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Do levis 501 fit like this now or does the model just have chunky legs? I like how these fit, but I've tried on 501 jeans a few years back and they were super baggy

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Go to a store and try them on

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Suck my dick you cunt

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Would if I could you gay faggot

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After you wash them the first time you wear them while still wet and as they dry out the fit is adjusted to your legs

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I've owned 2 pairs of 501s and they both were very baggy. 504 or 511 look more like the fit on the picture.

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This is fucking genius.

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They're a bit tighter in the thighs now I think, especially if you're conscious about sizing down. I wear a 30 in Levis now because they fit best and I don't want people thinking i'm a fatty. In high school I wore a 32 in Levis with the same build. One of my friends wears a 33-34 but he's tall and thin and could probably wear a 30 also. It kinds of strange how Levis tags their denim, you can read peoples sizes even when they're wearing a belt on the back patch.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that a couple of waist sizes can make the thigh vary by 1-2 inches depending on the cut.

Also idk if those are shrink to fit or not. But a pair of 501s will probably have to tapered to look like that photo. Or you could buy the 501 tapered version they offer if you like any of the color choices.

pic related is pair of 501 in their lightest stonewash

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there's the levis 501 ct which is tapered

stf are a little narrower in the legs now than say 5-7 years ago but they're still straight leg

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>tfw normal to "chunky" legs
>tfw very small feet

it's my feet that have always lead me to skinny's. Any sort of opening that hides my foot is going to make them appear even smaller.

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that's right you queer fucks i'm fucking quadriplegic

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Thanks, that was pretty helpful

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