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what's fa's obessesion with the place beyond the pines?

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>what's /fa/'s obsession with ugly Ryan Gosling?

more like

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because it's a movie about a guy getting cucked by an alpha

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w2c fit

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If you think he's ugly post a good looking man

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> if a white guy raises a black guy's kid he's a cuck
> if a black guy raises a white guy's kid, the white guy is a cuck
> logic

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Shirt:Rick Owens Distressed Tee
Pants: Archive Raf Simons Paint-splattered denim
Footwear: Rick Owens combat boots

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Even overrated G. Clooney is better looking and way more masculine than Gosling. Look at pic related. Ryan Gosling's mildly disfigured face got nothing on Clooney's masculine looks. Nothing.

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I will just leave this here.

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white guys are almost always cucks anon

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cool you cherry picked

good it means you stood up for something

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too short for that outfit....

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why does this keep getting posted in random threads....

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Objectively Ryan Gosling has an average face, I think it's the air that he carries himself in that people find attractive.

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its called "charisma"

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>ryan gosling
>dane dehaan
>fa tattoos
>top notch cinematography
>brownfu eva mendes

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Yeah exactly.

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If you actually watched the movie, you'd realize that the sunglasses in the movie is a pair of shitty gas station store shades with neon green temples. They intentionally chose it because it was so shitty it was cool.

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You seem upset.

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His face is melting.

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He really is ugly, but I want to fuck him so badly.

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Understandable since 90% of /fa/ is uglier than RG.

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>tfw drive a toyota pickup like the one in the movie
>tfw i pretend i'm the goose whenever i drive my truck

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i think he was referring to the black guy getting cucked. but you took it the wrong way and look really beta now TBH

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Pretty sure it was the other way around
I don't see how getting killed is cucking anyone else

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Someone wants to get cucked by George Clooney.

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>my sides

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so smooth
so funky
wtc silvery hammerpants

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Best way to get plat blonde like lord Gosling?

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w2c boots or similar

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>He "hated" being a child,[9][17] was bullied in elementary school[18] and had no friends until he was "14 or 15".[19][20] In the first grade, having been heavily influenced by the action film First Blood, he took steak knives to school and threw them at other children during recess. This incident led to a suspension.[17]

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by going to a hairdresser.

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>that positive canthal tilt

absolutely disgusting

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>positive canthal tilt

nigga what? his tilt is neg af.

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sorry i goofed
i meant negative


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clown shoes

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He does this to humble himself attract even more people

most of this stuff is dramatized, before 14 he was already in films and the business

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> military boots
> clown shoes
Dank meme

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I'm not the self conscious manlet playing dress ups here...

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lmao cozy boy asap carrel

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false you cuck bitch

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