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Can we get a thread dedicated to normal clothes for normal people. Get in here normies

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You enjoy the company of large black males

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w2c qt on right

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these niggas fucked the game up damn

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>Tfw dating cheerleader
>Tfw multiple bros
>Tfw good grades, no depression, and general contentness.

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"Oh no, people better than me have invaded my safe haven of self loathing... get them out!"

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tfw shit fit and red hair

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been waiting for a thread like this but I never wanted to start it. Come on guys. You cant dress like a ninja EVERYDAY

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>people better than me
Implying being normal makes you a better person.

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Is this a dude from a metalcore band or something?
Button up is unnecessary tbhv

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That dirty carpet combined with the shit everywhere makes me want to commit suicide.
No one cares about your "content-ness"

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Idk. just some random pic I downloaded

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I need people like you to remind me not to cop NB's every once in awhile

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W2c jeans this color but with a skinny fit

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Just imagine how happier you would be dressing like a normie, /fa/.

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doesn't really exist

this vintage wash always seems to come in high rise

cheap monday may be your best bet for something similar. and maybe levis

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lol this really is a normie thread. Literally any kind of jeans comes in lightwash

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yes but 100% cotton "true" stonewash jeans have a sort of grain or texture that skinny spandex-infused semi-denim doesn't have. it's difficult to explain but the difference is definitely there.

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Idk what you mean clothes for normies, are you talking about price or not looking like a gothninja weirdo?

tbf the average (guy) is going to look good in well fitting anything, whether it's mfa tier cdbs with khakis and an oxford or /fa/ brogues with well cut trousers and layered tops.

In all fairness I usually wear the same jeans (momotaro) and boots (1k miles.) They look fairly normal I guess, I'm not sure the point of this thread unless you really want the aforementioned normcore, which is only normal for an alternate history version of 1996 Korea.

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I should mention the boots in my picture are actually Red Wing Beckmans, I just like the style.

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In my opinion dressing like a High End Normy is probably the best option. Buy High end stuff that makes you look good, work out, and you'll be fine yall.

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>it's mfa tier cdbs with khakis and an oxford or /fa/ brogues with well cut trousers and layered tops
Lmao, your brain is full of shit, retard. Pls, never post here again. For retard from fa normcore is everything, what is not ricky tricky.

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fuck you guys i love that fit

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are 1ks good for winter or are they just a fashion boot?

I'm talking rainy weather, slippery pavement

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Did you not see me asking what OP meant by normcore?

thanks though

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Fine but a lug sole is better, like the Beckmans have. Although, the Wolverines are more comfortable and look better imo.

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congratulations i'm v proud now clean your FUCKING ROOM OH MY GOD THAT'S DISGUSTING

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Normal clothes that normal people wear in public. Not this this stupid ninja bullshit.

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my normie uncle wears a shirt untucked with blue jeans and jordans /blog

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i literally never see anyone wearing jeans with the bottoms rolled up in public
that being said, it is also rare for me to see someone wearing a tee shirt with an unbuttoned shirt over it
i know i'm not alone here, right?

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>tfw you tried to dress well, getting into nice brands but failed hard and gone back to h&m and jack&jones tier

It feels bad to be a normie

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No u just don't live in Seattle

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you're right, i don't
must be a northern states thing

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Have you never been on a college campus?

God Damn ever other asshole does it

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yo what kind of shoes are good to wear with regular shorts (not gym shorts)? should i just get a pair of nikes?

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but anon, that's not normie core, it's mediocre core.

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every college campus in america has fags that do this

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i go to uni in arizona so the only reason any guy might dress like this is if they're literally gay

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Hey bras i just coped some high top converse in the leather(?) And i am not sure if theu are th correct fit.. size 9s where kinda too tight ans the current size 10s kinda look too big... i need yo help x

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