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is fiji water effay ?

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please kill yourself

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>tfw drinking fiji right now
is it not effay?

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its literally meme water

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its tumblr-tier water

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what do you guys drink?

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>not drinking Saint Geron Mineral Water

trust me its so much better

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>third millennium
>drinking bottles water

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$3 a bottle for something you can get for basically free.

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>not paying more than an african baby makes in year for one (1) bottle of water

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>just $3
hella cheap tbh
i pay $13.50 for one (1) pack of cigarettes $4.50 for one (1) bottle of voss and $5.10 for one (1) latte every morning
don't eat breakfast or lunch tho makes up for it

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>paying $800 for a coat when you can just go to good sammy's and get a second hand one for a dollar.

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If it's something someone who Middleofnowheresvill, Wyoming thinks is "fancy" and "high brow"

The answer is automatically and irrevocably "no".

So before you ask, no, Outback Steakhouse/Olive Garden/Applebees/Buffalo Wild Wings are not /fa/

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the water that i filter at home...

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i hope you are shot in the head senselessly during a chance encounter in a bad neighborhood such as driveby crossfire

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Pellegrino is the goat

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>2015, not drinking sparkling water.

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>mfw 17oz of sparkling water for $1

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But I get 25 years out of that coat. I would get 266 days of water out of $800 of Saint Geron.

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not if you wear the coat every day. Now lets say you drink a bottle of saint every time you wear the coat, your looking at a similatr mileage

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I drink tap water, it's almost like it's the same thing

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Is Evian /fa/?

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It tastes off. Like something that went through a rusty narrow hose

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Hey guys is the way i govern my life and everything apart of it along side what people on 4chan say is /fa/, /fa/?

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evian > fiji

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we really care

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tfw have to carry 5 or 6 of these into the house after grocery trip

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Hi reddit

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olive garden is fa tho. when ur heer ur fam

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Please remove yourself from the gene pool if you ever buy water in any other way than as a utility bill you useless fucking subhumans

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evian is prolly the most /fa/ brand of water, the most aesthetic of 'sensible price' water so its a lot more subtle than fiji's loud memery

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why do people get so upset over people buying expensive water? aren't you supposed to buy your meme shoes and clothing from dick owens for more than what a bottle of water costs? why dont you buy walmart clothes if you're in a need to save money

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you decide

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