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Can /fa/ help me? I'm going to Palma de Majorca and Ibiza for sightseeing and family. Maybe some of the nightlife. This is my bodytype >>10014239 and I wanted to see if /fa/ can help me with some inspo.

Also, I'm heading to Berlin and Munich afterwards, and I want to try and nail the loose goose look. (pic related) Can someone post similar fits? I want to be comfy while sightseeing, but also look good.

>no clothes cause used to be fat
>going to Palma de Mallorca, then Munich and Berlin
>taking suggestions on waht to take with me (or buy there)
>pic related my style

Also taking suggestions on what to do (preferably non tourist traps) on those cities.

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Bumping with some progress.

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Damn. Congrats. How long did that take? What was your routine/ what did you do?

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just type in Ryan Gosling and Fashion in google images

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About two years of clean eating and lifting with SS and then a split and then a fucking PPL

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Well, I did that, but it's mostly clothes for the cold. I'd sweat like a pig like that in ibiza

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wouldnt the most faded raws be white?

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damn you were a fat disgusting stupid piece of worthless shit and now you're a pretty cool guy

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I want to lather your abs in Vaseline and run my dick along the ridges.

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Hey OP. Native Ibizan here. Whereabouts are you staying?
I can answer any questions you might have.

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I'm staying in Palma for what I've been told. Over the coast/cliffs 15 min from downtown.

How expensive/cheap is it to buy clothes, or electronics compared to say the U.S.?

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Have fun, the balearics are a stunning place. Try to get to Formentera if you have the chance

I'm afraid I wouldn't know the answer to your question because I've never been to the US. I guess it depends on the EUR USD exchange rate.

As far as clothes go, you'll sweat your ass off if you try something like OP. There's not only a lot of heat but also a shitload of humidity. Just pick up a pair of shorts, some nice shirts/tees and sandals or canvas shoes. Jeans, any long legged trousers or leather sneakers are a big no-no for summer around here. You should pick up some espardenyes. They are cheap as fuck, locally made and a great summer beater IMO

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Thank you ver y much mate. I'm heading to Ibiza too. Any local food places or sights? I am also interested in things like bungee jumping. Both in Ibiza and Palma.

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w2c this jacket?

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either woman or gay or troll can't determine which

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Sorry to tag on to OP's post, but I'm going to Ibiza soon as well. Staying in Cala Llonga, what should I get up to? Already have one club night booked up.

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Can only speak about Ibiza because I don't know Palma that well.

>Local places
Check out the old town inside the walls. Go watch Es Vedrà and have lunch around there. If you enjoy rock jumping, you should go to Benirras, lots of cool spots there. People gather there to watch the sunset and smoke weed. There's also fire spectacles and shit afterwards if you are into that. Buy trinkets for the people back home in Las Dalias or Punta Arabí. Watch the flamingos in Las Salinas, take a boat to Formentera... IDK just off the top of my head

Sobrassada! We also have some very good rock fish, and we make killer rices with it. If you want paella and good Spanish rices, you can't beat Sa Caleta restaurant, which is right next to my favourite beach in the whole island. For fish, Can Pujol. For meat, Restaurant Balafia (difficult to get a place there tho). You should also have dinner in Santa Gertrudis at least once, and eat in the plaza. I recommend Bar Costa for god tier Spanish embutidos and jamón, the best in the island.

Cool man I start working in Cala Llonga just today. It's a chill place, but a bit badly connected. I assume you'll be renting a car/scooter? If so you should check out some of the less touristy beaches and calas. Es Cavallet, Sa Caleta, Aigües Blanques, Punta galera... All stunning. They are nudist btw, but nobody cares if you stay with your swimsuit.
I also can't recommend enough a daytrip to Formentera. Be sure to pack the highest sunscreen available though.

IDK what yoy are on about but they are a fairly basic inoffensive slip on. Everybody wears those around here, they are great for our weather

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Fuck m8, can't say how much I appreciate those tips.

Is sobressada a steet food?

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Also, I'm staying in SAnta Ponza.

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>shitload of humidty
it rarely breaks 100*f where im at, but i live near the coast, and between 5 lakes and 3 rivers, literally always 100% humidity. its like hells oven most of the time. a sticky, sweaty, disgusting oven.

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Cheers man, I'll definitely check out Sa Caleta, like the sound of the food there too.

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What clubs are we all hitting in Ibiza then /fa/m?

Got Space booked already. I've already done Pacha.

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m8 just look up navy harrington and look for one with a plaid lining

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>mfw I didn't even think about booking

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This isn't a harrington, look at the collar. Also it's not as tight at the bottom as a harrington

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Harringtons usually have the button collar, tho.

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>Is sobrassada a street food?
Nah m8 it's a traditional balearic embutido (Wurst). It's the red thing spread on bread on that pic. If you bave ever tried chorizo, it's like a crossover of it and foie gras. Other ibizan dishes to look after are Crostes and Bullit de peix and Arròs a banda.

iktf man. As soon as you step out of the shower you are already sweaty and sticky. Shit's ridiculous

Went to Space this Wednesday, always good fun. Hitting up Ushuaia tomorrow which is my favourite club here. And I wouldn't worry about booking, I hear it can even be cheaper to buy the day before if you can get into a list. Anyways I hope you all enjoy your time here

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Cheers man!

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Hey mate, im from palma de mallorca! Where are u staying?

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Santa Ponza

I hear the weather is crazy hot these days!

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Yes but you will be fine haha! Be carefull with the english party zones because maybe the stuff is crazy expensive (1 beer 5 euros WTF) but u will have a lot of fun man. There are some cool boutiques on the center and some second hand stores, Palma it's not an expensive place.

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That's great to hear.

Any recommendations on local food places? I want to try new things, but my family is spanish and italian, so I've eaten a lot of the food before.

Also, any historical places or sights to see?

Do you have any ideas on prices regarding clothing and electronics, say next to US prices? I was thinking of swinging by El Corte Ingles to get a couple of sweaters I love that my mom usually buys for me. That and an iPad.

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Am I /fa/

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Normally if you buy something in US that cost 100Dolars, here would cost 80 Euros, so is cool. El Corte Ingles is cool but also really expensive, also here is a mall-tier shop but they sometives have good minimalist things! Im not a really food lover so i cant tell u good things for that haha

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this guy made confederate flags unfashionable, the fucker

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I would fuck Ryan Gosling.

N-no homo

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we all would

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killing that style

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