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If I have A cups, is it ok not to wear a bra in public if the bra will be noticeable under my shirt? This is a picture of my shirt and no bra.

>inb4 saggy future boobs

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I don't see the biggy

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As long as you feel comfortable.

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I mean, if you want.

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damn sexy tbh

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yeah it's okay
my gf has breasts like that size and almost never wears a bra

>tfw trying to convince her to wear sheer tops

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unless you're australian or like flyover state american no one cares about seeing nips, so no, go without a bra if you want to.

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you're amazing

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depends really, why dont you take off your top so we can further inspect your situation

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Post feet.

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how may i serve u, khaleesi?

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full naked picture is needed to answer your question OP

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As everyone else is saying, it's totally up to you. I'm also an a cup and the problem I have is that my nipples are very sensitive, so I don't like having fabric constantly sliding past them. If you've considered that and it's not a problem for you, go ahead and do your thing!

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there is a thread called "fuccboi general" for this kind of questions

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Actually, bras make tits sag.


15 year study.

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seems pretty reasonable. I mean, it's not like my arm is getting stronger when it in a cast. Like a breast in a cup, it gets soft and saggy.

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do it just so you get to see the embarrassment and awkwardness in these
guys' faces

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i go to fashion school
no girl wears bras
they do wear pasties though

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Pls b in London

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you are fking retarded

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Depends entirely on who's around you.
My friends act like faggots because I have noticeable pokies, and I'm an average sized male.
Most people won't say anything and save you for their wankbank, until one person is brazen enough to ask you about it and then the floodgates of faggotry will open

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If she posts tits I'll post the lack of embarrassment and awkwardness in my face.
(Please don't post tits, that seems like a really weird thing to do on an American's Japanese image board.)

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I'd suck on these so hard they'd turn into C cups.

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This. Your tits don't form as strong of tissue with support. No bra fo life yo.

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OP here. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Just to clarify: this is fine even if my nipples are hard from cold? I have a throw on me just in case.

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Yes it's completely fine. I would caution you that nips will be viewed as a sexual accent to your outfit. So if you're not trying to impress someone, wear pasties

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as long as you're comfortable getting stared at or/and approached because of that, yeah it's cool

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I mean growing up in a world where nipples are obscured, it gets a little weird to see one pop up now and then but honestly it's no biggie.
I imagine you'll get some less than friendly reactions from some people and maybe overly friendly from others but for the most part nobody is going to care.

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P-post picture.

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Are you seriously asking for boob advice here?

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Not to sound prudish but depending on YOUR personality and levels of comfortability, you may get overly friendly reactions from males, or unwanted attention. Idk. Do what you want and know your own levels of comfortability

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Ok. Thanks again everyone. I'll cover up if I end up being uncomfortable. Here is a pic for everyone who is crazy enough to find barely-there boobs hot. /thread

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good luck
a cups are the cutest tbh

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>13 minutes
>no replies

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>Here is a pic for everyone who is crazy enough to find barely-there boobs hot. /thread
I don't know if I think barely-there boobs are hot. I'm definitely not a big-boob kinda guy, but I do like for there to be a little volume. When my gf lays down on her back, or especially when she arches her back, it's almost like she has no breasts at all and I feel like i'm fucking a little boy

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D cups are the best, big enough that their tits will bounce while getting fucked.

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Holy shit pls be in Colorado

Anyways, I'd say you are probably fine. Just wear thicker shirts perhaps and that might fix the issue.

You could just get something to cover up your nipples if you are that concerned. I would imagine it would also prevent chafing since I know girls have slightly puffier nipples.

But I mean yeah, you might get some more attention than usual so eh.

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This is a guy.

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I would

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Yeah, we know.

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>inb4 saggy future boobs
can't be bothered logging onto the uni library proxy to find the study but you'll probably be better off going braless

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>since I know girls have slightly puffier nipples.
not all the time. plenty of guys have big nipples. my gf has tiny ones that (unfortunately) aren't all that sensitive. I have big ones that are quite sensitive, and she's learned to do a good job of biting and licking them for my own pleasure

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fucking qt tbh

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/fa/est breast size.

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small breasts are best breasts

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is this who I think it is?

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Lol nice gyno, fgt

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my thought exactly

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Curlgurl isn't as light blonde as OP and she always posted from nice clean rooms.

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It's ok bb, I can tend to your sensitive teats.

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It's ok, I'll thaw them with my tongue, make them warm and tender. Hope my tongue doesn't get stuck to your chest!

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I love when girl with small tits do this. I sat across from a girl who did this in my math class in high school and whenever she'd wear a blouse and lean forward I could see her nipples. I asked her for help on my homework a lot lol.

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why didn't you fuck her? too beta? were your skinny jeans cutting off your testosterone circulation?

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he still doesn't know that girls do shit on purpose

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She wasn't really that attractive, it was just sort of novel to see nipples in my math class

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Wear sideboob tanktops, faggot.

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>it was just sort of novel to see nipples in my math class
that was still novel in high school?

jeezzz you kids are undeveloped these days. remember seeing girls thongs hanging out of their ass cracks being novel in elementary school, but by high school i had seen over a dozens of my classmates tits. would have naked twister parties in 7th grade

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I do not envy you

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I bet thinking about all those underaged girls still gets your rocks off

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Tryna' seem cool in front of his Anonymous friends...

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Yeah a girl I ended up dating for a while was leaning forward and showing off her boobs so hard I could almost see nip. When you're in the moment you don't really think about it but looking back you can tell how obvious it was

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op is curlgurl

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Small tits are best tits OP don't ever let anyone tell you different

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pls be my gf

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how new r u?

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small breasts > melon breasts

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today was a good day

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browsing /fa/ since 2014
do I need to know each and every tripslut?
did she post tits?

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>do I need to know each and every tripslut?

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Wear no bra if you want. It's just nipples and personally I don't care much about breasts. My girlfriend has almost same size breasts as you and she never wears a bra. It looks better most of the time than wearing a bra to be honest.

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every (relevant) tripslut to have posted on /fa/:
>JoeJonas aka JJ
>Tomorrow aka Tom
2008-2011 still posts rarely
>Tripskank aka Tripsk
>=== aka Erika
>Blah aka Alicia
2009-2012 RIP
>Berry aka Xunya aka Hailey
2009-2012 - still posts occasionally got really basic
>CurlGirl aka CG
2010-2011 (sometimes still posts)
>Mitochondria aka Mito

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that tops a decent thickness but guys will be able to see your nipples in certain weather/certain types of shirts, you will get motherfuckers staring at you

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is this a meme or is she really a he?

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What about spooky?
Estonia girl?
and a couple others

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didn't you see his noodle dick, when he pulls up the skirt on the webm

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there is so much wrong with this thread

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pls post tumblr

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please respond

does that girl have a personal tumblr? i see the tumblr url but i guess it could have been off a mass posting.

>> No.10063701

>post-op at 18
you guys fell for the meme.

>> No.10063975 [DELETED] 

goes by pei pal on fb

>> No.10063985

i know q_ko irl and they are trans

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Who cares about tripfags.

OP can you post a topless pic?

>> No.10064116

underrated post

>> No.10064298


forgot huckleberry

>> No.10065444

who gives a shit
fuck off you transphobe

>> No.10065555

>(Please don't post tits, that seems like a really weird thing to do on an American's Japanese image board.)

you're fucking gay

is this how people usually act on /fa/?

>> No.10065599

People on /fa/ are faggots. Like you, you retarded /fa/meet cunt.

>> No.10065624

are you an archeologist? because i have a large bone that needs examining

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I actually had a discussion about this with an Asian (i.e. small-breasted) friend of mine.

I think the answer is yes, insofar as your nipples don't show. She thinks you need to because other girls/guys would notice you are going braless, and that she'd be embarrassed.

Obviously I think that's nonsense but whatever. It may depend on your tolerance for that sort of thing.

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But where is moustache guy?

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Anyone have more curlgirl?

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still took me 1min to realise that
fucking heat, cant even drink 1 beer without becoming retarded

>> No.10065703

Holy kek, you fags are all pathetic.
And good job fishing for repies OP

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My mistake

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Glorious trips wasted on some fag enabling nigger. What a shame.

>> No.10065712

funny thing is cg is from the town i study at

>> No.10065713


how exactly is that funny you mongloid

>> No.10065719

Normal people should give a shit, considering he's not right in the head. He needs mental help

~daily reminder that Transgender is a mental disorder~

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Pls be in London. Pls let me be your toilet and personal tampon. I'd eat your pubes and lick dogshit off your feet.

>> No.10065729

ahahh thats crease

>> No.10065730

What town is it?

>> No.10065741


I dont know
i dream of seeing her and sperging out

>> No.10065845

She looks like a girl that lives in an uneffay city like Braunschweig or Bochum.

>> No.10065866

Is she pretty irl?
Does she have that deep germanic womanman voice german grills tend to have when speaking their foul gutteral tongue?

>> No.10066123

Underrated post

>> No.10066278

Seriously, you're that fucking desperate that you've taken note of every tripslut?
Fuck man, go take a wank or something

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does anyone remember voldie/eyebrows? what happened to her? she used to post here

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>> No.10067033

It's easily noticeable but no one will actually give a shit except for judgmental sluts and old people.

Do whatever you want, you're an attractive woman, you can get away with it.

>> No.10067789

Oh bro, your so much better than all of us, I bet you fuck like idk 2 or 3 bitches a day and shit

>> No.10067817

makes your boobs look bigger tbh

>> No.10068163

hahaahahahahahaha this fucking gold
truly underrated

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This is OP

You're welcome

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I've been visiting this thread 2 or 3 times daily for the past 3 days just to look at the kawaii pictures

How do I stop

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Yes Ive been doing the same

>> No.10069343

she became really fat and ugly

>> No.10069408

I want to hug you

>> No.10069427

Im Toronto and once met tripskank during a /fa/ meet.
Took some time to realise it was her.
So I doubt you would even recognise her if she walked in front of you.
Internet pictures =/= real life appearance (esp. in women)

>> No.10069440

I say no shirt at all...Don't get me wrong you're SEXY AS FUCK!! I love women that are part of the ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE!

>> No.10069453

False. You faggot.

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post pics w/ bra

>> No.10069495

Depends on whether you have noticeable nips. If so, unless you are a 9/10 and have a very slim body you'll look trashy.

>> No.10069497

she was raped by another /fa/ tripfag (forgot his name, but he was a gook from toronto)

then got fat

>> No.10070086

tfw none of these hoes were ever my internet gf

also u forgot casemods

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/cgl/ alays has way more attractive women than /fa/

>> No.10070162

high test

>> No.10070168

sweet armpitpussy

>> No.10070183

I remember like two years ago when I first found /fa/ and made this exact thread. Got accused of being curlgurl too.

>> No.10070187

post pic with nipple peeking through shirt

i want to see clavicles

im currently half naked right now

>> No.10070192

Which half??

>> No.10070193


>> No.10070195


yeah she has a tumblr hold on


looks like she deleted all her incredibly cute pictures thou :(

>> No.10070199

toppest of keks

>> No.10070438

OP is a chunky qt3.14

>> No.10070440

*heavy breathing*

>> No.10070977

i was wondering when u were going to show up to jerk off to pics of curlgirl

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So is it curlgurl??

>> No.10071526

I really, really like this post

>> No.10072045

probably not

>> No.10072110

>that shoulder to waist ratio
if it was other way around she would be perfect

>> No.10072135

you seem to have forgotten they cosplay and watch anime

I'd rather not date a mental 12yo

>> No.10072580

It's the shape. They look perky faggot.

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All maps lead to you babe.

>> No.10072641

I know the guy she's with and I didn't know she was trans - surprised to see his photos on here

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>saggy future boobs

are you trolling ? bras are confirmed for making boobs saggy.


>> No.10072939

>D cups
nice shit opinion

C cups are best cups

>> No.10072975

please stop attentionwhoring, your tits look great

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I came here to witness all the thirsty niggas

>> No.10073540

>156 replies
>22 images
>111 posters

>> No.10074353

>Believing this.

>> No.10074446

I came here to post this, it's such a big shame tbh.

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>> No.10075246

Curlgirl has legs of a goddessessss

>> No.10075829

Any of her topless?

>> No.10075835

lol what? her legs are literally dyel mode, you can tell she works a job where she sits on her ass all day and hasnt ran a mile since grade school
nope this is a sfw board

>> No.10075841

she's pretty average without the 10/10 face
damn shame

>> No.10075846

such a basic body

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>> No.10076062

pics of that 10/10 face?

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its here

curlgurl is arguably the best looking woman who has ever posted here

>> No.10076113

cant see much of it tbh

>best looking woman who has ever posted here
>not play
>not berry

also even spoony looks better now after weightloss

>> No.10076269

post pics for comparison

>> No.10076329

And the lingerie taste of a hooker.

Still hot though…

8/10 - Würde gerne mit Ihr die aktuelle Griechenlandkriese und deren Auswirkungen auf Deutschland diskutieren, um hernach vaginal mit Ihr zu verkehren.

>> No.10076367

>>10076097you know I looked up curl girl on warosu because I wasn't familiar with who she was.. %90 of the posts about her were from you defending her of saying how beautiful she was.

Just stop


>> No.10076527

Pseudo intellektueller Nazi entdeckt

>> No.10076609

its a bathing suit

still bad taste though
any more pictures?

>> No.10076619

Joke's on you, I'm a real intelectual.
posted from my office at university

>> No.10076625

being an academic is almost mutually exclusive with being an intellectual at this point

>> No.10076637

That's just a really dumb thing to say. Aren't you a bit bitter about something?

>> No.10076651

No bra is best, also for your boobs.

also, perfect bodytype.

>> No.10076673


sweet jesus why is this so hot

>> No.10077493


>> No.10078372


>> No.10078391

i agree

>> No.10078458


>> No.10079907

Bump for the most thirsty thread on fa right now.

>> No.10079945

>179 posts and 26 image replies omitted.

oh /fa/

>> No.10079978

We need more pics of /fa/ sluts
didnt we use to have a .rar for that?

>> No.10080181

I need more tiny titty pics in my life

>> No.10080448
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me too.

>> No.10080452

How is this tiny?

>> No.10080504

It is not. Hence the need for more tiny ones.

>> No.10080513

who dat

>> No.10081016

Barack Hussein Obama

>> No.10083219


>> No.10083234
File: 223 KB, 1024x768, 017_1_anonib.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats blah, she dead

>> No.10083310


>> No.10083432


>> No.10083447
File: 70 KB, 480x800, 1429528784972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dude have you seen the quality of bitches on /fa/ lately?

this tranny is the best we got in 2015

>> No.10083454

is she ill...?

>> No.10083460

What about girls like tripsk and berry who never leave

>> No.10083466

you can just tell that he gives some good ass head and most likely swallows. im not even gay and i would fuck him

>> No.10083471
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these last 5 years have not been kind to berry

she used to be so fucking cute

>> No.10083482

im actually close friends with her irl, she dabbled in heroin to lose weight, she used to weigh much more before that. Shes pretty responsible with it to my knowledge

>> No.10083501

did tryhard kill blah?

i am a /fa/ nomad and have not been around the internet since hitler youth + cobrasnake were things


>> No.10083557

sieg kept telling her suicide was a great idea; to the point where tryhard made a police report

>> No.10084219

>this abomination's posts are all we have grill related on /fa/
>tripsk and curlgurl havent posted a pic in months

my heart weeps

>> No.10084223
File: 130 KB, 1080x720, 1431032303601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no curry gf

>> No.10084225

No it's not, It's a /soc/ camwhore with the most perfect areolas.

>> No.10084535

Yes, I got the pic from /soc/.

>> No.10086096


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File: 25 KB, 298x233, dfw I hit the blunt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10086291
File: 167 KB, 1576x712, 1431031902446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remember spooky?

looks like she became addicted to burritos and crack

>> No.10086313

let this thread die already

>> No.10086318

> Not wanting to fuck a little boy

>> No.10086336
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>> No.10086423

What's her tumblr?

>> No.10086428


>> No.10087542

for posterity, do pushups.

3 sets of 25 per day, proper ones.

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