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buzzcut is so fucking fresh right now, it's slowly buzzing towards mainstream though

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tfw want to get buzz but unsure if i would look with it fug

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you /fa/ggots don't really think this right?

buzzcuts are the baseball caps of the hat world.

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same but if it looks bad I'm just gonna wear a hat or beanie, I wear a hat almost everyday anyways

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Can't wait till I can grow out a small beard and buzz my head.

Currently have kind of like OP, a bit more on the top

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I usually go for a 4 on the top and a 3 on the sides and back. Buzzcut>trendy haircuts for tumblrfags

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I have high protruding cheekbones (they're the widest part of my face) and a very narrow forward projecting face. Should I get a buzz or would I look like a horse?

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Yall are missing the point of the buzzcut. The buzzcut is for not giving a fuck and opting out of having to style your hair. Also allows for the 5 min shower.

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post pic

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heres my buzz. I feel like if you have widows peak to leave it when you get a buzz

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not bad sandler

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i think im gonna get this tomorrow

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Is that lil ugly mane

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Damn that looks fresh. What is that? 3 to skin fade? Or what

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>tfw weak jaw/chin

why am I so fuced effayyyyyyy

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3 on the top 1 on the sides

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buzzcut with short trimmed stubble and aviators are GOAT

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Brad Pitt and Chris Cornell.

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>tfw have the EXACT SAME hairline as him

what are my hairstyle options?

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W2C shoes?

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How do I manage to buzz without looking like a cholo? Just dressing preppy as always? I'm not whitem

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dont wear:
>chuck taylors
>plain colored shirts
>dark denim
>locs sunglasses
>gloves with shortsleeves
>nike cortez

any combination of those will make you look like a cholo

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Fuck half my shirts are plain white tees.
The other half are slim fit (bussines) shirts. ;_; it's times like these I wish I were white.

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just times like those?

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Just push your hair back with your hand and look in the mirror

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white tees are fine man, just don't wear hella oversized cheap ones with dickies

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miss you

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suicideyear <3

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do i need facial hair for a buzz cut?

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i like how spooky black look so just get the spooky black

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Nah, just look at Andy or trainspotting Mcgregor

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Fuck w2c that NorthFace jacket?

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Are you guys serious?
Buzzcuts all look the same. The only difference is the face under it. Did you mean to make an aesthetic thread or one about special trims in hair?
Cuz if not, you're fucking retarded.

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cry more bitch nig

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is this you?
i dont hate it
thats a nice shape up

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spooky black looks like he smells like a fat kid in elementary school

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you'll look like the average chad, clubmasters are a better choice

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>hat world

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northface.com dumb fuck

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but he cares about u ...

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that's the point; to look as attractive as possible, fag

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Lmao you could fry an egg on that forehead

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its how the buzzcut works with the overall look more than like, buzzcut technique

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why do you pussies always get like a 4? harden up and get a 1 or at least a 2

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Does a 4 even count? I like a 1.5, 1 makes me look like a psycho murderer, 1.5 just a standard murderer.

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young froosh

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Agreed with this, a 1 or 2 is where its at, makes your hair look marled. Also, I fucking wish I had those facial aesthetics in that photo.

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This pic is a great example of what you have to look like to pull it off
Not talking about being a skin, but you gotta me a hard cunt m8
Look at the one with the red shirt, or the one left to the fattie
You'll look like shit if you're a weaklet with no jawline and a double chin
But if you've got nice facial features, go for it

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the nose knows