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effay humour thread ;^)

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dubs btw

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imma try 4 dubs again

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Anyone got that rick dunks with nike dunks sole replacement pic?

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nah but ur description made me laugh


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buy them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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shes like this nigga really came to the gym with dreamboxes lol

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what was the original image

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this one is sad

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I'm so mad at myself for laughing at this.

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top kek

made me laff :)

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I don't get it how is this funny

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here i come rick

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>dboots + fletching cape

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here you go

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that's an AF1 sole

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they look better tbh, plus its what rick truley wanted before nike sent him a cease and desist letter

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Ah dam guess it was this one. Still funny doe

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>knowing what any of this autsitc shit is

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what is the sauce of this? like someone just captioned it or this is a quote lol

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how can he have a son when hes gay?

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well gay sperm doesnt run away from the egg

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/fa/ has the worst humor threads

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if u dont get the jokes then u dont lurk enough. some of this shit is pretty funny if you understand the culture

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Someone post the two fake chink owens cops from wastelands

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Good job pointing out the fucking obvious

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fucking flames, i dont care what anyone thinks

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ronald mcdonald core

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Someone post the one where all the anons got those "LIMITED EDITION ONLY 50 AVAILABLE SALTY SCOTTISH SEA BACKPACKS"

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>Im hungry
fucking dying

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How else you gonna get it pale

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fuck i love quentin

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Hot of the presses.

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I read the thread and it wasn't even close to cringe man.

Your legit making something out of nothing

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this isnt a cringe thread bro, I think it's funny
t: not samefag

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I can confirm i am not this guy

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It sure does look funny from the way it is presented

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lmao what a tard

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Maybe read the GATs thread. It's missing most of the context.

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Are you the "creator" of those gats? I've read the thread and the picture reflects it rather good.

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No but I see the same stuff happen in the DIY threads. Pretty much why I'm guessing we don't have them anymore.

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It probably has more to do with the fact that painting white shoes white is the pinnacle of creativity on this board.

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it's hilarious that some shitlord is trying to push a pair of DIY painted $10 shoes for 130 lol

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but it's perfectly reasonable when a 'designer' does it

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Normal GATs (non MMM) cost $85 minimum in the US. Hell of hard to import.

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JCP had em for like 35$ I think

also there was some guy on SF selling them for really cheap (18$ I think)

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Sufu guy used to post here. He stopped years ago and was asking $65.

Never seen a genuine German pair go below that. Shipping alone from Germany cost more than $18

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DHL ships a 5kg box for something around €40. Find a big seller on ebay.de, buy bulk for €20 a pair, resell in Murica. Profit.

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god this is so true, everytime i see a 3DS player is fat as fuck, with shitty black or autistic t-shirt that show how proud he is for being a nerd.
Also that actitude they have ahahaha

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Just saying, the only people selling them now are on grailed. They want $75-85 a pop.

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Tell me Steve is in costume here for some dad role

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Oh thank fuck

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actually I was thinking of the styleforum guy not the sufu guy


but I guess it's the same thing

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Whats wrong with plain black t shirts?

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The MMM replicas are priced as such because of the lux materials and slight tweaks in construction, not because of the goddamn paint splatter, you dolt.

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wow so amazing shoe!

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Isnt this an accurate representation of your waywts?

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Iggy is pretty fly for a old guy lookbook.nu /sadoldfatbald

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I'm FSB.

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