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Fashion rate thread.

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Flaming homosexual/10

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i dont know what the fuck is going on but get rid of the hair man

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>that lack of jaw
>that asian-tier wisp beard
>that jcpenney's women's pantsuit
>that ian hecox haircut
>that dogtag
looking great champ.

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saved for cringe thread

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Your dog tag is lame
Your shaggy inspired hair and facial hair is lame.
Your beanie makes you look like a gay guy that works at forever 21.

Try less. You don't need the necklace. The Henley is OK. Shave your face, you will look a thousand times better. Buzz your hair or stop flat ironing it.

I like the outfit otherwise.

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</talks shit; afraid to post self portrait>
Shaggy hair??

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I am afraid so.

That's a teenage boys haircut. You seem to be the age of transitioning into a man. Get the hair off of your face, don't be insecure to show your for head and temples.

I see a lot of potential, I just think you need to find your groove a little more.

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How's that?

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You're just asking for it, pal.

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Better but I am still not a fan of your facial hair.

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Actually, the moustache is OK. I'd taper the ends off to fit your top lip some, just the goatee is wretched, man.

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Damn, y'all are scrutinizing the fuck outta me. Lol

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U ugly as hell bro

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Implying you wouldn't suck my dick

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All you need is a fedora and you'll be complete

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Thanks, based anon!

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the way you style and accessorize screams midwestern. the slouchy beanie thing is fucking weak. the goatee/moustache combo, can you give me one example of that situation working on someone with similar facial aesthetics as you? go clean shaven man. Your facial hair is fucking TERRIBLE. The dog tag is lame but if you insist on wearing it, lengthen the chain.

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no disrespect but I think you should change your whole look. But that just my opinion

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Idk OP your face seems to drag all the attention from your suit I think u need a haircut and a shave and you'll be good I think

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op lose the fucking fringe please pleeasee and shave too

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Look like a lesbian kindergarten garden teacher lad

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>oo dress like sh

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Also this might be the most disgusting goatee I've ever seen. Please just shave it off.

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It's the Quaaludes man

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Literally the cringiest fit I've seen here

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Underated post 2k15

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>these are the people giving you fashion advice

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I'm sorry kid, but no.


Ok this is a r8 bread, 0/10

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