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What instrument is the most effay and why is it bass

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10/10 would jizz on.

Also the most effay instrument is the MPC

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fuck off electric instruments are shit

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Yfw he means the one in Orchestra

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Bass has all the advantages and aesthetic of a guitar and you're not a pretentious basic wank if you play it

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theres no such thing as a "bass" in an orchestra

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Um the upright bass

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Saxophone. Always wanted to learn it to swoon the ladies.

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thats called a double bass you fucktard
it has the same playing range as an electric bass guitar - contrabass (which is why its called a DOUBLE bass). the "bass" playing range is done by the cello in an ensemble.

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But you still see them in an orchestra

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yes you see DOUBLE basses in an orchestra. a "bass", as op said, is a bass guitar, the shitty abomination of an instrument that emo teenagers strum a few chords on an think they're hot shit

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Definitely a straight soprano. Better sound and better looks than your typical curved alto. I always get people asking me about mine since most people have never seen one in their life.

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What do you think is the most effay then

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Do you wear fedoras by any chance?

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no but i do play piano professionally

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Since when did the piano become fedora-tier?

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Same tbh. What pieces are you working on at the moment?

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nothing coming professionally for now so im working on sonata pathetique since ive always wanted to learn it

>> No.10266676

Nice nice. I'm chewing through rach's second concerto for a competition in the fall.

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damn thats a tough choice, never played it myself but i really like it. hope it goes well anon

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Great-great grandpa pls, put down the fedodo

>> No.10266721

Thanks anon. Winner gets like 500 cash and gets to play with the local symphony

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Have you ever tried writing rather than parroting?

>> No.10266733

I do a little bit. I write mostly for bass though and my band. Writing good piano literature just escapes me somehow.

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electric guitar

it's a common fact that guitar players are always the stand-out person and the most eccentric

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Just get a daw and do it all.

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The obvious answer is banjo you plebs

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Are yiu retarded? A
That's kind of how you can be a one mand band

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oh my FUCKING god this poster is so god damn bad it's funny.

first off it's fucking HILARIOUS you get mad at this dude for not knowing that the bass in an orchestra is called a double bass and getting thaaaat fucking angry and trying to lecture someone on a fashion board about the layout of an orchestra

in this one you just assume that for some reason electric basses are only for "emo" (2015 and using the word emo)

this one speaks for itself

this one really gets me. gets me good. the fact you have to let everybody know you play professionally. it's too good. it's so bad its great.

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Bass is #1

Doesn't have the arrogance stigma that is around guitarists or vocalists, doesn't have the stupidity stigma that drummers have.

You are the chill guy in the band. You lose points if you are in a pop punk band or any genre where you don't get to actually play decent basslines.

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The theremin.

>> No.10267631

The /fa/est instrument is the mic you fucks

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If you've ever actually been in any orchestra ever, you'd know that it's fine to call the double bass the "bass". Holy shit, are you autistic as fuck.

>> No.10267651

Fuckin this

>> No.10267779

Love me my banjo

>> No.10267916

Obviously the horn. Classically trained horn musicians are some of the best in the world. And the sound of a horn is so complex and dark that it's the only instrument a computer can't replicate.

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/cringe thread

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Can you improvise well on any instrument? If you can improvise writing is too easy.

>> No.10267934

If you can play guitar well you can play bass well. Can't say the same the other way around.

>> No.10268126

I'd like to see you try and fret a bass

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