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post your waifus
(post Blair)

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those are some vigorous eyebrows

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Would want to softly rub my fat semi-hard limping dick against those eyebrows.

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omg she has the same exact eyebrows like i do.

saved for inspo

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why do people have waifus

what are you getting out of this

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annd she has my nose, and philthrum. Im going straight to an agency now

>> No.10272873

pics of you??

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Why are all female tripfags so mentally fucked?

You're black ffs

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Is that that really weird 15 year old?
I had erased her from my memory.

Now that you mention it there hasn't been a female tripfag that wasn't batshit insane since Mitochondria

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Her head looks so disproportionately large.

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She's trolling you xD

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Tripsk seems almost fine for the most part

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Berry was fine too

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You guys are so sad. The hyteria is real.

You guys are irrational, you have no proof that i am 'insnane' I do not understand what you mean by "your black ffs" i guess the statement i made earlier was correct, and i its all prejudice. Oh and no one does this to the ree tripfag who was far worse? Im basically going what every tripfag does.

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I mean yeah she's probably got a few issues but she knows her stuff at least

You forgot your trip. Ree was destroyed every time she made a thread.

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q_ko was p cool
rip in peace sweet angle :(

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>Ree was destroyed everytime she mad a thread.

Jesus you have to be extremely immature to believe something so dumb. Man no wonder you people are so easy to fool. Your bant game is so weak its no joke.

I also like how you're trying so hard to dodge the truth here. Its pretty obvious, you know im right but you're to immature to understand.

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ree was an ugly pale wide hip nerd guy

plssudoku is a fat niggeress

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Alekzia was/is(?) kinda mentally unstable in the most pastel 'Wes Anderson-y' rich bitch way, and she is straddling the autism spectrum so hard that her delicious brown thighs are chafing. But that led to a kind of catalog knowledge of things she was interested in, including fashion.

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again how is 5''7 and 124 lbs fat.
Normies and onani fags GET OTU

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>d-damage control
>your basic
>your a normie


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get a load of this goy

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Posting P E R F E C T I O N

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now if only there was a following explanation to every greentext or irrational response.

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Are you autistic or just a troll?
Who keeps replying (inanely I might add) to shit like this?

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transwomen are still REAL women,TRUSCUM

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When will the misuse of the word autistic stop. Its no different from retarded or anything related to that. You're still unoriginal and played out.

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not this guy but i have serious question

why do browse this board? i dont think ive ever seen you discuss anything fashion related, dont take this the wrong way im just genuinely curious

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i like the inspo threads.

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ok, but when you go into thread don't you find they often derail.
if you like inspo threads you should give the archive a check

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Yeah i do consider that but I mainly come to just shitpost occasionally. Im not really into fashion I just like how the unconventional stuff looks.

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kek why the fuck is her head like twice the size of her waist, disproportionate photoshop error

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Maybe she's just British?

>> No.10273423

makes her waif-like feminine figure look even more exaggerated

do you like fatties??

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