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What does /Fa/ think of Skinheads? Traditional skins not those Neo Nazi fucktards

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Roundly approve

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Trying to find some Skinhead groups around me in SoCal, most are racist though

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Just go to soccer games American soccer fans are mostly non racist skinheads

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Skinheads were good people who mixed the black and white lower class together by their love of Jamaican ska and reggae music in the 70's. From then Neo-Nazis have taken the "style" and if you were to dress as a skinhead you'd look like an out-of-date idiot and will most likely be looked at as a racist, especially if you're a yank in America.

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i feel like they're about to start snapping then go into a song about being "hard" londoners in the 50's

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It's true... but there ways to put a modern twist on these outdated and uncoordinated styles

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Well they were called rudeboys at first and they were a mix of working class brits and honest hard working immigrants, mostly Jamaicans. When the pakis started coming, falklands, unemployment rates and all sort of political fuckery frustrated the youth the neo-nazi leaders started to recruit working class skins into their little faggot clubs. They really didn't take the style but rather took the culture.

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Stole it like a bunch of assholes. Damn boneheads

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