking faggot

>> No.10323199


whatever happened to talk shit post fit? Step up or shut up fuccbois.

>> No.10323202

>don't like the sweater
yeah i kinda regret that, looks too much like dylan roof

>> No.10323204
File: 26 KB, 499x483, 1431419318437.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

even if the fit was good nobody would accept it because you just insulted the shit out of them
not gonna work, don't fancy taking pictures of myself just for /fa/ either :))

>> No.10323215

>nobody would accept it
you can post as anon and after you get feedback say it was you or smth

>> No.10323221


>> No.10323235

actually good, for a change

>> No.10323251
File: 748 KB, 1440x2392, Snapchat-5463915151389621318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10323329

so what you're saying is you dress like shit kek

>> No.10323339



>> No.10323356
File: 314 KB, 1438x1184, ihaveDONGSupmyBARNHOLE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>comfy core
>I got stoned and played vidya all day

>> No.10323368

wow they all look like fucking trainwrecks

btw /fa/ this was a pretty embarrassing waywt, thanks for reminding me never to listen to you fucks

>> No.10323383

that's subjective

>> No.10323385

>socks with sandals

>> No.10323481

huck wishes he could even come close to looking like that

>> No.10323508

post fit u troll

>> No.10323511

fit is dece. like ur vibe

>> No.10323519

would chill w u

>> No.10323533

please get your poopy diaper techcore wannabe 12 point font times new roman research paper ass the fuck out

>> No.10323808

roof core

>> No.10324716

please be my husbando

>> No.10324944
File: 348 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ntxjm93EUn1rd02w4o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

should i wear a loose ripped white tee with this or would I look too careless? im obviously not wearing this shirt

>> No.10324990

I just went to an adidas store, its literally just an adidas pull over

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